Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chang O: How to Deal with Stress

"Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone." (lyrics I heard when posting about this card)
I decided to pull a card real quick before taking a break. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling a little frazzled. Nothing much is happening but my daughter's mood is incredibly volatile. I haven't seen this for quite some time, and I chalk it up to the titration down from the meds. I am starting to think we need to keep it here for a good while, just to lessen the impact of the side effects of coming down off the medication. It's just exhausting. She'll start crying or getting obsessed with something and she can't be calmed. She'll cry and cry and cry and harass us and after a while it wears down on my last nerve.

As I quietly but wearily shuffled I asked for some guidance on how to deal with this. What will make it easier to get through this? I just felt like I was desperate for any sort of information to cling to that might alleviate some of the nagging stress of the extreme mood and sleep side effects.  At first I pulled a few cards but I realized that I was having a hard time focusing; everything sounded loud to me and I couldn't organize my thoughts. I decided just to pull one. The card I got (after double-checking the whole roman numeral thing) was the Hermit. In this deck, it's Chang O. Here's what the book says:

Chang O, the Chinese moon goddess, was exiled to the moon because of her need to obtain divinity. With a white hare as her only companion, she spent much time alone contemplating life's mysteries.

Meanings: The need to go within to gain knowledge to one's own divinity. Withdrawal to better contemplate life.

O.K. Yeah. I mean, it's the Hermit. I need solitude, peace and time to breathe, meditate and relax. If you literally have someone crying, fussing, screaming or hitting you all the time you can't do that. So I know I need to just take as much time as I can to myself. I can't exile myself to the moon, but I can go sit in a coffee shop or something when my husband's home.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Pocket Goddess Tarot

Tradition/Juno (aka Hierophant), Ace of Pentacles, 10 of Cups
This week I'll be using the Pocket Goddess Tarot. I had the full-sized version a decade ago but ended up giving it away. When I saw this smaller version that was on sale at Borders (which is going out of business) I decided to get it.

What I love about this deck, just for starters, is that the women depicted in the deck are not just slutty or ornamental. They are normal-looking, empowered, ordinary. I mean, that's funny if you consider that the deck is about goddesses and they mention them in the major arcana, but the goddesses themselves have a very grounded feeling to them--they could be any woman.

Anyway, when I pulled these three cards a few minutes ago I had this overwhelming feeling of 'security' and how important that is to me. If you had asked me 10-12 or more years ago whether security was a top priority for me, I'm not sure what I would've said, but right now my marriage, our finances, my daughter's health, and family happiness are at the very top of the list.

A decade or more ago, my creativity and need for changing circumstances might've won out, but even though I do get restless and need to create at times, the need for family and security outweighs innovation. That said, I think I've almost gone too far in that direction: I no longer take many risks, and I find myself entrenched in same situations and afraid to do things that I was once eager to try.

Magic Mentha

The Answer Deck: The Rest of the Year

Top Row: May=Destruction, June=The Lesson, July=Generosity, August=Sexual Attraction
Bottom Row: September=Fair/Gray-haired Woman, October=The Master, November=Barrier, December= Peace and Fair/Gray-haired Man

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tarot Cartoon: The Money Dilemma

Saving to Move

Well, that's what I thought when I saw this cards that I'd drawn last night and looked them over this morning, but there are other ways of interpreting this. It can mean a false sense of insecurity. Like false security in material things (4 of Pentacles) vs. the true security of home, health and family (10 of Pentacles). At present I am not entirely sure which one it is...if either.

I realize I'm terrible at hiatuses. So I guess I will post some. Right now I may go lay down. My daughter woke up super early today and is now napping. She never naps anymore but she got way less sleep than normal and it's better she naps early than late...

Magic Mentha

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Moving, Go Regardless

I thought I'd post this one more reading today. I'm bored and stressed (great combo...laugh) and this is the recommendation. The Eight of Cups is an interesting card. It means leaving something behind in search of something that's more meaningful, perhaps more appropriate for our current life. There's a sense of the necessity of leaving something behind, not unlike the Death card, but more emotional.

The Knight of Wands really IS the 'get moving' card, so the combination felt even moreso like 'get moving' rather than taking them as separate entities. I feel like this shows my need to get out and about. I've been inside a bubble of stress and caretaking, and mostly unavailable to the outside world. Blogging has been my main link to the outside world, and everything (nearly everything) I've done that isn't virtual has been for my daughter. Every place I go is for my daughter. Every outing, every doctor's visit, practically. Even the ones for myself are so I'm better able to manage my stress levels so I can take care of her.

So I think this shows me really taking the time to move away from current circumstances, as much as I can, at least in the sense of getting moving and getting motivated. Like I told my husband in an e-mail at 1am this morning, I feel like I need to stop trying to make or act on some sort of amazing or perfect plan and start focusing on incredibly imperfect, flawed plans. The imperfect plans have less expectations on them, they're more fluid. There's less agony and 'needing-to-get-it-right-itis' associated with them. I've realized, as Alan told me in a reading he did for me several months ago, that if I don't cut through the inertia and take action, action, action, then I'm essentially feeding my fear by doing nothing, by being too afraid or too impatient to just do something. I have to 'go regardless' as he said.

Magic Mentha

See Y'all Monday (in August)

Dear Folks,

I'll be honest. I'm overwhelmed. My daughter's medication titration is not going smoothly. She hasn't had any seizures, thank goodness, but she is incredibly fussy, moody and quite hyperactive. This is definitely due to the decrease, I believe.

I don't understand it. I also don't know what to do or what to think and I just feel really drained and unsure how to deal with it. I am currently begging the husband to take tomorrow off so I can get some time by myself to recharge from this situation.

So I'll be back next week to announce the giveaway winner. I sincerely hope things will have settled down by then, but I dunno. I am not going to make any assumptions about it yet. I am just going to try it ride it out for a few days and see if this improves.

Magic Mentha

Silhouette Images

I had forgotten about these. I think they're pretty. They're just super simple public domain images that I meshed together in Photoshop. Totally amateurish, but I like them nonetheless. The funny part is that I collaged them together but apparently I am getting tired because there are some flaws in that, too.

Well, time to go to bed...

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Temperance and Medication Management

I decided to pull another card today even though I've pulled enough. I got one of my favorite cards from the Albano-Waite Mini, which is good ole Temperance.

I love this! I love the scene, love the colors in it. For some reason in the normal RWS I don't care about it much. Maybe it's the salmony-orange wings with the sky blue tops or the mustard-colored background in this version. I don't know. I have a weakness for vintage or unusual colors.

This, of course, makes me think of managing my daughter's medications, which we began only last night by lowering the dose by .5 ml per medicine. She takes two medications so seeing the two cups being balanced really drives that meaning home for me.

Also, I feel the meaning of patience, preparedness and care, plus good timing, is really an excellent underlying message for us with the medications and my daughter's health as well. I'll end with a quote from Crystal Clear Reflections on this card:

Trust that your patience will build your dreams. Focus all your energy on maintaining harmony between the material and the spiritual. Take it easy and don't rush things - do not give up your security - you need more time before making any major decisions.

Seems like good advice.

Magic Mentha

A Pleasant Pair: Positive Progress for Pele

I don't normally use my daughter's real name on here, but apparently I'm so addicted to alliteration that I couldn't help myself. These are two cards I drew just a bit ago. I thought they were such a welcome sight. The Six of Swords, for me, often means making progress out of a difficult situation, not unlike getting the Star after the Tower, but it's usually a bit less dramatic. So this may indicate modest progress with my daughter's health situation.

Call me crazy, but even as early as this morning, after the first lowered dose last night of her medications, I already notice an improvement in her clarity of speech and sentence structure.

Magic Mentha

Wordless Wednesday: Two Pulls

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lotsa Cards

I got out my Albano-Waite Mini this evening and pulled some cards. While I am not happy to see the Tower (cringe?) I am not assuming it means more seizures. The World also shows up again, in a new deck, and Temperance makes me think of balancing the medications. We're taking it VERY SLOW. Today was the appointment with the integrative psychiatrist managing my daughter's medications and we discussed a titration plan that was to lower her dose very slightly by .5 ml once a month, then hold at a low dose for several months and see how she does (rather than titrate completely off). I suggested this because I felt it might be a safer bet.

The top line of this makes me think of our plans to move out of this neighborhood. Could it be a possible reality in the next year? I am not sure. It seems to indicate planning (2 of Wands) a decision (Lovers) related to moving (Knight of Wands) to a new home (4 of Wands)...but honestly I am not entirely sure. It could also indicate progress and/or stability in the home.

Magic Mentha

A Time of Reckoning: Moving Forward at the End of a Cycle

I was having an especially difficult time focusing when choosing the cards this morning. My mind kept wandering to today's appointment to lower my daughter's seizure medications and the possible implications of that (both good and bad) and how freaking scary the whole thing is.

As I was thinking and shuffling, these two cards fell out. I decided to just use them as the draw. They do indicate, again, the end of a cycle (The World) as well as a decision, judgement or other official thing (Justice). There's nothing particularly horrible in these cards but I feel reserved about it. In my heart, I wonder that things are far from over. Even so, I must move forward.

Magic Mentha

Monday, July 25, 2011

Epically Epic August Giveaway!

Photos by Allison of Epically Epic Soap Company, edited by me in Photoshop and Be Funky

Hi Folks,

I'm back again with my most favorite Etsy shop: Epically Epic Soap. I love promoting Allison's shop because I love her products and I love that she's *OFFICIALLY* a working mother who supports her little family with her amazing efforts. I really admire that and her!

The prize for August:
  • Rocky Road Ice Cream Lip Balm *new flavor!*
  • Lavender Marshmallow Roll-on Perfume *this stuff is awesome*

I'm parting with one of my Lavender Marshmallow perfume oils because I want y'all to have a chance to win one of them. They're to die for. Luscious lavender, so fresh and calming, with sweet and addictive marshmallow to balance it out. It's a great scent. I am very picky about aromas and I just love it. So, this is a good prize!

To enter, you can do one of the following: either tell me a story about a Leo in your life or tell me about what July was like for you, and what your hopes for August are. If you don't want to get too personal with it, no biggie! You can be totally generic if you like. Hehee. :) Comment on this post with whatever you end up choosing to write about. Thanks so much!

A winner will be chosen using on August 1st and announced shortly thereafter.

Much Love,
Magic Mentha

Pure Pictorial Tarot: Tomorrow's Appointment

Tarot Blogging Epiphany: AKA Why I'm Back Early

So, irony of ironies (kinda)...when I stopped tarot blogging I began missing it a lot. The irony comes in because I stopped tarot blogging to find out what I WANTED to do. Guess what I wanted to do? Tarot! Now, my other blogs I can take or leave. I have maybe four (or so) and I update them periodically though by no means frequently. And it's not as if anything I post here is SO earth shattering that I must share it, but I just feel much more compelled to share here than anywhere else.

I noticed this trend when I started this blog last fall. I felt the same about my previous blog (Tarot by Celeste) but I wanted a fresh start and a more general blog that included art, thoughts on alternative medicine, and other right-brained activities. But guess what ended up largely dominating the blog? TAROT! I tried to balance it out for a while with comments on supplements and body treatments and the like, but all in all, I really didn't care about that. Well, except for Epically Epic Soap Company, which I love, of course. That's all good.

I think part of my reticence in accepting tarot as such a major outlet is that I am concerned that maybe it's not so good for me to spend so much time on divination. But when it helps keep me happy and grounded, where's the harm? I think that, even so, it's a good rule of thumb to not read obsessively if it begins to create discomfort or upset. I am proud of how long I've been reading, and how much I have enjoyed it, and what I've gleaned from it. Sometimes I wonder if it's all just bogus but in the midst of this wondering I think, 'Who the *#@% cares?' I mean, it's rather questionable that ANYTHING is real, so why not enjoy what you enjoy? In the end, I don't think it matters, but that's just my opinion.

This trend really began in earnest when my hand-painted jewelry business died out, a long, slow, sputtering death that dragging me down along with it, especially considering my daughter's health complications were also reaching critical mass.  I struggled to keep myself sane and keep the various areas of my life separate. Tarot was like a secret, dirty pleasure (which, indeed, it still is to an extent) but now I realize how healing it has been for me. It's not like I ever saw tarot as wrong or evil--it's just that I didn't recognize its importance. After reading the lovely blogs of other tarot readers, I am beginning to see just how enriching it can be.

So, I've realized now, that my much-needed career (Emperor) epiphany may simply be to truly accept who I am. Artist, mother and tarot reader. There is no other label I HAVE to add to that right now. That's more than enough, and I have a feeling that once I TRULY embrace those identities in the healthiest ways possible that I'll actually feel comfortable receiving (6 of Pentacles) something in exchange for them on a regular basis. For now I tend to fend off opportunities, for a variety of reasons ranging from exhaustion, fear, insecurity or just not knowing what I want to do.

I'm realizing I DID do something while I was gone for a few days from the whole tarot blogging thing (wow, I lasted two days...laugh!) which is that I created a website for my Magic Mentha persona (aka, just plain ole me, really) and I decided to regard my interest in tarot as a true and real undertaking, not just some bogus thing I did for escapism.

A conversation I had with my husband recently consisted of me telling him that I realized that I already did the things I enjoyed (art, tarot, parenting), even though I didn't always ENJOY them, if you know what I mean. All of these things have had frustrating times, especially the parenting one, but that when I racked my brain for *new* ideas of how to expand myself in a career direction I felt stumped. Perhaps the timing is just not right to do something different. Perhaps it's more of a time to just do MORE of what I DO, or do it in a more confident way. 

So maybe this is part of the integration that Helen's reading for me indicated. Perhaps the key is to bringing all the parts of myself together into a certifiable whole. To create authenticity in my life simply being truly, wholly myself.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Readings on the New Site

 Hi Folks,

Just another really quick message to say I have two reading offerings over at There is a three card cartoon caption reading (just because it's fun and so many people seem to enjoy them) for $14, as well as a 'Many Mini' special, where you get three two card readings for $24.

I'm not overly concerned with making a ton of money with this, I just thought I'd have a place where I can consistently offer readings. I plan to have a variety of offers, depending on what strikes my fancy, but this will do for now.

Love Lots,
Magic Mentha

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magic Mentha Dot Com

Hi Folks,

I'm still on blogging break for the most part, but I wanted to say that I reserved the domain name of! So hopefully I'll have a site built sometime in the next month. I put something there but it's far from finished.

Lots o' Love,
Magic Mentha

Thursday, July 21, 2011

See You in August!

Hi Darlings,

Since I've got some *serious stuff* coming up in the form of my daughter's seizure medications being tapered starting on Tuesday, and I have some other *serious plans* to jump start my creativity and career that I need to form into a solid idea, I am going to take a break from tarot blogging.

I still love tarot but, as you all know, it doesn't take the place of work and action. I often use tarot not only to gain insight into my life, my evasive subconscious and all that crap, but also as a distraction, and it's the latter part of that which I need to address and (temporarily) eradicate.

I will see you all here on August 1st! Of course you can still comment on my blog posts or e-mail me if you like.

Much Love,
Magic Mentha

The Queen of Wands: Self Affirmation

When I went over to Crystal Clear Reflections this morning for a single card draw, I got my card, the Queen of Wands. While I will be honest and say that I feel more like a mix of the Queen of Wands and Queen of Cups, I have to choose one, so this is the one I identified a long time ago even though it isn't entirely accurate.

Thankfully, in a few decks they describe the Queen of Wands as a mix of fire and water. The Legacy of the Divine Tarot describes this court card as an Aries/Pisces energy, which is exactly what I am, so I feel like I'm best represented in that deck, as opposed to the intensely extravagant, fiery Leo energy of most Queen of Wands cards.

Speaking of Leo, we're entering the sign of Leo now and I send out a birthday greeting to all my friends with Leo in their charts. I actually love Leos and think they get a bad rap. Who cares if you're fiery and loud and like to show off? I think it's lovely. Being a fire sign myself, I think that being a little showy is fun and, IMHO, it's better than being cold or passive aggressive. Plus they're sweet, warm and often creative.

Sure, there are some bad traits, but that's true of every sign! Anyway, don't get me started on people who discriminate against a certain sign. All signs are created equal but different...end of story! There is no superior sign! Anyway...end rant. :D this pull.

What do I think when I see my own significator card? To be honest what I felt surprised me. I felt slightly self conscious and embarrassed. Makes sense on the self conscious part, right? Because I guess the literal meaning is being conscious of the self. The card may serve to remind me of myself, as I mentioned in this post. I didn't pull another card to go with it. Instead I will share this quote from the Crystal Clear Reflections' description of the Queen of Wands:

For a person who loves life with a fiery joy - the world appears to respond by protecting them from harm and sending them joyous experiences. It is time that you recognize your personal power and begin to display your self-confidence, generosity, burning passions and desires.

Behave spontaneously and free your quick temper by utilizing your creative energies and inspiring those energies in others. Radiate from within - reveal and transform, heal and transmute - let your spirit soar. See, hear, feel, sense and taste the truth. Strive for sharp perception as you defend your position and integrity.

Intuitive, spiritual, vibrant, fiery, introspective, humorous, mother of beliefs, benevolent, dedicated, philosophical guide, spiritual advisor, spiritual nurse, mystic, metaphysician, natural leader by example - ruled by the drive of the heart. Channel for divine insight, inner confidence, spiritual energy/drive.

This quote makes me feel super embarrassed. Haha! Spiritual nurse? Hilarious, but honestly I love Diana's descriptions, even the really high-flown, grandiose-sounding ones. Are there things I absolutely dislike or even hate about myself? Yes, of course. Are there things on this list that are true about me? Yes, probably. I'm not a good judge of myself. I can be too lenient on some qualities that I have that I should be more diligent about (being way oversensitive, being defensive or easily upset, etc) and I can be too lax, also, on positive qualities that I have which I try to downplay (generosity, intuitive ability, compassion, creativity). Sometimes I feel so out of touch with myself that I forget that I have any qualities at all. I begin to question who I am.

Thanks for the reminder, tarot.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Alone, Time with Family

After looking at this on and off today I've finally decided that the Empress in the middle is me (representing my role as mother) and the two cards on either side represent being alone (9 of Pentacles) and being as part of a family (10 of Cups) and I'm stuck in-between, trying to strike a balance.

I guess that's about it. My brain is fried from my daughter incessantly asking me things and because the hubby is out of town at a meeting. Thank goodness he'll be back in a few hours!

Magic Mentha

More Indications of Endings

When I looked at these cards at first I wasn't entirely sure what they meant. Then I realized I might be overthinking it. Each card appears to indicate an ending. Death is the obvious one, which always indicates something that has died, ended. The World, being the final card in the major arcana, always indicates the end of a cycle as well. And the 8 of Cups means leaving present circumstances behind in favor of something new. I can't seem to figure out anything more specific than that, but that's OK.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Single Card Draw: Three of Wands and a Confirmation

I went over to Crystal Clear Reflections, because I truly love Diana's descriptions of the cards. She really gives you something to chew on with each card, including the reversals. I used her on-line tarot card generator, as I like to do, even though real cards are generally more satisfying. I can't deny how excellent her descriptions are, so I still enjoy using it.

At first I was asking about something and someone else. I pulled a couple cards about my sister, but I felt like I was SUPPOSED to be asking about myself. It occurred to me: WHY am I always asking about someone else? Whether it's my daughter, my sister, or even some other thing such as something happening around me but not truly within me, I seem to divert attention almost permanently and perpetually away from myself. Why is that? I realized, with a start, that it was because I felt like I had no life. I really didn't exist, except to serve my daughter and to make it through each day, to try to stay sane and not lose it so I could be a good mother.

In that moment, I decided to ask about a possible business venture. I had no idea what I had in mind or even if I'd follow through with the advice given, but I felt like it was what I should've been asking all along. I've been getting a feeling lately that I'm headed in that direction. So long as I'm still able to manage my daughter's health concerns as well, I want to at least begin to reach out in some creative or vocation-related way to the world. In whatever capacity I can, that is.

I clicked the reader button and the 3 of Wands popped up. I had a flash that I remembered this card represented setting out on some path, and could mean a venture. Sure enough, the first paragraph read:

Three of Wands - Virtue and integrity - the union of your mind, heart and action working in harmony with one another. You have the ability to envision new possibilities long before they become a reality. New business ventures will prosper with the right teammate - someone willing to give you assistance - a creative partnership. You can receive the help you need from someone knowledgeable. Indicates the potential commencement of an enterprise. Your foundation is firm and work can be fearlessly continued.

I didn't even read the rest of it--I will in a minute, but the card seemed very appropriate. I decided, instead of hunting for a version of the 3 of Wands in my files or on the internet, to get it from my new pack of cards (Universal Waite) and photograph it. I thought to myself, 'Wouldn't it be cool if I chose the 3 of Wands from the deck?' To me, that would lend extra credibility to the reading. I didn't think that was likely--to choose, in one try, with one card, a 1 in 78 chance of getting the 3 of Wands. But I shuffled a couple times and then chose a card. Yep. It was the 3 of Wands. I stared at it like it was a unicorn. I was just amazed. Anyway, I've had this happen a few times but it doesn't happen often, and I think it's generally something important when it does.

So what now? I have to set my sights on something and not be lazy about it. I have to believe in myself, of course, and I also have to be honest about what I WANT to do and need to do in order to attain my goal. Obviously I'll keep y'all posted.

Magic Mentha

Healing in a Hurry

When I saw today's cards I thought they might indicate the speed at which we're moving toward recovery. After relatively slow progress over the past year or more, we're suddenly speeding toward a conclusion, getting off meds and taking away most of the supplements. It's like pressing fast forward after being on a crawl.

The Knight is CHARGING toward the other two cards at full tilt. Of course the Star and Six of Wands are unconcerned and see it coming. Very interesting yet amusing visual.  Everyone, but especially the doctors working on my daughter's case, keep saying how exciting it is that the medications are going to be removed (or drastically lowered) but I find it hard not to be super nervous. Despite my fears, I'm moving forward. I have no choice but to fasten my seat belt as securely as possible for the gallop.

Magic Mentha

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Vague but Promising Money-making Venture

When I checked my PsychicScope today I saw it mention something about a money-making venture.  Here's what it said:

There are opportunities when it comes to making more MONEY.
But you shouldn't go into anything without thinking.
There's research to be done BEFORE you put pen to paper!
Alan's Tip for the Day:
Know what you're buying!

Based on this bit of information I whipped out my recently acquired Universal Waite. I pulled three cards and, wouldn't you know it, they were all money (pentacle) cards. Jeez. Louise. Now I really don't have anything to go on but this 'Scope and my own desire to be more interactive as far as money-making and business, bringing in some income, and just DOING SOMETHING.

I am really not sure what these cards might mean except that I see the Ten of Pentacles as receiving money or support from family, or even an inheritance (which I really think is the least likely meaning), and the Six of Pentacles makes me think, also, of receiving money. Maybe this is some sort of funding. It doesn't feel like earned income, as you'd see in the Three of Pentacles or the Eight of Pentacles. This seems more like 8th House money...other people's money.

In the final card we see the Page of Pentacles, which to me is a new financial venture. It has also been shown to me as a card of new health or a new health plan, but since I asked about a financial matter I believe it pertains more to that topic. Perhaps receiving some amount of money, either from family or some sort of institution, I will be able to start some kind of new business venture.

The PsychicScope itself mentions buying something. This makes me think that I might do some sort of starter business where I have to buy something in advance (like an at-home business where you make or buy products, but need to put money down before starting to sell). This doesn't seem TOO likely because I really am not insanely interested in sales, unless something truly spectacular came along. Also I don't really have enough money to buy much of anything. But I'm definitely keeping all of this in mind as I set my sights for the future and possible dreams and schemes.

Very interesting.

Magic Mentha

Mum Monday: Another Encouraging Pull

The King's Help

Excuse the dimness, this was taken last night with the flash on.

Yesterday's post showed the help of the Queen of Pentacles and today's post highlights the help of the King of Pentacles.  This post seems less practical and more about something coming to fruition. I immediately noticed the raised arms in both Judgement and the Ten of Cups. They're both jubilant and expectant. They know something is good or something is about to happen, or they're simply celebrating something, but there's an air of grandiose expectation.

This really goes along with what my husband said about the DAN doctor's response to my daughter's test results. He was simply jubilant, incredibly excited at how good her numbers looked, save the cropping up of yeast which we're quashing now with the two-pronged approach of anti-fungals and an anti-yeast diet. But I realize that this already happened a week ago, so this may indicate a current event, something happening presently.

Well, I guess that this IS all happening right now.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Queen of Pentacles (the naturopath who specializes in nutrition and special diets) to help me implement the anti-yeast diet, and the following week we have an appointment with the integrative psychiatrist, to lower my daughter's medications. So it's like...boom, boom, boom. One visit per week tying all the loose ends together in quick succession. One week: test results. Second week: tweaking diet instructions. Third week: instructions for removing medications.

It's all happening kind of fast after soooo many months of waiting, first for a certain length of seizure control, then for the supplements to do their magic my daughter's issues (first the basic supplements that were brain supporting), and then the very specific supplements that my daughter was deficient in, and finally, moving forward with tapering the medications. It sounds like it makes sense, and I guess it does, but to be honest, I was not expecting it to happen this fast, and yet I feel like I've been on this road a long time, since my daughter was born five and a half years ago. I've put everything else in my life in a head-lock, on hold, just pouring my heart and soul and every ounce of sanity into making her better. 

I've been saying all this time that I don't know if I can make it through another day or another week or another month of this draining situation with the side effects and bad sleep and other painful things, but as the symptoms are gradually abating, and I'm seeing my daughter emerge from underneath all these things, I find myself almost unable to believe it. I feel like it must be an illusion and I'll wake up and be thrown back into the nightmare of it all, where everything is going wrong, and we're in the emergency room all over again.

Thinking about it all brings tears to my eyes. All of this is motivated by a desire to see my daughter live and thrive. I keep fearing that all of this will be for nothing and she'll die from the seizure disorder, but I can see that the indications are more likely to show that she'll do well, that she's responding well to treatment, and that there is hope after all.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Queen's Help

I pulled these cards today and I immediately thought of one of my daughter's doctors, a woman who is a naturopath and specializes in dietary considerations for families of children with chronic illness (specifically those with neurological issues such as ADHD, autism, seizures and the like) and she is going to assist me in implementing the yeast diet. She says that she has a slightly toned down (less insanely strict but still quite strict) method that she thinks is effective.

I'm nervous because it's already a huge, uphill struggle feeding my daughter with multiple food allergies and other avoidances, and now this thing with no fruit, no sweeteners, no vinegar, low carb, and on and onnnn. BUT, again. I know this is important so I am not going to shirk. I'll do the best I can. It may not be perfect but hopefully it'll be enough to eradicate the yeast.

The Temperance card (in additional to its traditional meanings of some kind of alchemical balance, patient and the like), makes me think of us titrating down the two medicines (two cups shown) and that enlisting the Queen of Pentacles' help (the woman who I've assigned this card to) is basically the last step before lowering the medications with the integrative psychiatrist who manages my daughter's medications (well, he's one of TWO people who manages her medications--the other one being the neurologist). So many doctors!

So...yeah, the Six of Swords is always a good sign. To me...well, like the Tower transitioning to the Star,  this shows a family rowing to safety after a difficult journey, but there's the new promise of hope and a better future if the current course is followed.

Magic Mentha

Self Esteem and Dressing for the Weather

When I saw these cards my primary observation, based on what I've been feeling lately, is the Queen of Wands feeling confident about herself. The Queen of Wands normally exudes a feeling of confidence but (perhaps due to greater influences in myself) I'm actually very lacking in confidence and self esteem. I constantly question my decisions and my appearance, my abilities, etc.

This particular pull reminds me of body image. I know I've mentioned this one before. Being overweight, but more importantly, being very self critical, is something I struggle with a lot. In the summer, I've noted that I rarely go without layers. I feel self conscious wearing summery clothes. I prefer to cover up as much as possible. My thin sister, by contrast, wears short shorts and cool dresses, not because she's trying to be slutty or provocative but because it's cool and comfortable. I just don't feel that comfortable with myself and my body. It's something I really want to work on.

I was talking with that same sister about this today. She said she had read something in one of the Oprah magazines that I'd left at my parent's house about just dressing however the hell you want, despite any extra pounds. I thought her comment was sweet because I know she was just saying, 'to heck with it--do whatever!' But I still didn't feel keen on stripping down to the basics.

I see the Queen of Wands, dressed from head to toe in hot, queenly robes, looking somewhat enviously over at the naked, free woman in the Star. It seems like it's hot in the picture with the Queen of Wands. That sunflower isn't going to grow in the cold, but she is just going to sit there and bake.  That's so what I do! I always dress like it's the fall or winter.

Perhaps I'll try to loosen up a bit this week, as the heat is only going to continue for several more weeks.

Magic Mentha

This Week: Universal Waite

On a short break today to a local coffee shop (I'm not drinking coffee but I had some chai) and bookstore combo, I walked around and had my tea, browsing the books and hoping to mellow out a pesky headache that's been plaguing me the past day or so.

In the metaphysical section I noticed a pack of tarot cards sitting on the shelf. It looked liked a standard Rider-Waite. I picked it up out of curiosity because this particular book store does not typically carry tarot decks. Upon closer examination I saw that this was the Universal Waite, which is colored by Mary Hanson-Roberts. I decided to sit down and look through it because I don't own this deck and haven't ever considered getting it before. As you might expect, it's a pretty good mixture of the Hanson-Roberts deck and the Rider-Waite.

I actually decided I liked it, and for $8 (used) and in great condition I decided to get it.  The best thing was that the deck ended up only costing $3, because I had a $5 credit in my used book trade-in account that I'd forgotten. The woman at the counter pointed out that they generally did not have tarot decks very often and when they did, they tended to sell quickly. She said she had just put this deck out today. I promised her that the next time I sorted through my tarot decks and found a couple decks I wasn't using that I'd bring them by to trade in. She seemed glad of the offer. I like to pass decks on either as gifts or trades in to used bookstores so that someone who doesn't own a tarot deck or who would enjoy it more than me can use it.

Ordinarily, I am not a huge fan of softer artwork. But as time goes on I am more drawn to it, although I'd say most of the time I do prefer eccentric, bold and colorful decks. Or vintagey. But Mary Hanson-Roberts has a gift with colored pencils. She really plays into their soft nature and also maintains the richness of color that can be achieved with them.

Anyway...a great purchase. A steal. I'm looking forward to seeing how different this deck is in terms of how it reads vs. the straight up Rider-Waite. The details seem to be more colorful and emphasized, though really it's obviously very similar. But every deck, even similar ones, has a unique personality. As some of the reviewers of this deck have pointed out, some details that were glossed over in the original version are more prominently displayed.

Love Lots,
Magic Mentha

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quit Yer Whinin'

I pulled these cards yesterday and intended to post them today. I wanted a simple duo I could read without spending hours waxing poetic about it. Mostly the reason not to ramble on and on today is my head hurting a bit. It's not too bad but I don't want it to get worse.

Anyway, what came to mind when I saw these is that I (Queen of Wands) need to let go of disappointment and hurt (5 of Cups). In other words: quit yer whinin'!! I thought about just writing that and nothing else in this post but decided against it.

After hearing about some stressful things other people are going through, too (not just me and my brood), I feel a bit humbled and just want to lay low and count my blessings.

See y'all back here on Monday.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graduating: My Full Moon, Mid-Month Reading

Technically it's not mid-month for another day or two, but close enough. At the halfway point in July, I feel like I've already done and experienced more (emotionally and otherwise) than I've possibly experienced in the past 5-7 months this year.

Today is a Full Moon in Capricorn. To read up about it click here or here, or here. Full Moons indicate something coming to fruition, something ending, something coming to fullness, not unlike the World, Death or other ending cards in the Tarot. Speaking of the World card, that's one of the two cards I got for today's short but sweet two card pull.

The topic of my pull (I clearly had one today) was about the full moon, and about recent changes and endings, so I was impressed that I got the World as a 'graduation' kind of card. Doesn't this card look so triumphant? He's finally gotten somewhere after all the struggles. I admit I don't quite feel as jubilant as this card but I'm WORKING on it. Well, by working I mean, I'm trying to fully understand and recognize that a phase is passing out of my life, slowly but surely.

This means that my daughter will no longer (fingers crossed) rely heavily on supplements and the medications will also be removed or lowered drastically. This is a huge deal and it makes me tremble internally, and feel a little sick, actually, at the implications of it. This is happening now. We have an appointment in less than two weeks with the integrative psychiatrist who manages my daughter's medications, to begin to lower the medications, set up a titration schedule.

The High Priestess puzzled me at first but when I saw what was in her hands, I thought of what Helen had said in the comments on yesterday's post about the DAN doctor and his prescription, and the High Priestess was holding the prescription in her hand. I totally saw that! That reminded me of the whole lowering the medications thing. The World, again, reminded me of those medications being phased out.  Now I'm wondering if yesterday's reading has more to do with my daughter's treatment than simply about a relatively inconsequential multi-vitamin. Besides which I found some allergen-free multis in our vitamin stash that will last me another month, almost, so I didn't end up needing more.  The cards definitely have given me a lot of signals that something has ended and it's time to move on.

I am nervous. I don't want to go back to what happened two years ago, and I fear for losing the security of what the medications provide, but there are a lot of negative things that come with the medications. I just wish there wasn't any risk associated with removing the medications. It's such a high price to pay if we get our hopes up about removing them, only to have the seizures return. But I know I have to try. I know we just have to do it. There's no real way around this one.

So, I'm going to try to appreciate what is going right at the moment instead of constantly worrying about what could go wrong next, no matter how scary or pressing it might be. There is much to celebrate.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suggestions for Today

After the tumult of recent events with my daughter's health and all the suspenseful waiting for the results (very glad of the good news from it!) I decided to go for a simpler approach today. After pondering and pulling longer readings, I decided on a simple two card duo. This reading is supposed to indicate suggestions for the day, since I feel at a loss as to what I can do with my daughter or myself. I feel tired and burnt out and boooored. I know I need to change things up but I want to know how.

The first card is the High Priestess, carrying her esoteric scroll and enigmatic pomegranate. She makes me think of doing things like reading tarot or studying something in a meditative or spiritual vein. She definitely isn't mega active. She's not one to represent playing volleyball or something of that nature. She definitely recommends honest and intuitive self examination and self knowledge. There's a certain mysterious femininity to her--maybe it's about me recognizing that in myself and honoring it.

The second card is much more practical and decidedly male. This is the card I've designated to represent my daughter's DAN doctor: King of Coins (Pentacles). Already today this card has come true since I heard from him, regarding his answer to my question about a multi-vitamin recommendation from him. I have to remember to order a multi-vitamin today because it will take a while to arrive and we're running out. It may also indicate some other instructions or contact with him, but I don't know yet.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fighting the Yeasty Beasties

Good vs. Evil...FIGHT! Death, 5 of Wands, Judgement

When I pulled these cards this evening I had just finished telling my husband how, earlier today before knowing my daughter's urine test results, I saw the 5 of Wands and interpreted that as a possible systemic yeast infection or other 'bad germ' thing. Turns out I was right. Not glad about that, but glad the confirmation of my intuition on it. I just see all the men smacking each other as bad germs.

The Judgement card made me think of one of two things (and my husband saw the same thing without me suggesting it) where the Judgement card shows the good germs, or it shows the germs dying and ascending to germy heaven. To me, I saw it as an epic battle between good and bad germs, since my daughter is taking probiotics as well as anti-fungals in addition to the anti-yeast diet in order to shift the balance of good/bad bacteria back toward good.

Death was a confirmation of the whole germs dying thing, since a common term during yeast treatment is 'yeast die-off'. And, of course, it could also mean what it normally means, which is a big change. I hope it indicates a major improvement in her behavior, mood and other lingering symptoms once the yeast is eradicated. Systemic candida has a very long list of symptoms, so it is not inconceivable that the resulting removal of the infection would have impressive results.

All in all a really good, clear reading!

Magic Mentha

Helping Hands

I pulled these cards a bit ago and I couldn't help but notice the hands. In the first card, the 6 of Pentacles, we have two pairs of hands. The top hands are giving coins to the bottom hands. Makes sense considering this card's meaning of receiving (or giving) help, usually financial but not always. It can simply mean an exchange between people.

The second card is the 2 of Cups and it shows a couple sharing champagne (or just their hands toasting). Both of these cards emphasize sharing. There's that whole theme of give and take. It seems primarily positive, but like any give and take dynamic, you have to keep an eye on the balance--don't give too much so that you feel depleted and don't simply receive and not reciprocate.

Magic Mentha

Real Time Test Results...


I promised I'd update and I will. Sorry for the delay! I had a long talk with my husband when he called. First the bad news (always end on good news!): My daughter has a case of systemic yeast that cropped up so we are doing an anti-fungal treatment for 10 days, and simultaneously (for an indeterminate amount of time) implementing a hardcore and likely difficult diet (to add onto her already complicated diet) that allows no sweeteners of any kind (including fruit or fruit juices) and minimal starches, no vinegar, etc, etc. See this list for what I'm talking about. Hardcore. Not fun...but.

The GOOD news is: my daughter's deficiency levels are up. All normal! Her B vitamin levels. The only thing we don't know about yet is the iron, which is a blood test (ugh) and we'll do that sometime in the next couple weeks. Thankfully I believe that's only one vial of blood but blood draws are never fun with my daughter. My husband said that the doctor was fairly bouncing off the walls with happiness at my daughter's test results, despite the yeast cropping up. I'm not too surprised--I know she eats too much fruit and starchy things and I've been aiming to cut back anyway. And I know we lowered her probiotic dose which helps keep yeast at bay, which I worried would allow yeast to grow, as well as the b vitamin doses, which are also known to cause yeast to proliferate. Her diet plus all these factors don't surprise me. Again, despite all this, this is good news. We can now begin to lower her medications since they are causing a number of side effects.

Let me say that initially when my husband told me about the yeast I totally freaked out and pouted because the yeast-free diet is super hardcore and not easy and I wanted to avoid it, but I now realize that, like many things with my daughter, the sacrifice of some level of sanity in having to manage all these weird dietary restrictions and supplements, is worth it if the results are good in the end.


I have to tell you all that my heart is in my throat right now, waiting for the test results from my husband. For the past several minutes I've been sitting here, in part waiting for my daughter to go back to sleep (she woke super early) but in large part trying to contain my nervous jitters about my daughter's test results.

Finally, a couple minutes ago I got this text message from my husband, who is, as I type this, at the appointment talking to my daughter's doctor. Here's the simple, tantalizing message he sent:

 Its good news and ill tell you more after

What a tease, right? Jeez!!! He is in the middle of an appointment so I guess I can't blame him but still. What a tease! I'm so glad to see the words 'it's good news' but I am not 100% sure what that means, you know? There are several possibilities. I'll update at the top of this post, hopefully within the next half hour or so. Did I mention that the suspense is killing me? Yes? Well, it is!!

The tarot cards seen here are ones I pulled just about ten minutes or so ago. I was a bit confused by them but the final card, the Star, is encouraging. It showed up as the final card I pulled on this topic yesterday, too, so that's nice. The 3 of Pentacles makes me think of 'working on something' which makes sense. The 4 of Swords may literally mean that my daughter fell asleep (which she just did moments ago) and the 5 of Cups and 8 of Swords (I think) represent my anxiety and angst over all this waiting, waiting, waiting over test results. The 8 of Pentacles shows a continuation of the 3 of Pentacles, where he's looking at papers. This makes me think of the doctor examining the test results, reviewing them. And finally the STAR, as I mentioned before, is the happy result!

Magic Mentha

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Daughter's Test Results=Pirate's Treasure

This reading is specifically about my daughter's urine test results that we're going over tomorrow morning. What will they show? I've gotten confusing readings on this--but I am not surprised. I'm pretty scattered. But when I pulled a 'final' clarification card I got the Star, which is encouraging to me, but I have to admit I'm nervous. My impression of what will happen is that it'll be a little of this, a little of that. I don't think we're talking a miracle cure here, but significant change is definitely in the works.

Take these cards: Death and the 10 of Pentacles. These are cards that both represent the culmination of something. Death being the classic 'something's ending' card, and the 10 of Pentacles being the end of its suit, showing something being over in the physical sense. This may represent an aspect of my daughter's treatment--perhaps an entirely new approach will be taken, or something stopped altogether. I got Death a few weeks ago indicating a halt to the B-12 shots. Does this show more of the same, or something else? I am not sure.

One thing is sure, though: I will report back here sometime tomorrow to let y'all know what they said.

Magic Mentha

p.s. as far as the pirate's treasure thing goes--that's just what this looked like to me. It had a pirate feel to it. I dunno. May not mean a darn thing--just sayin'...

Exaggerated Conditions of My Person (TMI Warning)

These are the three cards I pulled this morning. I'm in a super weird mood so far today. I'm burnt out and headachey and can't get rid of the headache--but I'm also super horny lately. I had sex three days in a row, which is a lot for me. I mean, usually, despite a higher sex drive than some people, I don't have sex several days in a row. Also, the Five of Cups is accurate because I've been upset a lot lately, too. I was disappointed in things with my husband, in things with my daughter's treatment, and finally in my seeming inability to get myself GOING creatively. It's like there's nothing THERE. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. I can't access creativity that simply isn't there. It's gone fishing.

So that's it. That's what's going on. Super weird. But these cards reminded me of the maelstrom of intense feelings I've been having. From being super sad to super horny to super angry and everything in-between. It's quite possible some of this is hormonal or stress-related. I just have no freaking idea. In some ways I think that all this waiting the past year has taken a toll on me, and I think because I know, on some level, that things are going to thaw soon and change is truly coming (not just coming eventually, several months down the line or more) that I am getting crazy restless and my energy is returning, if in a very strange form.

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot is being really emotional with me! Or maybe that's just how I'm seeing it because that's how I feel. But I do find this to be a very evocative and intense deck, especially for one that's computer-created. Usually they come off the opposite: cold and unemotional. You can tell that the creator of the deck wanted to convey energy and emotional in their use of intense color and narrative.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, July 10, 2011

8, 9, 10...

My Tender Love Biscuits,

I know I said I wasn't going to be back until Monday but I thought I'd post this anyway. Gonna use the Legacy of the Divine Tarot for a little while. I like this deck a lot--I've noted that people tend to resonate easily with it.

I got an 8, 9 and 10. To me this heralds the end of something. I hope of some of the literal and metaphorical headaches are what are ending. My daughter's mood has worsened (likely due to side effects of treatment) over the past three months especially, and I find myself feeling really drained a lot. I don't have a lot of stamina (not that I usually have a lot, but y'know) and I just feel like I want to push through and get beyond this tiring time.

To me, the 9 of Wands is the quintessential 'drained' card. The guy's hunched over his staff, looking like he doesn't have the strength to move on. But he has to--this is just a temporary pause before the final onslaught, or onslaughts. I know that this situation is not OVER, but hopefully great progress has been made.

The 8 of Wands makes me think of something imminently happening--something involving communication, something fast, something indicating the progress I mentioned. I often note that this card is probably THE quickest in terms of a time-frame. Again it makes sense because my daughter's urine results are in and we simply have to visit with them on Tuesday morning (in less than two days) to find out what the dealio is. I sure hope it's good news but whatever it is, obviously, I'll deal with it.

The 10 of Swords makes me think of something being over, again, and it was darn good that it was over. Even though it kinda sucked (or really sucked) and you're feeling wiped out and a bit melodramatic and self-pitying, well, at least you made it through and high tail it out of there.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, July 7, 2011

See Y'all Monday

The High Priestess from Tarot Nova, Edited in Be Funky

Dear Lovely Readers,

I decided to take a quick hiatus until Monday. I'm SOOO super tired lately. I have no idea why. I hope it's not the new supplements I'm taking--they're supposed to be supporting my adrenals, thyroid and rest, not making it worse. Perhaps it is unrelated. I did start my period today (TMI?) so it's very hard to say.

Either way, I just feel really tired and I know I've been on the computer way too much as usual.  I think I've been obsessing over whether or when my daughter's urine test results will come in. It's making me craaaaaazy. Did I mention I hate waiting? I REALLY hate waiting. Jeez. I don't know why I'm so anxious to move forward, maybe it reflects more of a general restlessness with my life. I think that makes sense.  I want something to look forward to. Something that shows progress.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Magic Mentha

B-12 Shots and Diet: Tools to Heal

I decided to only pull two cards today. I've done too many 3, 4, 5+ card readings lately and I find that I like two card readings a lot. I didn't have a topic for this pull but what I saw in it was a couple main tools for treating my daughter's health issues. We have, on the left, the Ace of Swords, which I've come to associate with the B-12 injections. On the right we have Justice, which normally would bring to mind something else like a decision, or even something legal happening but in the card I saw the fruit growing at the feet of Lady Justice. I added more (I know it looks cheesy, but that's OK) and I also added blood to the B-12 shot image (even though there's rarely blood and it's a teeny, tiny shot) as well as funny smilies that I'm using to represent happy vitamins. I know...corny.

Anyway. That's my take on it. I don't know what this means ultimately besides what I said. Maybe they're still an issue and may continue for a while. Makes sense. My daughter's special diet (avoiding foods on her IgG allergen list) will likely continue through the rest of this year and perhaps into next year as we wait to introduce foods until after we've lowered her medications, since we can't do multiple things at once.

I'm so tiiiired today. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of my daughter's urine test which was taken three weeks ago today. There may be a delay of another day or two until results come in. I have no idea. Because of the 4th of July holiday I may have to wait a bit more. I'm so tired of waiting for test results. This year has been a lot of waiting and drudgery. Lots of implementing stressful (B-12 shots on the ass and/or blood draws, the latter (amazingly) being more horrible even though we didn't have to do that as often) and just tiring (the strict diet) directives. I can't wait until things move forward, but only if it's in a positive way. I would be "happy" to stay in strict/boring/drudgery land if I knew that going out of it would produce seizures, but I hope I can move forward because I feel really ready to go beyond this very rigid and draining existence and into something new.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pulling the Covers Over My Head Spread--Thanks to Inner Whispers!

I had the good fortune to pop over to Inner Whispers' blog and see this spread that she'd found over at  Beneath the Oak which comes from an e-booklet by Glass Owl entitled 'Personal Growth Spreads' which is available via Aeceltic Tarot.

1 - The sleepyhead: You, in your current state -10 of Swords. Hah! That's funny. Me sitting, hunched over with 10 Swords in my back. Well, you know what they say about the 10 of can only go up from here! It can also mean that I'm being melodramatic, which is certainly true at times. I am a very emotional person, though I try to let the tides of my emotions wash through me and I'm working on not dwelling on things.

2 - A good reason for staying in bed: This is the problem you don’t want to deal with or the reason why you are feeling down - Page of Swords. Very interesting. Even now, after my husband had his vasectomy almost three months ago, I'm still thinking about that second child, the little boy who I assigned this card to. I admit I still have semi-frequent feelings and thoughts of sadness, regret, about not having a second child. I was just thinking about that this morning.

3 - A good reason for getting out of bed: This is your motivation for getting out of bed and facing the day-5 of Pentacles. Seriously? HAHA. The money munching dragon? Well booooy howdy. I dunno about that. Maybe it's saying if I don't come out from under the covers I'll just brood and worry about things. It could mean that I'll feel worse if I don't get out of my metaphorical bed/head, since this card also pertains to health and the body.
4 - The chicken noodle soup or cup of coffee: This is what will nourish your soul or help lift your spirits-Zero (The Fool). This is really interesting because my brother is coming into town briefly any minute now and I am going to see him before he goes off to my grandparent's ranch and then to teach in the south. I associated this card with him as soon as I saw it because one of his nicknames is Zero. It's a word he likes, I think. Anyway. That's cool. It also means carefree abandon, fun and child-likeness. So maybe having some relaxing time with family will help boost my mood. Assuming it's relaxing...

A Gift from Land Turtle

I've been having fun using these card pulls as a foundation for little children's tales (for adult tarot-readers, that is) and trying to derive stories and meaning from them that way. I admit sometimes it's easier than others. Today I'm not entirely sure what to make of this pull but I find it interesting, anyway.

Instead of the money-munching dragon we witnessed in a recent pull on the one side of the King of Cups, we have the Knight of Pentacles offering a single coin to the man adrift in the boat. I found the visual of this really interesting. For one thing, the first thing I thought was that it's almost as if the dude is floating in a boat made from a hollowed-out (giant) turtle shell. Maybe the man kills the Knight of Pentacles, takes his coin and sails off to the treasure in the 10 of Pentacles. Just kidding. I really don't think so. I just wanted to say that.

But it is interesting, visually. To me, the 8 of Cups is always a melancholy card. The person is feeling depressed, sailing away from whatever life he has known, not knowing what to expect or even where he's going. That is definitely how I've been feeling lately. I don't know which end is up and I often feel like I'm treading water, trying to figure out where to go next. However, I have found some stability recently, although my anxiety about 'what next' often takes over and I find myself unable to figure out how to cope with that.

The Knight of Pentacles, being of a practical nature, is offering similarly practical help either in the form of financial aid, a health plan or maybe solid advice. This comfort that the emotional man in the turtle boat is receiving is not emotional or creative. It's more like getting a life preserver. Perhaps this refers to the upcoming consultation with my daughter's DAN doctor, upon receiving results from her urinalysis. It could represent my daughter's health itself.

Of course this could have nothing whatsoever to do with my daughter and could be specifically about me, something more personal to me. Maybe I'll receive some sort of commission or job offering? I don't think so but you never know. Even if I did I honestly don't know if I'd feel up for it right now.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Health Reading

Click to enlarge. Sorry! This is a very wide reading...

Here's a reading I did either yesterday or the day before. I can't remember, but I think it was the same day as yesterday's reading. In any event, this reading pertains to my daughter's health situation. As you can see, the card in the center is her DAN doctor, the King of Pentacles. Surrounding him are the Wheel of Fortune, Three of Cups, Tower and Sun. Interesting combo.

To me, the Tower always has represented my daughter's seizures. This makes sense as this is the topic of the reading, really. We want to know about whether her levels are up vitamin-wise so we can lower the medications. Next to the Tower, however, we have the Sun which to me almost always indicates either good news or clarity (or both)...

So what do I surmise from this reading? Well, I think, despite the presence of the Tower, that the majority of these cards are actually pretty positive. The Wheel of Fortune and Three of Cups indicating positive change, advancement, and something to celebrate. I'll keep that as my focus and mantra during this transitional time.

Magic Mentha

Motherhood: Let the Good Times Roll

Sort of awkward wording on this title (both on the post as well as the wording on the image) because I couldn't quite put into words what I was thinking, but the gist of it is this: there are two positive emotion cards shown on either side of the Empress: Six of Cups and Three of Cups. These are two of the more positive cups card. The Six of Cups I often think of the 'fun/childhood/friends' card, and the Three of Cups is the 'fun/party/celebration/enjoyment' card. So the Empress is surrounded by fun, love, support and friends.

I admit this isn't quite how I've felt lately (not all the time, of course) because out of tiredness and/or necessity, I've pulled back my energy to care for my daughter, as my mood and circumstances do not always allow for proper socialization. But I think that all throughout this time I've been aware of the quiet but loving support of my friends and family. They are keeping a respectful distance. My blog readers and fellow tarot addicts have also shown me care and support and I appreciate it.

Anyway, the reading just felt like a kind of gentle encouragement. The support is more emotional than financial or practical, since it is associated with the cups suit, but that's fine. Emotional support is priceless. You can't buy real friends and family that love you.

Magic Mentha

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Money Munching Dragon

I pulled these cards and I thought they were interesting. I really was only planning on pulling one card (which was the 10 of Pentacles and would've been awesome by itself) but then I felt compelled to pull another. I then received the King of Cups. The King looked like he was looking over at something so I pulled a final card: 5 of Pentacles. Oye!

It was funny, though, because in these cards I saw a scene: the King of Pentacles luring the money-stealing dragon over to his stash. Or maybe he's trying to keep the dragon away from it. Either way it's an interesting dichotomy. The King, his treasure chest of financial security, and the dragon of everyone's financial fears.

To add weirdness to weirdness, the King of Cups is already being eaten by a fish. This reminds me vaguely of a conversation I had with my husband about an hour ago. I was playing with my tarot cards (just a classic RW mini) and I saw his card (King of Swords) and remarked on it. He asked if I still saw him that way since the watery aspects of his chart are more powerful than he once thought--he's actually very emotional. I said that I still considered him to be the King of Swords but that, on occasion, I saw him as the King of Cups.

So this may show my husband's fears about money on the one side but his financial security on the other. He has been saying how we're doing a lot better than we usually are by this time of year, but he also makes comments about how we shouldn't do this or that because of the cost. Of course I do the same thing, but I guess there must be something specific about this that I'm supposed to be interpreting.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Tarot Nova Weather Prediction: Lightning and Rain

UPDATE: This ended up being about a fight with my husband. The Tower was a big fight and the Ace of Cups is love/relationship/emotions. So it ended up being metaphorical lightning and rain...

I actually got the Tower twice today. YUCK. Not really a card I want to see, but I don't feel alarmed about it. Mistake? Maybe, but I have a theory.

While it seemed like a very sunny, summery, HOT day today in the mid-90's, I saw the clouds gathering this afternoon. As I shuffled the Tarot Nova and gazed out at the dark clouds forming on the horizon a card flipped out...the TOWER. Insert DOOM and GLOOM! But then the appearance of this card signaled another possibility for me: lightning. I saw the bolt of lightning in the card and though about how, for the past three or more nights we've had intensely hot, summery temperatures followed by gathering, dark clouds and lightning storms with some (but not really enough) rain.

So I thought, "Hrm--interesting. This could mean lightning in the literal sense, then?" I decided to pull a card to see if I could get more information on the lightning theory or whatever else. I got the Ace of Cups. Water! I instantly thought of the water. Lightning and rain! I thought that was a cute depiction of it. While the lightning in the Tower is rather dramatic-looking, the water in the Ace of Cups is rather cutesy and benign. What a strange duo.

In any event, I decided not to decide anything about this reading. If this means something else, so be it. I am not going to assume anything but I will allow for the possibility that it my be nothing more than a weather prediction in the most literal sense.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Waiting on a Change (Correction: Waiting, then Progress...)


Helen pointed out my silly mistake in the comments section:

Helen said...
Er, I don't think that's the Wheel of Fortune it's the 8 of Wands which means all systems go. :)  

In this pull I saw waiting (7 of Pentacles is stereotypically a man, tired from working hard, surveying the progress of his handiwork in the fields) and I saw change/a new cycle represented by the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune accentuated the waiting meaning of the 7 of Pentacles because of the time piece shown in the image.

Of course this makes sense because we are waiting for results that will signal change or progress for my daughter. Eventually we will get that information--likely this coming week. I like the motion lines around the wheel in the Wheel of Fortune. Cute, hunh?

Magic Mentha