Monday, February 28, 2011

The Power of One

Four of Swords (left-tilted), Chariot (left-tilted), Daughter of Discs

Since I am planning on using the Motherpeace deck this week, along with the Heart of Faerie Oracle, I decided to go ahead and get things started. My husband just left a few minutes ago for his three day work trip (boring training which he got out of for two years but now has to go to) and I am stuck by myself with my rather feisty daughter (though thankfully she is doing well today and isn't too wild) and feeling a bit nervous about burnout.

"The opinions of others hold more force than her own."   -4 of Swords (L)

I always get nervous when my husband goes out of town and for a couple of reasons. One main reason is that my fear of being abandoned gets triggered in a major way. A fear I have that I have great difficulty releasing is that he'll die when he's traveling and I'll never see him again. To some extent I have the same fear every time he leaves for work. He tries to joke with me and say that in the eleven years that we've lived together he has managed to stay alive and has no intention of dying; I still have that fear in the back of my mind, especially when he's on a trip. Having a daughter with health issues has just intensified this fear since I don't want to be a single mom and have a child with health challenges.

"She has some personal doubts. She is not fully behind what is is doing." -Chariot (L)

Still, I realize that this fear is (mostly) ungrounded. Granted, anything COULD happen at any time to anyone, but generally speaking things are fine. I can't really look at life that way or I'll drive myself crazy. It's just such an ingrained fear and one I've had since I was little (for whatever reason!) order to distract myself and just feel and think of other things, I decided to pull a few cards from the Motherpeace deck. This is a really good psychological deck, especially for women because it's sort of feminine-focused, which makes sense when you look at all the cards. Still, even though I'm a woman I'd generally rather have gender neutral cards which can apply to anyone, but this deck does have its charms. One of the charms is that you can read the cards in any direction: left, right, upside-down and right-side up. The meanings are all listed under each description.

"She's open and receptive as well as courageous and determined. She's willing to wait for the inspiration and information she needs to go forward in her life. She seeks a kind of knowledge that is based on the truth that comes through her body." -Daughter of Discs

I've found this deck to be very psychological; it digs deeply into a person's fears, motivations, and also what tools will help them regain their power. That is absolutely the strength of this deck. Even though, by most standards it isn't exactly an artistic triumph, it reads well.

Without further ado: the cards. So we've got the Four of Swords (left-tilted), the Chariot (left-tilted) and the Daughter of Discs (upright). Of course I note right off the bat that two of the cards are in a weakened state (which a left-tilted position indicates).

Perhaps I feel unable to rest (Four of Swords) because I'll be the only one taking care of my daughter, so naturally I don't have the alone time depicted in the card. And perhaps I feel more worn out, less able to summon some sort of drive or energetic push (Chariot) but there's the Daughter of Discs, who is doing just fine, taking care of the practical details, capable of dealing with things as they come.

And because I really wanted to see an 'overall card' for the reading I pulled one more card and got the Magician. This is the 'can do' dude. He (or she) is able to summon up the power, energy, and methods to do whatever he needs to do, and he has the confidence to back it up.

"The Magician takes action. The creative impulse of the Fool is brought into form. She has the ability to get things done with focused energy and power. The Magician represents outward fiery energy. She is able to harness all the elements to get the desired results." -Magician

I think that there's definitely a part of me that feels I'm not capable of handling things on my own, particularly challenging things, but obviously I can or I would not be here today, I guess? I can do it, but admittedly maybe some of the time I don't want to do it.  The trick is to believe in myself, and make the process go smoother as a result of this self belief.

It really feels as if the first two cards (the weakened, left-tilting cards) are the culprit. My lack of belief in myself, my trepidation, my fear, my hesitancy in believing in my practical ability and purpose. The final two cards, the upright cards, show the way through this, through confidence, practical action, being receptive to new ideas, and a dose of courage.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, February 26, 2011

*EPIC* Spring and Green

Green Tea and Mint (with Honey) Epically Epic Lip Balm's almost spring.

Can you feel it in the air? Love that.

I guess it sounds narcissistic but I love my birthday month. Who doesn't love cake and gifts? Well, ok. I know there are some people out there who don't.

I'm having my mom make me this cake. It is good for you! Beans, grain-free, no refined sugar, no gluten, etc. But it is supposed to be really tasty.

Anyway. I'm ranting and raving about cake. But what I'm thinking about more than that are things that are lush, springy and green.

I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be on posting hiatus, but I can't help it. I have spring fever, I think. I was so pleased to see that the temperatures are going to be in the mid-upper 50's after dipping down low and then snowing a couple of days ago. I'm glad that winter is ending. But really this winter wasn't that bad in terms of snow and temperatures.

Mint Chip Epically Epic Soap
Anyway...I am trying to think of something truly fun and relaxing to do during my birthday month. It doesn't have to be anything *EPIC* (sorry, had to use that since I'm featuring Epically Epic Soap Co. products in this post) but I would just like to celebrate life rather than mourn it or fear it. I think birthdays are there as that sort of reminder--that life is for celebration.

If anyone has any interesting suggestions for something I can do as a birthday present to myself, then please chime in.

Thanks so much and hugs,
Magic Mentha

Friday, February 25, 2011

Predictive Reading Update

O.K. So I'm technically on hiatus until Tuesday (but we can slip this one last reading in now, why not?) though I felt like saying that my predictive reading for today did not seem to really come true. Hrm.

That is, unless I totally interpreted it wrong, but I don't think so. I didn't hear anything about Pele health-wise and pretty much nothing happened. Too bad, but I'll hold out to hear something soon.

Magic Mentha

A Commercial Break

Hi Folks,

Well I think that I am going to have a mini-blog vacation and will resume posting on Tuesday, March 1, at which point I'll be alternating between the Motherpeace Tarot and the Heart of Faerie Oracle.

I think I also need to start posting about non-tarot things, too. This blog is supposed to be about art, natural healing, creative stuff of all kinds, as well as tarot. If you have any suggestions for topics you're interested in, just let me know in the comments.

Yay! Gotta love my birthday month. Happy birthday to all my piscean and arien brethren. Love ya!

Magic Mentha

A Path to Healing: King of Cups and the Star

I decided to do one last pull with this deck before I send it out tomorrow morning. I was going to do it today but two things happened to prevent me: my daughter woke up insanely early and then fell asleep just a bit ago, and it began to snow and is rather cold and unpleasant and slightly treacherous out there. So I've decided to spend the day inside and go ship it out post-haste to the charming and deserving Prince Lenormand.

In any event, I found it interesting to get the King of Cups again but this time it is paired with the Star. I LOVE this card. Isn't it amazing? That face in the card made of moldavite is dynamite! And something interesting that I noted when looking at this duo is that the string of labradorite beads seems to be leading into the Star card, like a path to healing, which is why my post is titled the way it is.

I am not sure, to be honest, if the King of Cups refers to me, to someone else, or to traits or conditions. I do have to say that my water sign uncle (who would qualify as a King of Cups) just had a birthday two days ago and although I accidentally forgot it and thought his birthday was today,  I sent him a belated happy birthday message, wishing him happiness and peace since he's had a rough past couple of years with his son dying and myriad other things: health problems, losing jobs, etc.

So I hope that this means that my uncle is on the path to healing. That would be a nice birthday gift for him. If not, it could relate to my 'working artist' theory, or it could relate to the more general meaning for the King of Cups which is emotional maturity, and knowing how to show your emotions (when and how it's appropriate) and guarding against repression and masking of emotions.

I thought of a final, somewhat amusing meaning. The King of Cups could be Prince Lenormand (since he's a water sign, like my piscean uncle) and the path to the Star could represent it being sent to him to offer guidance and healing as well! Cool...

I think it's quite possible that this could mean several things at once.

Magic Mentha

Summoning the Knight of Wands: Go or No Go?

I pulled this card last year, but it's still relevant today...
I pulled the card to the left last year--maybe 6 months or so ago? Maybe longer. I think it was last spring or summer. So maybe closer to 8-10 months.

In any event, at the time I was thinking of moving, and to be honest I am still thinking of that. Couple that with the re-emergence of the Knight of Wands in recent readings, and you have a renewed interest in the possibility.

Although I have temporarily put off immediately selling then buying (because I feel that trying to cram it all into a month or less will put us under undo stress especially while trying to navigate my daughter's issues and their source) that doesn't mean I've given up on the idea.

In fact, we have a list of repairs to work on and have resolved to work on them slowly but surely. I have no idea if we'll get around to all of them or not before selling, but I do think we need to do something because two houses to the left of us have recently been renovated and we may face stiff competition if we don't spruce up our house.

Part of me REALLY just wants to be lazy and mark the house price down a bit and just cut our losses, which we'll do if we have to, but the other part of me is saying not to take short-cuts. But, as my husband pointed out, even if we break even on this house or lose a bit of money on the sale, we'd still be doing ourselves a favor getting a better house deal in another neighborhood. We're planning on buying a house a good 30-40k less than the house we have, so we'd be saving a chunk of money on our mortgage each month.

I feel like this is something we should do but I also feel oddly paralyzed. As it is, I have struggles just doing day to day things with my daughter. Because of her sensory and mood issues, even going to the store with her, or out to play, can be a full-scale struggle. But I am hoping that as the mystery of her health stuff begins to unfold and slowly but surely resolve, then we may feel more able to do things.

In the meantime, I wonder about enlisting the help of family and friends to come help work on some repairs in the house while I distract our daughter, or vice versa. I know it's do-able. I guess I have not been sure whether it's going to be worth it. And realistically, I think there is a part of me who doesn't really want the upheaval of moving (though there's at least as large, or larger, a part of me that NEEDS that same upheaval). I've always disliked major changes with moving, and I don't like anything about the process...the searching, the uprooting, the packing, etc, but I do think ulimately we'll be happier in a different house.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Help from My Friends: Starting Anew Creatively

When I pulled these cards I thought of 'getting a new art job through a friend' because I see the Six of Cups as representing a connection with a friend, and the Fool as starting something fresh and new, and the King of Cups I almost always see now as the 'working artist' card. This ties in with my creativity reading which I posted earlier today. I don't quite know but it could again have to do with the cookbook my friend was having me illustrate. I haven't heard anything new about that and I don't know if it's a sure thing or when it would even start, but that would fit this bill.

Magic Mentha

Predictive Reading About Tomorrow

I pulled these cards a few hours ago and they are supposed to pertain to Friday, which is tomorrow. I am shipping this deck out to Prince Lenormand so I wanted to do a last reading or two with them, so this is what came up. Actually, I found a fairly cheap copy of these cards online that I'm going to get, so we'll both have a copy, hurrah!

Interesting. Again the colors pull me in. The Hanged Man is the first card I got which is the whole 'waiting' and also being suspended in some way. It can also mean attaching yourself to things that are important, things that you may need to sacrifice parts of yourself for. There's a sort of 'Jesus Complex™' to this card.

The second card shows my daughter, right at the center. Her card is always the Page of Wands. This clued me in to what the reading was about. Makes sense considering it's pretty much all I think about. The Page of Wands could mean other things, of course, but it almost always means my daughter.

Finally, we have the Eight of Wands, which is a repeat card for me this week. Swiftness, communication, something imminently happening is indicated with this card. What came to mind when viewing the reading as a whole is that I would be receiving a communication after a delay about my daughter. We've had to do a lot of 'testing and waiting' around here when it comes to my daughter's various issues.

So here's hoping we hear something good tomorrow!

Magic Mentha

The Return of My Creativity?

In looking at the elements of today's draw as a whole as well as individually, I felt that they pointed to creative endeavors, or perhaps my creativity in and of itself. An emergence, if you will...

The first card I received is 'my' card: Queen of Wands. The second card was the Hierophant. For some reason I rarely see the religious connotation of this card, and instead jump straight to the meaning of structure and school. I almost always think of education, teachers, or some other aspect of learning/instruction. I thought, 'Are you saying maybe I should teach again?'

I decided to pull a couple more cards at this point. I got the Eight of Coins, which often means 'working on an art project' for me. I got it constantly during my time with HH, my hand-painted jewelry business, and I was always cranking out new series. Of course, this obviously isn't true at the moment because I have been avoiding visually creative things. I've done other things that you might be able to construe as being creative, though any resemblance may be purely coincidental.

Essentially, my creativity has been dormant. I think this is what happens to me when I go full tilt and burn out on an endeavor (which I suspect happens to a LOT of us fire and water combos) because you can only do so much of something before you get fed up with it. Even if you enjoyed it immensely at one time you have to stop sometime, at least temporarily.

Oh, I remember the year-long struggle, beginning slightly before my daughter's seizure disorder was uncovered and finally ending nearly a year later after going back and forth with myself over whether to end it or not. In short: it WAS time to end it. I wish I'd realized it sooner and hadn't fought myself so much over it, but I think I clung to it because it represented a part of me that was independent and separate from the care-taking and chaos of my present life.

So what happened, then? I quit it and felt like I'd eaten the creative equivalent of a full course buffet. I was FULL. I didn't want to do anything creative, no sketching, no drawing, no painting, not even making a simple card. I noticed the slow down in advance but it quickly grinded to a halt, almost without my volition. It just happened. It was over, it was done. I couldn't get it back, and nor should I have.

Since quitting HH last summer (I guess it has been about half a year?) I have, for the most part, allowed myself to not jump directly into something else. It was tempting because I became gripped with horror vacui, which happens to a lot of visual artists, and I just wanted to throw myself, whore-like, at a new project.

But this was not destined to work. My creative energy was not there and I realized that the only thing I cared about was having another child, but my fear of health issues for both my daughter and a potential new child took over. Not to mention a general fatigue probably resulting from post-traumatic stress disorder. I knew I had to reassess rather than blindingly jump into (or, conversely, ignore) some new venture.

Since then, I have tried to remind myself that I need to allow unbidden creativity--something more natural that you can approach gradually, but with some measure of purpose. I'm so used to being a hunter. I'm definitely the aggressor in most situations, courting life like a suitor with a mostly uninterested love interest. It's time for me to relax and find out what it is I really want from life.

BACK TO THE READING. Sorry, folks. I'm rambling. The presence of the Sun as the final card makes me think of clarity, warmth, interaction, and again...creativity. Maybe it will see the light of day again. I am not entirely sure what form that will take and when I'll feel up to it, but it is pretty much inevitable, since it can't be asleep forever.

Again, I'm drawn to the color scheme in this reading. That is definitely important to consider when reading from this deck, especially. The warm palette of yellows, golds and reds makes me think of engaging, fiery activity; it definitely isn't passive.

I think I'm gearing up for something!!

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the Winner of the "Hidden Giveaway" Is...

... Prince Lenormand!

An example of a reading I did last summer

Congrats dearie! Quite timely, too, because I was going to send you a little something for your upcoming birthday anyway! Happy almost birthday to you! I reckon the Universe considered it a birthday gift to you.

OK, so I picked a winner on a bit early--I was supposed to wait another 52 minutes but I'm feeling antsy and I wanted to get to gettin'. I'm notoriously impatient.

E-mail me with your mailing address so you can get your Epically Epic lip balm AND the most fabulous prize of all (which is what I decided at the last minute to give anyway)...the Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals. Yes, the very copy I own. It's used but in good condition! Don't worry about me...I can get it again someday if I feel the need.

Hugs and love to Monica and Submerina for participating. I really appreciate you visiting my blog, your comments and, of course, your amazing tarot insights. Keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways; you definitely have a fighting chance!

Magic Mentha

Q: What Should I Work On? A: Death and Decisions

Maybe just to distract myself from...whatever...I decided to pull a couple cards representing 'what to work on' and I smiled to myself when I got Death. I don't know why. Just seemed like a joke, but it makes sense. Death is change. Death is something that is timely, something that basically has already happened but maybe we haven't really recognized that it has. Unlike the Tower, the skin has already been shed but we haven't wriggled out of it. We're just sitting there, hoping the wind, time or decay will do it for us, but the best thing to do is 'get going' which seems to be a theme for me lately. Action.

The time to wait, worry, plan, prepare, meditate, rest and all those other 'pause' things is over.  Generally speaking. And I can feel it in my bones (literally, since I don't get enough exercise and I get achey) and I'm feeling myself revving up for the next 'thing' or 'things'.  I know that the time has come to adopt a new approach, to try something new, to just flippin' DO something.

When you pair this with the other card I pulled, the Two of Swords, you see that decisions play a key component in this change. How can you change your life if you don't make any decisions? This is the very thing I asked myself, rather pointedly, in my own journal a few days ago. I was feeling completely stuck, overwhelmed and confused as to how I'd allowed myself to get there. Surely stressful circumstances played a part, but I had chosen to stay mired in the past, and in my own crap (or snake skin, if you prefer to skirt the feces thing).

Alan's reading for me highlighted the need for action, and also for jettisoning the martyr approach, the person who decides to subjugate their power and bypass action in favor of...well, nothingness. He detected passion and a need to get out and about in a major way for me. Passion that had gone misdirected, wasted, and creativity that had grown rusty. Boy, is he ever correct.

These decisions that I'm making don't all have to be major (like moving or something similar) but maybe some of them will be, and I don't have to be so afraid of that. Major changes can be just what the doctor ordered. And since it's not literal death we're talking about here, maybe I can breathe a sigh of relief. I'm beginning to feel and understand that forward momentum, even toward the unknown and even in the face of lingering adversity, is far superior to this deadening malaise that has been hovering over me, breathing down my neck for so long.

I have a feeling that these changes will grow exponentially as I incite them. Once I decide to say, change my hair or clean up my art area, or make some art or take a risk, go visit a friend, then suddenly larger changes will seem more do-able, more accessible. If I can get this ball rolling then maybe I'll end up somewhere better.

Magic Mentha

A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine...

This is funny. For some reason when I pulled the Devil today that song by the Grateful Dead, 'A Friend of the Devil' popped into my head. Now this is sort of 'duh' because of the title of the song, but you have to understand that I really don't care one way or the other about the Grateful Dead. I'm not a fan. I'm not AGAINST them but I don't own any of their music and I never listen to the radio, so it isn't something that would normally pop into my head.  Also, I don't see how it could possibly apply to my situation. So I've no idea.

Anyway, I pulled a card to represent what to do with my daughter today. I got the Devil. WTF? HAHA!

After giving it some thought I finally settled on two possibilities. The first possibility is to be careful not to spend too much money. That is something I was talking to my husband about last night.

I've been trying to SAVE money so that we don't end up where we were last year, struggling for money to help my daughter (though even if we had been doing OK we probably still would've struggled with all the expenses) and so I'm trying to avoid that pitfall again. I told my husband that I was going to stop doing gifts and random purchases, unless they were either necessary or especially helpful.

The second possibility was to 'spend money on my daughter'...maybe invest in something she could use and appreciate? Not just some shallow toy? Maybe I should ask her what she is interested in. She DID just this morning ask me if she could have a fish for a pet.

Although I am leery of giving her the responsibility of a pet, as there are many things that could go horribly wrong, I think it might be good to give her something like that to take care of. Worst case scenario it probably would teach her some valuable lessons...

So, I pulled a second, supporting card to the Devil and I got the 9 of Coins. I definitely see a money theme going here. Don't overdo it! The 9 of Coins shows a woman who is secure in her financial and other means. I often see it as the 'working woman' or 'independent woman' card, something I can't relate to as I've always been either a caretaker for my daughter or a student or a combination of things.

I've never really felt like I've been ON MY OWN, but I have to say I don't really want to be. Then again, I'm getting deeper yearnings to do something with my skills and actually work from home or start another business, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Anyway, err. None of this quite has anything to do with my question, which was about what to do with my daughter. It could mean to go outside (I often associate the 9 of Coins with that since she's pictured in a garden) or it could mean, again, to do something cost effective. OR it could mean to splurge. Ok, I'm grasping a bit here. Isn't it interesting how the colors of the two stones are so similar?

Magic Mentha

Interpret Me: Three Cards and a Hidden Giveaway

Hi Folks,

Well, it's 1:30am and I need to go back to bed, but I chose these cards while half-asleep and I wanted to see you guys's (that's not how you spell that, I don't think, but I like it) interpretation of this reading, using only a few bits of info from me.

O.K. Did I mention I'm half asleep? Some of you may know that the King of Swords, shown here, is almost always my husband.

The Knight of Wands can indicate anything energetic happening, including a change of residence, or any kind of physical activity where movement is indicated.

And finally the 8 of Wands portends messages and arrival; speed, things happening quickly, hearing from someone or something imminently happening.

Of course, I am open to your thoughts on the reading so it's more important what you think even if it doesn't go with what I said. That's what it's all about-your own take on things!

Bonus to this: if more than one person comments, I'll choose from the participants using and the winner will be sent an Epically Epic lip balm in Raspberry Pie a la Mode! No entries after Wednesday. Last call at 11:59pm Wednesday, mountain time.

If you are not able to comment then please just send me an e-mail to and I'll count your comment and enter you into the giveaway!

So, dear readers, what do you think?

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sun and Three of Swords: Wayshowers of Joy (and Sorrow)

I pulled two cards just now representing how to bring more joy into my life. That is the exact phrasing I used in my head as I shuffled then drew the cards.

I've been feeling so down and so very exhausted, dealing with continuing sleep problems and my daughter's volatile mood. I find it hard to get energized, motivated, or even to feel good about things.

Imagine my surprise when I look back at the cards and their descriptions and found joy mentioned in both descriptions, rather prominently.

The Three of Swords was a confusing one at first. Joy tied so closely to heartbreak? The Three of Swords is a difficult card. Heartbreak, betrayal, loss. The pain may be temporary but it's still pain. Intense pain, sometimes.

This card reminded me that we've been through a lot lately and continue to go through painful experiences. This is part of the human experience. And although there are days when I would love to eradicate that part of existence, I realize that it is as important to reclaiming joy to acknowledge and honor pain as it is to grab a hold of joy. You can't have one without the other. In fact, he has written several things to this effect, and I (relucantly) agree.

I'm reminded of a Kahlil Gibran quote:

“... joy and sorrow are inseparable-together they come and when one sits alone with you, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.” Kahlil Gibran

Well, this is what came to mind when I saw the Three of Swords. Also, another one of my favorite quotes came to mind, from a Tori Amos song:

"Dance with the Sufis, celebrate your Top Ten in the Charts of Pain..." -Tori Amos, Cruel

Both quotes understand that pain is not always bad, nor is it always something to avoid. Great joy and accomplishment can come from embracing your pain, if you see it as a path to understanding. I think Kahlil Gibran said it best when he said:

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” Kahlil Gibran

Next came the Sun, with its warm and shining message of peace and joy, and understanding. Since the Three of Swords came first and then The Sun, it felt chronological. What came to mind is that in understanding, honoring, and even appreciating my pain, I am paving the way for my joy and understanding, the kind shown in the Sun card.

As far as specific suggestions on how EXACTLY to feel better day to day, I'm not sure this tells me precisely, but it does have an interesting (though vague suggestion) of 'tackling jobs with vigour and delight' which I will attempt to do, as much as I can considering.

I also zeroed in on the text of the Three of Swords and saw the phrase, 'painful insight'...and I found that interesting. I actually think these two cards have a lot more in common than you'd think. Besides being two sides of the same passionate coin of joy and sorrow, they also contain insight. The Sun contains the bright, open, logical insight of clarity and fun, while the Three of Swords shows the perhaps more intense, more painful version of direct experience...maybe I'd call it 'the hard way' or 'the school of hard knocks'.

It's hard not to see the truth of something when it comes to you in the form of a punch in the gut. A break-up, a dismissal, or any other type of rejection, betrayal or other thing is bound to get your attention. The Sun, with all its shininess and glory may be beautiful and important but perhaps we could take it for granted if it was too Willy Wonka-ish without the reality of life lessons as its main content.  So I think this is a very good combination.

Love Lots,
Magic Mentha

Six of Wands: Tourmaline

This is the card I received in response to a single card query about my daughter's health issues. I've been feeling discouraged and worried about the seeming lack of progress lately, after a significant amount of initial progress over the last year. Despite the struggles, I had hoped we were in the clear, but there are still many unanswered questions and issues.

This card, the Six of Wands, indicates victory, courage, hope, success. It's a very encouraging card to get and I sincerely hope it is true! Regardless of what happens, even if we experience more setbacks, I want to hold this image of success for my daughter's well-being in my mind and hang onto it for dear life (well, not hang on so much as use it as my mantra) because I need to hold onto that goal and not lose sight of it.

Magic Mentha

p.s. I posted images of the booklet interpretation so you can see how the descriptions are done. I think they did a pretty good job considering it's only a LWB. Granted, the wording is a little awkward for this particular card but I wouldn't say it is representative of all of the descriptions. I'll be sure to post another card's interpretation for comparison.

Problems Commenting? Let Me Know!

Hi Folks,

It has come to my attention that there may be some problems commenting here (either on Blogger or for this blog in general). I checked my comment settings and nothing should be amiss, so I am going to contact blogger.

A few people have mentioned that they have issues commenting. I don't know quite where the problem arises. So definitely e-mail me if this has been the case for you.

If I can figure out what is going on with the commenting problem I may hold another Epically Epic+tarot deck combo giveaway since other people had trouble entering. Obviously the first one is still valid, though. Hehee.

Oh, I am also going to use the suggestions of two commenters who couldn't get through for next week's decks. I'll use both the Heart of Faerie Oracle and the Motherpeace Tarot (either together or separately) since those were both suggested! Thank you for participating.

Thanks so much,
Magic Mentha

Various Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals Pulls

These are cards I pulled last summer. Aren't they pretty?

Monday, February 21, 2011

This Week's Deck... Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals!

A public domain image of amethyst...ooOOooo

I decided to just use since no one voted on a deck. No big deal!

  1. Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  2. Gummy Bears Tarot
  3. Halloween Tarot
  4. Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
  5. Grace Cards
  6. Goddess Guidance Cards
  7. Healing Deck
  8. Fallen Angels Oracle
  9. Pamela Coleman Smith Centennial Tarot
  10. The Answer Deck
  11. Motherpeace Tarot
  12. Mandala Astrological Tarot
  13. Tarot of Vampyres
  14. Zerner-Farber Tarot
  15. Xultun Tarot
  16. Tarot Nova
  17. Osho Zen Tarot
  18. Tao Oracle
  19. The Answer is Simple Oracle
  20. Heart of Faerie Oracle
  21. Tarot Fauxbergé (blinged out Universal Tarot with tons of sparkles)

Reader's Choice: What Deck Should I Use?

Hi Folks,

I thought I'd let my readers choose the deck I'll work with over the next week or so. I don't know who reads this but if you care, let me know! If not, that's fine, too.

Here is my list of current decks:

  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  • Gummy Bears Tarot
  • Halloween Tarot
  • Tarot of Crystals and Gemstones
  • Grace Cards
  • Goddess Guidance Cards
  • Healing Deck
  • Fallen Angels Oracle
  • Pamela Coleman Smith Centennial Tarot
  • The Answer Deck
  • Motherpeace Tarot
  • Mandala Astrological Tarot
  • Tarot of Vampyres
  • Zerner-Farber Tarot
  • Xultun Tarot
  • Tarot Nova
  • Osho Zen Tarot
  • Tao Oracle
  • The Answer is Simple Oracle
  • Heart of Faerie Oracle
  • Tarot Fauxberg√© (blinged out Universal Tarot with tons of sparkles)

Just comment on this post with your preference. If I get more than one comment I'll use to choose from the suggestions. I'll be starting with whatever deck you comment about as of tomorrow.

Magic Mentha

A Healing Transition for My Daughter

Page of Wands, 2 of Wands, The Star

I decided to use the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, at least for today, but I'm about to switch decks. In any event, I pulled these three cards about my daughter's health and treatment stuff. I really like this reading! I tried doing longer, more complicated readings but I always get a bit confused. I prefer shorter readings now, I think.

The first card confirms the topic of this reading, which is my daughter. This card looks so much like my daughter that she actually thinks it is her when she sees it. At least she used to. The second card is the 2 of Wands, which is a card of planning, choice and balance. Like all twos it shows a that equilibrium, some choice to be made. It is beautifully illustrated here with two boxes, two wands, and one key, showing a choice.

It makes sense that this would come up, I suppose. It brings to mind the concept of opening locked doors where you aren't sure what's behind it. But there might be a hungry lion behind you so you have to choose. You can't stay in the hallway of doors or locked boxes forever. You've gotta choose some time or nothing will move forward.

There are a lot of stories that use doors as metaphors. I've read lots of stories (Alice in Wonderland is one of the more famous ones) that use doors as a metaphor for choice. Locked boxes, as shown in the 2 of Wands, are also appropriate. There's a certain element of risk, of danger. Are we opening Pandora's Box, or are we opening a treasure chest? Or is a mixed bag? Either way, a choice is required and risk is involved.

Visually, it interested me very much that the red ribbon connected my daughter's red court card with the middle card, and the cool-toned ribbon connected to and reflected the cool, healing tones in the Star card. It definitely felt like a transition, precipitated by the choice made in card two. If the Star is correct then we've made the correct choice.

I also found it neat that the wand/staff in the Page of Wands is pretty much identical to the wand in the 2 of Wands, right next to the page of wands. Visually it added to the feeling of transition in a big way. Again, the cool-toned card connected to the cool-toned wand also brought this feeling to mind.

I was nervous when I was pulling these cards because even before finishing laying down the cards I knew what the reading meant. It would've sucked to see, say, the Tower or the Devil or some other poopy card as the third card, what my choices were leading to. I'm very glad the healing and rejuvenation of the Star is indicated in the last card.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Double Reminder: Wisdom and Enlightenment

The other day I pulled these two cards and forgot to post about it. Wisdom and Enlightenment. Sounds like a very Zen combo, right? I actually received a reading from Alan of Psychic Bridges the day after receiving this, which I found quite wise and enlightened. That's what came to mind when I saw these cards again today. It's also poignant that they specifically mention meditation as a tool to help me, which was a feature of the reading Alan did for me. A quote from the Wisdom card:

"Meditation is your surest guide through the problems you face. Pay attention to your dreams."

The description of the Enlightenment card is almost identical, just worded differently:

"Good fortune if only you apply calm reflection and insight to your situation."

Dang. OK. Yep. Got the message. You've got me there. I am NOT good at calm reflection and meditation. I'm downright averse to it. I avoid it at all times. I even so much as block out my own thoughts, needs, desires and intuition. I don't quite know why this is...maybe I'm afraid of what I'll hear?

One thing Alan's reading suggested is that I actually give myself really good advice and then don't heed it. I know I'm definitely not the only one with this issue, but I do feel it's one of my main issues and why I've avoided meditation for so long, despite numerous suggestions from counselors and others to do so. Maybe I should keep this deck after all! I need to stop dismissing things.

Another thing that came to mind is that the emotional and spiritual is more important than the material. Even things like health (as well as money, housing, food, etc) are not ultimately more important than things like this. Wisdom and Enlightenment are priceless commodities that you can't buy or consume. It's very, very easy to forget this in our consumer culture, which I get caught up in on a regular basis.

The real question can I best tap into these qualities of wisdom and enlightenment? I think the answer is to relax and openly follow my heart and not consider so much the immediate physical ramifications of those wanderings. Unless they're particularly problematic or dangerous, that is. I definitely second, third and quadruple guess myself when it comes to actions. And often, even when I have taken action, I want to 'take it back' or I simply become impatient and give up.

I think these cards definitely indicate a slower, more gentle pace, rooted in lasting qualities that I want to cultivate for my entire life. So that's my new journey. I've become increasingly aware of the fact that unless we're in immediate financial danger (which we aren't at the moment, but I know last year we were struggling quite a bit) I feel that I need to shift my focus back inward --not in an anxious, self-absorbed way, but in an authentic, honest and aligned way. At that point, I can apply the qualities I've developed and focused back outward into the world to help others as well as heal myself.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too Lazy to Pull Cards Reading: Fixer Upper Stuff Before Selling and Moving

The Prince of Wands from the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot
Sooo it's dark out and I don't feel like taking photos. I forgot to do my pull today before the sun went down, but that's OK. I just hopped over to use one of my favorite on-line tarot readers: The Artist's Inner Vision Tarot On-line.

I decided just to pull a single card and see what came up. I didn't have a question, exactly, and I reckon I should've expected to see the Prince of Wands again. I got him recently (a day or two ago) and he came up in answer to a specific question about moving.

Interestingly, though, since then I've decided, along with my husband, to slow down the moving process. We still plan on fixing up the house (slowly) as time and energy permits, but we aren't in as crazy a hurry as before.

I think feeling this intense desire to just go! go! go! with it made me lose sight of reality a bit. I often tend to get carried away, and then instead of persevering, I simply give up.

So in order to avoid that nasty pitfall I think I am going to make goals to slowly but surely work on things in the house that need to be fixed. On the list are many things, large and small. I don't know how many we can actually do (either afford to do time or money-wise) but if we take enough time and maybe get some free or cheap help, we might succeed in less time than I think.

I know from experience that tasks that seem daunting or just plain time consuming can make you run away in the other direction, but often aren't nearly as bad as you think they are. Once you cut through the inertia you can get a surprising amount done!

Some items on the list:

  • Replace old, dying water heater
  • Put in a dishwasher (there's never been one)
  • finish putting in flooring upstairs (we have the flooring, we just haven't put it all in)
  • sand down and paint over the patched areas in the upstairs bathroom
  • replace caulk in upstairs bathroom
  • repaint MOST of the walls in the house a more subtle color (also, just needs it)
  • replace roof (this is going to be tough as this is expensive)
  • make landscaping a bit more clean/appealing-looking
  • thoroughly clean and organize kitchen area and closets. 
  • re-carpet stairs with sturdy indoor/outdoor carpet (has ancient brown shag carpet that's worn down)
  • put vinyl or other low-maintenance flooring in basement areas

    Anyway, that's a lot of it, but I could probably add several more things to this list. Thankfully, most of these things are not structural things. They're mostly updating (paint, flooring, etc.) But's a lot to do. And we aren't necessarily the most motivated or energetic people when it comes to these sorts of renovations. That's why we've elected to choose one item then a time frame that it will take to do it. I'm sure as we see the list dwindle we'll feel more confident.

    Magic Mentha

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Winner of the Tarot Deck Giveaway...

    Yay! Well, this goes to show that if you enter a giveaway, especially if the blog is pretty obscure like mine is, you're much more likely to win. Pip, visit this blog post to see the decks that are available to choose from. Also, please e-mail me your mailing address so I can send your prize!

    As a happy pre-spring treat you, dear Pip, will receive a special bonus of your choice of any one of these lip balms from one of my favorite Etsy shops: Epically Epic Soap. You might remember it because I posted about it recently!  I just ordered a few (obviously completely brand new and unused) for you to pick from.

    So Pip, here are your choices. Click on the links below to see the ingredients and description:

      I have to wait a day or two for my order to arrive with these lip balms in them, but I believe I should be able to send the deck and the lip balm to you by Monday or Tuesday. Also, please note that the deck you will receive is used, so it's not in perfect shape, but none of them are completely falling apart or anything. Hehe! Just FYI. :)

      Thanks to you, Pip, for your support of both me and my blog, and thanks to all of my other readers!


      Magic Mentha

      Back to Legacy of the Divine: House Hunting

      10 of Cups, Knight of Wands, Four of Wands

      Wow. So apparently I know within a day or two whether I have a rapport with a deck. I can't seem to get into the Fallen Angels Oracle. I tried, and it's not a bad deck, but after several readings with it I'm just...not feeling it. I'll keep it aside then come back to it later and see if it speaks to me. If not, maybe I'll host another giveaway for that deck. That's why I haven't been buying decks much lately. I don't want to waste the money if I don't end up connecting with it! Oh well, it's not the end of the world.

      SO, I'm back to my tried and true Legacy of the Divine Tarot. This deck is new for me, but not TOO new. I feel very familiar with it. Even after only a few uses I felt connected to it. I don't know, I just feel like the answers I get with this deck are so very vivid and specific.

      Case in point: Today's reading. After feeling irritated and frustrated with the Fallen Angels Oracle, I whipped out the Legacy of the Divine Tarot like someone might pull out old, comfortable slippers (though this deck is very pretty and not what you'd call 'old and comfy') and I pulled a few cards regarding our recent decision to sell our house and begin house hunting.

      We're nervous about the prospect, considering some work we'll have to do on the house (finishing flooring in the upstairs, painting rooms, replacing water heater, etc, etc) but we have lived here for eight years and we have been thinking of moving for a few years now, but haven't felt like we could. And in reality, it will still be quite a challenge and we'll have to buy a house cheaper than the one we're in, but with the housing market being a buyer's market, we hope we can somehow turn that to our favor.

      One somewhat crucial mistake I made is that I fell in love with a house (a cheap house!) that we probably won't be able to get. It's a foreclosure, and as such is priced WAY below its value (insansely so) and is a sort of funky, quaint house, a fixer-upper, which has a really amazing view of the mountains, a wood stove, built-ins, and some other weird things. It also has its cons and will need work, as I said, but it seems worth it.

      The problem is, however, that because of it being bank-owned, we have to sell our house before securing that one, and at the low price it is sitting at, it will be nearly impossible to list and sell our house and then subsequently purchase this cheap foreclosure. It just won't last on the market. The realtor I spoke to was a lovely lady who wanted to keep my enthusiasm going, but I could tell she thought it would be pretty much impossible, but even so she's going to show us the house on Monday.

      I'm not sure why I'm torturing myself by visiting the house, but you never know...I don't want to rule out the possibility of something happening. Even with houses moving slowly on the market, especially in our neighborhood, we might have an advantage if we list ours a bit lower than the surrounding houses. We might lose a little money, and we'd be lucky even to break even, but I discussed it with my husband and we're willing to lose a little bit of money (though there's a definite limit to what we can 'lose') if it means moving to a house that we like better and that ultimately will cost us less per month (because it'll be cheaper than the one we're in by like 20-30k).

      So that's what I have on my mind when I pulled these cards. I was in the car a couple hours ago and interestingly enough, I also pulled the 10 of Cups. I see this as the happy family card. You can see the castle in the distance and the shiny, happy rainbow arching above it all. But in this deck it's two animals snuggling in front of a fire. Either way, it conjures up feelings of coziness and a warm home.

      Next to it we see a card that very commonly representing moving residence (for me and several other tarot folk) which is the Knight of Wands. That is definitely indicative that the reading is indicating what I asked about. And finally, we have the Four of Wands, which I see as the 'stable home' card. Or 'early success'. I've read this can be about a house specifically but I know it isn't necessarily. The whole spread does make me think about housing, though. I tend to think that for the Four of Wands, and in fact, in a single card draw yesterday asking about this house I'm interested in, I got the Four of Wands!

      Here's a quote from Aeclectic Tarot's forum on the fours:
      This card, with its four wands holding up garlands, implies the foundation of a house, literally and figuratively. 

      So it's looking good! I don't know whether it's possible to get THIS house specifically, but the prospects seem to look good for moving in general, even if this one opportunity doesn't work out.

      Magic Mentha

      Thursday, February 17, 2011

      Another R&R Reading: Refreshment and Recuperation

      While yesterday's post indicated refreshment and resolution, today's is refreshment and recuperation. Crazy! I see a theme! I mean, kinda.

      These cards, interestingly enough, are not quite as straightforward as they seem. You may see 'recuperation' and know exactly what it means, but then read the description and come away with something slightly different, a little bit obscure, even.

      Then again, when I read this description it actually WAS pretty straightforward. Hah! Well, so much for that. But there are other cards that I thought would mean one thing which ended up being different than I originally anticipated.

      "Nurture your health and take time out to reflect on the course of your life."

       Ok, that makes sense, I reckon. Goes with that whole r & r theme. So...the next card was the repeat card from yesterday: Refreshment. What exactly does this card mean? Well it seems to mean doing things that refresh and rejuvenate you, but it's not quite as quiet and contemplative as its counterpart today, Recuperation. Instead, it focuses on NEW and FRESH experiences, travel, bucking the norm.

      I do agree that both are needed in my life. I need a relaxing break from the doldrums and the caretaking, and also something FRESH and EXCITING to happen. Today has been an interesting day because I've really been considering a lot of things. I got a reading from Alan of Psychic Bridges, who I've known, trusted and gotten readings from several readings from. His reading talked about really utilizing my drive and passion and that seems to go with this reading as well.

      "Take time out of your routine to make space for fresh experiences. This is a good time to travel to remind yourself that life is still full of promise and unexplored adventure."

      Every time I think I know how to rejuvenate my life, inject freshness into it, some obstacle seems to come up. Why? I don't know. It just does. I have to find a way to get around that, or to change that.

      That's my goal, anyway.

      Magic Mentha

      Wednesday, February 16, 2011

      First Reading Using the Fallen Angel Oracle: R & R

      I wasn't intending to buy any decks any time soon, especially since none have caught my eye lately, but when I went to Barnes and Noble last night to take a break from my moody, hyperactive daughter (feeling rather moody myself) I strolled through and happened to see this deck.

      Visually, the Fallen Angel Oracle reminds me of a cross between the Graven Images Oracle, the Archeon Tarot, and maybe a collage deck like the Voyager Tarot. Speaking of the Voyager Tarot, I used a sample deck when I last when to Isis Books and I really love the Voyager Tarot. I've always enjoyed the look of collage; I think this is because collage, to me, feels a lot more artsy and authentic than purely computer generated images. The look and feel of the hand-cut images speaks more to my artistic nature. I may get that deck sometime this year, but not for a while. In any event, the deck I got yesterday really isn't my usual taste for decks, but I felt pulled in by it anyway.

      One complaint up front: there are too many 'danger' cards. I ran across at least three in the deck, which seems like it ups your chances for getting such a card which seems a bit odd, but maybe realistic. I guess in reality the tarot is the same way, just with slightly different meanings.

      I decided to do a somewhat general reading about myself, but with the underlying issue or question of how to find part of me that I've lost, how to regain my spark, so to speak. I got two cards which begin with 'R' so it made me think of the old saying about someone needing 'R & R' (which usually stands for rest and relaxation). In my case, these initials stand for 'Refreshment' and 'Resolution'. Sounded right to me, even without looking the meanings up.

      First one: Refreshment. Here's a helpful quote from the description:

      "Take time out of your routine to make space for fresh experiences. This is a good time to travel to remind yourself that life is still full of promise and unexplored adventure."

      Hrm. Seems like good advice for someone who feels worn down and like life is just on autopilot, right? It echoes the reading I did last night which presented the card, 'Try Something New.' I stared at it and wanted to know what to do, but my mind is so rusty from being focused on a single point (my daughter and her health) that I had no idea what 'something new' would be, so I let it go. Here it returns this morning to haunt me and remind me of this possibility.

      Second card: Resolution. Here's a quote to where this 'fallen angel' is guiding me:

      "She guides you to hidden treasures, sometimes literally but more often to treasures of the soul--intangible insights that suddenly bring life into focus."

      This card also mentions bringing dangerous 'serpents' to light (a metaphor used to describe personal demons that you haven't dealt with) which I'm sure is also appropriate. In any event, I found this first official reading with this deck very interesting and thought-provoking.

      Magic Mentha

      Tuesday, February 15, 2011

      Turning a Corner

      This is my last post with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot for this week (though I really do love this deck) because I'm going to be working with my newly-acquired Fallen Angels deck for a bit.

      Earlier this afternoon I pulled these two cards. This is the response I got to the question, 'What is coming up next?' I wanted to see what developments were underway, and the feeling I get from these cards is that of turning a corner, my luck changing. At least somewhat, anyway.

      The Wheel of Fortune is seen as changes in fortune. While technically it's usually from bad to good, it can mean simply that what goes up must come down, and doesn't really guarantee anything. That's life for you, though. It helps, however, when it is paired with the 3 of Cups, which is a very upbeat card. Usually it shows three women toasting and having a good time. It often indicates friendship, fun and celebration. Perhaps it is saying I need more time with friends in my life (very true, I rarely socialize) but the general feeling I got, again, had more to do with the feeling that things would 'lighten up' a bit.

      I sure hope this is true!

      Magic Mentha

      Give One, Get One: Celebrating My 200th Post

      Hi Y'all,

      In honor of my 200th post (this one) I am doing a quickie giveaway. Tonight, after abstaining for some months, I purchased a tarot deck (rather, an oracle) called the Fallen Angels Oracle. Due to my new policy of give one, get one (for every deck purchased, have to give away at least one deck), I decided to give away a deck here. I'll be using to choose someone, so everyone has an equal chance. And yes, if you live outside the U.S. I will still ship to you!

      The winner can choose from one of these decks:

      To enter, simply leave a comment saying what your favorite 'fun' activities are. Just want to know what you do for fun. Also, please indicate which deck you would want if you won. No entries after 6pm mountain time on Friday. Winner will be announced at 6:30pm (mountain time) on Friday, the 18th.

      Anyway, that is all! Hugs to you all.

      Magic Mentha

      Tarot-based Food Allergy Guesses

      I didn't get this card, actually, but it shows food!
      So I tried something a little odd. I decided to test out the tarot's ability to visually inspire guesses to my daughter's IgG food panel (the allergen panel we're getting done for her this Friday). We've been given the go-ahead for her to take it, and so we're going to get it out of the way.

      Here's my list, derived from images of cards I pulled:

      crab or fish
      some sort of nut

      Interesting, right? Well, I'll be sure to report back to see whether or not this is true. I don't really expect that it will be, but you never know. It would be a good experiment to see if there's any merit to this sort of method.

      Magic Mentha