Thursday, December 29, 2011

See You in a Week (AKA Next Year)

Image from the Cornish Tarot
Hi Dearies,

I'm going to be very busy over the next several days cleaning and fixing things and putting the house back on the market. But mostly I just want a break from my normal routine. I have felt really restless and bored lately.

Thankfully, my husband will be home five days in a row (one of the days he had off for the new year and the other couple he took off) so we'll try to not spend the entire time striving and fixing, but also take time to relax and be together.

Here's wishing you a wonderful wrap-up of 2011 and a gentle entry into 2012.


Jolanda Tarot's Take on Next Week's House Listing

Thoughts on listing the house next week

Swift activity, speed, hastily made decisions
MM's note: Well, this could simply indicate that it's coming up quickly (in less than a week, unless it gets delayed) but I'm hoping that it also means the sale will be relatively quick. The newsletter recapping December 2011 and 2011 in general from my realtor said that sales for lower-priced homes (in the price range I'm selling) were going a lot quicker than homes in the higher brackets, and that people were not listing, and were holding onto their homes even though there's a demand for them on the market.
Riches, security, intactness, family, ancestry, inheritance, dwelling.

MM's note: Ok, this is obvious. This is the 'house' or 'house selling' card. I think this is just a confirmation of the question. I also hope it means we'll find a house we can settle down in for a while. Not this week, obviously, but after we sell our current home.

5 OF SWORDS   (Reversed)
Uncertain outlook, weakness, possible misfortune befalling a friend, seduction, burial.

MM's note: Haha, well even though THEIR listed meaning is rather negative, I generally see the reversed 5 of Swords as a good thing. Upright, the 5 of Swords represents giving up on something, defeat, etc. Reversing that trend feels liberating to me. You decide to take a step out of defeat and back into the ring.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday's World and a Quote

Implement new plans, the chances for success are high - growth, protection, talent, charm and luck prevail. The Greater You is now ready to proceed.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Anyone Wanna Take a Crack at These?

My husband and I tried to make sense of them but no go. There's no real topic except the upcoming week or two. Hrm.

Any input is welcome!


A January Focus Twosome

So I decided to pull out my well-worn, uber-loved Zerner-Farber tarot. This is one of my favorite decks to photograph because of its worn down edges and my emotional connection to it. In any event, these are the two cards I got as a focus for January. To me this feels like visualizing success through practical labor/hard work. So it's optimistic, but only if I put the elbow grease in.

That's cool. I can live with that.


Unburdening Myself and Family Time

Draw a card for yourself!
So here's the card I got today. I like this deck. I guess I'm in the mood for it. I don't own it so I'm enjoying trying it out over at My Divination. Hrm. Let me say that this is not really the card focus I had in mind for today. I got this card the other day, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it then, either. Same as then, though, I look to it as saying I should try to relax.

I think it doesn't fit in with today (in my mind) because my plan was to be super productive today. I was going to check off several items from a list of things-to-do in order to make our house listing a lot easier when we get to the first week of January and the house is up on the market.

Perhaps this is saying that I should just take it easy today. I have felt a bit cranky. My period is overdue and I haven't been sleeping well. Of course this is the story of my (admittedly hormonal and anxiety-filled) life, where I don't have good menses or good sleep, but it's ok. I am not actually trying to complain believe it or not. Just thinking about it.

Soo! Should I make a revised plan for the day? Maybe do just one or two useful things and then drop the rest of my burdens, pace myself for later? The good thing is that we did most of the BIG jobs already back in October when we were originally going to sell. The painting (ohhh, the painting), the replacing of the water heater, the hauling away of carloads of stuff to donate, the heavy lifting, the staging. So mostly we just have to refine. It still will take time, but it's not make or break things.

There are a few things that we should do because I think not to do them would be silly and possibly just cause issues for us (like replacing the wood under the kitchen sink that's collapsing) and lining the downstairs shelves in the bathroom that are looking rough. It's just things that probably would be best to do. It's funny how a list of small things-to-do can actually be quite monstrous, or seem so, until you get a few things done and then it's surprising how quickly things can get done with a small amount of focus and some elbow grease.

We also have five days off in a row before we actually list the house. My husband has the weekend before New Year's day and then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th off. Our plan is to list on the 5th. Apparently the realtor wants to send her professional photographer over here sometime after we tidy up and take any seasonal decorations down. So we have to do that. So perhaps we'll just do a few things here and there, and leave the majority of the work for then. I don't know. I'm leery of waiting too long. But either way, I'll just have to find ways to take the load off when it starts to feel too heavy.

I decided to pull a companion card to the 10 of Wands and got the 10 of Cups. Lots of ending cards. Of course the 10 of Cups is a nice card to offset the heaviness of the 10 of Wands. Much more supportive and cuddly. Aww, how cute! Well, I'll see what I can do.

Love n' Loads of Crap,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Affirmation of the Week: Truth, Justice and All That Crap

Ace of Swords
This card represents the gift of truth or definition of purpose.  It also embodies wisdom, reality, strength and clarity of thoughts.  It may allow you to speak your mind on a particular subject.  As this gift is short-lived use it to its advantage when given to you.  This card may help you bring force of personality and pressure to bear when trying to negotiate on something.  Getting to grips with the task in question may also be an option.
 MM's note: Yowza. This is a very intense, slammin' kind of version of the Ace of Swords! Lightning and swords? It's like a 14-year-old boy designed this. Anyway.  I don't mind this card. Sure, it's not very fruity, uplifting, relaxing or fun, but it carries a message of clarity and truth, which can be very helpful in moving a cause forward. We're about to get started on Phase II of touching up the house (cleaning, a few last repairs, etc) and we're going to make a launch of the house sale and hope for the best. May the lightning-tinged sword of truth be on our side!

Try it yourself!

Adventures in Listing the House, Redux

So. I apologize now, super friends, but I suspect you're going to be seeing a lot of 'selling my house' types of posts. I'm slightly obsessed but no big deal. We've been going back and forth, my husband and I, about when the best time to list our house would be. Now or later? We were somewhat convinced that later would be better, due to springy, warmer weather and more people wanting to go out looking at houses. But lacking any true empirical data or worldly experience in real estate we decided to ask our realtor, who has been selling houses in this area for over 12 years.

She informed us, somewhat to our surprise, that selling now, as soon as we can list, would actually be better, because there's very little competition in our price range, particularly now, early in the season. She stated that even now, with Christmas going on, the real estate market was picking up speed and more listings would be going up the longer we waited, which means more competition for us and the more likely a delay in terms of a sale. So in the end we decided to go ahead and heed her advice.

If, obviously, she turns out to be wrong and there is no interest in our house in January, then we'll remove and re-list in a couple months. I decided to pull a few cards on the topic and got Growth, Wisdom and Woman of the World. The first two are self explanatory and the final card is something of a major arcana card in this deck (there are a few). I don't have the booklet with me, but the description of this woman is like a cross between the World, the Empress and maybe a dash of Emperor. Sort of like a bad-ass, accomplished woman who knows what she's doing.

Anyway. That's pretty much all I wanted to say. I actually was relieved when she effectively took the decision out of my hands. All the indecision and wringing of hands trying to decide the best time to do this or that was making me nuts. And through all that neither of us were sure what the right thing to do was. So having a real estate expert explain the situation, using the actual data from what was happening in the local market right now, was a kind of Christmas gift. She told us today, on Christmas, so even though I'm nervous about selling, I'm glad that we made a decision.

Merry Solstice/Hanukkah/Saturnalia/Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Defeated and Disappointed by My Health Issues

This is one of those where I actually visualized these cards in my head before drawing them. Not exactly but pretty close. I actually saw in my mind's eye, moments before drawing them, the Queen of Pentacles flanked on either side by a minor arcana card (but I wasn't sure which ones). I had just e-mailed my naturopath (who is represented by the Queen of Pentacles--a designation I gave her several months ago) to explain how I'd been feeling and that I had an appointment with her on the 3rd. I asked her a couple of questions which are not really important to convey here, but they were health-related.

I think I am feeling frustrated with my health stuff, and to me the 5 of Swords is a very good representation of feeling drained and defeated by circumstances. The 5 of Cups also shows disappointment and defeat on an emotional level. I have felt drained on various levels by this lingering sickness and feeling of ickiness. I hope that my appointment with my naturopath sheds some light on my health issues and gets me back to feeling more balanced.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: My World of Motherhood

Card of 2012: Ten of Pentacles (Mostly)

The underlying influence for the coming year. 

10 of Pentacles
Ultimate success plus financial stability.  Could be place of work or dwelling.

MM's note: OK, OK. So I did a re-do on this one. Originally the card I got was the 5 of Wands. ICK. ICK. ICK. So I said, 'Ok, then. I want a RE-DO.' So I pulled a replacement card to represent 2012 and I got the 10 of Pentacles. Much better, thank you! This makes me think of moving and getting a new house. There's a family of three inside a house (as seen from outside a window) which makes sense to me, except we aren't blonde, but I assume that doesn't matter. Hehee. 

Regarding Waiting to Sell the House

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This represents doubts, fears, deception, obscurity and concealed dangers, even a surge of emotion.  When this card appears there is uncertainty and changeability regarding he future which causes frustration and anxiety.
 MM's note: This is interesting. The card mentions changeability and uncertainty regarding the future resulting in frustration and anxiety. Very true! What else strikes me about the Moon as a card to get is the neighbor's dogs. I see the Moon as referring to the dog situation (even though there's no dog in the picture) because normally there are two dogs in the Moon card, and that's how many dogs our loud neighbors have. This moon makes me feel good. There's a woman standing in the picture by herself, with her arms raised upward in a V of Victory! It feels so soothing and emotionally enjoyable. It's not at all what I normally associate this card with--the turbulence of unpleasant or hidden emotional motivation. I hope this shows a positive outcome. 
This represents the earth mother, domestic happiness, comfort and fulfilment - the female life-giving force. This is a positive period for growth.
MM's note: I really like this Empress. She reminds me a little bit of the Empress in the Motherpeace Tarot, but better. In fact, this deck reminds me of the Motherpeace Tarot in general but as far as the visuals go, I actually like it better. It has clearer images and it's easier to read. To me the Empress is the positive side of feminine energy: creativity, productivity, fertility. It DOES bring to mind spring. Shaheen's comment about things flowing easily when the weather turns warm, after winter is over, makes me think of the springtime/fertility references inherent in the Empress. So maybe it IS best to wait! 
This person may represent someone who is on the defensive.  This individual will be causing irritation plus upset and making you feel very prickly, in other words a pain in the neck.  This may be a child being naughty and up to no good, or an adult causing you annoyance and hassle by actions within the home or business environment.  You can not believe this behaviour is taking place and you feel very let down.
 MM's note: WELL, this makes me think of a few things. First of all, both my husband and myself noticed that there are what look like fireworks in the background. This immediately made us think of the 4th of July.  Maybe that's the approximate date we'd officially sell the house? No idea. But we both saw that in the card. The description talks about a prickly situation with a troublesome adult. Unfortunately that could also be a real possibility, as if the neighbors continue to leave their dogs out to bark we may have some rather unpleasant run-ins with this neighbor. It is represented as a woman and indeed this is the person I've dealt with vis-a-vis the dog situation. Finally, I can't help but see the combination of the Empress and the Page of Swords as representing literal fertility. The Page of Swords was the card I chose to represent the baby boy I was planning on having (but then didn't). I don't think this is the meaning of it because that is practically an impossibility at this point due to vasectomy, but it's still interesting that it brings it to mind.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evening Activity Suggestion Single Card Pull

What shall we do tonight?

Oppression, many burdens, problems to be sorted - help at hand.
 MM's note: Wha? Hrm. Well, I will take this to mean to just let down our burdens of the day/week/month/year and just relax. I have no idea, though.

Moving House and a Mutually Satisfying Contract

Regarding whether selling the house will be a pain or not...

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I highlighted the parts in red that I thought were helpful.

This represents strength and courage and promises success to those who can direct their energy, willpower and natural gifts into enterprises which will bring positive results, 

This represents happiness, peace, positive energy, warmth and contentment.  It could possibly relate to a happy marriage or matters concerning children.  The sun rules the day, so all matters can be dealt with positively and with clarity of vision. 

This card indicates the love or deep friendship binding two people.  This is all about emotional partnerships and how mutual support and understanding are brought into them.  There may be a mutually satisfying contract on offer.

Try it yourself!

Direct Question: Should I See My Naturopath?

This is cool. I love it when this happens! I ask a direct question and get a direct answer. At least somewhat direct. Whether the answer is right or not, who knows. But I like the directness of it. Laugh! Now, I even designated a card that I would take to mean 'go see your naturopath' which was the Queen of Pentacles. This is her card--the card I've assigned to represent her. I thought that if I got that card as one of the three cards then I'd take that as a cue to go see her.

Sure enough, I pulled the Queen of Pentacles along with the Devil and the Six of Wands. I thought this was funny because the Devil made me think of the money involved. The Devil isn't always about money, obviously (but it does bring that to mind, not just because of the possible greed connotation) but also because of the card's association with Capricorn which is a big money-making sign. I felt worried about the out-of-pocket cost for seeing my naturopath. With supplements, the visit will likely be more than 150 dollars, probably close to 200. UGH. At the moment, I'm pretty sure I can't afford that. Well, unless I decide not to eat for the next week or so.

But my plan was to wait until the first week of January, when we have a bit more money. Oh, that makes me think that the Capricorn image in the Devil card also refers to the time frame. Capricorn is from late December to mid January, so that is the time frame I'd be going! Anyway. I was going to make an appointment in advance. That way, I can work on my current remedies with the oregano oil, probiotics and (new) neti pot sinus flushes. I think that all of these remedies might be endorsed by my naturopath but she might want to double-check and see what else might be going on, or whether some other approach is indicated.

The Six of Wands makes me think that I'll ultimately be OK, because this card indicates victory over something. I sure hope so. I've been feeling under the weather too long and I don't want to do any more harsh medications and antibiotics--my body is very sensitive to those things.

By the way, right before posting this I finished talking to the office of the naturopath and I have an appointment for January 3rd, so this should work out because my husband has that day off and because by then we'll be in a bit more of a financial position to afford the visit.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Be Back Next Tuesday...I Mean This Tuesday. LOL.

Happiness - Bliss - Celebration - Joy
Hello Dears,

I'm still in a tarot funk!

I don't know what exactly my issue is.

I am super groggy. It's chilly and lightly snowing.

I feel like I could sleep for days, but when I do try to sleep I can't seem to sleep well. It's very frustrating!

Anyway. This post isn't about whining. I will be back, feeling renewed, hopefully, from connecting with family and getting some better sleep, attending to things that matter.

I'm so ready for 2012. Who is with me? Time for renewal!

Love to y'all,

p.s. Try this draw for yourself.

Inadequate & Regretful, Regarding Career Choices

Using Annikin Dream and Mixed Emotions™

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Are you Pursuing your Dream?

Is there ANY better feeling than relief? What other areas of your life could you bring relief to?
MM's note: This is a strange card for this position, don't you think? I think this shows the concept of rescue. The fireman is rescuing the kitten from the tree and giving it to the child. I think I want someone to rescue me so I don't have to make a decision about a creative/career pursuit. Very interesting. So in a way I do feel relieved that I am not making a decision, though it's not really good for me to be in limbo.

Is Fear stopping You? 

What would make you feel l like there was enough of you to take this on? How could you obtain the qualities and resources that you need?

MM's Note: Weird synchronicity. On Caillou (which I think is a really annoying kid's show) I heard in the background, 'I'm not good enough' (in Caillou's whiny voice). I definitely think low self esteem is an issue with me not pursuing goals.

What happens next?

You could look backward with regret. Or you could look forward. Based on what you know now, what action could you take that you’d be least likely to regret in the future?
MM's note: The question posed at the end of this is a good question. What action WOULD I be least likely to regret? I am not sure. I have been trying to figure that out for some time now, to no avail.

I Knocked Over the Christmas Tree

This is silly but whatever. Hehee. My husband left for work and I pushed the Christmas tree gently back so my daughter could watch Sesame Street. But as soon as I did that the entire thing collapsed and all the ornaments started falling off. I couldn't figure out how to get get it to stand up! Anything I did just resulted in the tree collapsing more and more. After a few minutes of chaos and trying to put it back together I gave up. I picked up the fallen ornaments and lay the tree on its side out of the way in the living room. It was so comical that I started to laugh. I think part of it was delirium. I feel so foolish--I can't even put a fake tree back together. But whatever. It's just a silly tree.

These cards, mostly since I can't decipher them, remind me of this incident. The 5 of Cups shows something that has fallen over. Amusingly, the first thing I thought of when I saw the 4 of Pentacles is that the cat looked like it was impersonating a tree. I doesn't make any sense. But it's an interesting contrast to the 5 of Cups. The 5 of Cups has all the spilled cups and the 4 of Pentacles is being super careful not to drop the coins.

The Chariot--um. I don't know. I almost feel like he's coming to bulldoze the tree. The cat is trying to hold the tree up, but it's splitting in the middle. Haha--well, that's the scene I saw. It's probably just me projecting the situation onto these cards--they may have nothing to do with this incident. But I thought I'd share it anyway because it was goofy.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Temperance Brings to Mind a Sinus Flush

Hi There, Everyone!

As nutty as this sounds, last night I was messing with my Tarot of White Cats (mini), trying to come up with unique ideas for fixing my lingering sinus issue.

Suddenly, inspiration struck in the form of the Temperance card. I actually saw the card upside down which reminded me even more strongly of it (because when using a neti pot, you actually tilt your head down and forward), but I saw it clear as day: use a neti pot! Now, years ago when I had sinus issues more frequently I tried it, but maybe once. I really didn't get it a real try. I gave up too soon. That was more than ten years ago.

So, 2.5 months into this uncomfortable, headachey, lingering reduction in ability to smell and other lovely symptoms, I decided to follow through on the guidance. I sent my husband on an errand to get me a neti pot at the drug store. I tried it right away and thankfully it wasn't as off-putting as you might fear (seeing as you are pouring water into one nostril and out the other). It basically washes the sinuses with saline (a specific balance of salt and baking soda that's ph-balanced in distilled water).

Now, things are nowhere near 100% yet, but I've already noticed some improvements. It's just day 1, and the sinus headache I had this morning reduced at least 50% moments after the flush. I'm going to continue flushing a few times a day and see if this continues. The people are raving and ranting about how awesome it is online and so I hope that my experience is even close to as good as theirs. In any case, I thought it was a cool example of using tarot for specific guidance, using the images as a springboard for the imagination.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Back Monday. Have a Good Weekend!

Ridiculous Vintage Xmas Greeting
Howdy Folks,

I'm sooo tired today, y'all.

My family is coming in on Saturday and I'm not really in the mood to read.

I think there are some things wearing on me, but my abiding love of you guys and, of course, the tarot will bring me back sooner rather than later.

I will see you lovely people on Monday!

Much Love,

Dog Noise Prediction Draw

Here are the cards I pulled about the dog situation. We noticed things seemed quieter over the past couple of days (since that day I complained here on the blog). But it is a fluke? Does it mean anything?

The cards I received are the Seven of Wands, Ace of Swords, Magician and Ten of Swords. Hrm.

When I saw these I saw them being defensive of themselves (Seven of Wands, keyword often is defense) and the Ace of Swords may be shedding light or lending clarity to the issue, hopefully giving them the harsh truth (harsh truth being something I associate a bit with the Ace of Swords). The Magician shows something happening--the essence of willpower. And finally the 10 of Swords shows the end to something. I HOPE!

That is my hopeful prediction.