Thursday, March 23, 2017

Single Card Pull: Carrot

Here's a single card I pulled from the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards recently. What's not to love? I feel like this is fairly accurate. Less than a week ago I got my computer back, and in that time I've gotten two tarot reading commissions (which doesn't seem like I lot but I hadn't been getting any). I'm going to try to stay with the momentum if I can, but if not...that's ok too. Monday is my birthday, which is another opportunity to engage in self-care.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Hey Everybody!

It isn't even my birthday (yet) and I already received a wonderful birthday dad gave me one of his computers so I am no longer sans-computer and I can blog again! Woo-hoo. So, here it is.

Actually, I've had the computer since Saturday's triple birthday bash (my dad's birthday is March 21st, mine is the 27th and my brother's is April 6th), but I haven't really gotten into my photo editing, blogging and the like yet. What better day for new beginnings than the spring equinox?

I'm using the Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma, one of my favorite card iterations of the I Ching. This is one of my favorite hexagrams--35. Progress! It feels like opening a dark door onto a sunny morning. It feels fresh and vibrant to me.

Here's a quote from changing line 5--the one I got:

"The sun rises throughout the morning, increasing its bright and life-affirmative quality; upon reaching its zenith at midday, it naturally moves into descent and the gradual darkening of the light ensues. As it is above, so it is below. This is how all life works. Don't fall into the trap of looking for some way to improve upon it by hurrying the natural progression along. Everything is absolutely perfect as it is."

Lovely sentiment, isn't it?

Love to y'all,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!

Hi Folks!

I'm painstakingly blogging this from my slow Kindle, using weird, random pics in my Google archives--so this will be short! 
I plan to return to blogging this year but I don't intend to do it much until my computer is fixed or I get a new one-- whichever comes first!

Sending loads of minty and sparkly love to you all.

Be Back Soonish,

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hedgehog Hiatus: See You in 2017

I've had this blog for nearly six years now, and although I enjoy having it on some level, and I like being able to go back and look at some of the thoughts I had back then, I can feel myself losing interest in blogging! Maybe this blog malaise is temporary. It often is, anyway.  It could be that I'm so bad at commenting on other blogger's posts, but I haven't had a blog comment for about 32 posts! In any event, when it comes to blogging, lately I've felt I'm just going through the motions. I want to re-invest my energy in something that really pulls me. I don't want to just do it to do it. This is what I hope to spend the remainder of 2016 doing. Whatever that is.

Much love,

Monday, September 26, 2016

An Interactive October Cat Trio

See the charming South American pouch I found at the thrift store from Cusco? I found it and my Tarot of Pagan Cats Mini deck fits perfectly in it! The box was falling apart completely and I needed something sturdy. Hrmm...trying to decide if I like this effect I used on the photo. It is a combination of a softening effect and one of the Prisma filters. Seems a little too murky. Oh well! It's not that bad.

As I drew three cards for October I decided I wanted to DO something with this information. I find that, too often, I'm very passive about the divination I do here. I mean, at times I will use the information as a jumping off point, but I admit I've gotten lazy about that.

And this trio is an especially warm and active trio, I think. The Sun, Empress and Magician all showed up to play. These are very creative and 'sunny' cards. What comes to mind when I see these? I guess the energy of creation, of bringing something out into the world. Making stuff, nurturing people and things along, and feeling empowered to do so. It's actually a very vivid and encouraging trio.

I'm going to try to actively keep these concepts in mind for the month of October, and the remainder of September for that matter. No need to cool down activity as the weather begins to cool. For many people, things actually become busier and more feisty as the year winds to a close and the holidays approach.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

8 of Cups Quotes from Various Websites

From Biddy Tarot:

"His journey is undertaken because of a sense of restlessness and unhappiness experienced as the result of achieving all he has desired, yet finding those things to be less fulfilling than expected. This individual has chosen to forsake the familiar and the comfortable in the pursuit of higher goals."

From Teach Me Tarot:

"As he leaves his Eight Cups behind he is symbolically offloading his emotional baggage for they will not be needed or indeed welcome on the journey. He leaves them in a safe place for they are too heavy to carry and will slow his progress. One day, when he has journeyed sufficiently, he will return and deal with them one by one. He will be in a much better frame of mind to unpack all that his baggage contains.  He will then wash his Cups in the Sea Water, returning them to their original clean and pure state."

From Psychic Revelation:

"The 8 of Cups often means that you will choose to leave a situation that is no longer working for you - whether that's a relationship, a job, or a neighborhood. There may be some sadness involved, but in general, this separation, is in your best interests. "

 From Aunty Flo:

"This card represents less of holding on to the past as it is a fear of moving forward. This is something that you need not fight as really, where else are you going to go? Now is the time to seek the higher road for your own health and sanity. It is obvious when this card comes up that you have tried your best and you have taken the steps to make the right choices for you. In the end you cannot change the past and you must accept what is in the present. Our lives are not stagnant things and while the energy around you may be turning sour, it is up to you to save yourself from that around which is unhealthy or holding you back."

From Tarot Teachings:

"The phases of the moon in the eight of cups give a confirmation of the progress we make in phases of our lives. As we satisfy areas of our lives with timeless understandings required to be at peace - it's time to move on to the next chapter, and fulfill our destiny to move onward in a natural evolution."

I love this card, and I enjoy reading what other readers think of when they see this card.