Tuesday, July 18, 2017

For the Love of Love: Two of Cups

Good Morning, Everyone!

I have to say, I really love the 2 of Cups in this deck. I love the glow (literally) in their faces and the swirl of hair and the water theme.

This was a pull I did this morning, and I was thinking about how I really missed my husband when he's away at work.  Which is good, honestly.

If I didn't miss my husband and want to be with him, that would not be a good thing in my opinion! Sometimes love is painful just because you always want something from your partner--more love, more understanding, more time, or sometimes the opposite--you have too much togetherness and just need some time apart to regain your sense of self and disconnect from the consuming idea of 'other'...

But mostly I really love my husband and never feel like I see him enough. I think I often see this as a weakness--I worry that I am too dependent on my husband. But I also realize that's the nature of love: you risk a lot of yourself when you love someone, when you're married or partnered to someone. You engage in a very deep kind of vulnerability that's really only matched by having a child.

When you decide to love someone you risk the pain of losing them and all the other details of what comes with that. But, I like that. And I like my husband. I believe it's extremely important to craft meaningful alone times as well. Appreciating yourself is an art. I definitely didn't do it well for a long time, and honestly I still need a lot of work in this area, but right now I am going to celebrate my love of love.


A Career Focus Pull: Lots of Good Advice

Here's a pull I've had in draft for quite a while--maybe a few weeks? In any case, I've been enjoying working with the Dreams of Gaia Tarot.  This reading was about creative and career focus, and I thought the answer and insight given was pretty interesting.

Admittedly, I realize these meanings aren't the same necessarily as the traditional Rider-Waite (something I actually love, but sometimes I add both the meanings in for added measure) but here I did pull from somewhat traditional meanings--it's a hard habit to break, but I also gained some insight from looking at the card's images and descriptions.

First thing I noticed when looking at these cards is that three of the five cards depict strong female characters. I love that, as it gives a feminine bent to the reading. Looking at the cards individually:

7 of Fire: In this deck, the 7 of Fire shows a woman who is divining the future. I now see this as the oracle/tarot reader card. I think this really fits because one of the main creative services I provide is tarot readings. In fact, at present, I really am only offering tarot readings and small custom paintings over at my website. This may change at some point, however.

Key phrases from this card:

  • Only you know the answer
  • Look beyond the surface
  • Heed your intuition
  • Inexplicable coincidences

10 of Earth: Rather than a generational image of grandparents, their kids and children, this shows a solitary woman, which reminds me more of the 9 of Earth, the woman in the garden. But this woman really beckons to you, doesn't she? Of course the 10 of Earth always invokes a kind of richness and fruitfulness--as it's the highest number of the suit of earth. There's something sort of provocative (I don't necessarily mean sexually--I just mean sort of questioning or sassy--maybe chiding) in her expression, as if she's saying, 'Get a move on. Come with me, where things are good and you have what you need.'

Key phrases from this card:

  • A time of reward
  • Move through life with surety
  • Understand your place and purpose
  • Everything is coming together

5 of Fire: Two dudes fighting. It seems cheesy--almost like they're WWF wrestlers going at it in an arena. But it's all staged. In a career reading, which this is, I see the 5 of Fire as 'throwing in' to the ring of life. You can't know what will happen until you decide to compete--even if the whole thing is staged. It's healthy to put yourself out there.

Key phrases from this card:

  • Focus on your vision, not what others are doing
  • Avoid pack mentality behavior
  • Base your concerns in fact

4 of Fire: The reversed 4 of Fire shows up. This card, again, is very different from the traditional. It's someone shooting an arrow--which is a really good image in terms of having something to interpret. But it's upside-down. There's something lacking in the follow-through and method of this archer. That makes sense. I definitely tend to shoot myself in the foot as it were. The upright card recommends the need to focus. I see this in a couple ways. The reversal shows being completely out of whack with your desires--maybe I could benefit from a widening of my focus? Maybe I shouldn't pinpoint so tightly in on this one goal? My husband often tells me that I tend to think I can only do one or two things and I'm useless at everything else--but if you open up your eyes and see the other possibilities that life has to offer then you start to realize that you could be shooting arrows anywhere you want--or better yet--put down the bow and just go meet life up close.

Key phrases from this card:

  • Devote time to regular practice
  • Be willing and prepared
  • Establish a creative process
  • Creating impetus and momentum

8 of Earth: Again, this looks more like that lady in the 9 of Earth in a traditional tarot. It's another wonderful and affirming earth element card. I really like this. It's a very reassuring card, and I appreciate that. It recommends looking at your next big step, and making plans for the future in general, knowing that you can accomplish them.

Key phrases from this card:
  • Confidence in your future outcome
  • Money does not buy happiness
  • Do what you love, love what you do
  • Make plans for the future

So...that's it! I could go on and on but this is already way longer than my normal posts. Ha! I agree with the concepts in this reading regarding my life/career focus. I'll definitely refer back to it and see if I'm still really in touch with my personal goals.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Straightforward Reading About Career vs. Parenting

Last night I had (as my evening ritual) a deck of oracle cards that I use (and change out, just to add variety) for an evening reading and wind down period. What was on my mind is whether I want to make a more concerted effort in the realm of career and life path--or whether it's not a very good time. Without going into much detail about my daughter's health history, even though things are going dramatically better than they were 7-8 years ago, I still feel a lot of trepidation about going into the work force in any significant way. Especially given some rocky patches my daughter has had this past year whilst (even though I'm American I'm kind of digging the very British word whilst) going through puberty. And I realize and honor this stress in myself. Call it a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, but also it's my own intuition telling me when the time is or isn't right to move forward in this area of personal goals.

Anyway. This is the trio of cards I received when thinking about this readiness or lack of readiness, as it were, to move forward. I have to say I was pretty floored by the answer. The Adult Children card came up first--and although my daughter is clearly not an adult (she's 11.5), she is adult-sized (taller than me, a size 9 shoe and developing into a young woman), and has displayed wisdom beyond her years despite obviously not having the emotional maturity of an adult. The card's description talks about this either being about adult children, a child beyond his/her years, or something about yourself as an adult child. But in any case, I feel this directly responds to my question about my daughter. The second card that came up was New Career--showing the advent of a 'boost' in interest in a new career direction and/or also just fresh energy being injected into a stale or stagnant career. Definitely true.

And just to bring it all home I pulled one more card about whether I should take action or not around this area, and the 'Take the Next Step Now' card came up, which again seemed very difficult to misinterpret. All in all the reading was very direct and literal. I find this to be true when I'm focused and sincere during a reading. If I'm flighty or don't care that much about the reading (which is never true when I'm reading for clients, but is often true when I'm impatiently reading for myself) it just doesn't go smoothly. If I care about it and I'm lending it my full attention, the readings seem to be extremely clear and helpful.

I just thought I'd share this with you all, as I find this happens frequently during readings, and sometimes I forget to share it with others. It's also great to record these things in a blog for future reference, when I need a reminder.

Much Love,

Monday, June 26, 2017

New Neighbors Reading

Here's a quad of cards I pulled just now about what the situation with our neighbors-to-be might look like. We live next to a rental house, and in the 2.5 years that we've lived here (not very long), this is the second set of renters--and they are just now moving out after only having lived there 6 months. We didn't really know them--only waved to them occasionally, but I admit I am always nervous whenever new neighbors move in. I particularly liked the first set of renters who lived there when we first moved in--three low key, smart and thoughtful women. I missed them when they left! In any case, here is the basic run-down of the cards and/or my thoughts on them:

King of Pentacles: This methodical or earthy man makes me think this is describing the personality of one of the tenants that's moving in. I can't really imagine what else it could mean. But I'll think on it!
9 of Pentacles: Traditionally, the 9 of Pentacles is a woman with her own business--or a financially savvy woman. This is what I see in the 9 of Pentacles. Someone earthy and capable. But in this deck it is a bit different than the usual. In any case, this card does mention charity and generosity. They seem like fairly decent qualities to have in a neighbor.
4 of Swords: Speaking strictly 'from the book' the 4 of Swords often means respite and peace, but in this deck it has a much more rigid meaning--it's more about structure and routine. Just looking at the image here you can see this quality coming through. It almost has a 'military' feel to it.
2 of Swords: Interesting image, right? This card is about duality and polar opposites. Maybe it highlights differences--either between the tenants themselves or between us and them. But either way, differences can live in harmony, or that's hopefully the idea.

Haha, it's funny because looking at the images of the cards I almost get the sense that it's three guys and a girl, but that's fairly literal. I wouldn't necessarily say that's the case, but I won't rule it out. I actually have no idea who is moving in. I haven't seen them and I have no idea what to expect.

I'll do my best to update you guys on this situation.