Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Healing a Blue Feeling

I pulled these cards recently and they were supposed to pertain to my feeling sick, but also feeling down. My choice of color for this (I nixed the red in favor of blue) may indeed reflect my mood these past several months. And that made me wonder whether my physical illness was informed by my mood. Not entirely because I do feel there was a stress/environment/situational aspect to it, but I wonder if being in low spirits translated to ill health. Either way, these cards show a triumph over that, though it may take a while (hence the Journey card, as a journey is not usually short).

The Woman of the World card is one of the few 'major arcana' of sorts in this oracle. It shows a woman who's confident, capable and can tackle anything. She looks like a bit of a badass, really. Check out her expression and demeanor. Almost Queen of Swords meets Cruella Deville. Of course I always kind of liked bad guys over the sickly sweet heroines. Anyway. But there IS something sad about this Woman of the World. Is she a Woman of the World because she is lonely? I dunno. There's something lonely about this card.

Speaking of worlds, right next to the Woman of the World we have Abundance, which features a palm-sized world cradled by a pair of hands. It's like this reading is offering me success and the world. Maybe it shows me taking this journey and accepting the abundance of the world. That would be nice.

I'll settle for feeling good, both emotionally and physically, even if it's just for a little while!

Magic Mentha

Doubting the Good Things

I drew these cards yesterday (or was it the day before?) with the plan to post them sometime this week. Looks like today is the day. In these three cards, what I saw was my doubt with regards to the good things in life. If someone hands you a gift or offers you hope, there is often the fear of there being an ulterior motive, or of something going wrong. This is a fear I have to learn to vanquish. One thing is certain: everything IS temporary, both the good and the bad things. So if hope and generosity are on offer, then I will try not to doubt them.

Magic Mentha

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lowering My Daughter's Medication Again

The cards I drew about the effects of lowering my daughter's meds. Celebration, Strength, Confidence?

My daughter has been showing signs that she's over-medicated (signs that were described by her integrative doc and the psychiatrist who manages her medication) and ready for another lowering of her meds. So we've decided to do one last lowering before next year. We WERE going to stop here but we recognize the signs of over-medication and we're happy (and hopeful) that this means the lowering of meds has been a good thing. Her improved cognition and interaction seem indicative of this.

It's interesting to watch (though obviously nerve-racking and emotionally and physically demanding) a brief but stressful period of adjustment where she sleeps badly, is moody, etc, for several days, up to two weeks, and then she becomes really even-keeled and her cognitive abilities soar. And after a time it seems she plateaus, which is followed by a worsening of her mood and lowering of her attention span, and that is when we lower her medication again.

Because the holidays are approaching (though I guess we're technically already there) I want to stop with this adjustment. It will give us almost a full month before Christmas. By then we hope she'll be well-adjusted to this new dose. Obviously every time I do this I fear seizures but so far there have been no indications of anything resembling a seizure, which gives us hope.

Wish us luck!

Magic Mentha

p.s. Excuse the crappy edit. Something appears to be wrong with my mouse so my edits aren't very precise. I have almost no control over the levels of effects I use. So annoying! Ah well.

The Violin Synchronicity

I was messing around with some oracles this morning as I was impatiently waiting for my daughter to finish doing something. I opened a pack of Loteria cards my family got me for my birthday earlier this year. They can be used as an oracle, and I decided just to wing it and not use a key of any sort.

I got Violin (and a few other music-related cards!) and I found that odd since I don't play a violin or anything close to it. I played the flute for a while and was decent at it, but I have no desire to do it again. I wonder what it could refer to?

So I went and pulled out the Answer is Simple Oracle and did another draw. I got 'Reclaim Your Art' which shows a woman pulling a violin case down from the top of a shelf. Funny, right?

Rather than take this TOO literally I am going to try it see it more as the Reclaim Your Art card states, that I need to create something artistic (and it lists many things, including cooking, writing, visual art and music) and do it without harsh inner judgement.

The Lenormand Quest site lists this as the interpretation for the Violincello card:

Interpretations: Grow up and recognize the harsh realities of life OR When something blocks your way, go another direction OR Even if you can't have what you want, you can enjoy what you have.

I like the middle one, but they could all be relevant. I have to be realistic (item 1), I have to be persistent (item 2), and I have to appreciate and enjoy what I have (item 3). I suppose it is quite relevant to my decision to open up a new Etsy shop in the spring. I have to stop the internal critic and decide what feels good to create and sell.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Work Goals Regarding a New Etsy Shop in 2012

When I drew the other two pulls (see two previous readings) I also pulled this trio regarding a possible new creative venture, an Etsy shop I reserved for the spring (to be announced). I wanted to know what beneficial goals and points of focus to have for this new Etsy shop.

The answer I got seemed to indicate that making a solid decision about what to offer (Judgement shows choosing a path), and attending to the issue at hand like a master, as well as really getting my message out (marketing?) would all be of great benefit.

I will definitely keep all of these things in mind for when I open the business, this upcoming spring, 2012.

Magic Mentha

Recognizing My Desire to Discover Happiness

When I drew this card I didn't really know what to think. It feels a little like the Six of Cups. Childhood nostalgia, sweetness. There's a certain bitter-sweetness to childhood because it's short. Children grow up, etc.

But today I felt like focusing on the feeling of pure joy and happiness that children seem able to capture that adults find elusive. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...all that crap. :)

I didn't really have a carefree childhood. I had acute anxiety from the age of about three onward. I had frequent anxiety attacks and constant phobias, that continue to this day. I think what I'm feeling when I see this card is a desire to finally try to enjoy myself.

Socially, I've realized that even though I'm an extrovert in some ways, I've never really learned how to relax and have fun. I'm always worried about something. I have a harsh inner critic and I also have a lot of fears in general. But while I may be way too sensitive in a bad way about some things, to the point of touchiness, I can also be a good friend when I'm not tangled up in my own fears.

These are just some of the things that come to mind when I see this card. I wonder what it's like to be really happy or free. I think even a taste of this would be good for me now. To cast away some of my worries, as plenty of them can come back later if they want.

Magic Mentha

A Sexual & Spiritual Journey

Here's a draw I did that I am not sure what it means. It may have something to do with my ongoing, recent reading of some relationship books which talk about sex, love, passion and other topics. To me, this shows that it is a long journey and involves my heart and soul and not just my gonads. That intimacy is found first in things other than sex--and that sex is made better by the act of differentiation and acting from the best in yourself, not from having the best technique in the sack.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Posting a Little Early: FAME? Hah!

**UPDATE** Ha.ha.ha!!! OMG. It actually meant something. When I left I was just dinking around on YouTube looking at and listening to songs nostalgically--songs I liked in my childhood and teenagehod. There's a band, Timbuk3, that has a hit 'The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades' and when we were kids, my sister and I were in one of their music videos. I found it tonight! I've been waiting for ages for someone to post it on YouTube. So that's my little 5 minutes of fame! If you watch it, that's me in the opening scene with the big glasses and red sweatshirt with orange shapes on it. I was 9 years old when the video came out in 1988. The funny thing is that this image of the sunglasses does remind me of their smash hit that I mentioned above (The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades)...great, hunh?

I asked the Answer Deck what was happening for me that was good that I didn't know about. I got Fame. Funny, hunh? I can't even remotely imagine what this could refer to.

Obviously I'll update y'all if and when I find out.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Healing Flower Color Cards: Green, Letting Go, Gathering Energy

Message for Today

main aspect(s) of your day

VINE (32)
I learn to distinguish when to tackle and when to let go. MM's note: So true! 

I gather new energies to lead a more conscious and happy life. MM's note: Yes, thanks!

I may let go and allow myself to be lifted by divine power. MM's note: More about letting go!

Flower Market: Exercise to Sleep Better

Hello Sweet Petunias,

So I guess I'm in the mood to draw from this oracle, so here's what I drew in response to my question about what would help me sleep better. It's kinda weird. Reminds me of the 5 of Wands:

Contest - Rivalry - Competing in a good or bad way - Playing to win - A race or a game - Struggle - Taking home the prize.

You know what this makes me think of right off the bat? Exercise. Competition, games, struggle, a race. Maybe it's telling me to exercise more earlier in the day in order to sleep better.

Just a thought.


Another Fiesty Flower Lady: Cactus

Yeah, that's right. I'm touchy!
Simply because I like this deck and I wanted to choose another card, and because this card reminds me of a couple other Tori songs I like, the recent 'Cactus Practice' from her classical album and the older, 'Sweet Sangria' just because it reminds me of cacti and the southwest since the song is about Austin, Texas (where I was born!) Here's a video of the backstory on the song.

Here's the card's meaning:

An irritation - Something that makes you feel uncomfortable or cross - An unapproachable person or situation - A challenge that needs to be handled with care.
"Give me a bloodless road. Tell me why does someone have to lose?" 
Hrm. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one. Wouldn't surprise me. Reminds me of what I just posted today about trying to get my cranky daughter to go anywhere with me!

Magic Mentha

Today's Needs: Bare Necessities

Drink that water! Chug! Chug!
I chose a single card from the Victorian Flower Oracle, which is an oracle I purchased for my sister a while ago. It's a cheeky little thing. Each card is a flower with quite the personality and interesting meanings to match. My basic question was what I needed to focus on today, and the answer was:

Needs - Requirements - The basic necessities - Essentials - Desires.
Hunh. O.K. So basically it is having me stick to the essentials today. But which are needs and which are desires? All I could think of when I saw this card was a reminder to drink water.

This card also brings to mind one of my favorite Tori Amos lyrics from 'Another Girl's Paradise':

"What I want is not to want what isn't mine...but I am desire."

I have nothing further to add, but I shall try to stick to the basics...

Magic Mentha

Bribe & Beg: Tools of My Special Needs Parenting Trade

This week (at least today and tomorrow) I'll be using the Answer Deck. Then I really am taking a few days off, though probably only 24-27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm thankful to say that my husband has Thurs/Friday off, and the subsequent weekend as well (and is not on call...thank goodness!) so I would like to spend time with him while he's home.

The topic of today's draw is the rather wearying issue of trying to get my daughter out and about lately. I've noticed a growing trend of her wanting to stay home and play in her room or watch Dora the Explorer, or some other thing for hours on end, and I really want her to get out and about more. We used to go out every day, sometimes several times a day, but lately she is more independent and insistent on spending time to herself. While I'm on the one hand grateful for this independence, on the other hand it presents problems and she is really too young to know what is good for her, which is a balance of being home and out.

So, my days have been filled largely with my daughter pouting, crying, and refusing to go out, saying she wants to stay home, or she 'still has things to do' is her favorite line lately. Or she'll come up with a plan, which has nothing to do with what I wanted to do. The problem is that I can't have every day be like this. I need to have her listen to at least SOME of my direction, but when you have a daughter with severe ADHD, who is not neurotypical, has mild language delays due to the medication, and is moody and stubborn as all get out (moon/mars in Taurus) ...well, you have a problem. It's not easy. Also: I'm bored and depressed.

Anyway. The two things that work are represented in this reading. Begging and bribing. Sad, but true. I need to come up with incentives to get her going, and believe me, I'm tired of threatening her, so I don't want to do that. So if it means I'll have to offer her a small toy or a square of dark chocolate (dairy-free) then I may have to do that. I have to go to the post office today and I promised to check on a delivery to my mom's house that she said is due today--they're out of town and can't pick it up.

I've read a number of parenting books, and they all say begging and bribing are wrong. While I do mostly agree with them, I think that sometimes you're just screwed, especially when you have a very atypical child with mental health issues. Nothing has ever gone anywhere near normal with us and as such sometimes I have to employ tactics that would otherwise be looked down upon.

I guess the Answer Deck agrees with me. Either that or it's trying to be funny and tease me.

Ultimately, I want to teach my daughter how to handle her emotions and impulses.

Magic Mentha

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aw, F-ck That. I Will SO Post!

Hi Dears,

Haha. Just ignore what I posted about not posting. I will still post. I just may post half as much. Or twice as much. Or sixteen times as much...

Thanks, Submerina!


Posting Again in 2012

I know I always say this but never follow through (and this may well be the case this time, too) but I have been sort of 'blah' about posting toward the end of the year. So I've made the somewhat difficult decision to postpone posting until January 2012.

I may shorten or extend the hiatus, depending on how I feel about posting. I keep promising myself to make some real goals for myself, and I have not yet done so, so I'm sorta-kinda punishing myself by not allowing blogging until I come up with some REAL DEAL goals that I want to start on (or at least PLAN for 2012). If I fail to come up with any honest to goodness goals then I'll have to continue the hiatus.

I'll probably still be reading and commenting on your blogs, though. :)

Much Love,

Caution in the Present: Addressing Perceived Failures

Using Card of the day and Kingdom Within Tarot

Card of the day 

Ten of Swords (Reversed)
Normally, this card reversed suggests that the querent is struggling with feelings of failure and ruin. If poorly aspected, the querent is intellectually arrogant, image-driven, two-faced, superficial, and damages others with his or her thoughtless words. This may be a message to the querent to avoid gossiping, for his or her own cruel words will bring ruin. The querent may be seeking to move on to the next new and exciting experience rather than face the failure of the current situation. Underlying the fear of failure is the ultimate fear of dying.  MM's comment: You know, this is a kind of intense and harsh interpretation, but it makes sense for me. I realized that when I posted yesterday I was grasping for some new venture, right after I said that in order to regain my health, sleep and sanity I needed to chill out and back off any major moves or new ventures. It's amazing how short my memory is for these things...less than a day! I'm so impatient. Right now I really do need to sort out my feelings about my life and discover what's holding me back rather than launch headlong into a new project (particularly RIGHT before mercury retrograde, which starts in a few days). What is perhaps more disheartening is my own attitude toward myself. When I thought about it, I realized I DO see myself primarily as a failure in terms of traditional success. Why is that? Because I am a stay-at-home mom? Because I have only one child and I think that makes me pathetic and lazy? I'm not sure quite what it is, but I do think that I judge myself pretty harshly. Sometimes I think there are valid pieces of information in these harsh words, just delivered very badly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Follow-up Reading About Biz Stuff

I did a reading, a follow-up to the business reading in the previous post, and here's what it said. Overall I found it pretty compelling and I am going to review it a few times to glean what I can from it.  I highlighted the parts that I found interesting or relevant in red:

Using Annikin Pathway and Kingdom Within Tarot

Am I on the right pathway? 

Three of Cups   (Reversed)
The querent is either being tempted to cheat on his or her significant other or else suspects another of cheating. Conversely, s/he may be consumed with an all-pervasive desire for more.If very well aspected, this card can indicate remarkable ingenuity in the realms of speaking and writing on the part of the querent. Boredom feeds the drive for excess.

Should I change direction? 

3 The Empress
The Empress is a beautiful card, literally; she beautifies and sweetens the surrounding cards and situation whenever she shows up in a reading. In a man’s reading, she can represent his mother or lover, as well as suggest a potential lover entering his life. In a woman’s reading she suggests that the querent is a wonderful woman and mother; she may also indicate that the woman is fertile and able to become pregnant (or perhaps is already so). As a significator, she points towards locations and professions dealing with fertility, beauty, or aesthetics; perhaps the querent is an artist, or loves jewelry, or is a stay-at-home mom. Because Venus rules Taurus, she may also appear in a reading to 'sweeten up' the querent’s money matters. In a reading regarding love, The Empress brings feminine romance and seduction in contrast to the more masculine raw, animal passion. If very poorly aspected, The Empress suggests loss and dissipation in the areas that Venus normally 'sweetens'. 

What of the way ahead?

Two of Wands
It’s time to 'take the bull by the horns'. Lead the others into the new enterprise with gusto! What the situation needs is dominating, aggressive force: if the querent takes control and faces the unknown head-on, then s/he will succeed. Mars can sometime represent an assertive older woman in the querent’s life, depending upon surrounding cards. This card may also forecast a sudden situation or accident coming that will demand impulsive, forceful action on the part of the querent. Exhilaration sustains the querent’s efforts.

Single Card Query: Should I Start a Biz?

SHOULD I start a biz?

Using Kingdom Within Tarot
Nine of Cups
If well aspected, gladness and festivity. Generally, intoxicating immersion in material happiness to the point of gluttony. If poorly aspected, there may be hidden alcoholism, drug problems, codependency, or seduction. Be wary of superfluous spending, gratuitous sex, getting fat, and the negative affects of too much celebration. If very poorly aspected, everything may not be as wonderful as it seems—watch out for ulterior motives.
MM's note: Haha! Well, it either looks good, or really, really naughty? What a funny deck. :) Also, I can't get rid of the weird formatting or the tons of extra blank space under this writing. Sorry loves...

The Pathway Spread and Gummy Bears Identify My Stressors

Chloƫ still has me relatively hooked on one of her favorite spreads. This Pathway Spread has proven useful and succinct in identifying issues and helping with suggestions on solving them.

Today's topic (upon returning from a thankfully pleasant outing to the Butterfly Pavilion) has to do with my horrible sleep and general icky feelings (exhaustion, nausea, tension) lately. I wanted to know what the deal was and what would help. I'm pleased to say that the spread did shed some light on the situation.

In the position representing the situation we have the gloomy Four of Cups. The morose bear represents my problem. It's true that I've been having a bit of a malaise lately. O.K. I'll be honest. This entire year I've felt a lot like this bear. I was just telling my husband recently that this year has been marked by a long depression and inability to pull myself out of it.

In the recommended approach position we have the Nine of Swords. This one takes a little bit of creative thinking to decipher but not much. What I immediately saw in this is my difficulty sleeping; I think it's impacting me in myriad ways. This card is one I'm very familiar with because its key words often include 'anxiety' 'nightmare' and 'stress' in them. Ever since I was little, I've had a really, really hard time sleeping, with loads of night anxiety being a large part of the reason. When there's something on my mind that I can't shake, I get this card. When I'm not feeling well and it impacts my sleep, I get this card. But primarily this is a card of interrupted sleep brought on by stress. This is precisely what this reading is about.

The main thing I was concerned about when I drew this three cards is my inability to stay asleep lately. It's worse than usual. Normally I might have a little trouble sleeping but I'll generally do alright after a brief struggle getting to bed. Nowadays, I'll lay down, get to sleep but wake up, sometimes less than an hour after falling asleep, feeling tense, nauseated and panicked. I'll find something distracting or relaxing to do (usually involving a warm bath or other thing) and eventually get to sleep when I'm exhausted enough to do so. At first I thought it might be my blood sugar or blood pressure, but neither seemed high enough to warrant such a pattern.

My husband thinks it is my anxiety. He's lived with me for more than a decade and he's familiar with my patterns of anxiety. He thinks I was feeling unwell recently (very true) which triggered my anxiety (also true) and now I'm stuck in this stress loop that I can't break out of. On top of that, and likely because of it, my period was almost a month late. Thankfully it started today, which may alleviate some of the prolonged PMS symptoms I've been experiencing lately. I generally feel pretty crappy when my period skips. I knew I wasn't pregnant (hello vasectomy, etc) but I couldn't help worry about that anyway. Now that my period has started, I feel a little better, at least about the hormonal end of things.

Here's the odd part. The third card is what I should avoid, what is contraindicated for my situation. The Knight of Wands shows up here, which I find odd. I shouldn't get moving, I shouldn't be active/excitable/busy/etc? Interesting. Of course this could also be a nod to our recent decision to postpone moving a few months, until mid-late February, when we're at the very end of winter and people are again beginning to look for houses, and when our finances are looking better. Granted, one wonders what this has to do with my current anxiety and health situation?

Well, it could be that it's simply telling me to take a rest, to not worry about the concept of moving or getting something started right now. I think I put a lot of stock and a lot of stress into fixing up the house and that's precisely when my mysterious sinus issues and other issues began. Mid-October is when I began to feel under the weather and I hadn't shaken it entirely since, but now I'm realizing that my illness may be related more to the stress of an impending move rather than strictly a typical cold/flu.

I think I'll take this as a sign to relax, try to go into hibernation in terms of starting new projects or major moves for the winter season, as forcing some major change at this time is only going to cause me undue stress and ickiness.

Magic Mentha

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inspired by the Gummy Bear Tarot?

Charmingly Creepy Soap Bear™
This goofy-looking guy is something I did (quickly, somewhat sloppily, but with fun) to give to my mom. It's nothing more than an empty (mega-sized!) honey bear that I had cleaned thoroughly then filled with dish soap: a combination of earth-toned castille soap and green apple-scented dish soap. I added almond and vanilla extracts and shook them up, then added the hilariously childish metallic green decorations and hand-written butterfly label. None of this requires any artistic talent, and it's not really meant to be a piece of artwork. Just something cutesy. There are times when I simply don't feel like spending hours on a project.

I have to admit there's something mesmerizing about minuscule olive-green bubbles moving within the bear, not unlike a lava lamp. I guess that's the secondary function of this dish soap. The colors go with my mom's avocado/olive-green kitchen, but really this is too ugly to be called a decorative item. But why do I love this bear so?

Much Love,
Magic Mentha

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Fish Oil Supplement for My Daughter

I drew these cards last night for today. I admit I am not QUITE sure what they mean, but I'll give it time. Even though it CAN mean other things, the Page of Wands is my daughter's card. I instantly think of her when I see this card. What a cute version, too, with the jaunty hat and shirt. Of course I changed the colors around again in Be Funky (can't resist!) but you know me.

The Page of Cups stands alongside with a cup of fish. You know something weird is I thought of fish oil when I saw this. My daughter takes it, for its very positive effect on the brain, and I was reading someone's blog recently that talked about krill oil being able to go through the brain/blood barrier, and I was wondering where I could find a liquid version that my daughter could take.

I know it's lame, but that's what this duo made me think of. And with that, I wish you all a good weekend. I'm going to try desperately to recuperate. I'll see y'all Monday.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

My (Diarrhea-filled) Cup Runneth Over

So, even though my sense of smell has partially returned (not 100%, but better is better) I now have a case of the runs. A couple of hours ago I had diarrhea twice. I've been nauseated on and off for a while. This is just annoying. I'm actually suspecting the antibiotics. I generally react poorly to antibiotics and I'm sort of against them, really. They kill all the beneficial flora in the intestines and leave a person vulnerable for nasty microbes. So I always take them with a hefty dose of pro-biotics (a few hours after) to replenish my gut.

Even so, it doesn't take care of the nausea and, apparently, diarrhea. Because I reacted especially poorly to the antibiotics and wasn't noticing much of an improvement in my overall feeling of wellness, I decided to stop them yesterday. I had been on them five days. I actually suspect I may be allergic to some forms of antibiotics because I believe they may be classified as a type of fungus/yeast (like penicillin, which is grown in a similar way). I'm very sensitive to yeasty and moldy things. Not to mention, because it kills the beneficial bacteria, it leaves you open to yeast infections. So I'm definitely making sure to get those pro-biotics in so I can curtail this unpleasantness.

These are the two cards I pulled. I had to laugh because to me, this is totally a great representation of diarrhea. The 8 of Wands is speed, swiftness. The Ace of Cups shows a liquid flowing over. Do I have to explain this to you? Probably not, right. Most people have had diarrhea at least once.

I'll leave it at that before everyone unsubscribes from my blog...

Magic Mentha

The Past, Present & Future of My Sickness: I MUST Be King!

Normally I don't particularly like PPF spreads. They're a bit too pat. They just seem so...final. Like you only get one option per time frame. Of course, I DO like to do layered P/P/F spreads, where I have maybe two or three cards per layer, but that's a little less intimidating.

This one amused me though. The visuals worked pretty well for getting over illness. The bound and gagged gummy seemed appropriate, the Death card indicating change (or death, har!) and the feisty King of Wands is large and in charge once again.

Magic Mentha

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Positive Trend Plus Couple Time

Dearest Gummy Enthusiasts,

When I pulled today's duo I didn't really have anything too specific in mind to read about. I guess I was just seeing what came up. I was glad that the cards seem fairly positive.

The Six of Swords shows a trio (a family, not unlike mine, except more gummy) sailing away from troubled waters toward a new land. This is an encouraging card, which comes after a period of strife, sometimes after a long period of strife. The figures look huddled and rather weary. This image reminds me of immigrants coming to America, hoping for a new life. Sometimes they got it, sometimes they didn't, but they had escaped oppressive regimes and bad times and set sail for something new and better.

In the second card we have a couple. This reminds me of the newfound time I've had lately with my husband, after nearly six years of struggle with my daughter's health and sleep issues. Since she's going to bed at much more normal hours and actually sleeping, we've been able to have more time together. Granted, we've been tired and sick lately but overall we're supremely grateful that we are able to connect again after using our entire focus on our daughter for so long.

Granted, we are still largely focused on our daughter's issues but we've done many things we weren't sure we'd be able to do any time soon, such as going on dates and watching shows in the evening together when my daughter is (blissfully) asleep, or just having a quickie...err. Sorry. I guess I went too far with my description. But the point is that so little focus was on our relationship before, and now there's a renewed sense of romance and commitment which I am truly grateful for.

Magic Mentha

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tarot Task from the Yummy Gummies: Shed That Old Skin!

Hi Dearlings,

One of the things I like about the Gummy Bear Tarot is that, in the LWB, they have tasks for each card. They serve as a quick, decisive divination punch for each card.

I asked for a task in pulling this card, and the one I got was:

"Shedding old skin."

Seems like the message today is about endings, as I got two high level cards (10) which show a transition.

Magic Mentha

The Ten of Pentacles and Family Connections

I changed the color scheme in Be Funky. :)
Since I didn't feel drawn to any one deck, I chose this deck using Random.org out of my list of 32 tarot decks and oracles. I actually don't really feel like reading today but I did anyway.

Not sure why but there you go! I did a few mini readings with this and finally just chose a card to feature. The card in question is the Ten of Pentacles. This is a card of stability, family, generations, inheritance, property, a legacy. I don't know what I'm supposed to feel or do about this card but I'm trying.

I know this has very recently meant selling the house. It came up in readings done for me this past year by a local tarot reader who read for me at a meta-fair. But why show up now? Maybe it's just a reminder to keep it in sight. Or it's possible that it's just showing that home is where the heart is, or maybe it isn't any of the above.

Another possible interpretation is that it's my mother's birthday tomorrow and that reminds me of the passage of time, of generations (as mentioned above) and time spent together in celebration. This past weekend we had a birthday party for my mom, where as many close family as we could muster got together and cooked and spent time together. This is as valid an interpretation of the Ten of Pentacles as any other. I guess today, as I sit here alone in the dining room while my daughter plays in her room, (her choice, I wanted to go out!) I'm feeling lonely and disconnected, but the Ten of Pentacles reminds me of family ties, the familial interactions that keep me from feeling completely severed from anyone or anything.

Magic Mentha

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Nice Day Out and About in the World

Just a short and sweet post and quick final draw with the Jolanda Tarot to say that we had a nice day out and about as a family. Amazingly, very little action in the melt down category (hallelujah!) and I didn't feel too badly despite feeling a little bit groggy and still not entirely possessing a total sense of smell.

We went to lunch in a local cafe which has gluten-free items and dairy-free smoothies that my daughter can have. We had a companionable time drinking our drinks and eating our food, and my daughter didn't go ballistic or super ADHD. She quietly sat and drank her smoothee and ate her food. I was quite impressed.

We walked around the block, enjoying the nice (for November) weather in the low 60's, and stopped off at the local rock shop to look at all the toys and geological things (rocks, geodes, etc). My daughter chose a few small animals that were fifty cents each (the whales in the image to the left remind me that two of the animals were whales) and a funny ring that's a mouse with an led light. All in all it was a satisfying outing.

We pushed it a little too far at the end by going to a bookstore and looking around. My daughter did finally throw a mini tantrum (thankfully it only lasted half a minute) when she couldn't find the book she wanted to get--some My Little Pony Sticker Book which we found (thankfully with ease) but were were able to regain most of her composure, enough to finish our outing then head back home.

I do feel grateful for having a good day like this. Over the past several years the days like this were incredibly rare. I basically had written off the concept of ever having a halfway normal life again. I may not ever have a 'normal' life, but hopefully we can do our personal best.

Magic Mentha

Temporary Pseudo-Vegetarian

Note the carrot and produce, etc.
I pulled this card last night via My Divination (this is the last day I'll be using that as a replacement to pulling and photographing cards) and when I looked at it today it seemed to mirror my decision to cut out dairy and some meats, just temporarily, to see if it helped my weird sinus issue.

I've noted that dairy is congesting, whether or not you're allergic to it, and while I love it, and I would rather not skip it, I think I may remove it for a while and see how I feel. I also plan to cut back on other meats. I'm eating a hearty lentil soup left over from yesterday's party food that I made. I am trying to focus more on vegetable-based foods, rely less on starches and meat (and dairy), mostly for health reasons, not for ethical reasons (not that ethical considerations aren't very important)...

Anyway, I think doing cleanses like this from time to time are a good idea. Whether it's only for a week, or a whole month or two.  I may lose my resolve in a few days but we'll see how I feel.


p.s. for any REAL vegans or vegetarians out there--I realize a vegan is someone who avoids ALL animal products including honey and dairy, etc, and a vegetarian avoids all meat, but may eat dairy or eggs, etc. I am just randomly calling myself a pseudo-vegetarian, but what I should've said is I am leaning more towards a plant-based diet, though not entirely eschewing meat.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Jolanda Tarot Promises I'll Get Better Soon

It's the end of the day here in Magical Mentha Land, and I am feeling icky again. I think I felt decently better today, but by no means perfect or excellent, but it seems the trend seems towards improvement. But after all the cooking, baking and party stuff today I just feel wiped out.

I've noted I tend to feel most icky at the end of the day (and the very beginning of the next) so I'm hoping this is just a lingering feeling of malaise as the treatment will hopefully work. I decided to pull a card seeing if I'd get better soon or not. I got the 8 of Wands, which I definitely would consider a 'soon' card, as it indicates swiftness. Let's hope so, because it's going on almost a month that I've started experiencing this symptoms.

I have to say that feeling sick definitely makes me focus single-mindedly on wanting to feel better. When I feel physically off, nothing else really matters all that much. Health really is wealth and I have to take better care of mine.

Love to Y'all,

Magical Mantra: Heal, Decongest

Hello Earthlings,

I did a single card pull again, over at My Divination. At first I got the Five of Cups but I accidentally forgot to save the image so I just gave up and drew again. Funny, because I got a nicer card, which can't hurt.

The Star reared its odd, bear-clad head. Isn't this a bizarre depiction of this trump? Strange indeed, but I like it. I feel like of like this bear-woman, covered by a giant cloak of grumpy bearness. Of course she looks happy about it, so that's nice. ;D

I can't tell what those blobs are right under her face but the funny thing is that they made me think of either germs or mucous. Gross, right? I hope this means I'll be healing from my sinus affliction soon.

Love Lots,
Mentha (too graphic for words)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Predictive Single Card Pull: Will I Sleep Well?

It's just after 11pm here, and I'm feeling rather weary.I have not slept well the past several nights (though this is not really a NEW thing, but it is worse than usual). This can be chalked up to a strange, very lingering sinusitis and flu combo. I have no idea where it came from why, how or even when, but I know it started not long before deciding to put the house up for sale, nearly three weeks ago.
*UPDATE!* Well, I slept better than I have. I did wake up a couple times but at least I didn't wake up feeling violently nauseated and shaky! Woo. So that is a big improvement. :D

Hmm. I'm confused. I think I accidentally deleted the first paragraph of this post. Ah well. Just pretend you know what I'm talking about, then! ;)

So yes--I've been sick a long time! This morning, I had a doctor's appointment. After feeling fed up with being so exhausted, sickly and woozy, I decided to drag my carcass in and get checked out. She said that most likely the symptoms I was experiencing, including a loss of smell, was due to sinus issues, but if the course of antibiotics she gave me did not work, she suggested I get an MRI of my head to make sure nothing was impacting my olfactory nerve (or whatnot). This is nerve-racking because  (in other words) to make sure it's no tumor.

But my doctor is very tactful and she said it was highly unlikely that this was the case. She said that the nausea I was experiencing was likely due to post-nasal drip (ew, sorry) and she suggested drying up the congestion/nasal drip with a decongestant or similar product (one safe for high blood pressure). Oy vey. Normally I eschew western doctors, except in the event of emergency care, but after being sick for nearly a month now I'm fed up. Plus I really miss my sense of smell, which has been about 1/2 or more gone (2/3rds gone at some points) and well, I feel really weird without it.

But perhaps the worst part is the nausea and bad sleep. I feel so off and icky that I wake up in the night feeling almost like I need to puke. Again she thinks this is post nasal drip which is worse or problematic at night, so I'm taking my weary self to bed and hope that I actually sleep through the night this time. My mom's birthday party is in the afternoon tomorrow and I did nearly all of the cooking and baking for it. Stuffed squashes, soup, and baked two pies. I know...me and my pies!

The single card draw I've done for today is from the Jolanda Tarot, chosen via My Divination. Thanks, Monica, for reminding me of this deck. When I saw it on My Divination I also used it several times and enjoyed its funky flair. I was happy to see the Wheel of Fortune as the answer to my query. Usually I see this as a turn of good fortune.

I'll update in the morning as to whether I slept decently or not...

Here's hoping you all have good rest and a nice weekend.

Much Love,
Magic Mentha

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hiatus & Hindrance

Hindrance, Hexagram 39

Hi Folks,

I am still feeling under the weather (lost count--this is week two or three) and I think I'm gonna take a break from reading and writing blogs. I'll be back to give you blog love next week.

On a somewhat unrelated note, we've decided to postpone selling the house. Due to bad timing and a complete lack of interest in the house, we're going to put it back on the market after the holidays, probably in mid February, with a slightly lower price, since we'll have a little more wiggle room by that time. I decided I didn't want to deal with this thing dragging on through the holidays and the cold and snow.

Hugs to y'all,