Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dreamsicle Madeleines

A recipe I made up that I'm proud of. They're gluten, casein, soy and refined sugar free. Tasty, too!

April's Over Pull

These are the cards I got representing the past month. Boy, I'm glad to be moving away from that. I think...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Almost Yes

Priestess (Queen) of Wands, Left-tilted, edited in Be Funky (crappy pic)
Did I mention there is a lot of nudity in this deck? Yes? No? OK.

Last night, feeling a bit down and unsure of things (sounds familiar, I know, but I'm going through a weird time in my life these past couple of years, I feel) and I wasn't really sure what to pull. I decided to pull a single card from the Motherpeace Tarot which I'd pulled out the other day and hadn't put away yet.

I received the Priestess of Wands (Queen of Wands) which is my card. I find it funny when I pull my own card because it does indicate that obviously the question is about me specifically instead of some concept in my life (money, moving, my daughter, etc) and well, I guess that's what it means to me when I receive my own court card. But this deck has a special way of presenting information in that you can receive a card left or right tilted in addition to reversed or upright.

In this case, I received my card all the way to the left. The card showed my weakened life force.  The left-tilt always does this. It shows how you're weak. Sometimes it's OK because if the card is ICKY then showing that force lessened is good, but in many cases it shows an imbalance to correct. So here I am, feeling weak and not like myself, and I get this card. I really felt it was such a clear and simple answer to how I've been feeling. Here's the actual meaning (using Mentha as the pronoun):

"Mentha is unsure of what she is supposed to do and is not seeing a clear direction."

BOY, HOWDY is that ever true!!! I mean...SERIOUSLY. I couldn't have said it better myself. This has been a running theme in my life for the past two to two and a half years. Well, admittedly since I quit HH, my hand-painted jewelry business in mid-2010. But the feeling started a full two years ago, in 2009 even before my daughter's seizures began. Perhaps years of sleep deprivation due to my daughter's severe sleep issues culminating in the crazy health issues really put it into focus, but I know that it was already there so obviously this is not about blaming anything on my daughter. Even if this stress was caused by my daughter's illness it is not her fault, and I know that.

Anyway...for the past couple of years I've been trying to get my life back into focus. But perhaps the act of deconstructing my life and then slowly, slowly rebuilding it from the ground up IS what I've supposed to be doing all along. You know what I mean, man? It is not my idea of fun but it may be absolutely necessary. To break out of the malaise I need to first get rid of it, bit by bit. This may take some soul searching. It certainly has. So that is what is in my mind now as I look at these two cards.

The first card, the left-tilted, sorrow sad sack, broken down ole me is the first card I drew. I did that last night as my husband was (thankfully) putting our daughter to bed. I photographed it in vain because the flash totally wiped out all the color and detail, so I had to try to make it look artsy (see funny attempt above!) but anyway, that's ok. That card would've been plenty to give me information about how I was feeling. It's funny but even though it's pretty OBVIOUS that I feel aimless and lost, it is still helpful to hear it come from the outside because sometimes we simply need a reminder so that we can start to move forward again.

The other card I pulled just this morning, about twenty minutes ago, and I didn't even think to draw a correlation between it and the card I drew last night except for the fact that they're both naked women standing alone on the card (as opposed to in a group or some other setting) so it reminded me of the topic of the question I posed last night, and my need to commit to something more solid in my life that I could work toward.

In fact, this morning, a few hours before choosing this card, I woke up feeling like I finally knew what I needed. I wish this was going to sound really awesome and helpful but it's totally vague. At the same time I do think it makes sense. I said to myself (in my head because I didn't want to wake my daughter) that I needed to finally try to be happier, I mean truly happier...not fake happy, not doing what anyone else wants me to do, not any of that delusional crap. As I told my husband in an e-mail:

Last night (or was it early this morning--whenever it was) I realized that I really did just want to be happy. For years I thought I wanted to be successful, a creative dynamo, or live some sort of meaningful life filled with good deeds and awesomeness. But lately all I care about is being happier and not feeling crappy. I don't have any idea how to do that, though.

This is on the heels of realizing that many of the things I was clinging to (having another child, doing a creative project even though I don't really feel like it) are just not really there anymore, and don't seem relevant any longer. I know that I can't just keep going back to old, dry sources of support. I can't keep stress eating or stress shopping or stress...stressing. I need to go to the source of my stress, the source of my emptiness. I need to feed my happiness.

That's what the second card made me think of when I pulled it. It made me think of my revelation about my absolute NEED to be happier. I can't keep dragging myself along like a carcass from day to day. This card is a really intense card that brings with it a lot of energy (and the traditional meaning of personal victory)...but I like the description for it:

Mentha has become a leader or winner. She experiences a burst of fire or creative energy which is like an affirmation; a big 'yes'.
 I saw that and it felt right to me, although I didn't quite feel it. It was like remembering eating something. You can almost taste it but not quite. It's not the same thing as sitting down to eat it. You can recall the textures, flavors and smells of everything, but it isn't quite real. That's why I titled this post 'almost yes' because I can ALMOST sense this change in myself. I just don't know how to make it real.

This card, the Six of Wands, is primarily upright, but it is tilted slightly left, and that does weaken it a bit, which makes my title yet more appropriate. It states:

The full force of Mentha's creative energy hasn't come through yet.

Yeah...exactly. But I am going to try not to lose sight of what I am sensing and feeling as a true need of mine, not just another of my mirages. I may not really know what form this will take but I do feel like this is an honest assessment of what I need to do. This also brings to mind the reading I did recently talking about confidence and leadership ability. How/where/when to employ these things? Again, I don't know. I won't discount them but right now I don't know.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent Recurring Card: Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups from the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot, edited in Be Funky
Taken from the description:

In this card a woman is leaning on a railing staring into space, as if dreaming and dwelling on the past, while a map urging her on to new adventures and new changes flies by. 

The cups look like they are made of fresh verdant grass or bushes representing nature, a constant source of renewal and change.

We must learn to move with the flow of events rather than fight against them. It is always time to move into the present, always time to leave the past behind, carrying only what we need to sustain us. 

This is the way of nature, to change and evolve, the death of the old and the birth of the new bringing change to every living creature with each passing season.

Feeling Powerless: Mental Blocks and Reckless Action

When I'm stressed, depressed or otherwise upset about something, I tend to get impulsive. I mean, going past the desire to feel sorry for oneself, sulk, etc. What do you do when you're fed up with something? Well, if you're like a lot of people you'll throw in the towel.

That's how I've felt lately.

I'm tired of fighting my daughter twice a day to take her supplements. I'm tired of taking her out everywhere only to have her make some kid cry by pulling on them or taking their toy. She also does sweet things, don't get me wrong, but it's like everywhere she goes she's a tornado of disagreement and chaos. I try to go with the flow as much as possible but every day is an uphill battle. I start each day thinking it will be fresh but it always, always ends up like this.

Of course, that is just one thing that is on my mind. But it does make sense if you think of the Emperor's whole control freak/power thing. He's all about wielding power. And even though I'm an Aries, who you'd traditionally associate with the Emperor, I don't feel like any kind of powerful. I feel weak, and I think that's why this card showed up reversed. In the book, this reversal of power-mongering is seen as positive, a lessening of the Emperor's iron-clad grasp, but in my case I'm not so sure if this is good. I don't know.

In the second card we have the 5 of Swords, which is about a destructive type of thinking, but with the right-tilted card it shows that I am trying to make an effort not to be completely negative. It shows a major effort trying not to go there. The same is true of the left-tilted, but the right-tilted is more like a full-on struggle, and that's definitely how life feels at times.

I have to give my daughter the B12 shots and she definitely screams and cries (they scare her to death) so we've taken to giving them in her sleep. So far, so good--we got the first one to work without waking her up. So that's something.

But the daily struggles with my daughter--with everything from supplements and food to what to do for the day and how much of a disaster it will be, is still so exhausting to me. I have NO idea how to mitigate the considerable mood, behavior and sensory issues that arise on any given day. When I come home I want to crawl into my bed and just cry.

The Son of Swords made me first think of the son I almost had but didn't. But then the meaning of this card is sort of 'doing without thinking' it showing my own impulsive tendencies or my daughter's? It talks about someone disconnected from consequences and also showing off or getting his way. Definitely reminds me of my daughter when she acts out.

There are other facets to this issue and there are various angles to go at it from, but mostly I just feel wooornnn down. I would do anything to know for sure what to do. I have researched it, talked to people about it, and I feel that even if I had a plan for what to do I'm not even sure if I'd have the energy to implement it. That's how tired I feel. Of course, that's part of why I've decided to consult with one of the naturopathic doctors at the center my daughter goes to...I just don't feel good enough to engage in my own life, so I'm hoping I can get some outside help in getting me started in that.

Magic Mentha

Confidence, Leadership and Teaching Abilities

8 of Discs, right-tilted, shown on a funky vintage tray

I've gotten the Eight of Pentacles/Coins/Discs a few times lately, and it happened to be the draw I got to post for today (which is technically tomorrow now, so we'll say it's for Thursday) and it is reminding me to actually finish my project of designing a logo and banner for someone, which I've been draaaaaaaagging my feet on. I just can't get myself into that mode. It's insane because when I'm on, creative-wise, I'm ON. I feel like I can be utterly unstoppable when that happens but when I'm not I'm just like a rag doll with nothing to hold her up.

Because this card is right-tilted is means something in full-on force, like what I just described about my creative 'on' switch. When it's on, it really IS on. But it's so not on, but how do I flip that switch? I feel completely drained, both emotionally and physically, but I so WISH I felt like doing something creative or...heck...anything!

Here's what the card says (using Mentha as the pronoun):

"Mentha's very confident about what she's doing. Perhaps she leads or teaches."

Hrm. Well I can tell you one thing. That doesn't describe my present state of mind. Maybe it's a recommendation? Perhaps antidote to my malaise and melancholy of late? Moreso my tiredness? I just feel pooped.

I used to teach art. Granted, it was hard to get sign-ups and there were a LOT of insecurities that came up in me as I taught, but I was also several years younger than I am now, and I wonder if my experiences have taught me anything. Right now my naysaying voice is like, 'yeah, they've taught you to be more cautious and less trusting, more of a basket-case.' Hehee. I kind of think that voice is funny. Maybe because I'm deliriously tired. I didn't sleep well and I THINK I may be fighting off some sort of cold, so I'm going to wrap this up.

Anyway...these are things to think about. I know I have some sort of leadership ability. Being an Aries pretty much guarantees that, but how do I employ that? And when? With whom? Where? I know that somewhere out there, there is an appropriate source and outlet for me, but so far I just can't see it. I guess I just have to keep brainstorming, keep my eyes peeled.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watermelons and Woman Power: Accepting My Sexuality

Do you ever see something in the cards that you pull that you aren't sure you want to address? You know, maybe you're a little embarrassed about it? Well, that's what I saw in the cards today.

It was getting dark outside and with the quickly waning light I shuffled through the Motherpeace Tarot, which I had pulled out to read for Monica since she won a mini reading. I decided to pull a couple cards for myself since I have been feeling sickish and tired today and could use a little tarot boost.

The two cards I pulled at first didn't really hit me. I saw them blandly and without seeing the images, which is sort of funny. I saw the 10 of Wands and thought immediately of its traditional message of burnout and burden (which I've certainly felt recently, in taking care of my daughter whose sleep is disturbed and feeling off myself, both hormonally and otherwise, and also with my husband's vasectomy which had our weekend sort of tiring and recovery-based rather than fun) and I saw the 7 of Discs and thought of how I would never be pregnant again because of that vasectomy. Yes, these things are all valid in some form or another, but...

When I looked at the cards again I saw a bunch of naked women. That brought me to another topic. My own sexuality. I've been realizing more and more, following various discussions with my husband, how uncomfortable I truly am with my own sexuality, my own status as a sexual being (or not) and my body image. I am also pissed about sleazy images of women in the media which are so prevalent, and the general shallowness of our culture which prides itself so much on instant gratification and surface images rather than reality.

What makes me hate things such as this even more is that, now and again, I also fall prey to them, worrying about aging, fretting about my appearance, how I look to my husband both in and out of bed, whether I'm attractive enough, whether relationships are just a primitive construct based on sexual urges for procreation. I mean, I've just been doing a lot of kind of over-the-top thinking on human sexuality. But there is one person that I like to come back to in my mind who is a role-model for me when it comes to how she speaks about sexuality, and that's Tori Amos.

For years now she has addressed the split between the (metaphorical) Virgin Mary who's the 'good girl' and the Mary Magdalene, who is always labeled as a whore of sorts. There's this weird separation for women where they often feel they can't cross the line between good and true and, well...slutty. They want to feel attractive but not TOO attractive. Sexy but not overtly sexual. At least the thinking women I know often have this internal dialogue where they feel torn between wanting to throw themselves with abandon into love, romance and sexuality and where they don't want to be slave, object or dependent on anyone.

It's understandable, to be sure (and this could easily apply to both sexes) to want to use these surface lures (attractiveness, for example) and it's also understandable to want to completely reject the idea of physical attractiveness and overt sexuality, the kind that seems insidious in the media. But which is true? The answer is neither...or both. Either extreme is probably not honest. What is honest is that there are bound to be both in our lives. Do we get lured in by sparkly, pretty things? Yes, sometimes we do. Do we get drawn in by depth and meaning? Yes, that too.

I think my problem is that I can't come to terms with my primitive, lusty, hungry nature and align it correctly with my logical, philosophical, feminist nature. I get stuck. I don't want to be 'uptight' and passionately angry about things all the time. I'm not really an overtly political person, on the outside, anyway, but I don't want to be complacent about what I see as problematic images of unrealistic proportions when it comes to women, their bodies, and just humanity in general when it comes to sexuality. We get carried away so easily.

Anyway, this rant is going on too long. The cards, though, are very interesting. The 10 of Wands show a group of priestesses participating in a trance dance, to provide healing, shamanic-type energy. This is something I've read about in books before, so I'm vaguely familiar with it. This is definitely an interesting example of a fusion of sexual, emotional and other energies. These women are naked, wild and free. They don't seem the least bit self-conscious. They're writhing, dancing, singing, and it's in an intense, purposeful but yes...somewhat sexual way. No, it's not an orgy or anything like that. It's spiritual but also sexual. It really reminds me of a lot of Tori quotes I've heard. Here's a brief example:

"I wanted to look at power--how we think and how you can reclaim the right to think for yourself, to uncover what you believe in as a spiritual, sexual creature. You don't need the approval of your family, or of their religion. You can think, 'Wait a minute, I'm a spiritual being. Just because I like gold handcuffs doesn't mean I'm not a spiritual being. These definitions are not for my mother to make about me.'

Isn't that a great quote? And doesn't it kinda remind you of that image? I think it does, anyway. It gives me some measure of relief because I feel maybe I'm not crazy for being shallow on occasion, or wanting to feel sexual or yes, even a bit slutty on occasion. I can always sense when it goes too far and I need to balance. Like everything in life, there are times where you just have to get back into balance. And sometimes that means being sexual when it's appropriate.

The second image seems a contrast to the first. It reminds me of the whole Virgin Mary thing. She's a mother, she's alone, she's in labor. There's nothing too sexy about that. Well, maybe, but mostly it's hard work. Birthing is major, major work. You're focused. Your body is a vessel through which another vessel is coming through. It doesn't feel the same as the image of the women trance-dancing. They are both doing things that are necessary, but they have a different feel. Again this feels like the whole contrast between 'Good Mother' and 'Sexual Woman'...we don't have to choose.

I hope this makes sense to y'all.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mother's Pride and a Springtime Coloring

This spring coloring was made by my daughter who, as you may or may not know, has had some neurological concerns stemming from a host of genetic and other issues, which lead to seizures culminating in the fall of 2009.

Since then, we've struggled with having her on two heavy-duty seizure medications, while at the same time introducing a host of supplements and biomedical treatments in an effort to get her safely off of the medications without the renewed onset of seizures.

This has all been a very painful and harrowing ordeal...I won't lie, and it continues to be challenging, but the changes I've seen in my daughter as a result of the biomedical interventions have been astounding.

Take this spring coloring she made just a couple days ago. Literally only months ago she would have not had the patience to scrawl a simple coloring, and preferred to color with a single color rather than a complex multi-colored picture such as this. Her ADHD and organization symptoms were too pronounced for it.

Since then, however, her cognitive abilities have soared and she can do things like this with ease. She also has increases in language and involvement and all manner of things. We are beating the label of 'autistic' and being seizure-free for more than a year now. We were so amazed when we heard firsthand that what our daughter has is not autism, and that she does not display the typical characteristic of autism as do many of the patients they see in their integrative practice. What a relief!

Obviously regardless of what is going on with my daughter, I will support and love her with all of my being, but I'm glad that the autism diagnosis is not present. It's enough to handle with the methylation issues and seizures (obviously related) and attention, mood and sleep problems. There are plenty of things going on, but it helps so much, and it does my heart so much good to see my daughter doing well and learning, despite the brain-dulling effects of these medications, which we dearly hope we can remove.

I am insanely grateful that we are not where we were in the fall of 2009, struck with fright and way in over our head with what seemed to be a horrific and untenable situation. Now we know that what is going on is treatable and she can see improvements and she very well may be able to live life without relying totally on medication and its nasty side effects.

I don't know exactly what will happen but her integrative docs seem very hopeful that she'll do well and be able to wean off the medications. In the meantime, I am doing what I can to hang in there and support her development, and every now and again I get really rewarded by the hilarious and quirky things she says, and also wonderful and beautiful things such as this spring coloring, which most moms might take for granted, but I won't...

Magic Mentha

The Mini Tarot Reading Giveaway Winner IS...

I totally messed up the text alignment when I made this graphic in Be Funky, so I tried to make up for it by adding more text...

Congrats, Monica!

The lovely Monica of Tarot in a Teacup has won a three card reading with the demi deck of her choice, which in this case was the Motherpeace Mini Round Tarot. A great little deck if I do say so! My husband created this awesome box to house it and it makes it all the more special.

E-mail me if you have a topic you'd like me to cover, or otherwise e-mail just to let me know your e-mail address.

Big Hugs,
Magic Mentha

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tiny Giveaway for Y'all

It has been a bit since I've had a giveaway. I decided, in honor of my love of my many, mini diminutive decks, to offer the chance to win a free three card reading using any of my mini decks. To me, anything that's not really a full-sized deck falls into this category. I had more than I thought.

Here are the decks to choose from:

Rider-Waite Mini (Classic!)
Albano-Waite Mini (Funky, Fun!)
The Answer Deck (Dark, Mysterious, Comic-strip-like)
Mini Motherpeace Round (Feminine, Primitive, Deep)
Mandala Astrological Tarot (Astrology-based, Semi-intellectual)
The Fortune Teller's Mah-Jongg (Esoteric, Slightly Mysterious, Interesting, Huge Oracle)

To enter to win a free three-card reading (in pdf form with full interpretation, images and quirkiness) please comment on this post mentioning what your favorite SMALL/miniature thing is. If you like, you can also mention your favorite mini tarot or oracle deck.

Winner will be chosen randomly tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 11am mountain time, USA) and then announced subsequently. If no one has entered by then I'll wait another day.

Magic Mentha

Where Do I Go? A Short Lesson in Motivation

Just prior to leaving the house with my daughter to hop in the car I decided, on a whim, to pull two cards for the day. Of course they were funny because they seemed to pertain to the moment when I drew them. I was performing my mommy duty (Empress) by taking my daughter out in the car (Chariot) to go do something that I thought she'd like.

But when I came back and looked at the cards I had pulled and edited the image in preparation for posting, I saw something a little different. While the previous meaning may still apply, I saw a longer-term concept, my desire and need to get motivated when it comes to my life, both as a mother and as a person.

The Chariot traditionally can mean either literal transportation or motivation and action. It definitely is an active card, as you might imagine. This is something I can't really relate to. While I do feel worn down from 10 of Wands-like burden and duties on the one hand, on the other hand I am completely undermotivated and, admittedly, depressed much of the time. 

Sometimes I forget how I'm feeling and then it hits me all at once like an avalanche, like it did this afternoon upon returning from my outing with my daughter. I felt this intense dreariness wending its way into my mind and body that I could not shake.  By the time I got back home I just felt really down about everything and I couldn't figure out what to do about it.

In the end, though, even after all the complaints and fears and justifications for not changing my life, the only person who can affect change on my life is me. I can't rely on anyone else to motivate me. And motivation is definitely a key word for the Chariot. I realized that the times when I felt the most down were usually when I did not opt to stand up for myself and just do something. When I chose to remain passive, to not see opportunities for change and to feel better, I felt the worst.

Even so, I may need some external motivation as well. I've been pondering meeting with an integrative doc, one of the ones that is helping with my daughter's issues, because she helps with adult health and woman issues, and I have been feeling for some time now that something is off with me hormonally or otherwise. I know I don't feel right and I have a number of related symptoms that seem to point toward an imbalance in that area.

So now I just have to buck up and work on the things that are bringing me down.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter/Ostara/Spring, etc!

Even though I am not a Christian, I still enjoy the springish celebration and I've always loved egg hunts. I admit I feel out of place amidst the religious celebrations but I know that I am not required to celebrate in the same way.

I can celebrate life and love and goodness just the same. I hope that regardless of what you believe about this day that you're out there doing whatever is right for you and that you're having an excellent weekend.

The hubby is still recovering from his vasectomy but has greater mobility today. While I'm still doing most everything that requires any lifting and most of the caretaking for our daughter, he definitely has been able to move around more today.

On another bright note, we got the part in Friday for the clothes dryer and today my husband talked me through putting it on. Well, he did part of it, but I did all the parts that required squatting down and pushing weight, and now we have a functioning dryer again. Thank goodness. The laundry was really building up.

Well, I never said this would be an EXCITING post! I kind of wish we had an extra day or two together before the hubs goes back to work but ah well. Have to wait until next weekend.

Magic Mentha

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Wedding Ring is Fixed!

When we picked it up today (directly after my husband's vasectomy) there was an interesting feeling to receiving the newly-fixed, re-tipped, polished up ring. I don't remember it looking like that, even when I first received it. It is an antique and I had it re-tipped ten years ago before our wedding so the stones would stay in place, but I think they did a nicer job this time. I also can't remember it looking this clean and shiny. So we thought it was a good visual metaphor representing a new and brighter phase for us.

Magic Mentha

Today's Draw: Feeling Anxious and Slightly Pulverized?

Haha--I'll edit this later and actually explain this draw if I can. Feel free to post your ideas if you like!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Move House? Patience, Some Sacrifices, Emphasizing the Garden and Trees

So, on the heels of a dog's loud bark and our lingering and several year's long wish to move, I wanted some specific advice on how to get the ball rolling in the direction of moving, which begins with selling the house we're currently living in.

The problems I mentioned in the post previous to this, which include a less-than-desirable neighborhood with loudish dogs, but our house has some features which many of the other houses don't, and one of those features is shown in the cards here.

The Nine of Pentacles makes me think of a woman in a garden, because...well duh, I guess!! And one of the best features of our house is not the house itself but the fact that our back yard is replete with fruit trees and even a grape vine, which is loaded with luscious green grapes every fall. In total, we have many fruit-bearing trees or bushes and several flowering areas, including roses. Granted, they're a tad neglected because we aren't big gardening types, but they're still nice to have. We have raspberry bushes, a giant strawberry patch, an apple tree, a cherry tree, an apricot tree, a peach tree, a grape vine and even a very small and pathetic patch of rhubarb.

When we first moved here nearly eight years ago we were quite overwhelmed by all the fruit and flowers, which back then were quite abundant and well-cared for because of the avid gardener who used to live in this house. I do think there are some bonuses to this house but I think at the moment those bonuses are not enough to keep us here.

The cards to me seem to indicate that the right kind of patience, waiting, timing and sacrifice will yield the best results.

Magic Mentha

The Neighbor's Dogs and Dog Training

Today I wasn't quite sure what to ask about but it became clear when I noted that what was on my mind most strongly today (and lately) is my neighbor's noisy dogs. We have new neighbors and they have two dogs. One of the dogs bays and whines a lot, and the other, larger dog, barks everything.

Now, I know these dogs must be confused and scared living in a new place (though they've been here almost a month now) but it's very, very frustrating when this happens for numerous reasons.

Reason number one is that the neighbor's yard is literally feet from the two upstairs bedrooms. So I hear the barking very easily right through the wall--and LOUD. I have three different kinds of white noise in my bedroom and I can still hear it.

Reason two is that when my daughter (or husband or myself) goes into our own backyard we get barked at by the neighbor's dogs. Supposedly they would get used to us but that hasn't happened so far. We have other neighbors with dogs diagonally and to the back of us who, for several years since we've moved here, have barked at us almost every time we go out and still do. I think it has finally abated somewhat after year seven or eight.

Reason three is that the barking wakes us up. The dogs bark sometimes at odd hours, but even at normal-ish hours in the morning it is disruptive because my daughter's sleep is still screwy and often, especially since starting the B12 shots, we need to get her back to sleep and we'll hear the dogs barking (sometimes continually) at a time when she is asleep.

I thought of these things when I drew these four cards. I actually thought that if I drew the Moon card then it would indicate that it was addressing the situation I asked about. The reason for this is that, a couple weeks ago, not long after they moved in, I got the Moon a few times and I instantly saw it, along with the images of the dogs barking at night, to be a problem with the new neighbors. In fact, on the New Age Store site, the description for the Moon actually mentions disputes with neighbors.

So I was very happy to see this come up as the second card. What went through my head when I saw the cards was that it was showing me a possible solution, though it would not be possible without the owner's consent. It would require money (4 of Pentacles) that they may have to save up (4 of Pents) for. When I saw the Ace of Wands I instantly saw it as discipline (but also as something new starting) which is sort of amusing because I am not the 'spare the rod, spoil the child' type. I'm very against hitting children, animals or anyone. But the image still reminded me of the term 'discipline'. And the Page of Pentacles is often deemed the student card, so this made me think of 'dog training'.

I actually had the idea of dog training pop into my head this morning but, I mean, how do you tell your new neighbors that their dog needs to learn how not to bark all the time? I feel the problem is, if anything, getting worse and I don't know how to address them. To be honest I'm afraid to. Hrm.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Draw: Thoughts About Moving and Body Image Issues

Today's draw, done later than usual, reminded me of two things. First thing relates to body image issues with regards to attractiveness. I was talking to my husband about this today and this proble is apparently mutual. He also has a low self and body image, which I didn't fully realize until exchanging messages with him. I think the need for healing this is represented by the Star, the Devil and the World, though I can't quite say why.

For me, perhaps this would make sense because there are nude people in all of these cards. We were talking about how we don't find our naked bodies attractive (the World brings to mind nudity and movement and exercise) and we feel insecure and simply hopeful that the other will find us attractive. The Devil shows our bondage to this insecurity, and also bondage in general (no, we aren't into S&M, it just reminds me that it refers to the sexual component of things) but also emphasizes the whole nudity thing. 

The Star is a positive counterpoint to the Devil, seen just next to it, representing the healing that's possible when we love ourselves. Same thing with the World, I think. Both nude figures are by themselves, basking in their respective healing or achievement. Of course the Ace of Wands makes me think of, well, you know...penis! Hah! That's funny because I mentioned genitalia to my husband. Did I also mention that you shouldn't read my blog if you're squeamish about these topics?

If only we could see ourselves the way we see the other, we might be happier with our selves. At least that's what my husband said to me. If I tried seeing myself as sexy I'd be able to see myself like he sees me, but it's not something I find easy. I keep thinking, 'if I lose 50+ lbs' or this or that, and maybe that would help some but ultimately it's true that your sexiness factor is largely in your head. If you never think you're hot, then you're not!

The Knight of Wands and Six of Swords both showing up in the reading made me think of our ongoing desire to move. After the constant serenade from the neighborhood dogs (aka tons of barking) I'm getting darn sick of living in the middle of it, and it's definitely pushing us out the door so-to-speak, but we haven't made any solid plans to move as far as when or how. I wish we had loads of expendable cash so we could just cut our losses and flee, but we need to show more consideration for the plan considering all of our other expenses and issues.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tarot in the Car: A Pretty Rainbow of Happiness

A funkadelic rainbow tarot shot, made prettier in Be Funky

I took a picture of this pull this weekend while I was parked in front of Lowe's waiting for my husband to come out. When I pulled it, I was thinking about the money management issue I mentioned recently, where we had a discussion about saving money (see Ace of Pentacles and 4 of Pentacles plus the 2 of Cups and my husband's card, the King of Swords, relating to a couple's money talk). The picture came out really cool because the light refracted just right to make a rainbow in the shot, which I enhanced in Be Funky.

As far as the Empress, 4 of Swords and 10 of Cups go, it made me think of how exhausted I felt (4 of Swords) over the weekend because I had an ongoing two day migraine/sinus type headache and I wondered if my hormones were off (Empress=woman=hormones?) so that makes me think of that. The 10 of Cups I just imagine as the family time we had over the weekend which (mostly) went well, despite feeling pretty crappy with the ongoing hardcore headache.

That's all, I reckon.

Magic Mentha

Monday, April 18, 2011

E-mail Tarot: Fun in the Sun. Or Not.

In an e-mail to my husband today in response to him saying I deserve a reprieve from sickness after being sick most of March then feeling off:

Thanks...I don't know what's wrong. My period is like five days late and I feel awful. I don't THINK I'm pregnant but if I don't get my period in the next few days I may just double check. More than likely it was too much caffeine or dairy or sugar, or something. Or hormonal stuff. I don't know but it's way suckier than usual. I don't get it.

I hope you feel well and remember to eat and all that. I really wanted to go out and play with (our daughter) somewhere in the sunshine but I feel really icky. My head hurts and my eyes are really light sensitive. I don't know how much fun it would be.

Ironically the card I chose for today was the Sun. I don't know how I'll have 'fun in the sun' when I feel like crappo.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Discussion About Money OR a Gift for a Moody Me

Funky draw from this afternoon that I messed around with in Be Funky
I pulled these cards earlier this afternoon and I wasn't entirely sure what they meant. I had no idea when I pulled them but now that I've thought about the day I THINK they meant the discussion I had with my husband about the proper use of money. I have felt concerned lately that we should be keeping a tighter rein on our finances and I felt myself beginning to worry about that.

The Magician makes me think of willpower/control/making things happen, the 3 of Cups is sort of lollygagging/celebrating/making merry. The Moon is sort of subconscious desires and things hidden, and the Ace of Pentacles represents the money itself; the 8 of Wands represents the communication as well as something happening imminently.

Maybe an hour or two after drawing this pull the discussion happened where I expressed (8 of Wands) that I didn't think we were being as smart with money as we should be. I said we lacked willpower (Magician) and that we were wasting money on fun things (3 of Cups) that we may subconsciously (Moon) believe will make us feel better when maybe we should use all of  our money (Ace of Pentacles) toward something practical.

In the end, I realized you do have to do both. You can't be totally practical all the time, nor should you fritter money away. Life is meant to be enjoyed, too. Perhaps there can be room for both if you're  mindful of that. What we discussed was cutting back on certain expenses and I think I'll probably be talking to him again about it since we didn't really resolve the issue, but as is the case with most couples, ongoing discussions about topics such as money rarely are completely resolved.

As I end this post I think of a second possible interpretation. I've been feeling down lately and lacking in self-confidence (a key word of the Magician) and I have had a hard time relaxing and enjoying myself (3 of Cups) and to top it off I feel REALLY moody and insanely PMSy. I don't know why but my PMS has been absolutely awful lately. It is crazy. I feel like I'm 15 again. I don't know what is going on with my hormones but I have been ultra moody, which makes me think of the Moon and its cancerian/moon/mood message.

Knowing how insecure I've been and how tired and under the weather I've felt lately, my husband brought home a big bunch of mini roses for me this evening (Ace of Pentacles?), which he NEVER does. He's kind of a practical guy and doesn't get flowers. He said that he wanted me to know that he loved me despite how moody I might feel or whether or not I felt good about myself, and that he loved me. I was so touched by that, especially considering how insecure I had felt recently about our recent fight, but even with that, I've always had the utmost confidence in our relationship, even when I lack that same confidence in myself.

Anyway, I don't know. Something about the combination of the Ace of Pentacles and 8 of Wands made me think of receiving something. Normally I'd say it was money, but a bouquet of flowers is just as nice on another, more emotional level, and apparently it's something I really needed because I felt like something inside of me was soothed by the gesture.

Magic Mentha

Images and Key Words: Hanged Butterflies and Birds

My semi-joke version of the Hanged Man
From Crystal Clear Reflections on the Hanged Man:

Emotional development, you swing from passionate to compassionate, from inner to outer, from self to others. 

Opening of the heart chakra allowing others easier access. Life becomes more public as you externalize and extend yourself into your environment. 

Major emotional shift. Major emotional change, literally turned upside down as the spiritual descends to your emotional level. 

Voluntary self–sacrifice to a greater good without sacrificing the self. As the self gives, it gets larger. 

As the heart gives, it grows. An ability and willingness to accept suffering. The open heart is a trusting heart. 

A change of heart – the heart working vertically to balance the mind and body.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Images and Key Words: Woman

Photo of a cake topper my sister made me years ago, edited in Be Funky
This isn't really anything. It's a photograph I took of a (believe it or not!) birthday cake topper my sister (a fellow artist) made for me one birthday, but (ironically, if you consider I'm overweight) it was too heavy for the cake and fell through it.

Since then it has always sat on my dresser or some other prominent place, on a shelf or other thing. It's made of baked clay (Sculpey-esque) and I've even used it as something to prop business cards on at my final art school graduation show.

It is so worn down and chipped and dirty and it used to have flowers draped all over it, but they've broken off. What is left underneath is the woman herself, who is quite strong and sturdy, despite losing her accoutrements and accessories, if you will. She doesn't need them. She looks great without them and is cool enough to stand on her one. What a great metaphor for womanhood!

Magic Mentha

Wacky Mirror Reading

Crazy picture taken on my Mexican mirror. Excuse the filth...

I actually don't know exactly what this reading means. I will analyze it more later, perhaps. I think it means something about being more balanced (Temperance) in my communication (8 of Wands) in my marriage (Hierophant). That's what comes to mind, anyway. Over the past little bit I've been moderating my responses to be more reasonable and less cranky in response to our recent tiff.

So I guess that's one possibility, though I'm sure there are probably a few.

Magic Mentha

Friday, April 15, 2011

Empress and Egg Basket Reading

I drew these cards a day or two ago. I have no idea what it means. My more mundane reading about it was that I'd hear from my mom (which I did, but it was so mundane that it didn't seem worth mentioning, even in a daily tarot reading) and so I wondered if it was more a message for me, but I'm not sure what. It seems very fertile/pregnancy-ish, but that can't be. So I'm guessing it's about my current status as mother or maybe about a creative project.

Magic Mentha

Two Legacy Readings

A general celtic reading for myself

A reading about whether my daughter's sleep will improve any time soon. Hrm...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show and Tell: My Bitchin' New Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

On the Brain Again: Moving

I got this card today as a single card draw. Once again I had crappy sleep due to both my daughter's sleep and the new neighbor's dogs. Nice double whammy of cacophony!!

Anyway, all that aside, it did make me think about our ongoing but unfulfilled moving plans, so when this card came up today it was very timely as the thought was fresh in my mind.

I have so many reasons why moving is a bad idea (mainly financial) but at the same time I am going to entertain the idea and try to let it percolate in my mind and get some thoughts flowing in that direction. I do think that, generally speaking, when there's a will, there's a way!

Now the brain coffee on this topic begins. Percolate, percolate, percolate. I have to actually ACT, too, though, because the Knight of Wand isn't just about thinking. In fact he's sort of the opposite of that.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Not What You Have

I drew this card today and I think it is a good reminder for anyone. I was thinking how I wanted to move to another house, etc. While I have practical and stress-related reasons to do so (the noisy new neighbors with their loud truck and barking dogs) I feel like I often fall into the common trap of 'if I do this I'll feel better.' It no longer becomes about what I DO but who you are in the world and how your actions stem from a solid sense of self--something I feel I struggle with.

While I do believe that I am a unique individual with talents, fears and a myriad of other things, I don't necessarily think that I feel comfortable with who I am, which is why I would like to follow this advice on a deeper level, and ask myself what I want to do with myself knowing that I'm operating from who I am and not some inflated sense of materialism or ego-based action.

It's surprisingly hard to do this at times. It's so easy to just stress eat or stress shop or otherwise grasp for things that will temporarily make us feel better. It may take some serious pondering for me to find out what it is that would make me happier both now and in the long term. I may have to forgo the usual hedonistic pleasure-seeking and see what lies beneath that. What I'm missing or ignoring.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seven of Cups: April and May Focus

The Star: Offering of Hope, Help and Healing

The Star from the Rider-Waite Mini shown with my daughter's little blue rose bouquet cut-out.

I found this little blue bouquet on the ground near my daughter's bean bag chair, likely belonging to one of her princesses (an accessory) and I picked it up, intending to throw it out, but I hesitated. Instead of throwing it out I decided to use it as a prop in a single card reading. It's quite small but next to a mini card it looks almost normal sized. Well, no. Not normal as is the size of standard roses, just not teeny tiny, which it is.

When I see a bouquet I think of an offering. A show of affection or love. As the Serena Powers website surmises:

The Bouquet (The Flowers) Contentment, abundance of love, beauty, grace, joy. Recovery, healing, emotional wellness, granted wishes.

Isn't it interesting how the bouquet meaning coincides so neatly with the traditional Star meaning? It sounds almost identical in most ways. To me this is a very soothing reading. I've been feeling very rattled by life lately, almost more so than when my daughter began having seizures. It sounds crazy but it's true. Things are changing--I can feel the shift in every area of my life and it makes me want to run for cover just like the Tower would, but I know I just have to hang on and wait for this so-called healing. I have to allow it to happen.

Is this healing being proffered me, not unlike a bouquet to a suitor or someone who's recovering in the hospital? Is it representing the recent stresses on my relationship which are gradually (but sometimes painfully) healing? Is it showing my daughter's gradual (and sometimes painful...I see a theme) healing? Is it showing my (rinse, repeat) gradual and painful healing? I don't know. But the Star is a positive and nurturing card and I'm always glad to see it, even when I don't fully believe it.

Magic Mentha

Be Joyful and Definitely Sleepy

Today's focus card. It's kind of hard to do this because I went to bed laaaaaaaaaate after having a long talk with my husband last night and then getting up early because my daughter was up early. However, I am going to do my best with the hours left in this day to try to approach things joyfully, even if that also means sleepily.

Magic Mentha

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Reading About Health and Career...Actually Kinda General

I'm almost too tired to type something up. Not sure why. I had like 3-4 cups of coffee today, which is not usual for me. I'll usually only have one at most, sometimes every other day or less. Not sure what was up but I felt sooooo sleepy today. In any event...

This reading is supposed to reflect my career option stuff, but I think it's more all over the place than that. If anything, two of the swords cards represent my need for sleep and having trouble sleeping. The 9 of Swords I get a lot if I'm unable to sleep or worrying about something (which has plagued me for years) and the 4 of Swords represents the need for sleep and rest in a more general sense.

The other sword card reminds me of needing body work. I say this because it looks like acupuncture, but that also reminds me of my career idea of naturopathy, which may include acupuncture as a potential option. Even so, I can't quite separate what I need for my own body and self from the messages in the cards regarding career.

To me the first card, 3 of Wands, represents taking that first step out of the 'planning phase' shown in the 2 of Wands. I have decided to truly look into something instead of eternally hemming and hawing about it. I'm still waiting around, though. That makes sense, considering my situation.

The 10 of Pentacles makes me think of our home move idea. I've gotten this card several times and even had it described by a tarot reader this summer as being 'a physical ending' which they felt represented changing residence. This would also coincide with our own desires to move which get stronger with every obnoxious bark from the new neighbor's dogs.

Anyway, I probably could try harder to analyze this one but I feel pretty groggy at the moment!

Have a nice Tuesday tomorrow, folks...

Magic Mentha

Three Ask and It Will Happen Cards

Today's Focus: Family Happiness and Love

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Sleep Prediction Readings

Will my daughter sleep in instead of waking early? Looks like.

*UPDATE* All of the tarot predictions were true! My husband had trouble getting back to sleep but then did, my daughter (amazingly) slept in, and I was oddly able to sleep on the couch even though I never am. 

I woke up this morning, again too early as is the pattern lately. Whether it's my own aches and pains (as in this morning) or my daughter's wacky sleep issues (as is most mornings) I seem to be incapable of sleeping very well.

In any event, with all irony, I bring you these two 'sleep prediction readings' that I pulled just now in the awakening dawn. I woke up a while ago, maybe an hour or so, and my hip and shoulder hurt really badly (need to go back to the chiro, plus start doing yoga!) and I wanted my daughter to sleep longer and was afraid my tossing and turning would wake her.

Although she does sleep in her room most often to start, she always comes in and sleeps with me, and that's fine. I grew up with a co-sleeping household and it doesn't bother me, though I admit my daughter's restless sleep does impact my own negatively at times. Even so, after all the health chaos and the seizures I actually feel safer having her in the bed with me, knowing that I can look over and see that she's alright, but as she goes older I definitely want to allow her to have her own space and feel confident that she'll be ok and nothing disastrous is happening (like seizures) so this is a temporary situation.

In any event, The two cards I pulled as to whether my daughter would sleep in or wake up early and be cranky and tired. I got the Hermit and 4 of Swords, which actually seemed like an indication that she'd sleep! The Hermit made me think of 'alone' and the 4 of Swords always makes me think of sleep, so I think her sleeping in the room alone is best, and even though I'm tired going in there is not a good idea because my own restlessness and soreness will wake her up due to my tossing and turning.

In the other pull, I asked if my husband was/will be able to get back to sleep. We actually sleep in separate bedrooms (not for any bad reason) because he is on call every month for a full week and because of our unusual sleeping arrangement with our daughter. If she wakes up and sees us both in the bed she just won't sleep.

We've tried various things to change this but for now we're focusing on getting the health stuff squared away and then we hope to be able to sleep in the same room together soon! But for now, it actually has some benefits because if I wake up before my daughter, or just want some quiet snuggle time I can sneak downstairs and lay down with my husband.

Will my husband get back to sleep? Sure. Eventually!
Today, however, it was early and I lay down with him, but couldn't get back to sleep and I wanted him to be able to because he seemed really tired still. I ended up coming back upstairs so he could sleep but I was worried I had woken him up too much.

So when I pulled the three cards you see here I had the feeling that the Knight of Pentacles represented slowness. He's the knight that looks like he's barely moving, and the 5 of Wands made me think getting to sleep may be a bit of a struggle, but the World as the last card made me think he'd be successful in the end.

And finally, even though I didn't post it, I asked whether I would be able to get any sleep if I lay on the couch. I got the 9 of Cups which made me think, 'Yes, if you want to you can.' But I'd have to forgo other distractions if that was the case.

I'll update this in a few hours when I know for sure if the predictions were true. See you then!

Magic Mentha

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Healing Energy in My Relationship

Relationship reading, made even funkier-looking by editing in Be Funky

Since having that argument in March which somehow highlighted a major issue (or two) throughout the relationship between my husband and myself, I've noticed a trend toward opening up and healing.

I pulled these three cards asking if things were improving or not, whether we'd revert to our old ways of dealing with one another. The cards I got seemed fairly encouraging, even with the 5 of Pentacles.

In my personal experience, the 5 of Pentacles indicates WORRY more than anything. To me, it's almost as indicative of worry as the 9 of Swords. I also think it is an interesting contrast to the Lovers card.

In the Lovers card, we have a naked couple standing in the warm sunshine. In the 5 of Pentacles we have two destitute, miserable people staggering through the snow on crutches. Seems like a pretty significant contrast to me.

And between all of this is the Star, card of healing and hope and recovery. Thankfully, we both believe in the solidity of our relationship and neither of us is willing to let some issue get in the way of our marriage. In the grand scheme of things, it isn't huge, and also's hard to explain.

Sometimes just shifting the way you think due to some issue can really change your life a lot. Usually this does require a push in the right direction, as is the case with things like arguments, crises or other issues that draw problems to the surface that have been there for a while.

I guess we'll see.

Magic Mentha

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shadow and Light Snake Reading: Busy, but Not Burdened

I wanted to use my Albano-Waite mini today even though there was no real reason to. I'd already posted and didn't even FEEL like it but I felt so BLEH from absolutely wretched sleep last night and I think it's really coloring my mood.

In light of this I decided to do a two card spread with the deck. I was going to ask about two uplifting things but instead I just pulled the cards and saw what came to mind.

How I lay them and what the cards were was very telling. The card against the window sill was mostly in shadow and was the 10 of Wands. This is the card of burden, heavy responsibilities, carrying a load out of proportion to what you need to be, etc.

To me this card represents as much a feeling as a reality, but I do think it's more 'real' than say the cups or swords suits dealing with emotions and thoughts. I do feel my energy is burnt out and burdened, and energy is a key word for wands, I think.

This 10 of Wands position in shadow made me think of it lurking in my life, but also made me think of what I needed to leave behind, in the dark. It's just what popped into my head so I'm going to go with it! The past year or so I got the 10 of Wands continually as I was dealing with the onset of my daughter's seizures as well as all the associated and ongoing/previous sleep issues, behavior issues, digestive and other things that were definitely and in no uncertain terms, a major responsibility. Thankfully I've seen the appearance of the 10 of Wands lessen over the past year, but it is still there lurking in the background, in the shadows. I DO want to leave it behind, at least as much as I can.

The card that I chose as the second card was interesting to me because one thing these two cards have in common are some kind of responsibility or work, but there's a definite contrast here. In the 10 of Wands we have a back-breaking burden, one we don't want or need and want to put down as soon as possible. In the 8 of Pentacles we have a chosen profession, some project we want to work on. It may take some work but we've chosen it and it represents focus, mastery and craftsmanship.

So in the end I saw this as me leaving behind a burden in favor of a more meaningful and focused work. That makes sense to me. I am not leaving the 10 of Wands behind for a frivolous card such as the 3 of Cups, though there may be some moments like that. Instead, I need a steady and more fulfilling type of work, such as the 8 of Pentacles provides. An outlet for my abilities, something to do outside of the 10 of Wands burden/caretaking, some type of commission that absorbs some of my stress and transmutes it into something interesting or useful.

Magic Mentha

p.s. Please note that there is really NO logical reason for me to use a snake in this reading. I just happened to find a mini shimmering snake of my daughter's laying around and thought it would make a fun prop.

Ask and It Will Happen Deck: Make Time for You

Funny display idea, though it's how I usually display my oracle cards--just slightly more "high tech"
 Yesterday when I was out I (stupidly?) decided to get an oracle deck, this 52 card deck of encouragements. To me, even though it's a manifestation-type deck, it's more of an AFFIRMATION. Either way, the intention is in your intention.

By putting your focus on something you bring it into your thoughts and then make it a reality over time. I do like the idea of reminders of self care, even if I don't always agree with Law of Attraction principals.

I actually chose this card and displayed it in the funny/handy frame which doubles as a box containing both cards and book. I liked the image of it and the message. It also reminded me a little of traveling to some exotic place and spending time there, which I also found appealing on a level I can't explain except that it's currently foreign to me.

To be honest, being alone is not easy for me. Even though I'm with my daughter allll the time and much of it I wish I was by myself, mostly because I feel tired and worn down, I still usually opt to do things with my husband and daughter rather than be alone.

I feel uncomfortable and awkward when alone. This is something I hope to make progress on, where I feel more at ease with myself and not like I'm on a really, really bad date with myself where I can't wait to get the check and never want to do it again. Right now that's how things feel.

I really do like the deck. It reminds me of Louise Hay's decks, but I actually like this one a bit better. The images are a bit more modern, graphic. This one is not the world's best example of that but I'll have to take more photos soon so you know what I'm referring to.

Though I chose this last night when I was having a brief bit of me time, it's just as vital today. I've had some pretty wretched sleep again lately, due to my daughter starting her B12 injection therapy. I woke up after two hours of sleep to my daughter awake, and was up for a few hours, then when I finally got to sleep after she went back to sleep herself, I was violently shaken out of sleep by an accidentally set alarm. Thankfully it didn't wake my daughter up.

Even so, I may be dead tired but I'm having time to myself, which is good.

Tiredly Yours,
Magic Mentha

Text from the back of the card. Simple but helpful.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Star: Healing or History?

The Star, edited in Be Funky
When I chose a card this evening from this deck, I wasn't quite sure what to ask or think. What I ended up asking was rather goofy and vague:

"What now?"

Uh, real clever, hunh?

I just wanted to see some upcoming influence, and I have no complaints when seeing this lovely card which represents optimism, hope, healing and sometimes destiny fulfilled.

This card (like many in this deck) has a strangely colonial, antique feel. There are patriotic images (I guess it makes sense considering the whole star reference) and images of old maps and sea shores. It reminds me of things you'd see around the time of the Declaration of Independence.

And it also oddly reminded me of how I failed history in high school and had to take it again that summer. Good times.  Still, even with this odd memory from school I feel like this card still signifies all the beautiful things about the star with rejuvenation and healing, and maybe independence isn't a bad word for it, though it's not one I would normally associate with this card but it's good to see what strikes you when you like at an image, and this is what came to mind when I saw this card.

Here's a quote from the card's description. Apparently it IS about the creation of the flag and all that. Haha. Well that's good that it actually MEANS something:

The Star card shows Betsy Ross creating the first American flag. With an optimism about the brand new country of the United States, a future that was nothing but a dream to be free, Betsy is sewing symbolic stars of hope on a flag to represent it. An angel flies by, holding out her arm to show a starry eye which denotes innocent and pure love with nothing but hope of a future of more of the same to sustain it. A starfish decorates the middle of the card, a creature of the water, a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation and the unconscious dreams and wishes inherent in the star.

Anyway, what a unique way to display this card's meaning! I love it. I'm not a very political person but I also wish for the same hope, optimism and rejuvenation for the U.S.

Magic Mentha

Clarity in Various Things

I think this refers to clarity in my marriage (Lovers+Hierophant makes me think of marriage)
Rest, Clarity, News, Worst is over, Working on things (I think this is mostly about my daughter)

I won't post too much because I'm tiiiiired, but if you want to read about our most recent revelation, you can visit here.

Love Lots,
Magic Mentha