Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Cozy Duo: Broom & Teapot

I thought these cards, pulled this afternoon, spoke to the cozy energy of the day. I spent most of the day split pretty much evenly between the concepts in these two cards. I spent the morning with a friend, literally having a pot of herbal tea at a coffee shop, and then I went home and tried to relax before getting my daughter. I didn't feel so great today sinus-wise and otherwise, so I felt it was a 'sit at home with a cup of ginger tea' kinda day.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Wall, Shield and Sunrise: New Beginnings Despite Difficulty

Looking at this trio of cards (plus a rune!) I had chosen to post, I admit I felt a bit daunted. Not sure why. Probably something about the two bottom cards being a bit challenging. Even after doing thousands of readings I'd sometimes just rather not 'go there' with a somewhat negative card. But, if we ignore the difficult feelings we don't get to the root of issues as often.

After pondering this reading, I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it, but that's not really necessary to the process. What I see here reminds me that there is a need to protect ourselves and our dreams, no matter what may be said or done to deter them. This may refer to a specific incident, one that may not have happened yet, but in general it speaks of self-preservation and dignity.

In the middle of the reading we see the Inguz rune, which is the seed of an idea--one that needs nurturing and light to grow. Taking a quote from Alizon's Psychic Secrets website:

"In the modern day the Ingwaz meaning is concerned with new beginnings, new opportunities and new life."

When I saw that I immediately connected it to the Sunrise card above it, which is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. These new beginnings can be trampled upon (by self or other) if we're not careful.  We have to nurture the seedlings of our ideas and projects. I know that, for myself, I have to watch out for my own dream-killing tendencies. Put away the knife! Haha.

Wishing you all a beautiful February,

Friday, January 29, 2016

Car Accident Reading

Here are some cards I pulled last night, just to see what came up. On Sunday we got rear-ended by a lady (who happened to be very nice), and as a result my car was totaled. At the time, I didn't realize that the car was totaled--we thought it would be repaired on the lady's dime and then returned to me. But we found out shortly after dropping off my car at the auto body that we would be cut a check, a check that wouldn't cover the entire cost of getting another car, but would have to do!

I certainly can see all of these things there. The Broken Bridge and Broken Ring make me think of our original expectation of things being fixed but that not being possible due to several areas of damage plus a damaged air bag system. Even so, I am going to look on the bright side and be happier that I'll have a new car with more safety features and that things are OK in the end.

Tomorrow I go to get my new car. I don't like the process of purchasing a car--but that's ok. My main concern is that we're all alright--no one was hurt. Stay safe out there, everyone.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Three Website Readings and Be Back in February

I won't spend eons talking about the readings you see here, but these are some examples of the sort of readings I've had around the changes I made this past week in consolidating my website into one unified whole. It's a nice feeling--and even if nothing at all comes from it (except having less websites to think about) the symbolic idea behind combining the energies of my interests feels right to me.

The Anchor card shows up in both of the Lenormand readings. The Anchor (see the Learn Lenormand website explanation above) talks about stability and long-term goals. It's something I've been wanting for a while. It isn't so much about what I'm doing exactly in any given moment, but more the feeling of settling into myself. Of feeling comfortable with who I am. For the longest time I've felt mostly nervous and insecure--like I don't have anything to offer. But the change I experienced along the way was in learning to use and appreciate the skills I have--honing them in the process. And, for years I have done creative things all the time, and it is who I am. It doesn't necessarily matter if it makes a lot of money--though that's a bonus, of course.

But rather than weigh my worth on how many things I sell, I'm choosing the path that is suited to me--and the funny thing is that that path may well change from time to time, and that's absolutely normal. To be inflexible about my ideas and goals is what got me to a place of frustration. I think we are taught that if we don't stick with a job for 30 years then we're a failure. Instead, it's helpful to stay in the present time, work on what needs to be worked on, and let go of the things that aren't 'ripe' yet. I guess ripe has a gross connotation as well as a good one-but anyway!

In the two card duo next to the owl cup we have Book and Anchor. This shows me learning and information helping me along in my path to be more self-actualized and secure within myself (while still flexible and open to creativity) while seeking out opportunities and navigating challenges.

While in the next duo to the right of the owl cup we have Anchor paired with Ring. Anchor shows strength and stability and Ring shows a commitment. So, this reflects my thoughts above about the commitment being to myself and what is correct in the moment. Commitment to that stability. I'm invested in myself!

The quad of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards again makes me think of the benefit of using your intuition to improve your situation--regardless of what it is. We're all in different scenarios, different stages, and our expression of who we are changes. Sometimes it's not what we want, and it's normal to want to improve things, and it's also helpful to remember that patience pays off, as does steady and devoted work toward what really is true for you.

Sending love--I'll be back in February, everyone!

p.s. If anyone wants to give me feedback about my new website, I'm all ears!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beneficial Solitude and Self-Sufficiency

Here is a duo of cards I received. What this brought to mind is the beneficial energy of the Hermit. 9 is the number of the Hermit, and the 9 cards resonate with that message of doing things yourself, and the empowering aspect of that. The 9 of Pentacles is about being able to be financially flourishing and independent. I see it as the business man or woman. Often the woman, because it usually shows a woman in a garden.

Thankfully, in recent years (since my daughter began school), I've been able to have some time alone, after several years in a row of really intense caregiving due to sleep deprivation, my daughter's health issues and so forth. So, even though I used to be terrified of being alone (which I believe is what originally motivated me to not want to be without a romantic partner), and even when my husband was at work I would obsessively fear that he would die and not come back. I used to have panic attacks when he wasn't around. But what I've realized in recent years is that I really benefit from being alone, particularly when I allow the energy of solitary reflection to filter into my life.

I'm proud of myself from going from fear to empowerment. It probably took those years of really struggling with my own fears and with the intense fear that having a child with health issues brings (thank goodness she's doing so well now!) to bring me to a place where I actually welcome the solitude.

Despite this, there are days when I forget that this alone time has been helpful to me, and now feeds me in a way that makes me grow rather than shrink back into myself. In that moment I ask myself what I can do to feel better--whether it's time with family or friends, or sending out messages to loved ones, or eating well or getting some exercise, or listening to music. Whatever it is that occurs to me in the area of self-care.

Because that is what alone time is, ideally. A time to rejuvenate and engage in self-care. The form that care takes varies from moment to moment--and that's how it should be.