Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Almost November!

I decided to do another November reading, this time focusing on three main issues to work on, with the two cards on the edges (2 of Cups and Knight of Wands) being two things to keep tabs on that are already underway. An interesting reading and it makes sense. I've been trying to put more good energy into communication in my marriage, and we both talked about that today when we had a date. We don't have that many dates but we are trying to work on bringing more romantic and communicative energy into our marriage, and so the 2 of Cups is appropriate for that. So to me that's a 'keep in mind' energy, even though we're already doing it. The Knight of Wands is sort of obvious. We're keeping that whole moving residence topic on track, steady as she goes, just making sure nothing is too off course.

The three cards in the center are the 7 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups and 6 of Swords. I like this spread because it's a good balance between work and play. The 7 of Pentacles by itself wouldn't make me that excited because it's about putting in the necessary work to yield rewards, and it cautions patience, but since it's not the only card it doesn't bother me. We've been working pretty hard to keep the house clean and fix things that need to be fixed. We've accomplished a lot more than I thought we would and we're definitely standing back to survey our work like this guy, and to see what still needs to be done. It seems like every day we do something new for the house. Of course we still haven't gotten a single showing, but that may change quickly as we lower the price this week.

The 3 of Cups reminds me to try to enjoy life in-between efforts. It specifically makes me think of spending time with my three sisters. Also female friends. I've gotten this card both when visiting my best female friends and also when hanging out with my sisters, so I guess it brings to mind social connections with women (but not JUST with women). That makes sense. My mom's birthday is in a couple weeks, and my two little sisters have birthdays in December, and my daughter's birthday is exactly between my two little sisters (three Sag ladies!!) so there will be a lot of birthday parties through the end of the year. I mean, a lot in the immediate family. 3 of Cups, as y'all know, can directly mean a party of some sort. This also brings to mind the additional meaning of marriage, and I know at least one or two relatives that are getting married soon!

The final card in the row, the Six of Swords, brings to mind more the energy of the Knight of Wands. Transition, moving from a more choppy/difficult time to a smoother/quieter time, and the like. It usually isn't smooth sailing all the way but it does promise things will eventually calm down. That's how life is, though--the ebb and flow of activity vs. calm. I also sometimes associate the Six of Swords with moving although it's more likely to mean trips. Or not. I'm not sure. It probably depends on the reading. There are three people depicted in the Six of Swords and that always makes me think of the three of us (my husband, myself and my daughter) so to me this is more moving-type energy.

I love this vintage appetizer tray my mom found at the thrift store for me. I think it's supposed to have cheese or maybe fondue or something. I don't really know. I think dips go in the two cup wells and crackers or crudites goes in the u-shaped well, and the ceramic psychedelic mushroom tile in the center can hold something hot. Either way, I don't use it for that purpose--it just looks cute on my dining room table. My dining and kitchen have a green and orange vintage color theme. Some people might find it hideous but I find it charming. I thought my Albano-Waite mini looked great on the tray. I had to resist the urge to fill the whole tray with cards. :)

November Happiness,
Magic Mentha

Sunday, October 30, 2011

November: Courtesy of the Halloween Tarot

On the right path, new beginnings, action...hmmm.

Moving onward and upward, success, the finishing touches...

Move? Don't Mind if I Do!

Hello All,

This is a card I pulled not long ago (before it got dark) as a clarification to my November draws which seemed very upbeat and active. I was very curious about us possibly selling this house since we're planning on lowering the price, so I hope this portends a sale in November.

When I pulled the Knight of Wands as the clarification to a direct question about whether we'd move in November, I wanted to take that as a 'yes' so I will do so, even if it means I'm blatantly deluding myself. Hehee.

It may be a touch strange to do a November reading using a Halloween tarot, but it is the night before Halloween so why not, I guess. :)

Magic Mentha

Grab Bag Giveaway Contest Winner Announcement!

So you all know how impatient I am, so I may as well announce the winner of my Blog Anniversary Grab Bag Giveaway a few hours early. I was waiting for any straggler who might enter but with no one new entering I decided to go ahead, via, and do the draw. Some of you are already many hours ahead of me time-zone wise so it's safe to say that it's already Halloween for most of you, anyway. Right? RIGHT?!! Hehee.

Having added that disclaimer about one of my personality flaws, I must extend heartfelt congratulations to the most marvelous Manda of 78 Whispers blog! Manda, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person and I know you've had a stressful time of it lately so I hope you enjoy your Grab Bag MYSTERY Package (contents strictly High Priestess Top Secret™) with my tarot tinged blessing.

Please e-mail me your mailing address and await your lovely package (soon, since I think you live in the same state as I do!) probably in less than a week. I want to gather up things and make sure everything is in order. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the goodies and revel in your contest acquired booty like a good Halloween pirate!

Please note: I will reveal the contents of the Grab Bag Giveaway after it reaches Manda. It is supposed to be a surprise, after all. :D

Lotsa Love and Luck in November,
Magic Mentha

Friday, October 28, 2011

See Y'all on Halloween

Hi Little Pumpkin Heads,

I'm feeling pretty tired and tense lately so I've decided to take a mini break. I'll be back on Halloween (10/31) to announce the winner my One Year Blog Anniversary Grab Bag Giveaway!

Spooky Love to Y'all,
Magic Mentha

The Science Tarot's Tips for Coping with Stress

This morning, at 2am, less than half an hour after getting to sleep, I woke up in a panic, feeling sickly with my heart racing. I had trouble calming down and I wasn't even sure what was wrong. Mindful of my blood pressure issues, I took it and my blood pressure was nearly 160/100. I realized I needed to breathe and calm down and I took several deep breaths and did my best to relax. Even though I didn't get very good sleep last night I managed to get my blood pressure down enough so that it wasn't as dangerous.

I realize that when this happens it's usually a result of feeling tense but not fully recognizing it until I have a panic attack (sometimes in the middle of the night!) and then having to backtrack and do damage control. Ideally, I will get to the point where this happens less and less. I've noticed a trend toward anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and generalized feelings of ickiness again over the past several months, after a period of relative reprieve from it.

To what do I owe this renewed anxiety? Well, I'm guessing it's because things are finally changing. Over the past few years, I've been deeply embroiled in the grind of the day to day issues with my daughter, sometimes without any real sign that anything will ever improve. I just had to keep pushing forward, hoping that what I was doing was helping. Now that we see very concrete results of her treatment, and we're lowering her medications and seeing improvements, I feel more panicked than ever. Why? I don't know. I guess it has something to do with the nature of change: it makes us nervous. And, I think I fear that things will go back to where they were (grand mal seizures, being up all night every night, 24/7 horrible moods, etc and so on) and I guess I fear what WILL be. The mysteriousness of life is something I've had a rough time coping with. While sometimes mystery can be fun, when it comes to more important topics like health and function, I find it hard to feel joyous about it.

So when I felt this anxiety I decided to have more compassion for myself. What would I have normally done? Well, the anxiety would have escalated to the point of collapse, and I would've woken up my husband in an attempt to deal with it. Rather than do that, I did what I could to calm myself on my own. This wasn't even a matter of pride; I just knew that most of the time, I have to contend with these feelings when I'm alone, so I wanted a solution that I could use while alone. Of course, let me state that this is something I've been coping with for as long as I can remember, but I think that I haven't been coping as well as I could have. And I think it's a very individual journey, learning to deal with anxiety.

When I read about these two cards the idea of a holding pattern came into my mind. What do the Four of Pentacles and Hanged Man have in common? They both signify stillness, waiting, stagnation, a holding pattern. There are pros and cons to this stance. Is it saying that I need to just hold and conserve these resources, or should I risk moving out of this position of stagnation into something better? In the Hanged Man, which shows a rock balanced until something comes along and destroys the stillness, it has a phrase, 'enjoy the stillness while it lasts.' I think this is good advice, particularly in times of stress. We often want things to change quickly (I do, obviously!) but we also don't realize when we're driving ourselves crazy, whipping ourselves into a frenzy, in an attempt to move things ever forward. I think this is definitely a source of my stress.

Just because I know some of you (which would include me) probably have no idea what a Meson Dance is, here's some info on it from the Science Tarot Facebook page:

This week's Science Tarot card is the Four of Pentacles: Meson Dance, artwork by Kristy Whitehouse. In this fanciful image, the inconceivably rapid movements of subatomic particles are captured in a moment of relative stability. The resulting image may bring to your weekend a moment of fascination with the wonders of the subatomic world - or, perhaps, a reminder to enjoy a brief dance before moving into your next challenge.

A meson is formed when two subatomic particles, a quark and an antiquark, partner up for a kind of dance. Atoms contain protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks with different energy levels. These quarks mill about their subatomic dance hall, coming together with suitable dance partners. Some will form mesons in a sort of a long tango.

This relationship falls apart when either partner changes. Now solo, each quark goes on to form other interactions, following a new path, and perhaps finding a new partner and a new dance.

This prolonged dance of the meson may explain our reluctance to delay the launch of an adventure. The mission is understood, the tools gathered, yet the real journey has not yet begun. We are comfortable in the known dance of daily routine and stable relationships, but what exotic encounters might yet await us?

Thanks, Science Tarot!

Magic Mentha

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Emerging from the Cocoon (or Ant Colony): Protection Before Change

Using, I decided to pull out my Science Tarot, which (despite some of the drier-looking cards) is a very vivid and unique deck.  Not to mention: you can brush up on some of your science concepts when you read the booklet that comes with it.

So what's on board for today? Well, after some impatient draws with it I finally settled on a question that I wanted an answer to: what can I look forward to happening soon?

The answer was sort of fun, especially when you put the two key words together. Makes you think of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, doesn't it? Well, the Nine of Cups often refers to a wish granted. It means something has been fulfilled. This makes me think that the positive development that's coming is something I really want, really wish for.

The Eight of Cups, the card before the Nine, normally shows a person leaving. You grab you sack and go out the door. That's how we've been feeling lately. We could stay, and there is nothing really forcing us to go (except, maybe, noise and restlessness) but we sense that it's time to move forward and that's why we've chosen to abandon our current circumstances in favor of new, and hopefully better, ones.

So this makes me think that the fulfillment of our wish to leave will soon (relatively speaking, anyway) be made manifest. But just so I cover more bases, let us take a peek at a phrase or two from the booklet. Here's something from the Nine of Cups (beakers):

"What began in simplicity has now grown in magnificent splendor. Your small part in the greater whole may have felt unimportant, but the rewards are now unmistakable."

Of course this Eight of Cups is what you'd expect, describing how each cell transforms and the process of deep change often needs to be protected until it's ready to come to light. I guess this gives a nod to patience, the virtue of the Temperance card. I definitely need to work on the patience bit. This whole process has not lasted more than a few weeks and I'm already getting antsy (no ant pun intended!)...

Magic Mentha

Final Reminder: Grab Bag Giveaway Ends October 31st!

Hi Folks,

If you haven't already entered, the Grab Bag Giveaway will be drawn on October 31st (that's Halloween) and I'll be shipping out your mystery goodies shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

Magic Mentha

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Swine and Slut: Tactless Words and Synchronicity

So, this deck seems fond of insulting me.

Just kidding. It has a point. I do have a tendency to indulge too much. Not long before posting this I had a large slice of pie.

Granted, that by itself is not enough to warrant being called a pig, BUT. Oh my god. Just now, there's a pig chanting in the background on TV (my daughter's watching a show called Word World on PBS):

"Don't eat the pie. Don't eat the pie. Don't eat the pie."

Holy crap! How is that for synchronicity? WTF?

Anyway. Yeah. So I guess I'll lay off the pie. I had a couple slices last night and a couple today. Could this be contributing to my headache and feeling of ickiness? Could very well be. It would not surprise me. Point taken!

I am sure my stress and disappointment of late is making me more swinish, so I will try to find other outlets for my stress.

Here's the description of the card, not that it needs one:

The Pig is the shadow of the indulger, who carries life to license and excess.  The Pig gratifies his senses because there is an emptiness inside that he is trying to fill.  You have at least one self-concept of being a Pig.  It may be strong enough for your excess to emerge on a daily occurrence or only rear its head monthly.  It may be triggered by self-denial, loneliness, stress or even celebrating new levels of success.

Single Card Question: Brain Pains (TMI WARNING)

Hi Y'all,

This is hilarious.

So I had trouble picking a deck on My Divination. I kept picking a deck but when I drew a card (nothing wrong with the meanings, I just didn't love the depictions of the decks I chose).

So when I finally decided on a deck and just said, 'Ok, I won't go back and ask again.' I got the Prostitute. Hilarious! HAHAH! yeah. I guess it's getting me back for my inappropriate suggestions for Chloë. Hehe.

So since this question was about how to get rid of my headache it makes me wonder. Is it saying I need a good orgasm? Could be right. If so, it had better come quickly (so to speak) because my period is due to start any minute.

Magic Mentha

Wordless Wednesday: Snowy Day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Card Spread: Want and Need

More Rabbits (Plus Snakes!)

Using Annikin Want and Need and Tarot of the Masters

MM's Note:
Anyone else find it weird that I supposedly 'want' to be powerless? Well, actually this makes sense on some level. Change is scary, and I think the analysis paralysis keeps you from the 'scary' change. The mothering energy in the Queen of Pentacles makes sense. Seeing the baby thing does still make me sad, though. Even so I can apply this mothering/nurturing energy to my current situation, obviously.

What do I want to happen? 

Eight of Swords
Self-imposed limitations.  Feeling powerless in a situation. Having a victim mentality.  'Paralysis of analysis' (i.e., lack of progress due to over analyzing something).  Inability to understand your situation or to communicate it clearly to others. A need to understand your concerns, reservations, or fears in order to conquer them. Being hampered by blind faith in something. Not seeing the forest for the trees.

What do I need to happen?

Queen of Coins
Being nurturing, a caregiver. A willingness to make sacrifices for others. Sharing your success with people you love. A practical and resourceful approach toward steady progress instead of taking risks in search of quick fixes or a fast buck. A time to work hard toward your goals; there are no easy solutions.

The Healing Deck Recommends: Exercise, Water and Organization

I decided to use my Healing Deck today because I enjoy it for its straightforwardness. Though there are some exceptions to this, the meanings tend to be more practical as opposed to esoteric, and sometimes I like that. That's what I like about oracles, I guess. They're a break from the mysteriousness of tarot. Don't get me wrong, though, the tarot can still be rather blunt, too, but sometimes it's like trying to read a language without knowing it.

So today it's telling me I need exercise (true!) and that I am not drinking enough water (touché!) and that I need to organize my life in a way that helps me and makes sense to me. It specifically mentions that if I'm dealing with something complicated (such as buying and selling a house) that it will help to organize things in advance as much as possible. All of these things seem to apply.

I send you all major hugs and Tuesday goodness,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Running Press Three Card Spread and the Diamond Tarot

General Reading for MM

Using Running Press Spread and Diamond Tarot

What's at Hand

QUEEN OF WANDS - Self-knowledge
Optimistic, zestful, self-confident, honest, strong-willed, generous,
wise, independent, mysterious, attractive. As an event: Business success, a rich harvest a strong attraction.
 (MM's note: Interesting. So this is my card and it's a general reading about me. Maybe this is just a confirmation of that, but I like the concept of self knowledge, and of business success, of course!)

Past Influences

Vitality, zest for life, zest for action, optimism, the affirmation of life, understanding, success, lasting good fortune, a fulfilled relationship, marriage, the healing power of the sun, a clear faculty of judgement, self-confidence,  the experience of unity,
transformation, spirituality
(MM's note: This makes me think of the literal son I was going to have, and how this is in the past. I was thinking about this a LOT today so this makes sense as a confirmation of that, having to leave this part of my life behind.)

Ponder This 

The flourishing of talents, creativity, self-realisation, love of work, status and money, skill, inner contentment, an end to difficulties, success, mastery, cohesion. (MM's note: Hrmm. This is definitely something I need to ponder. Earlier this year, and late last year, I felt like I really wanted to renew my interest in a career path, despite my limitations with my daughter's issues. But I admit I have no idea how to do that, and I want it to allow me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom.)

What To Do 

FIVE OF CUPS - Disappointment   (Reversed)
News, new perspectives on life, deceptive situations, new companions,
a friend returns.
(MM's note: I like this as a reversal. It usually has a positive meaning when reversed. It means the return of hope, emerging from a quagmire. I think this shows that I have to leave my dashed expectations and sad hopes behind and set my sights on new hopes and new ideas.)

Lounge Bunny™

Bunnies and Coins

I'm sleepy! It's 3pm and I feel like I was running a marathon. But really I am just tired and my daughter is a bit feisty today. I just want to take a vacation. I shouldn't complain, though, because things are still a lot better overall.

Anyway, I peeked out my garden window and saw a cute little bunny sitting there, lounging in the grass. Cute, no? He/she is no doubt enjoying the last of the warm fall weather, as tomorrow it starts a snow/rain mix, then all out snow the following day. Oy!

No showings yet. But I guess you knew that. :p The two cards I drew (which I photographed horribly due to trying to get the bunny in the shot as well) were the Four and Six of Pentacles. To me this shows our need to ration our financial resources. We're rather broke now that we spent upwards of a thousand dollars fixing up the house to put on the market. We can't afford the new tires that my husband needs as his are bald. So perhaps this shows some sort of donation or opportunity that we'll get that will help us save enough to get those tires.

Otherwise I have no idea. I am just really sleepy and brain dead. But I'm enjoying being home, and basking in the warm sun coming in through the window. I'm trying to soak it up as much as possible before the cold front hits. But thankfully, this area of the U.S. gets lots of sun, even in the winter, so I'm very grateful for that.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cards for Monday: Making Art with My Daughter

So, my little love biscuits...

Well, no house showings yet.

But, we did have a nice weekend.

We took a break from the chaos, visited family.

We even went to a pumpkin patch where they have various rides and games.

So all in all I am glad for the respite from the house chaos, even though technically it hasn't even begun yet, really! It was nice to just try to enjoy the weekend rather than spend every waking moment fixing something up.

This Monday card (though drawn today, on Sunday) is my daughter's card, but it could also represent an injection of energy into something. Something new happening, maybe.

I wanted some additional information so I did a second pull and got the Eight of Pentacles. This shows Miss Kitty working on some sort of art project. Interesting! So maybe this is encouraging me to work on something with my daughter. I wonder what we could make? Halloween masks? Decorate pumpkins? I will have to think about that.

This also reminded me of how I enjoyed decorating Day of the Dead sugar skulls today with my sister and daughter. So in essence we've already taken this advice, but maybe I can do it again tomorrow. Heck, this also reminds me of my daughter decorating a piggy bank tonight. How funny. I guess it's a theme right now...working on some sort of artsy project.

Magic Mentha

Visiting Two Sisters

Reading for Sunday, October 23, 2011
Using Cards of the day and Magic Manga Tarot
Hi Dears,

These cards I pulled for today (Sunday) make me think of the visit I'll have today with my sisters--two of them, anyway. Well, I'll see at least one of them (the Queen of Swords, shown) and possibly one of the other ones. I'm not quite sure, though, because traditionally the Queen of Pentacles either referred to my Taurus grandmother or maybe the integrative practitioner I work with (a woman) but it could refer to someone else, or maybe even a concept or mood.

The Ace of Pentacles is interesting. Again I'd think of resources but I'm not so sure. This vaguely reminds me of my sister's offer to help her with a Day of the Dead painting thing. Also, we might decorate sugar skulls (which for some reason brought to mind that Ace of Pentacles--why? I dunno...) but I have a feeling I'm missing something. There's some sense of a financial opportunity. I have no idea why or what it is, but there you go.

Love to Y'all,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

MORE Pies and Houses

Well then.

I pulled these three cards and they are a response to a query I had about whether we'll get any showings this weekend. Seems like it might be hinting to that, but I should just stop thinking about it.

Funny, isn't it, that the Star has Marilyn holding a pie? How appropriate. Don't know why that darn pie keeps coming up but there you go. Could just be a humorous tarot confirmation.

I am not sure about the Strength card although it DID remind me of my desire to out and buy some Magic Erasers (this kind of cleaner thing which helps get stubborn stains and things off of certain surfaces)...I only use them once in a blue moon. Most of the time I try to use as natural a cleaner as possible but right before the showing I thought I might use these. Actually some of these claim they are sans chemicals (if you get the right kind) so I may make sure that's the case.

Of course the Ten of Pentacles is most obviously about a house, and she seems like she's 'putting the house on display' as it shows her holding up the giant plate showing the house.

Here's hoping!

Magic Mentha

Finishing Up and Starting Anew: 9, 10 and 1

Hi Folks,

So, again with the pie! I admit I am still eating the pie and I was going to make a second pie for tomorrow's get-together although I may be all pied out for the time being. Hehe.

OK, so I've been getting the Nine and Ten of Pentacles a fair bit lately, I've noticed. The Ace of Wands once in a while but not nearly as much as the upper numbers, but I suspect that's because I'm trying to end my time at this residence so it's more about endings than about beginnings, even though a beginning will naturally follow this ending.

So here we have happy kitty in the garden. Then we have the pie card, the family in the Ten of Pentacles, which is a card that I associate with a dwelling/housing opportunity. 

Again the cards are encouraging, as they show something drawing to a close in a good way. The Ace of Wands indicates a fresh, energetic start. But so far nothing has happened yet. We're still waiting for our first showing. Nothing yet--no calls, no e-mails, no visits from potential buyers. Not even a nip. So I am trying to not expect anything even though the tarot keeps telling me it's happening.

I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with the cutesy Hello, Tarot, but I am! The My Divination site is still exciting to me, too, but I do love taking photos so I'll be back with a deck to focus on and photograph next week. There's a chance of snow already (sigh!) so I have to buckle down and prepare for that.

Magic Mentha

Using Message for Today and Hello,Tarot


Message for Today

main aspect(s) of your day

Your personal interest and achievements are to the fore. Earned reward 

Ultimate success plus financial stability. Could be place of work or dwelling. 

Beginning of creativity, enthusiasm, energy, inspiration or eagerness.