Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Fortunate Quad

Now here's a draw I nearly forgot to post today. And it's such a nice draw, too! In recent days (even though I haven't posted most of them) I've been getting readings showing abundance, opportunity and the like. Generally speaking, I don't try to expect too much from these readings. Like all of life, it's better just to allow it to come in but take the info with a grain of salt.

This card is (in part, perhaps) in regards to an idea I've been having about possibly teaching a few little mini art classes and workshops over the summer. Now, art classes are something I do periodically and generally on a short-term basis. And that's how I like it! I'm realizing there are scores of kids who are going to be out of school (including mine) and they might not mind having an art class for their kids to go to a couple times a week for a few weeks.

I've done this before, but with a younger group of kids. I'm pondering trying it with an age group of between 7-11. Maybe slightly broader. But I think I'm going to avoid the 'art for tots' thing, as tiny kids don't have much attention span and even though art is very important for people of all ages, I don't know if I want to do the corralling necessary for that.'s just an idea. I find that my mind and body enjoy the stimulation of things happening on a more ephemeral basis. I also have been of the mind lately that I want to release my nervousness around trying out things that come to me--even if I have no idea where they might lead. I might not even like them, but if I have an inkling of something I have to follow it in order to find out how I really feel about it.

With the exception of last year's funky portraits workshop (for adults, in which 3 people named Mary signed up--hehe!) I haven't taught much. Perhaps releasing my resistance to it is a good first step. I may also spend a little bit of time updating my main website, adding artwork examples or at least contact information for people interested in art tutoring or seasonal/rotating art classes.

So that's what came to mind when I saw these cards. I think the act of openness, teamed with a willingness to move forward in a way that feels appropriate, is a magical act.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of May Trio: Love and Growth in the Home

For some reason I find this deck particularly satisfying to photograph, which is probably why I have posted with it fairly often on the blog. I'd guess it is because of the stark black and white images--they are very memorable and full of contrast.

I pulled these cards yesterday morning, and I thought they were an interesting trio. Yes, that's my steering wheel and no, I wasn't driving at the time. I was parked with the car turned off. I just find the steering wheel a convenient way to hold cards sometimes!

There are, as always, lots of ways to go with this, because I guess I saw, in a general sense, personal growth stemming from cultivating love and projects around the home. I'll be home, as I often am, but with my daughter, over the summer, and I hope to find new ways to love from that place. Also, if you want to get really literal you could say, 'Grow to love your home.' We're doing that--seven months into living here, we're finally doing the deeper sorting and organizing and decorating, and we're at the tail end of it.

My goal for the summer, hence my divination hiatus, is to work steadily on home improvements that I've been putting off since we've moved in. For instance, two dark, patchy gray rooms which sorely need a bright coat of paint. And the downstairs den which also needs a coat of cheerful paint. I don't like painting walls very much, but it does have such a profound impact on how a room looks and feels.

Speaking of growth, we're also going to be cultivating a veggie garden (the set-up of raised beds and compost bins being a gift from the previous owners), so that's a very literal meaning for the Growth card. Either way, growth is what's happening in and around our home.

Sending love to y'all,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

June Tarot Reading Hiatus

Hello Y'all,

As you all know, I like my hiatuses! Hehe. I think taking breaks from things gives us perspective and allows us to focus on other things for a while. I think the creative life cycle of artsy folks relies on this switching between modes for optimal functioning. Don't you?

So, for the month of June I am going to go on a tarot reading hiatus. Both for paid readings as well as blog postings. I'll probably still do readings in private for myself, but there you go!

If anyone is interested in getting a reading then now is the time, before I go on hiatus in five days. I hope everyone has a splendid June, and I will try to drop by some blogs and comment.

Much Love,

The Answer Deck and Navigating Confusion

This deck has such a film noir quality, doesn't it? In fact, I think this filter I used for the photo is called noir. Anyway. I'm tired and I already took melatonin (I scheduled this the night before) so I'd better make this snappy! Whatever you say, me!

It used to be that when I saw negative cards from this deck I would cringe, because this deck has a kind of harsh flavor and personality at times, but only until you get to know it.

This spread of cards brings to mind a loss (rain storm that floods a house, destroys it, then you have to be patient while something is built or other arrangements are made. You have to endure a time of chaos or confusion before things are clear and settled.) That's what I thought when I saw this reading. Of course I feel this is more metaphorical for me--in terms of a personal focus. I am in a searching stage, unsure of what is next but willing to navigate the labyrinth, in which there are many dead ends and numerous clues to follow.

I like that the woman seems calm and meditative in the last card. Even though she isn't sure exactly what she's doing, she knows clarity will come moment to moment as she quiets down.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Independence: Decide for Yourself

Hi Dear Folk,

Here is today's Self-Care Card pull. Independence! Definitely a good card to reflect on. I feel oddly brain dead when trying to describe what this means to me at this point in my life. I guess the obvious thing would be to point out that I can make decisions to change my life at any point, and that is one of the greatest things about being alive--even when sometimes we feel powerless.

I will be back to posting on Monday, using one of my favorites, the ever-charming, ever-dramatic:

...The Answer Deck!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Revelation: Life Listening

This is interesting, and something I was thinking about yesterday. I do feel it helps to listen to what's required of you in the present moment, including where you're pulled to go. If you feel you have certain priorities (getting finances in order, taking care of a child, planning an event, etc), then you get certain undeniable clues that lead you in that direction. Life has a way of prioritizing, but also of directing. Sometimes life comes in loud and clear, and that is not always pleasant if the message isn't something we want to hear. Maybe we want to go one direction but it just isn't working out for whatever reason. Maybe the timing is off or we've chosen the wrong goal. In any case, listening to our lives is great advice. This probably shows up in different ways for everyone. I've been trying to learn to listen and observe, then act on those signals when appropriate.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Priorities: Clarity of Purpose Strengthens Boundaries

This is today's Self-Care Card. I find it to be a good companion card to the Boundaries card of yesterday. What I thought of when I saw this card is that I didn't find my own time and energy to be worth much, since I don't have a harrowing full-time job, and I'm not going to school or raising five children. I think that because I have a very nontraditional approach to projects and I only have one child that my time is less important than someone with that hectic, 'important' schedule.

But I realized how problematic this thinking is. For one thing, I'm denying and downplaying my own life and path, and I'm trying to guilt myself into doing things because I'm not as busy as a lot of people are. I also don't feel good about things that I might feel good about otherwise, if I had this self-honoring in place. I feel like this is one of the ways and reasons I've been canceling out some of my own energy. If you don't prioritize yourself, no one else will do it for you! That's an adult life lesson if I ever saw one.

I also feel I need to place more importance on priorities in general. What ARE my priorities? Do I even have any right now? I am sure I do, by default, but this made me want to take a closer look at my priorities, and see if I want to clarify them, to focus more on them in a constructive way. I've noticed that people who have good boundaries and priorities seem to have a more relaxed, focused energy. They seem to know what they want and take the time to do what they want. They still have stress, but they are more clear on what they want to be spending their time doing, so they don't waste time and energy feeling guilty about doing something in favor of something else.

Interestingly, yesterday I did a little exercise that I saw in a Michael Neill book, about giving yourself a few monthly goals. You don't have to stop at three, but when you know what your priorities are, you can fit the other things around them--making the biggest things your focus and letting most of the other stuff go unless it seems appropriate to work on other things.

Definitely thought-provoking. Wishing you all a positive day with priorities that match your needs.