Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Readings About My Daughter: My Husband's Interpretation

Click on the image for the full size

Click on the image for the full size
Hmm… It’s too many cards for me to focus on, but I’ll try.

With the first reading I get being strong in dealing with the medication titration.   Working with the DAN doctor and looking at things clearly will be needed and that the tower is going to cycle away as is the way of it.

With the second I get that it is a journey going getting (our daughter) through her life to become the Queen of Wands she will become will take being calm and wise and utilizing the methods we are using currently (for some reason I get that since the King and Queen of Pentacles are the two holistic doctors we are using that the Ace of Pentacles is the method they use – not sure why).

Our Plans to Move: Bad Neighbors, Good Outcome?

This is one of the readings I did last night before going to bed. I was curious about the letter-based altercation with the neighbors and our ensuing search for a new house/neighborhood (which we wanted to do anyway but the new, noisy neighbor put us over the edge a bit) and so these cards were the result of that curiosity and desire to know. I'm also awaiting a wonderful video reading from the marvelous Chloë on this very topic. I'm looking forward to hearing her insights on the matter. :)

The Three of Wands to me always feels like 'stepping out on the right path'. Sometimes called 'virtue' --this cards means that you've emerged from the helping but perhaps stagnant stance of the Two of Wands, and actually are beginning to take a true first step toward your goal. This is definitely applicable to the housing thing. After being on the fence about moving for a few years now, we are finally feeling motivated to leave, although we're still nervous about the logistics of that move and also whether it will negatively impact our daughter who does not like change.

The Sun is a very positive card to get. It feels relaxed, outdoorsy. Maybe we'll have good luck selling because of the garden with its extensive fruit trees and established flowers (the latter, especially, have been neglected by us, but we could spruce things up and make them look nicer). And actually, we've done some things around the house recently. I've been doing the usual household chores along with a few things outside. I swept the porch, dusted the cobwebs off the house, trimmed the juniper bush near the mailbox that was getting out of control, trimmed the rose bush back for the winter, and my husband raked up the apples that had fallen down.

I'm having a hard time concentrating. My daughter is crying because she doesn't want to take her vitamins. She hates them that much. But I must press on with it. She has to do it twice a day, every day. It's funny posting about such a happy post with someone crying, fussing and refusing to do something in your ear. Hah! Sort of incongruous. Ah well.

Well, the last card is the Six of Wands, which makes me think we'll be successful in selling the house and finding another one. I do strongly feel that painting and replacing some of the flooring, and staging the house a bit, will help. There actually don't seem to be as many houses on the market in our price range as I thought, so maybe we'll have more luck than I originally thought.

With interest rates so low buying a house is more attractive right now, which helps, although I know we'll be lucky to break even to get out from under this house. And that's basically OK with us. We're keeping our eyes peeled for financing and housing opportunities and even considering other (nearby) areas to move to, if that strikes our fancy.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spell Cards: Healing and Letting Go of Slights

I received these lovely cards as a prize from Helen's blog for one of her giveaways. I have used them a few times and I think they're great, but I should use them more.

This is a card I pulled yesterday. Or maybe it was the day before. Not sure. But I definitely have felt in need of healing. My sleep is bad, my blood pressure has been high and I just

Today I had a semi-confrontation with the neighbor who has the loud dogs. I left her a note (a rather blunt note, I might add) saying I didn't want to talk to her about her dogs again but that they were being especially loud and barking again. I was very to the point and not very polite. I do feel a bit guilty but after six months of dealing with this I feel I've lost my patience.

She wrote back, saying my note was shockingly rude and that I wasn't acting like an adult--she also claimed she was doing everything she could (which I know is completely not true--but oh well). There were a bunch of other comments in there--about how I am just an unhappy woman who 'would rather lash out than ask for help' and it's too bad because she can see I've got a lot to handle with my daughter and she could've been such a great resource and babysitter for my daughter (yeah, right!)...etc.

Anyyyyyyyyywayyyy. I am just in the process of letting it go. We're moving out of this neighborhood next year and I really just have to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I am tired of stressing about these things. In five to ten years the annoying neighbors will be (hopefully) a distant memory. I still hate conflict, though.

Anyway, this card is nice and peaceful. It shows healing and rest, two things that have been in short supply for me lately. I know I need to embrace this healing energy and calm my frazzled spirit. I know this stress is not helping anything. I know worrying is pointless. I know being upset is just prolonging my discomfort. So I am going to try to use this card as a guide to move beyond this flotsam and jetsam of daily living, daily conflicts, the daily grind. I want to wrap it up and burn it...toss it out a window. I have a hard time letting things go. I definitely tend to dwell on things.

On a side note, I noted the purple color in this card. I went to the thrift store this evening to unwind and find some affordable tops for the fall/winter. I did find some in good condition in my size--and interestingly the ones I found were all in the pink/purple/red range. But mostly purple. Hrm!

Now, hopefully, for some cleansing sleep.

Magic Mentha

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fending Off Volcanic Moods, Making Adjustments, Taking Time Away

Image from Amy Zerner's volcano tapestry, edited in BeFunky.
Hello Everyone,

I'm having a pretty rough time lately with my daughter's moods. Maybe it's unwarranted, maybe it isn't, but either way I think I have to find some sort of solution that works better for me. I wrote about it some here.

No matter what measures I take to make things easier and prevent it--she's crying, fussing, acting out. It's so tiring. After many promises to myself to figure out how to cope with this I have to get real and buckle down!

I do want to add, however, that I am pleased by my daughter's cognitive gains and continued seizure control, both of which are hugely important--more important than the mood and behavior piece, as challenging as that can be at times. I am definitely keeping this blessing in mind as we navigate the side effects.

So I need to take some time away to figure out what to do about this. I know I always say this but I'm gonna try to enforce it. I'll be back sometime between October 4-11. I'll report on my hubby's birthday party. ;) You can still order a reading from me during my blog absence.

Don't forget to enter the Grab Bag One Year Anniversary Giveaway if you haven't already entered. The drawing is on Halloween. Also, I'll have a special Halloween Four Card Cartoon Caption Reading Offering for $19.95 as of today on my website. I was going to price it a little lower, but Chloë has convinced me that I need to advocate for myself and price my readings a little higher from now on.

I did this to myself with my hand-painted jewelry, too. I kept marking them lower and lower. Not a good idea, I can tell you! The price is strange but it's what my husband suggested so I'll go with that. :D The prices are still reasonable and affordable, I believe, which is important to me.

If I don't comment on all your blog posts over the next week or two don't be offended, but I will sincerely try to keep up with them as best I can. I enjoy interacting with you all!

Hugs and Tarot Love,
Magic Mentha

A Tarot Alarm Clock: Awakening My Earning Potential

I drew these cards recently (a day or two ago?) but to be honest I wasn't quite sure how to interpret them. And I'm not 100% sure how to now, either, but what I wrote in the captions (above) is what came to mind first, and as many tarot readers will tell you--it often matters more how YOU would interpret the cards as opposed to everyone's else opinion. While valuable, your special insights into your own situation are key to really understanding your readings.

Though it has recently meant something else, I now again see the King of Cups to mean a creative person or, as I read once, a 'working artist'. Is there some artistic project which I can sink my teeth into, maybe make a bit of money doing it? Well, I'm not entirely sure but there must be. If I had some small commissions it might help focus my tense energy of late. And it would help the financial crunch we have at the end of the year, living precariously paycheck to paycheck.

But what do I want to do? The King of Cups, again, points to some creative or emotional field. I think considering I'm an artist that's probably going to be my main gig but there are a couple ways to approach that, though admittedly I'm limited in my time away from my daughter to only a few hours here and there when my husband is home.

Anyway, this is something I'm going to go back and give some more thought to. Not just thought but feeling. I have to FEEL what seems right to me, not just come up with a plan intellectually that I won't really be on board with. That's a weakness of mine. I want to make plans but I'm often in conflict with my own considerable emotional output, which doesn't always jive with what I PLANNED to do.

We'll see...

Magic Mentha

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Picture of Today's Tarot Reading by Sage Holloway

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from the effervescent and lovely Sage Holloway. She was one of the readers at today's Holistic Fair. I always attend these because it's something I only do once or twice a year. It's probably good they don't come through more often or I'd be parting with the money far too often. Nevertheless, the readings at these fairs are very reasonable.

I enjoyed my reading and visit with Sage. She is very energetic, caring and fun, and of course a great tarot reader. My reading focused on the next few months. I wanted to know what sort of creative focus or what needed to be addressed at the end of this year and the very beginning of the next.

In general, I need to release a lot of mind chatter and worry (and address it full on, ask it what the heck it wants) and also to really tap into what is joyful and fun for me creatively. She saw me possibly rekindling creative outlets I haven't really followed since I was a teenager (like singing) but in general there was a need to light the creative spark and stay in touch with what seems right to me NOW.

You're very welcome to comment and/or draw your own conclusions from the above reading. I wrote down the cards and I THINK I got them all right. Since the image was taken with my cell phone and the cards were really too hard to see that way, I decided to make the photo editing more fun and artistic. But if you look at the Mythical Goddess Tarot online, you can see lovely examples of the cards themselves.  You can also look at Chloë's readings with the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

To get a tarot reading with Sage, visit her tarot page here. She's really a pleasure and I'm glad I decided to stop by today.  It was absolutely worth it and gave me extra impetus to work on myself and my creative and other life endeavors.

Magic Mentha

Judgement and Two Late September Astrological Quotes

From The Power Path (Thanks for the link, Pip!)

September 23-30: Things become accelerated here to the point of a runaway train. There is no way to track, to keep track, to control, to stay organized or to make sense of anything. Enjoy the chaos and be amused at the discomfort it brings. Allow the winds to blow. There will be plenty of time to rake up the leaves later. Find humor in the eccentricity of random events. Appreciate the creativity. Be inspired by the change. Don't sweat the small stuff. Empower yourself with flexibility. Learn something new. Focus on your own growth. Allow everything and everyone to be just exactly where they are. Turn your face into the wind and breathe in the change.

The time frame allows for higher centered experiences of truth, love and energy if one is willing to allow them in. This takes letting go of how you want it to be and letting it be how it is. The expansion that comes with this allows access to the higher centers especially around the equinox and around the new moon.

From Julie Dembowsky's Facebook Page regarding today's energy:

Earth is conjunct Uranus today, the 25th; expect the unexpected on the material scene, and don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by chaos, subject to the whims of the group, drowning in academic rhetoric, consumed with ruminations of the Higher Mind, inventing and innovating on the fly, or making off-the-cuff plans and commitments. Sounds like a lively Sunday :)

Just a little 'forecast' for y'all. I hope everyone has a good last week of September.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Accidental Love Letter to My Husband

In an e-mail to my husband just now I wrote the following:

So I'm about to go to bed (about time, it's 20 til 1) but I wanted to wait until the new candle was burned all the way across. Otherwise it won't burn right with subsequent burns. I took the candle and set it on the dining room table. I got out my Albano-Waite Mini and decided to do a mini reading. I tried to think of a topic or a spread and I saw the name of the candle and thought it sounded really sugary (sweet) so I thought I'd do a single card pull asking what would make my life sweeter. I shuffled and pulled a card. I got your card--King of Swords. :) It was so sickly sweet that it was almost disgusting. I guess you get what you ask for. :) I thought it was cute and worth sharing with you before I retire to bed.

I love you,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Halloween Cartoon Caption Tarot Readings!

Starting on October 1st, I am going to offer a Halloween Cartoon Caption Tarot Reading for $19.95 on my website. They'll be available until November 1st, when Day of the Dead is upon us. With this special, I'll be using my 'spooky' decks, although that may be a subjective term.

Decks for Halloween Cartoon Caption Readings:

*Halloween Tarot
*Tarot of Vampyres
*The Answer Deck
*Fallen Angels Oracle
*Heart of Faerie Oracle (I dunno, I think it's kinda creepy...hehe)
*Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
I decided to run this one a little early so I'm starting now!

Spooky Love,
Magic Mentha

Fall Focus Foto: Four of Swords

Fall Equinox *Harvest!* Reading About My Daughter

I decided not to write much about this. I'll let the cards and captions speak for themselves. It's half past midnight and I feel tired...more tired than usual. Had a long and semi-difficult talk with my hubby (you know the type?) but it's fine. There are always 'those talks' but really it's just a typical life thing. You build up concerns, resentments and all manner of feelings and just have to discuss them.

This reading seems hopeful with regards to my daughter, as most of my readings about her have been. I hope this isn't merely false hope. So far it seems to hold true, and I guess all we have is the moment. Wishing you all a wonderful end of week and weekend.

Happy Fall Equinox to the appropriate folks!

Magic Mentha

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks, Chloë!

Chloë's Altar, featuring the cartoon caption reading. Photo by Chloë.
Chloë wrote a really sweet post about my cartoon caption reading for her and also wrote some about her altar.

As I shared on my Twitter, you really should go to her reading offerings and see some of the cool and affordable readings she has for sale. I purchased a very enjoyable and thought-provoking reading from her not too long ago.

Magic Mentha

A Yellow Reading and the Solar Plexus Chakra

I got these cards the other day then forgot to post them. I love that it's so...yellow. I couldn't help notice the coloring of this predominantly yellow-toned reading. The Albano-Waite has a lot of yellow in their swords/air suit. I know chakra-wise this makes sense. And when I looked up the mental maladies related to the solar plexus chakra it totally fits how I've been feeling lately:

Mental and Emotional Issues - self esteem, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, self-image fears, fears of our secrets being found out, indecisiveness

Additionally, I also struggle with some of the physical things they mention, including weak liver and adrenal fatigue. But anyway. I dunno. I could be stretching it. I admit chakras have never been a strength for me as far as a study but once in a while I pay attention to them.

Perhaps I'll slap on some yellow or maybe wear my citrine ring. Or even talk to a blonde friend. O.K. so the last one is stretching it. I swear it was not a blonde joke, either! Some of the smartest people I know are blonde. :)

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pathway Spread About Medication Management

Chloë has me hooked on this Pathway Spread. It's a bit addictive. You should try it. First position is the question itself, the second position is the recommended action and the third position is what to avoid.

So far the readings are pretty good with this spread. This isn't a bad example. When I see the Knight of Pentacles in a reading I think of something being presented, but slowly. Usually the Knights are really fast and intense looking. At least the wands and swords knights are. Not so with this Knight. He's the slowest. I think of him as representing some physical offer (job, health stuff, etc) so it works well for this draw.

In the 'should' position, we have Temperance, which is one of the cards that I associate with balancing medications (and you can easily see why from the picture). Two medications (which is what my daughter is on) are being balanced between two cups. It also reminds me of what I was talking about earlier with the Two of Pentacles. Same concept of balance.

In the final card we have the Ten of Wands. Don't go crazy, don't burn out...also my husband saw this as not suffering through something unnecessarily. If you can lighten your load, put down some of your sticks, then by all means do so.

Magic Mentha

Lowering Seizure Medications Reading


Here are my husband's thoughts. Now I am leaning toward his way of seeing the Two of Pentacles. But when I think about it, both of us are right in the sense that we would be lowering both the medications as my husband said, BUT we'd be lowering the Trileptal MORE than the Keppra, as I said.

Well.  I’ll give you my immediate thoughts too.

Top three – It’s a good thing for all of us as the first card would indicate.   I see the second card as us giving Pele meds, but not as much since we still have some in the cup we are holding presumably.   And for some reason with the Hierophant I’m think about some kind of order or ritual like we need to do the titration in an organized and consistent way.

Bottom Three – I agree with you for the most part.   I see the first as friendships and/or interactions with other kids.   The second card I see trying to calm down the fighting inside of Pele (yeast, vitamin deficiencies, seizure), and the star I got the impression of sleep so like “healing sleep”.

Other two  -- And I see what you’re saying about the 2 of pentacles, but for me it made me think that the two are bound together and when you lower one you have to lower the other at the same time because they are tied together.   That’s just what I happened to see.

I know I just said I wasn't going to post, but you know me! I was drawing these cards for my own personal use and when I saw them I wanted to share them. Although I didn't really talk about it all that much, recently we lowered my daughter's medications again (maybe a week ago?) and even though we did not expect to, we actually did start noticing some interesting changes in her. I have been almost blown away by some of the improvements in the areas of learning and understanding, and interactiveness with her environment. She seems so much more aware of what everyone says, and also just more able to express herself verbally.

Some of these changes have not been so fun, such as extreme moodiness and a slight increase in aggression and the usual sleep disruptions. But despite that, we've noticed an incredible burst in cognitive ability. This is something we've noticed all along this year--slowly but surely. Starting with the dietary modifications and the B-12 injections in the bum (ugh) we are now in the lowering of seizure medications part (might I add-the scary part) and I admit that even though I am still feeling on edge, cautious and worried, I feel that my husband and I (and all the doctors) agree that ultimately lowering the medications safely would be incredibly helpful, as seizure medications are quite hardcore. They slow impulses in the brain so they cause a lot of mental slowness. Particularly, ever since we started the Trileptal in early 2010, we saw an almost complete stop in learning.

Anyway. The trick is that the lowering of the medications can, themselves, cause a triggering of seizures if you're not careful. So we have to lower them bit by bit, and contend with the side effects as they go down. And because I've never seen my daughter off the medications (well, in almost 2 years) I have no idea what will happen when she's off of them (or on a low dose, that is) and so I really have no earthly idea what's normal, what to expect, what is a problem, etc.

Well, enough rambling. I didn't explain the cards too thoroughly but I offered a few explanations. In the first set we have the happy Ten of Cups. This was encouraging to see as the first card when asking about lowering the medications. The Two of Cups, up next, made me think of the two medications, but also my connection with my husband, since he is my main support through this and I get his input, obviously, before any decision with my daughter's health stuff.  In the final card on the top row we have the Hierophant, which makes me think also of marriage, but any institution: school, anything involving structure. This makes me think perhaps that this change will usher in a time where there is more structure, more order, more understanding to our lives.

The second row shows a child sharing with another child. This reminds me of my tentative goals to have my daughter interact more and more with other kids, despite her considerable (current) sensory, attention and mood issues. We've started the ball rolling a bit by signing her up for a dance class, but we are very cautious and slow about this, because her sensory and nervous system input issues are one of the biggest problems so we're being careful.

In the second card on the second row we have the 5 of Wands. To me this represents two things. First of all it now takes on the very specific and personal meaning of the yeast. See this reading for reference. This made me think, 'you'd better keep an eye on that yeast cropping up!' Now that we've loosened up her yeast diet restrictions a bit (starting the past couple of weeks) we need to be careful. We don't want things to go back there. The Star, ending the row made me feel good, again, as it echoed the calm and healing energy of the Ten of Cups.

I decided I wanted a slightly more specific bit of information, so I asked specifically about lowering the Trileptal. This is the one that causes the most slowing. While the Keppra has some negative anger side effects, the Trileptal is the one that really compromises her cognitive faculties and also makes her weepy and moody. I asked about an adjustment to that medication alone and I got the Two of Pentacles. Yes, that's true--it's a balance. But I still wasn't sure if this was a bad thing or good thing--whether a lowering of the Trileptal was recommended or not. So I decided to pull a card asking just that. I got the Three of Cups which is the celebration/happy card. Seems like a positive answer.

But in the end, we do have to keep the medications fairly balanced (at least to some extent) but any adjustment we'd make to the Trileptal would still be pretty small. The doctors were saying we could lower the medications as much as .1 ml or .2 ml a week, but we don't feel comfortable with that, so we're doing it at our leisure, and as it seems appropriate.

Lotsa Hugs,

Quick Commercial Break

Dear Folks,

I think I may take a couple days off tarot blogging. Not sure how long but probably not more than a couple days (you know me!) or however long it takes for me to get back into the mood.

I was going to post yesterday but I didn't end up doing it. I didn't love the video I made and I didn't really feel like doing a traditional reading. Today I find myself feeling the same way.

Not sure why. Maybe it's just PMS, maybe it's something else such as my sleep, but it doesn't matter.

Have a lovely day, y'all...


Sunday, September 18, 2011

From the Blooper Reel: My Daughter's Vocal Interruptions

Hi Folks,

Here's a silly video outtake for you.

To be fair, my daughter didn't know I was doing a video blog. She just thought I was calling 'hello there!' so she responded in kind. :)

Magic Mentha

Inspired by Chloë: My First Video Blog(s)

Dear Ones,

When I visited Chloë's blog this week and saw she had posted her first video blogs, I was inspired to do the same. I'm self conscious and boy, I do look puffy and tired on video (and in real life, no doubt) but it was fun for a change of pace to read via video. It does add a certain immediacy to readings.

Anyway, I now have a YouTube channel, so you will have to contend with more amateurish video blogs from me in the future, no doubt, unless I lose my nerve and erase them all.
Hopefully I won't get nasty Youtube comments. :p

Magic Mentha

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rubber Ducky Reading: The Mysterious, Recurring Page of Swords

I keep getting this Page of Swords character. I know that it can mean any number of things (news, a new idea, a way of communicating, even) but all I can ever see when I see this card is the son I will never have. It bothers me that it keeps coming up. This may be another one of those things that I have to deal with even though I don't want to.

Magic Mentha

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks to Chloë: Three Card Spread (Situation, Should, Shouldn't)

Thanks to Chloë, I had the idea to use this spread. In her first video log, she used this short and sweet spread and I decided I liked short and sweet and went ahead and used it, too. I didn't post it yesterday when I actually drew these cards, but instead waited until today which is good because I've been out all day, which sounds like was what the doctor ordered. I needed some sunshine and positive experiences to balance out my anxious mood of late.

This spread, from the Wildwood Tarot's book; I don't have this deck but I saw it at Barnes and Noble several weeks back and ALMOST bought it. Now I might but not this year. I have already decided no more decks this year. Unless I literally find one used at some store for a couple bucks...but otherwise, no! Anyhow. This spread is simple and I really don't need to explain it.

The first card shows the situation I'm in, which is the Seven of Wands. I'm all frazzled, defensive, on edge, ready to hack someone's head off. This does, unfortunately, describe how I've been feeling lately. Yesterday I was feeling really irritable again for the millionth time in a row. I couldn't understand why I was so snappy all the time and why it seemed to not be going away. My husband thought it was that I was trying to control my anxiety by letting it out in irritability (this is something we read about--when you can't calm yourself down, you try to lower your anxiety by dragging other people into it) and I realized what he said was absolutely true. Instead of going to the source of my anxiety I was just irritable, pissy, and complaining about things and just feeling tense all the time.

Trouble is, when he said this, all the sudden all of the anxiety I felt sort of crashed down on me like a tidal wave and a had a bit of an anxiety attack right there in the restaurant where we were sitting. I had to finish up quickly and leave. I couldn't believe it. It seemed like it was out of nowhere but my tension and irritable had been building up like a dam threatening to burst. It was weird, though, because usually I can sense an anxiety attack coming a mile away, but like a seizure...anxiety attacks can be hard to stop once the momentum gets going. In fact, some studies are suggesting that there may be some similarities between seizures and anxiety attacks. But that's beside the point.

So in card two we have The Sun. This is what I'm supposed to be doing. Staying positive, getting some sunshine. This card reminded me of Prince Lenormand's draw yesterday since I also drew the same card on the same day. Even though it's a simple concept, sometimes the positivity and simple sunny nature of this card is not always easy for me to tap into, particularly if I'm on a stress trajectory that I'm having trouble stopping, but I'm amazed to report that I recovered fairly well after my anxiety attack. I didn't QUITE have an anxiety attack, though, and often if I don't have one I still feel the edges of the anxiety for a while afterward.

I admit that this morning when I went over with my husband and daughter to my parent's house to hang out and make lunch I felt the vestiges of this anxiety lurking around like some unwelcome guest. I busied myself physically (Monica, cue the North Node in Virgo recommendation to quell the looming Piscean demons by doing house work or something else that's practical), cooking lunch for everyone and cleaning up afterward, which helped me considerably to stay calmer and not freak out again. My back has been aching like crazy, too, which didn't help. My husband was a calming influence for me, too, by rubbing my back and offering simple positive affirmation and comfort.

So later on this afternoon I find myself feeling only about half as anxious as I did earlier this morning, and maybe a quarter as anxious as I was yesterday. I can feel its force diminishing and I hope I can keep it at bay-- and better yet--replace the anxiety with something more productive and healing. The Eight of Cups card is what I should NOT do; I shouldn't just give up and run away. I should face my feelings, find out where they are coming from (some of it is obvious) and stick around and work through this stuff so it doesn't crop up again too soon.

Another thing we did on the front of not just running away from problems is we addressed my daughter's sensory issues and other issues by signing her up for a Saturday dance class. It's only half an hour so it should be manageable. Even though I'll likely do any lessons with her at home, I'd like her to have something for her to go to once in a while. Normally I'd run screaming from these things, particularly because we've had issues keeping her on task, but I'd like to slowly introduce concepts to her at a pace that isn't too overwhelming for her, or us.

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decadent Indulgences: AKA Eating Cake and Taking a Bath

This is quite the hedonistic pair, isn't it? Take a nice hot soak in the tub with Epically Epic Soap, and then eat a giant (gluten-free) chocolate cake slice. Yum. Sounds like a good idea. Though right now the cake sounds too rich. I might have a cup of tea instead but I did have gluten-free banana pancakes this morning. I think the general feel of this is relaxation and fun, but it could be a warning, though it doesn't feel that way for some reason.

Magic Mentha

p.s. For anyone who hasn't entered, don't forget my last giveaway of the year: One Year Blog Anniversary Grab Bag Giveaway
A winner will be chosen on Halloween. :)

Epic Bounty: Epically Epic Mood Lifters

*Update* Please join me in wishing Allison well as she embarks on her journey of motherhood. She's on vacation hold for a couple of months after the baby arrives and hopes to be back sometime before Christmas. If you wish to be notified when she returns, simply visit her shop and click on the 'notify me' button on her page.

I wanted to share the image of this lovely bounty of Epically Epic goods. I made one last, rather large order from Epically Epic Soap, because I knew my finances were dwindling and what remains is devoted to things like groceries and supplements, but oh it's so worth it to get Allison's lovely products. She's about to go on maternity leave, probably for the rest of the year, so if you have the notion, go over to Epically Epic Soap Company and snatch up a few items for yourself!

It's things like this that really lift my mood when I'm feeling down. Being the generous and lovely person Allison is, she included some extra goodies for me. Most of these items are gifts for siblings and friends, but I will hold back a few items for myself, I think. ;)

Magic Mentha

Try-a-Tarot: Help Me Interpret This?

This is what you do when you're tired, cranky and lazy: you have other people post their opinions on what this reading means. So go for it, anyone who wants to! You can say whatever you want, even if it's snarky, and I won't care.

Hugs and Thanks,
Magic Mentha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Depressed? Frantic? Tired? Teetering on Insanity?

I'm having a rough day but really most days are like this. I know. I'm complaining. I apologize to anyone and everyone who hates complaining. I know. But my daughter's mood and behavior issues are a major problem and none of the things I've been doing have been helping much. There may very well be things I can do to help that I haven't thought of, but I just can't find them. If things go as they usually do, she'll work through them in her own time (which is a very, very long time) but in the meantime I have to contend with never being able to go ANYWHERE without some major meltdown including fussing, whining, screaming, kicking, hitting or constant begging and complaining.

I structure my entire life around what to do with my daughter. It doesn't matter if I'm doing EVERYTHING to please her--nothing works. It's obviously something beyond what I can influence. It seems to be either a host of side effects or her considerable sensory issues. But beyond that I have no idea, and I have no idea how much longer I am going to have to suffer through this.

After another grueling outing I came home, closed the blinds and sat down and cried. My daughter wandered off to her room (thank goodness) and I just sat here wondering what the point of my life is. I really don't know. I find myself feeling more hopeless and lost--despite the alleged good news of my daughter's deficiency levels being up and such. But guess what? Not much has changed. Maybe the doctors are happy but I'm not. Nothing is happening. The same problems are here.

So while I know that I have to stick it out and it's not something I can abandon, I decided to pull a card asking for some kind of advice on what to do in order to feel better. I got the Four of Swords, the respite card. In this version a woman has a face mask and cucumbers on her eyes and is (I guess?) polishing her toes or fingers. Normally this might be cute or fun but it doesn't even sound good to me. So maybe the sleep thing is more accurate. Sometimes I actually have fantasies about going to sleep and waking up a few years later, when things are hopefully going better.

I think one of the hardest things about this difficulty going anywhere with my daughter (whether it's a trip out of town or just a trip to the grocery store) is that it is really killing my adventurous spirit. Every day, despite the persistence of these challenges in our outings, I start each day, hopeful that things will go well, but each day I feel like I'm snapped back into reality. I miss feeling the freedom of being able to go out without something stressful happening.

On an amusing note, the swords reminded me of feeling so frustrated you want to stab someone or something. Of course this unstable-sounding sentiment is not to be taken literally, so don't worry.

Magic Mentha

A Man of Mischief, Two Naughty Pages and Me

I pulled these cards and to be honest I'm not QUITE sure what they mean yet, only that they spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  First I chose the Two of Wands and Page of Wands together. It showed what I thought looked like me looking weary and my daughter (Page of Wands) just smiling and doing her thing. I know the traditional meaning of the Two of Wands is planning and perspective, but I look like I just want to drop everything and collapse. 

Meanwhile, everyone else in the spread is sporting a gigantic, cheesy (some might even say mischievous) grin. One Page runs with scissors and the other is romping around wildly--definitely makes sense for my daughter's personality. The Magician is trying to sell me a bad washing machine. Doesn't look too good, but you never know. Maybe it isn't as bad as it looks!

I'll try to update on this one soon.

Magic Mentha

p.s. I can't get the alignment right on the post. No idea why it suddenly isn't working, but I give up! Feeling tired today and it's not THAT important.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Housewives Tarot Recommends: Four and Seven of Wands

These are the two cards I pulled when asking about a recommendation for handling my day to day duties and stresses (and boredom). I got the 'stable home' card--Four of Wands. To me this showed a woman relaxing after working. The two cards together gave me a sense of 'work and play' balance. The toilet and scrubbing it with toothbrushes made me laugh, since I scrubbed the downstairs toilet just this morning before I took a bath. Of course I don't clean it with a toothbrush but I was thinking to myself that I wanted to get a new toilet seat for the downstairs bath (and we've been thinking of things around the house we want to spruce up for cheap).

Anyway, mundane but true. I guess this is the part of being a housewife that I can relate to. I suppose it's OK to have the side of me that has to take care of that stuff, because in reality--even if you're not a housewife you still have to do things like scrub the toilet, do laundry or cook. There's the other side of me--the wild, artistic, gypsy part of me that might run screaming from such banal chores, but there's that whole north node in Virgo purpose that I have to fulfill where I do things like clean toilets, floors, do laundry, and force feed my daughter her medications and vitamins. Oy!

I find this a particularly strange Seven of Wands. I've been getting a lot of Sevens today, haven't I? I just realized I chose the Seven of Pentacles, cups and wands. I'm only missing the Seven of Swords, which is one of my least favorite cards, so that's just as well!

Magic Mentha

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Housewives Tarot: Conspicuous Consumption

Here's my first official posting with the charming, vintage and kitschy Housewives Tarot. So far I like it though I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet. I think, overall, it's user friendly but I've been so foggy mentally that I am not feeling as quick a connection to it as I thought I would. Even so, I still think it'll be a valuable addition to my collection. This is also my last tarot purchase of the year because I have a few other decks I've barely worked with and I know that I need to slow down and savor them.

Today's cards reminded me of eating. I mean, yes...there is a lot of food and eating in this deck in general, because it emphasizes the whole consumerism/eating and nurturing with food thing, like any good deck featuring 50's housewives would do. Even so I guess that was what was on my mind when I saw these cards. First I see the woman in the first card watering her plants as pentacles bloom on the tree. That doesn't scream food, I know, but for some reason to me it felt like a transition. She starts out patient (perky, even!) and then suddenly she just loses it and wants to drink a bunch of cocktails and make pie. That reminds me of how I have felt lately.

So that's what came to mind, anyway. We have the nose-to-the-grindstone Seven of Pentacles followed immediately by the shallow, drunken Seven of Cups. Then we have the Star, which normally would seem good but somehow the pie in it made me think of over-consumption.  Just last night I was remarking how I was eating like a pig the last several days. I've turned to food for comfort again, which is unfortunate...I had just recently lost a few pounds and then I gained it all back in record time. Oy!

Well, I hope I'm missing some amazing underlying meaning. Perhaps my patience is being rewarded in the final card, the Star, and by making some choice (Seven of Cups) I'll be making things better for myself so I can be healed and move forward.

When I looked at this about an hour after posting it, I realized the 'consumption' also referred to a consumerism attitude--spend, spend, spend. I had a talk with my husband about his and my spending on the phone just now, so that brought this back into focus. I need to be the proverbial grasshopper again so I'm putting all my personal money (what little there is of it) into the grocery fund and not spending a thing on myself.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The World and Trying to Exercise

I pulled this card several hours ago but didn't think much about its meaning. Then just now, when I was looking at the photo, I remembered the interpretation of this card as meaning physical exercise (some people say the batons look like exercise weights, other people think it looks active, like she's dancing or moving, other people say the nudity gives focus to the physical body, etc). Just today (well, technically yesterday since it's now after midnight) I was telling my husband I just needed to go do yoga or some other exercise while he watched my daughter. Earlier today when I was doing cat stretch for my lower back pain my daughter stepped on my back. AUGH. Anyyyywayy. I don't like exercising around other people. Especially if they can unwittingly harm me.

That is all. Have a nice Saturday!

Magic Mentha

Friday, September 9, 2011

*QUICK* Pairs Impression Reading

This is a reading I did earlier this afternoon. I just wanted to pair up a bunch of cards. I loved looking at them as stacks of two that I then interpreted separately as mini readings on various topics. Here is the quickie list of impressions I had on each pair:

Pair 1: 7 of Pentacles and The Sun=I have to work hard but then I'll be rewarded with enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness. It's a kind of work/play balance.

Pair 2: Knight of Swords and The Lovers=I need to be more decisive, more active. At the same time I have to not be too cutting in my communication with my husband.

Pair 3: King of Cups and 4 of Cups=Emotional maturity. I have to stop being whiny and feeling sorry for myself, and embrace emotional maturity--so long as it isn't masking my true feelings.

Pair 4: Justice and 10 of Pentacles= Security and the law go hand in hand. Not sure why but this either felt like family business, inheritance stuff, or something practical related to home stuff. Equity? I am not sure. Something official.

Pair 5: Page of Swords and King of Swords=To me this could be one of a couple things. The Page of Swords to me represented a son that I thought about having but recently decided not to (then my husband got a vasectomy). Both my husband and this would-be son are in this pair. Perhaps it's me coming to terms with it. Also this could be some kind of maturity in my husband as he goes from Page to King. I'll have to think on that.

Magic Mentha

Financial Outlook Reading: Cooling Spending, Getting Commissions

I pulled these cards because I was thinking about the yearly finances, and how we always tend to be the most pinched financially toward the end of the year. Because of this I have decided to go easy on the purchases the latter half of the year. The frustrating thing is that certain things (besides the usual bills for food, shelter, etc) we have a lot of expensive supplements and medications to pay for. Ugh!

So, while I had a rather fancy free spending habit earlier this year I'm now tightening down my belt for the reals, as they say. I admit much of the spending has been stress relief spending. Now I need to turn to meditation, yoga, and breaks instead of mindless consumerism (as fun as it can be!)

The first card, the Six of Pentacles made me think of there needing to be a balance in what is given and received. If you spend more than you make, obviously that won't work out. Also it may mean that I'll be receiving some money or help, or maybe it just refers to the give and take of financial stuff: you win some, you lose some. When I looked at this card again I wondered if it showed me as the benefactor of several people. I tend to give a lot to people. I know how inane and self important that sounds. It isn't.

Giving to people isn't always a virtue. Sometimes it covers up insecurities--where you feel unworthy and feel like you have to 'buy' people to win them over. At least I feel that's part of my issue with giving. I do it almost pathologically. I definitely devote too much energy to it. On the one hand I enjoy it, but on the other hand it tends to get way out of hand and I regret it when I run out of cash.

The other pentacle card, the Three of Pentacles is the classic commissioned work card. I'd love to get a work commission! I really fought it earlier this year but it might perk me up and also give me a little money, but so far that is not forthcoming. I did get a request to make some hand-painted necklaces but after making several hundred I'm thoroughly burnt out on them and I'd like to do something else. But I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for financial/commission opportunities to help bridge the financial gaps.

The two swords card, the Four of Swords and Ace of Swords strike me as being honest with myself (Ace) and also cooling it and taking a rest from spending (Four). It seems like the presence of swords (thinking) along with pentacles (practical) makes it much more about practicality and grounded stuff than it is about anything flighty, creative or emotional. It seems like critical thinking, planning.

You know, I am a firm believer (after some experience with this) that when something is not gonna work out it just...DOESN'T. It simply falls apart. Or doesn't do well. Or maybe it serves a purpose that is not financial. Say you enjoy making pottery. But that's as far as it goes. You aren't destined to be an international superstar. Your superstar status lies elsewhere. That doesn't mean that the pottery isn't wonderful and important.

Now I feel like I have to find my groove--besides the one which I have ongoing, which is the motherhood groove. I know that I need something to along with this. My gut is telling me that I'm really trying too hard and probably fighting it. I keep trying to come up with new, crazy schemes that are not related to my current talents, but in the end, what I am is an artist. It's just not the most lucrative thing on the earth, but I could do SOMETHING with it if I tried.

Magic Mentha

Upcoming Health Influences for My Daughter

I was curious about what was coming up for my daughter health-wise, because I've been concerned that she's just sort of stalling lately with her treatment and improvements. Although slow or even variable progress is, unfortunately, the norm, I still have been a bit nervous because I admit I was expecting more improvement, and some things have worsened (such as her sleep) which has given me some cause for concern.

When I see this pull I get the feeling that there are various elements to balance and consider, with the Temperance card sitting in the thick of the reading. In particular, the Temperance card now always makes me think of balancing my daughter's two medications.

To the left of Temperance we have my daughter's DAN doctor, the King of Pentacles. Perhaps I will need to consult him on something before the year is out, even though I wasn't planning on it. Maybe some side effect or some other thing will trouble me enough that I'll contact him.

To the right of Temperance we have the Empress, which generally makes me think of my role as mother to my daughter, but other than that I can't think of anything too immediately that it could mean besides that. It could indicate a balance between my judgment and that of the doctor.

On the ends are the King of Wands and 10 of Cups. I have no idea what the King of Wands refers to. I honestly don't. Generally it refers to my dad or brother, both King of Wands types, but it could refer to a take charge attitude or something similar. The 10 of Cups always brings to mind a certain family balance and happiness. This made me feel decent about the reading.

Magic Mentha

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Epically Epic Soap Company's Pre-Maternity Leave Sale!

Fun Find: Foxy Purse

As part of a fox loving family I could not resist this fox purse from Target. Isn't it marvelous? So quaint and cheeky. Though I admit I have to stop spending money or I'm going to seriously screw myself over. Thankfully Target stuff is not usually TOO expensive but either way I need to stop spending!

Foxy Love,
Magic Mentha

A Little Time Alone

I decided to pull a couple cards. My daughter woke up in the night feeling itchy (I have this hunch that she's allergic to the scented laundry soap I started using recently--so I'm getting rid of it) and was up for a while. I was a zombie in my tiredness but thankfully she was able to get back to sleep at some point. But now she's still asleep because of the night waking. The unintended positive side effect of that is that I get some time to myself. I woke up over an hour ago and so I've already had an hour to myself. So that's what I saw in these cards when I pulled them. The lady in the Nine of Pentacles is spending some serene time to herself while the Page of Wands (my daughter) is off somewhere else.

Magic Mentha

Family and Generations, Aging and Dying

Forgive me if I can't quite form a coherent thought. I just wanted to post this, I guess because I'm stalling going to bed even though I'm tired and still recovering from various infections. But nevertheless...yes, I here am! (Note: I just noticed this typo but I'm going to leave it cause I think it's funny.)

I also have to say that I don't QUITE know what this pull is about, but it's more that I have a sense of what it stirs in me. The Ten of Pentacles makes me think of generations of a family. A legacy. Aging. I had a doctor's appointment at 5pm today, to make sure that my infection was under control and my kidneys weren't involved. Thankfully everything checked out alright, and I probably just have a lingering flu, going on five days now. So that's OK. Just makes me feel a little drained.

Anyway, I brought my very cranky and fussy daughter over to my parent's house so they could watch her while I made my doctor's appointment in town. I was worried because she seemed especially fussy and hyper, but thankfully she settled down enough so that things went alright. Then she got really hyper again, but you know, I do believe she's overtired and possibly sick, too, so that's understandable.

Anyway. The generations aspect of this card made me think of my parents who are now grandparents of my child, and when I was there my mom mentioned that one of her sisters had called her earlier today to suggest that my grandmother be potentially put into a community for older folks. This humbled and shocked me a bit, but at the same time it makes sense.

Although my grandmother is surrounded by friends and family, she still lives alone much of the time and living in a community of similar age folks would probably be good for her. This place would give her an apartment and space of her own while also sharing a community with activities and interests so that she'd never feel lonely if she didn't want to.

At the same time...I can't imagine my grandmother being anywhere but her beloved old home that she's lived in for more than thirty years. I still fondly remember many Christmasses and summer visits there, where she'd greet me with the warmest hug and smile, and a big kiss on the cheek. I always felt instantly and intensely enclosed by her love and generosity, her spunky spirit.

My eyes fill up the brim and spill over just thinking of anything changing, of my grandmother changing, of her moving, of her continuing to lose her memory, and eventually of her dying. None of this seems natural even though I guess it is. Death is supposed to be normal and natural and a transition, but to me it often feels utterly harsh, cruel.  My grandmother still speaks sadly of her husband, who died several years ago, and I know she misses him intensely. I cannot imagine living without my husband but things like this bring into focus the incredibly brief nature of existence here on this planet and it can be pretty hard to bear at times, seeing loved ones age then die.

Anyway. Enough of that cheerful stuff! Har! :D The Queen of Wands is usually me (yes, even with the bad rap...though I'm more Piscean than Aries-like most of time) but for some reason I didn't immediately see it as me at first, but that doesn't mean it isn't. Because the Queen of Wands is paired next to the King of Wands it made me think more of a couple. I was thinking quite a bit about couples today. My grandmother who had lost her husband, my parents who are doing pretty well health-wise but have been together more than 35 years, and myself and my husband, who have been together for twelve years now. Jeez. I can't believe it has been that long, but at the same time I do feel like I can't even remember not knowing him, though I definitely notice when he's not around.

The Eight of Swords is a pretty good representation of the feeling of helplessness, of entrapment. We all have and live by the physical trappings of life. Food, shelter, sickness, death. We all need love and comfort. I found myself thinking about the fragility of human existence a lot today, which is such a bitter-sweet thing. Right now I feel like I need to recover so I'm going to go lay down.

Wishing you all a lovely end of the week. Spend time with your loved ones while you can.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nine of Cups: A Different Kind of Fulfillment

In wrapping up my somewhat ill-fated (literal emphasis on 'ill') four days with my husband, I decided to pull a card to represent a kind of wrap-up what what was to be gleaned from those days.

The card I got surprised me a bit. I expected to see the tired Four of Swords or perhaps some whiny card, but instead I got the wish fulfillment card.

I thought about it for a while as I edited to image (see left, heh) and what I concluded is that even though I am still sick--by the way, it turns out I may actually have a bladder and/or kidney infection which I'm treating naturally at the moment, in addition to the pink eye I suffered that thankfully abated--I do feel like I have more fulfillment than I realize.

Even though our finances are getting tighter and my daughter has been moody and waking up before dawn having not slept enough, leaving us tired and often cranky and despite any and all conditions that are getting under my skin (or infecting my eyeballs or kidneys) I can still find a fount of goodness in my life.

When I think about things I might like to do but aren't doing (traveling, getting another degree, learning a language, eating exciting food, losing weight) in reality, none of it really appeals to me enough to actually do it. I COULD force it. I could try to push myself into some situation where I'm setting a goal to travel to someplace exciting by 2013 or something, but really I realize that the best kind of fulfillment is the simplest fulfillment.

I have a daughter and husband and extended family who love me, friends who care about me, some creative outlets (although I don't acknowledge them--one of them being this blog) and I have the rest of my life ahead of me. Even though I need to lose weight and I need to keep a stern eye on both my own health and my daughter's health, I still HAVE my health and my life. Gratitude does not always come easily to me, mostly because I tend to be very insecure and anxious.

So yes, although having thousands of dollars in the bank, a nice savings, a better house without floors that are falling apart and walls with patches all over, or my loud redneck neighbors, might be appealing on some level, it really doesn't constitute or equal my happiness. It isn't responsible for it. I am. And that's something I'm sincerely trying to take ownership for.

That's how I'd like to tie up not only these past four days, but the last few months of the year as well. I don't want to remember this year poorly or speak ill of it. At least not for the most part. I want to look back on it and extend some kind of support to myself, sympathy if necessary, and acknowledgment of what certain situations brought out in me, underscoring the best parts and working to change the things that cause me the most grief.

I think my mistake has always been in yearning too much and not living enough. In having expectations but not doing enough to find fulfillment right now. In having goals and even accomplishing them but all the while not believing in myself as I did them. The irritation that came from within was often all I could feel. I definitely want to change that now!

Love to Y'all,
Magic Mentha

Monday, September 5, 2011

Then Again...

Dearest, Most Loved Muffin Heads,

I THOUGHT I would be feeling a lot better today. I felt considerably better yesterday, but I slept badly last night, woke up early and was unable to get back to sleep. I've been exhausted and achey today--my flu-like symptoms seem worse. Either that or I'm just run down. I'm not sure.

Anyway. Sorry. I'm complaining. Petty, I know. I do think I'm better. Just very tired. I would be a lot better, I think, if I had gotten more than a few hours of sleep. Definitely going to bed early tonight, especially since I honestly don't know how long my daughter will sleep.

Earlier today I asked whether I'd feel better today. I got a couple cards, and one of them was the Four of Swords. To me that meant 'you'll be better if you rest.' Makes sense. I didn't get enough sleep and I feel under the weather--so I'm sure sleep is indicated for both of those things.

At least I feel like my conjunctivitis is better. That's good because I can at least see in the sunlight, which makes it easier to do most things. Now I'll just concentrate on not feeling crappy! My hubby is also worn down and cranky, so none of us are particularly happy but we're just trying to keep things mellow so that everyone is not too stressed and overstimulated.

There is still one more day off left with my husband. I'm slightly nervous about what tomorrow will be like. I hope it follows the current pattern of 'good day' then 'crappy day' then 'good day' again. If that's the case, then tomorrow should be a good day. 

Magic Mentha

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hallelujah! Pink Eye Remission

After an icky day and a half I'm starting to feel better. I can open my eyes, even in sunlight--though I do require shades, like the ones I added to the gal in the Two of Swords. My eyes are tired and the infected eye is still a bit sore, but it's a lot better. It's almost completely back to normal, just a little sensitive. As far as my mystery flu, I still feel a bit tired and achey but I was able to go out today. We were out for a few hours and despite not being able to do the driving because of my eyes and also feeling a little worn down, I enjoyed the outing and was tremendously glad I wasn't stuck in the house indefinitely, feeling crappy.

Yesterday when I tried going out I felt so awful and literally could not open my eyes because of the sun, even with two pairs of shades on, that I cried bitterly in the car as my husband tried to comfort me. I'm sure I was probably crying about more than my stupid ailments, but hahaa. Anyway. So yes. I don't feel 'good' but I definitely feel better. I can ignore my aching back and such, so long as I'm able to actually do things and enjoy my husband being home for a couple days.

The cards I chose today (rather late in the day--it's 7pm) seem to reflect my improved condition. I received the aforementioned Two of Swords (the card sometimes labeled as 'eye issues' and I can attest to that) along with the much more friendly Four of Wands. I think of the Four of Wands as saying that despite the fact that I still feel a little under the weather and have to spend most of my time at home, that my time at home at least will be primarily happy and calm. I see the Four of Wands as being a stable, happy home base. Now if I can continue to heal and also if we can all get more sleep, that would be the icing on the cake!

Magic Mentha

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two Similar *PINK EYE* Rubber Ducky Readings™

I have pink eye.


I haven't had pink eye since I was a kid. This sucks! As a very visual person I'm realizing how much I HATE having my vision impaired. To make matters worse, this extended weekend is the only time I've really had off in a row with my husband. He took Tuesday off so we'd have four days together, but I get this. I feel under the weather on top of it. I feel flu-ish: achey, tired, slightly congested, and almost completely unable to do anything because everything hurts my eyes.

It hurts to look at the screen and type this, but I'm doing it anyway. I feel so run down. So I'm going to go lay down in a minute, even though I'd MUCH rather be doing something fun--anything but THIS. Why this? Why now? I'd rather have a stomach bug than not be able to see well and have it feel like my eyes have been hit with a bat.

That all said, I am very impressed how the two readings I did on this (one after the other) both had the two 'blind-folded' cards in them, which are often mentioned as potential 'eye problem' cards in the tarot: 8 of Swords and 2 of Swords. I am too tired to really write more but I hope, with the eye treatment and extra vitamins I'm taking, that I'll be feeling at least somewhat better tomorrow so I can enjoy the time with my husband.

Magic Mentha