Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fox, Scythe and Stars: Changing My Mind

So here's a trio I pulled just now asking about whether I should put my organic food delivery service on hold for a while. I did it in the first place to save money, but so far, I've spent more money this paycheck by this point than the previous two paychecks! Granted, I take responsibility for this, but my purpose was to save money, not spend it all up front!

I think there's a way to make this work, but I'm concerned that the service, though nice, is a bit too costly. There are pros and cons to both things--buying stuff in my local health and grocery stores vs. having them delivered. I think if I continue with this I have to be a lot more sparing, or else I have to go by myself once a week to the grocery store and avoid any impulse purchases.

Using LearnLenormand.com:

Fox + scythe (10): resignation, termination, work-related accident
Scythe + stars (16): change of fate, taking action on your dreams

I thought this description was quite appropriate and specific, from Faery Godmother Fortunes:

Scythe/ Star- a sudden change of hope or dream, changing your mind about what you want

Anyway...for week two (next week) I may try my new version of things, and see if I can improve my grocery issue by buying what I need for the week and avoiding impulse buys and extra trips.  Hopefully I'll be able to hobble my way through next week financially...


Monday, July 28, 2014

Another House Reading: House and Bear

I pulled this duo just now and decided to post it. I've been getting the 'House' card in Lenormand a lot lately. I suppose this makes sense, given my fixation on house-related things.

Here the House card comes paired with Bear. Bear can represent finances, mothering and protectiveness, diet and health, among other things. The simple duo I found on LearnLenormand.com said this:

House + bear (15): real estate investment, buying a house, expanding a house

This would also make sense, given our current plan to sell this house and move north slightly, to the city where my daughter's school is. Even so, I've been questioning whether I should or not. Granted, I don't like that commute, but am I making an error in judgment in thinking of selling? It's a seller's market, and pickings are slim, with inventory down very, very low. Lots of competition.

My fear is that we'll sell the house but not be able to find anything very decent or in our price range. I don't want to move into a house we're settling for. But I also had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to reduce our monthly mortgage payment rather than increase. In this highly inflated market, I worry that we'll only add to our debt by moving.

Even so, so many of the readings I've been doing seem to encourage selling, and many are fairly literal about it. Some effusive in their praise of the idea. Of course, ultimately, I have to be OK with the idea to do it. I am not going blindly by what I'm seeing in the readings. On one level, they definitely represent my own psychological desires and patterns, though I do also believe they can be predictive.

Flipped the other way, the site has the cards say this:

Bear + house (4): real estate agent, house expansion

Well, haha. I am definitely not going to be expanding this house! Though, the Bear card showing protection or help from a real estate agent might be smart. Our realtor is very savvy, one of the top selling and performing realtors in the state.  I know she would look out for our best interests.

In looking at Faery Godmother Fortunes, they have this to say about the duo:

House/ Bear- an important or stately home, an official building of some sort

Anyway...that's it for now.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

House, Clouds and Sun: Temporary House Problems


I don't want to jinx it, but my husband seems to have fixed the problem (for now?) 

Apparently there was a root ball down there and he finally hit it with the snaking mechanism and it seemed to do the trick. Let us keep our fingers crossed. We may have to take further action later, but let us hope this works!

This is an interesting trio that I pulled a little over an hour ago. I admit I wasn't entirely sure what specific thing it could be referring to. It looked like a temporary problem with a house-related thing that would get resolved. At least that was my take on it.

Fast forward about 35-40 minutes. Just a few minutes ago my husband informed me that the sewage line was backed up. UGH. GROAN. After we finally got slightly less broke with this recent paycheck, now I'm worried that all of that money will go to fixing the sewage line. I'm in denial. My husband is looking at it now. I'm so frustrated. I've been trying to be positive about things and look at good financial solutions for things and now this? Right after I was talking about improving things?

Anyway. I guess that is all. If I have an update for this then I'll let you know.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Inspiration and Abundance: Finding Financial Mojo

Greetings, everyone, and a happy new moon in Leo to you all. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! For my part, I am going to try to have some fun and not feel so tired and blah!

Here is the duo I pulled when asking about money and money prospects, and I thought it was lovely and simple. Inspiration is the impetus for doing something--the spark of creativity that allows us to move forward in positive and constructive ways. Abundance is that feeling that you can do anything or receive anything--it's yours for the asking.

So far today we've been working on setting things up so that we feel a lot more abundant, and far less strapped for cash. I don't want to end up like this every year, scraping by each pay check by the skin of our teeth! Like I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, I want to put savings and money management plans in place to maximize our resources.

Lots of love,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bladder Issues: Bouquet & Scythe


So, I felt like posting!

I pulled this duo and it was a response to a query I had about my annoying bladder issue. I do have a touchy bladder in general, but this is more of an acute bladder infection type deal. It's not horrific, but it's definitely distracting. I've not had the best time health-wuse the past week or more. I got a stomach bug of sorts, and that has lingered (though it's in the very last vestiges and fading), and now I'm in the midst of a UTI. Fun times. Nausea, pee, nausea, pee...repeat.

I've been employing a number of natural remedies. I have noticed an improvement for sure. If, however, things go south I will go in to the doctor, though thankfully I have not really had to do so for a bladder infection since I am well-versed in natural cures, which are far more beneficial to the body and don't wipe out its natural defenses.

But I went ahead and did a two card pull about the infection, about whether it would end soon, and here's what this duo says (when I look at the Faery Godmother Fortunes site):

Flowers/ Scythe- a happy conclusion, something reaches culmination

I love this. I might re-word it to say, 'the gift of an ending'...which it would be!

See you next time!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mountain and Stars: Be Back Next Week

Here's a duo I pulled: Mountain and Stars

From Faery Godmother Fortunes:

Star/ Mountain- making the most of an enforced wait, trusting that challenges and obstacles will be overcome, not letting troubles get you down

This is good advice, I reckon.

See you all soon.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anchor & Fish: Financial Stability and Savings

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love when a pull directly responds to a question. Honestly, though, this is true the vast majority of the time. This is a very elegant pull, though, and I love that.

Over at Faery Godmother Fortune's site, I found this brief description:

Fish/ Anchor- money is secure, a nest egg or ‘rainy day’ money

I was asking about our financial status and whether things might improve overall. And that does (largely) include things we do proactively to change things.

At first I feared that Anchor meant that things wouldn't change, since it has a very firm, stable feeling, but my sense of the reading was not negative at all. I didn't see it as saying, 'Sorry, dude, but things are not going to change financially.'

To me, I felt the meaning of having a nest egg, and building up funds was more accurate. We've been running behind over and over again each paycheck, despite my attempts to be frugal. I am going to step it up, though. Part of the issue was a need for some repairs (my car AC in upper 90's heat comes to mind), which added extra expenses to an already taxed (pun?) financial status.

I am putting into place some measures to help reduce shopping expenses, and debt in general. One that I'm implementing is no going out to eat for a good while. Not at all. We can't do it right now anyway, but even if we get money I am going to refrain from doing so, unless it's a special occasion (a birthday, for instance). Then I am going to place that money that would have been spent going out to eat in a savings account. There are several other things on the list of ideas for building up funds, some of which I took from an article on how to trick yourself into saving more money.

I am also going to use a (free) grocery delivery service where I order my groceries online and have them delivered once a week. This will cut down on the amount of grocery store visits where I tend to be far more tempted to make impulse purchases like a drink or snack (or essential oil).

Additionally, we have a couple of paychecks coming in that will have a bit more money than usual, and a bit extra from those will also be placed in savings.

Anyway. Those are just some examples of what I'm working on in this area.

Fishy Good Wishes,