Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Hiatus: See Y'all in March

Hello Folk,

I'm thinking of doing a slightly longer hiatus--until spring (March 20/21) equinox time. I've been feeling restless like I want to work on something more concrete than blogging (I have been, but not enough for my liking) so I am going to put the blog to the side.

Sending you all a lovely next month,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Whip and Tower: Exercise Class?

Whip + tower (19): trouble with authorities, fortress, military base
Tower + whip (11): gym, fitness center

When I saw option number one--military base, trouble with authorities, it didn't really ring a bell in my mind. But when I saw Tower+Whip...gym or fitness center, a light went off in my head. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my sister yesterday, when she was talking about a version of Qi Gong she had gone to, and how invigorating it was. It made me revisit the idea of taking a (very, very easy) exercise class somewhere. I have resistance to this because I don't like groups very much and I like exercise even less. So the combination is rather terrifying to me. But I admit that I realize exercise would only add to my vitality and help me to feel better overall.

So, I'll try to let this idea wend its way into my consciousness as a possibility.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heart and Key: Lucky in Love

First, some combo meanings:

From Faery Godmother Fortunes:

Heart/ Key- success in love, achieving a romantic goal

From Learn Lenormand:

Heart + key (33): significant love, certain love
Key + heart (24): significant love interest, express your affection

Looking over these meanings, and even pondering on it, I can't quite see how this will play out. Solutions for love/affection? The Key to my heart? Heart-based solutions? Haha...I don't know. It's kinda funny and maybe I'm trying too hard to figure it out. 

Love to all,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Seer and Cloud: Intuitive Insight into Problems or Bad Weather

The Seer's face got washed out a bit in the light of the bathroom, but she's ok. :D

I love my copy of the Tattered Nomad Oracle, gifted to me by the amazing Shaheen Miro. I love the aesthetic of his work, and this deck is no exception! In my duo for today, I received one *bonus* card, which is one of the extra cards Shaheen has included in his version of the Lenormand. This card is the Seer. As a tarot reader, I like this as an extra. It's relevant!

So, what does this card mean? According to the booklet is is about prophecy, insight, creative ideas...basically the intuitive, right-brained side of things. It reminds me a lot of the High Priestess in the traditional tarot. I think she's holding a giant crystal ball but I'm not sure. Either way, she's one groovy lady.

Unfortunately she's paired with Clouds, which is one of the 'problem' cards in the Lenormand. Haha! I'm mostly joking. It's really OK. In fact, one of the meanings I'm tossing around for this duo is 'using intuitive insight to work through problems' that could be a good thing. Clouds is still, in my view, far better than, say, Cross or Coffin, but maybe I'm being a little bit wimpy about it.

Honestly, when doing readings for yourself or others, it's best not to over analyze them, for good or ill. It's better to take the information in lightly, almost on a subconscious level, and not try to force a fit or flee from cards that seem like they might indicate trouble.

Looking up the super brief meaning of the Clouds card on, I see this:

Keywords: CONFUSION, uncertainty, complications, bad weather, an older man.

OK. Well, this card is fairly self-explanatory so that doesn't tell me much. However, do I agree with the bad weather interpretation. I think sometimes a literal meaning does come up. There is a cold front arriving, with possible snow for 2 days straight. Not my favorite thing, but there you go!

I'll just let this one simmer on the back burner...


Ace of Mirrors and the Flow of Feelings

The Ace of Cups is an interesting card. Well, maybe it isn't, or maybe it really is. I don't know. Haha! Can you folks tell I'm tired?!!! My husband is on call and he was called several times last night. I had trouble getting to sleep and then, when I finally got to sleep, his work/on-call phone rang and woke me out of a dead sleep. Of course he woke too (poor guy, he gets up so early to go to work), and then the process began again when he got called a while later.

Maybe it was because I woke up several times but I had some really vivid dreams. Because they happened in the middle of the night I don't remember most of them or all of the details of the ones that stuck in my mind. The one that happened last was about being really late to pick up my daughter from school--like an hour or two late. In the dream I was in my car somewhere and I noted the time but I didn't realize I was already an hour late to pick her up. Then it was after 5pm and I had to get to the school and all of these obstacles came up.

The feeling of horror in the dream just increased as Murphy's Law asserted itself in scenario after scenario. I was heavily guilt-tripped by the school and other parents who yelled at me. Anyway, the feelings in the dream were very vivid, and I felt really crappy when I woke up, even though I knew it was just a dream. Do you know what I mean? When the feelings in your dream follow you after you wake up? Sometimes that happens with good dreams, too. Something happy is happening and when you wake up you're disappointed that you're not still asleep.

Anyway...I felt disoriented when I woke up, mostly because I'd slept really badly and my body was sore from falling on the stairs a couple days ago. Don't worry--I only fell a couple of steps, but I fell hard on my butt/hip and left side, and my shoulder has been popping. Thankfully I'm going to the chiropractor on Thursday for an appointment I've had planned for a month. Perhaps she can help me feel a bit less crappy. Hah!

So, the card...what does this make me think of? I guess that I've felt physically and emotionally drained and sore. Nothing life threatening as far as I know--just feel like my body and mind need some TLC. I'm working on tweaking my diet again, staying away from sugar, most dairy and caffeine. I feel like I'm experiencing adrenal fatigue again, or perhaps a bit of thyroid stuff, as I feel very tired and I'm having trouble sleeping at night. It could just be unacknowledged stress, as that can mess with things too.

I think that the essence of the Ace of Cups is the pure energy of feelings, or creativity, which often springs from emotions. I've been working on a few minor creative projects again recently--as I find that I feel better when I engage my creativity and allow it to flow.

Wishing you all a day of good feelings,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rescue, Reversed: You Need No Rescue!

Now here's a concept that is pretty easy to understand, but hard to internalize at times. Well...for me, maybe. I think this is something I've been carrying around, consciously or unconsciously, my entire life. This idea of rescue. Now, my husband would describe this as low self-esteem. You don't believe in your own ability to manage stressful situations, so you default to wanting others to rescue you, whether it's through family, spouse, clients or through a knight-in-shining-armor type scenario.

Now, I think it's important to make the distinction here, though. It IS important and true that we're all interconnected, and none of us would survive without the help of countless others: farmers who grow the food we eat, people who work at the grocery stores, and the thousands of others whose coordinated efforts make an impact on our lives in some way. I often try to remember to internally thank those who have done things like, say, repair a road that I'm traveling on, or ship my food across the country in a big rig truck or train. There are so many hands, visible and invisible, to thank.

But this sense of needing rescue is another thing altogether. Not feeling able, not feeling good enough, not feeling confident when it is unwarranted and there's every reason to believe we can do well. Having a strong sense of self and one's own abilities is something I'm working on, and I hope to be better at before the end of my life!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Detox: Valentine and Birthday Indulgences...Oy!

I wanted to pull a card and have it be helpful or relevant to how I'm feeling. I finished eating dinner with my family, which was relatively healthy and lower carb (spaghetti squash and a meat/tomato sauce), but then I had a molten chocolate lava cake, as there was just enough batter left for three half servings after my earlier celebration for my sister. Oy! I think I'm regretting that.

As I told my husband about 10 minutes before posting this, I just don't feel that great lately. I've been feeling sluggish and blah, and my eyes are tired and swollen. I just feel like my body is saying, 'ICK' when I got this card I had to agree. I feel like I need to get back to basics. I've been having too much sugar, dairy and caffeine. They seem to be my kryptonite. If I'm able to avoid sugar and carbs, then I seem to lean heavily into caffeine or dairy. Then I notice the resulting effects. For sugar, I feel sickly, gross in general, and moody (among other things). For dairy I get congested, leading to painful sinus headaches and other congestion-related issues, sometimes digestive issues as well. For caffeine I feel jumpy/anxious and it impacts my sleep. But I find it difficult to cut out all of the above. Dairy, sugar and caffeine. It's clear that I'm relying on them to fill some need.

In addition to that, in the past few weeks especially, we've been going out to eat too much. As one of my sisters pointed out, when you go out to eat the food is loaded with extra salt, sugar, and sometimes food additives. In addition, it isn't generally organic (except for one or two local/fair trade coffee shops), so that is bound to have a toxic impact as well.

The solution? To cut back considerably in all of the areas mentioned and emphasize simple, low carb, low sugar meals, and to stay rested and hydrated so I'm not tempted by caffeine or sugar. And dairy I just can't have very often.

So, by the time I post again, which I think will be next week, I hope to return to you all with a renewed sense of self-care, free from the crap!