Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Owl and Skull

Dear Ones,

It's nearly midnight so I wanted to wish everyone a (slightly belated?) happy Halloween. I got this $1 green skull for my parents yesterday at the ever-tempting Target. I's cheesy... but how can you not love this grass green marvel? The wine-colored owl I got for my mom a few weeks before. I think somehow these two understand each other. The cool part is that the skull drips orange 'blood' when lit. 

The colors go well with my kitchen which has an orange and green motif but my mom's kitchen is the most satisfying shade of olive/avocado so I felt that she had to have the fellow. Come to think of it, the colors of these two candles go well with my blog. That's probably why I chose them subconsciously.

If I was employing these two for a candle spell then what would or should I wish for? The obvious meanings come to mind: wisdom, quietude, acceptance of death and major changes as the actual birth of something new in disguised, often disfigured form. I'd hope for renewal and understanding.

Since the Days of the Dead are now upon us I can't help but think of the dead, right? I'll pick out a candle or two to light for an impromptu Dia de los Muertos shrine with the pictures of my loved ones who have passed away. Thankfully there aren't many...yet.

Slightly Morbid Love,

Thoughts on Hannah Handpainted

A Minty Fresh Greeting

An encaustic landscape I made in the spring of 2005

Up until fairly recently, I had a tarot blog where I shared, to the exclusive of much of anything else, my personal tarot readings on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day.  I reached nearly one thousand posts in just over a year. Then I realized that I had, like I often do when I get obsessed with things, burned myself out a bit on tarot and the readings began to blur together a bit. My interpretations became sloppier, less sharp, more impatient. And it also brought to mind that tarot, when taken by itself, is useless if not backed up with direct action. I found myself tired of constantly divining things and not LIVING them.

So this blog is about certain alternative and metaphysical concepts, sure, but it's also more holistic and practical in the sense that I hope to include more of my creative/active side as well. I want to share poems, recent artwork, thoughts on herbal or food remedies, passing observations, dreams and their interpretation, and even career ambitions.  I feel like this blog will help inspire me, give me an idea of what interests me. 

Part of my issue right now is that I feel I've lost touch with my creative spark. I've compartmentalized myself, stopped looking at myself as creative because my artistic and written output has been puny lately. I want to turn that around by seeing myself as more whole, and sometimes the best way to see something like this in yourself is to get it out in the open and read it, almost as if it's not coming from you, but as if you're the observer. You're discovering them as they flow from you.

About the name of the blog: when I was born, my dad wanted to name me Mentha, in honor of the fact that my mom craved peppermint (Mentha Piperita) when she was pregnant with me and for every subsequent pregnancy after me. There is something so brisk and refreshing about peppermint's aroma and flavor, and I hope that I can provide a similar impact in my writings.

I hope you'll join me in my rambling explorations of life through the eyes of a creative, intuitive mom. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Much Love,