Tuesday, January 31, 2012

House Hunting Trio: Hand, Bread, Door

I pulled these cards earlier this evening. The topic for this draw is my house hunting excursion with my realtor, to take place tomorrow morning. There are fourteen houses on the list! It sounds like a lot, and it is, I suppose, but I am a very decisive person. I actually am particularly decisive when it comes to houses. I really have a strong feeling for or against a house in a short amount of time. And once that feeling sets in, it seems hard for me to shake it.

Of course, my husband's input is very important, and when there are perhaps a handful of houses to choose from, we'll set up a weekend search so he can come. Because we're in a bit of a hurry, I'm going in the middle of the week, while he's at work. I admit I am nervous that we won't be able to coordinate the close of our current house with the next house, but my realtor does it all the time, so I should trust that she knows what she's doing.

So, anyway. Seeing these three cards was nice. There's nothing too painful in this group of cards. The 'Hand' card clearly shows that I need assistance in this matter. That's for sure! I don't know much about the real estate market, and I don't know the neighborhoods in this city anywhere near as well as my realtor does--since she has sold homes here for more than a decade. I definitely am counting on her to give me feedback on the best neighborhoods, any problems with contracts, or other issues related to the technicalities that wouldn't otherwise occur to me.

The 'Bread' card feels really welcoming and wholesome to me, even though I don't eat gluten. Haha! Anyway. The subtitle, since it got cut off, reads, 'Period of prosperity and plenty.' I guess you probably figured that out without my help, though. The final card, 'Door' definitely makes me think of a house. The door symbol is used more vaguely to represent opportunity and 'doors opening' in one's life, but in this case, I also think it literally means a door to a house.

I'll try to post tomorrow, late afternoon or early evening, and report on my house hunting experience. :)

Love to Y'all and Happy February,
Magic Mentha

House Inspection: Protecting Ourselves from Stubborn Buyers

(Update) Something Different: Jewelry and Money? Really?


I ended up getting both! My husband got me a very pretty necklace with swallows and an antique skeleton key, and I also got money in from my husband's bonus that I wasn't expecting. 

Now this one I can't figure out. Seems so literal. Getting jewelry and money. Really? Strange.

I guess I'll have to update on this one. :)

Magic Mentha

*UPDATED* Wish Fulfillment

*UPDATE* Our offer was accepted. That is, of course, unless the inspection finds more things wrong than we can cover financially, but barring that, we should be ok! Now the nerve-racking task of finding another home and coordinating the close with this one!

I decided to pull a couple cards this morning, but because I don't have my camera (I left it somewhere in the car and my hair's wet and it's cold and I don't want to go out there--whine, whine) I used my Photo Booth program to take this somewhat mediocre picture of the cards (and goofy pic of me) which are 'Wishbone' and 'Well'.

The question I asked of these cards was, 'Will the buyers accept our counter offer?' Now, sometimes it's hard to interpret yes or no in tarot, but usually I can get a good idea from the cards. If they're overtly negative then I take that as a no. If they're primarily positive I take that as a yes. If they're mixed, I take that as a 'well, maybe, but after some changes.'

Since you can't see them, the captions read:

Wishbone: A wish is granted.

Well: Family wishes come true.

Seems redundant, doesn't it?! Yeah! However, I'll obviously update either way on what the final word from these buyers is. I sure hope they accept it. For crying out loud, we're paying their closing costs AND we are giving them an amazing deal on the house price itself.

Anyway. This morning, around a quarter to 8am, I was reminded again why we're moving. Even though the neighbors were strongly warned (and punished, I'm assuming) about the bigger dog biting the city employee, the smaller dog was out there barking and baying to beat the band. But no matter. We're getting the heck out of here soon. I can't comment on the ridiculous idiocy of these neighbors. But really, it's a good excuse for us to get moving, which we've been thinking of doing for so long.

I like the contingency on the 'Well' card. The description talks about a family wish coming true ONLY if it benefits the entire family. Judging from the complaints from all three of us I'd say that's true.

Magic Mentha

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Work in Progress

3 of Coins from the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot
Hello Pretties,

We got the offer from the buyer in today. While we were a little disappointed that it wasn't a higher offer, it actually was the closing costs they requested that worried us at first. But after finagling a lot of things we figured out how to make it work. We countered with an offer that's very similar to what they're asking, with the full closing costs paid and only 2k more on the house price, so we expect they'll probably accept it.

We'll hear something more official tomorrow. The card I pulled to represent this is the 3 of Pentacles. Sure, we could've held out for another 1-2k or so, but why? This couple is buying their first home, short on cash and moving out of apartments, and that's where we were nine years ago when we moved here. We like the idea of helping a couple get their first home.

Will update more sometime tomorrow with their response!

Love to y'all,
Magic Mentha

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fielding an Offer on the House

I chose not to look at these cards I drew earlier today because I was too distracted thinking of all the house things I wanted to attend to before the showings today. Now that this is all behind us (at least today's part of it) I decided to take a peek at them. The Page of Cups definitely makes me think of an offer. I told my husband just about an hour or so ago that a cup in the hands reminded me of an offer. Like a hostess would give someone a drink, you know.

Temperance makes me think of give and take--not unlike a contract. There is no doubt going to be some haggling. You can count on it when it comes to house price offers. Let us just hope the haggling is not too detrimental to us. As it stands, we're at our breaking point price-wise, so their offer has to be pretty good for us to accept it. Oye!

The Three of Pentacles seems to indicate something being worked out, however. The professional stands talking to a couple (the realtor writing up the offer contract with the people looking at the house?) as they listen attentively to his explanation. Will their offer ultimately be accepted? That definitely depends on what the offer is, and what we can do financially.

We shall see! I'll update y'all on this tomorrow afternoon, as I find out more about it!

Magic Mentha

A Strange Turn of Events: Healing the Dog Situation

Today has definitely been up there on the list of strange (but oddly satisfying, though mixed?) days. It started out with us getting the house spruced up and cleaned for showings. I've basically spent my days cleaning and organizing. It's just the way it goes when you're showing a house. Anyway. We left the house a bit early (around 11am) due to the fact that we were really sick of being in the house, cleaning it, thinking about it...etc. As we pulled away we realized about 4 blocks down the road that we had forgotten my husband's bag with his cell, wallet, iPod and all manner of things he tends to need when he's out. So we turned around and went back to the house to procure this bag.

As we were heading back out to run a couple of errands and then have lunch before the house hunting we had scheduled for 2:30pm, we saw an animal control car drive by. Instantly, we knew it was bound for our next door neighbor's house. We decided to drive back near the house (but not too near) to investigate. Sure enough, it parked in front of the neighbor's house!

Now, some backstory: a few days ago (less than a week ago) I happened to be home when I heard the dogs barking like crazy at something (not a very uncommon scenario, unfortunately) so I peeked out my bedroom window to see if the neighbors were home. That generally determines whether the barking I hear is going to last all day or just 15-20 minutes. Seeing that the neighbor's cars were not there I sighed, but just then I saw what appeared to be a meter reader standing in the driveway of the neighbor's house. He had taken his glove off and was keenly examining his hand and saying something aloud. He did this for what seemed like ages, but was probably only a couple of minutes. He then replaced his glove and dialed someone, talked for a few minutes, then moved on.

Could it be what I thought it was? Did he get bitten by the neighbor dogs when he was reading the meter? The thought was thrilling to me, only because these neighbors have been so stubborn in not dealing with their loud, aggressive dog problem (despite warnings from neighbors, and requests from multiple neighbors) that their dogs were a nuisance. The next day I thought I had my answer. For the next several days throughout last week, someone came over and seemed to be dog-sitting the dogs. They never stayed outside for more than a minute or two (since anything more yielded constant barking) until the latter part of the week when I had two showings. I was dismayed when I came home to find the dogs out barking and the owners gone again.

I couldn't believe it! Had I imagined the scenario? I wasn't sure but I was feeling a bit discouraged. Until today. When we saw that animal control van we knew our suspicions were correct. I HAD seen the aftermath of the dogs biting the meter reader. Yikes! How scary. I have no idea exactly what will become of this visit from animal control (if anything) but so far things have been quieter. Granted it's only one day in, but I am feeling hopeful. The amazing thing is that the animal control van arrived two hours before our showings rather than during one (which would have scared me away if I was looking at a house). Thank GOODNESS for the timing of that!

Interestingly, as I was typing this post I heard a few barks. But that was about it. I'm assuming this is because the dogs are let out each evening to pee before they're brought in. We have no idea what is going on. Whether the dogs will stay there. Whether they'll be muzzled. Anyway. I don't know.

It is a sad situation when it takes someone being bitten to bring any attention to such a long-standing problem. It was addressed just in the nick of time--as we received our first offer today house-wise (the second showing by these folks occured today and the contract for the offer will be drawn up tomorrow afternoon)...fingers crossed!!

Love to y'all,

A Good Focus for Today

These are two cards I got last night. Well, it was either last night or morning. I can't quite remember. Well, whatever. It was recent. The Success card is actually an astral house card (and I didn't mean to choose it because usually I leave those out when I pull cards, but I accidentally left it in and it showed up next to the Broom card, and it looked really nice!) if I remember correctly. I've gotten this Broom card maybe 6-7 times in the past few days. Obvious, right? We're looking at houses today. In addition to that we have three house showings, one being a possible offer! Our realtor told us someone was VERY interested in the property and told her to alert them if there was another offer on the property because they were returning today to get a second look. Fingers crossed.


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Standards of Victory

Here are today's cards. Not too bad. They're basically saying, 'doing well...buuuuuuut be careful.' That pretty much sums up the cards I've been getting this past week. This particular card I know I've gotten at least a few times in the past couple of days in using this deck. My husband immediately saw it and took it to mean not lowering our price. First off, we can't lower it any further.  We can only lower it a very, very small amount and we really shouldn't, because as it stands we are waaaay past breaking even. We really can't mess around with this. AND considering the interest the house has received in the past few days we are not going to just jump at any offer, particularly low ball offers that put us in too scary of a financial position. So this makes me think that if we do receive an offer today, tomorrow or over the weekend, we should very carefully review them and not appear too desperate.

I like the meaning that the Flag card has in terms of being patient because lowering your standards in order to procure an expedient outcome is not the way to go. The tortoise is rewarded.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Night's Draws and a Veritable Cornucopia of Crazy Good News

Y'all know how it is: you get a bunch of crazy, glowing, happy, shiny cards and you think, 'Yeah. Right.' Can't be true. Nuh-huh. And usually you're right. But sometimes...well, sometimes it's true in spades. Maybe this is just the nature of probability, but I'm not so sure. Is it blessings in disguise? I have no idea. Rather than pretend I know that oracles work (or don't work) I'm just going to use this RARE opportunity to crow about my good news!

Yesterday afternoon we decided to lower our house price by 4k. The last lowering. We can't go any lower. We're delving into our personal money in a big way. We bit our nails and pressed send to our realtor. We feared that we were just throwing good money after bad, and that our dwindling showings would not be propped up further but a fairly minimal price lowering.

But we were wrong. Thank goodness! In a matter of one day we got five showings scheduled. Three have happened already. And it's not even the weekend yet--where most showings tend to take place. My realtor has been getting a slew of calls and e-mails from interested parties, asking if our house is still for sale, and is it a short sale/foreclosure? They can't believe it's for sale in that range because everything else in that price range is a piece of crap, a lot smaller and you need a tetanus shot just to enter them (aka: they're filthy). So I think that means they're interested!

So, again. We just did this yesterday and we're getting a flurry of crazy responses. The feedback has been very positive from the lady who saw the house this morning. She left a note saying the house was beautiful. Her note to my realtor said her buyers had only started looking today, so I think decisions are not made yet, but we've got more showings coming so we are not too worried.

While this was happening, we had to run out to get dental work done on my daughter (triple cringe) which we've been dreading for literally almost two years. We've tried any number of semi-barbaric and other ideas (bribery of all kinds, numerous distractions, restraints, calming aids) to no avail. But somehow today, despite a struggle at the beginning, we had a very productive dental visit in which we got ALL of the dental work done! Nothing left to do. We go back in six months for a routine cleaning!

Anyway. This last item was something of a minor miracle. It's been weighing heavily on my mind because (due to her incredible fear of dentists) we were facing another expensive dental surgery, thinking we had no other choice but to put her under to get any dental work done. Thousands of dollars that we can't spend. We could either move out of this neighborhood or we could get this expensive dental surgery. Now we're feeling more hopeful that we can do both.

There's still quite a bit of work ahead and we don't know what sort of offers we'll get, but the cards (despite the warnings about being careful of our finances) are very positive on the matter.

Obviously I'll update again when I hear something!

Magic Mentha

A Precursor to Valentine's Day

This is cute. Last night, while it was my husband's turn putting my daughter to sleep, I was laying in bed trying to shake a sinus headache and looking at my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I did something cheesy and silly, pulling a single card asking what my husband thought of me. Isn't this a cute answer?

Well, I send that cutesy thought out to the world and wish you all well.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Rainbow Between Bear and Broom

A Whole Lotta Cards About Somethin'

My husband thinks these cards are about the house. It shows the frustration of waiting (Funnel) along with possible new, good things coming (Sunrise). It shows connecting with someone (Chair-Filled and Teapot). There's also some kind of positive feedback or admiration (Bouquet/Bow). When my husband and I saw 'Flag' we both thought it meant not lowering our price. We are already at our break even point and if any minor fixes need to be done to the house, or if the buyer wants to negotiate down a few thousand, we really can't budge from where we are. We only have a few thousand dollars, maximum, to put toward anything for this house, sale-wise. Granted, it IS tempting, because lowering the price again would no doubt make it sell faster.

Just some thoughts...


Monday, January 23, 2012

Applying My Own Meanings: Intuition, Communication & Patience

When I saw this trio I took a bit of liberty with them (what else is divination for, anyway?) and I decided to see these three cards as important and helpful factors for me right now. The Unicorn represented using my intuition (which actually isn't a departure from what the card says), and the Parrot, which is supposed to be about gossip, is about communication. Of course I could see how this could EASILY turn to gossip or negativity if not carefully handled. Finally, we have the good ole slow tortoise. Patience, my friends...not my strong suit. But it's definitely a very important one.


p.s. Happy Year of the Dragon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Planting a Seed of Hope and See Y'all Monday!

Not only 

You have planted the seed of hope. What could you do to help it bear fruit?

But Also 

Desire is what drives us to create. How can you create what you long for?

Keeping My Life in Balance

This morning I decided to pull from my Tea Leaf Fortunes because I misplaced my Vision Quest Tarot. D'oh! It's OK. I know it's not lost. It's just that I've been putting away anything that might normally be left out in preparation for house showings.

The problem with this is that I tend to lose them temporarily. I also put my camera in hiding and now can't find it. I imagine it's in one of my bedroom drawers. So, that's why you have this photo taken with my Photo Booth program then edited in Be Funky.

This card reminds me to keep my life in balance, as it states in the caption. Good advance for anyone and everyone. It's also very Libra-oriented, clearly, with the scales being prominent. I love how vignette-like this deck is. Just one easy to understand, striking image in the center. That doesn't mean they're always easy to interpret, but I find them pretty straight-forward most of the time. I do tend toward obsession, so this image of the scales is very appropriate. I'm insanely focused on getting this house sold. I am going to try to relax now. My realtor is determined to sell my house and is showing today. She is a bit of a bad@$$ (in a good way) and I like her candor, positive energy and can-do attitude.

Hugs to y'all,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Stay-at-Home Kinda Day

When I pulled these cards earlier today (right now, where I am, it's 10pm on Thursday) I wasn't entirely sure what they meant, but they felt 'restful' as if I wasn't going to do much. That really did fit the theme of the day--where I only ventured out briefly with my daughter and then scurried back home. I just felt tired, unmotivated and quiet.

That changed a bit toward the end of the day when we were notified of two house showings, which got us excited again for the possibility of us selling, but overall it's just been a stay-at-home kinda day. Tomorrow I'll be leaving, of course, for the house showing that we always hope will lead to a sale.

This time, however, it's being shown by my realtor, and she is motivated to sell this house since it's her listing. Let us hope it helps!


A Very Vibrant Draw

Gorgeous cards I pulled yesterday, made even more vibrant in BeFunky.

Ten of Earth: Good House Tidings

Hello Earth Babies,
*UPDATE* We do have a second house showing. Friday! And it's my realtor. :)
In asking about whether we'd get more showings this weekend (we have one which is confirmed for Saturday morning) I got the Ten of Earth (Pentacles) as the answer. Looks good!

My feeling on this is either we'll have more showings or the one showing we do have will be especially fruitful. Look at this haul of gorgeous woven baskets and produce! Nice, eh?

We lowered the house price by 4k less than a week ago. The price finally updated on the sites yesterday, so I'm hoping that goes a long way toward bringing interested, penny-pinching buyers our way. So far feedback has shown the correct/fair price to be in the range we're currently in.

Even if the house doesn't sell immediately, the housing market in our price range (according to the data) shows inventory being absorbed within three months, so we still wouldn't have TOO long to wait. Even so, any waiting seems like forever when you're focusing on it, which is why I have been trying not to obsess over it too much lately.

Magic Mentha

Nine of Wands: Ouch. Don't. Burn. Me.

For some (fairly obvious) reason I don't like this card very much. I think it's visually beautiful but it's sort of foreboding-looking. It's like...don't cross my burning sticks or I'll smack you with them and give you 3rd degree burns!

My first thought beyond that is that the horrible searing, burning pain of the sticks keeps you blocked and barred away from the serene landscape beyond. No entrance, nuh-uh.

Of course, in the traditional version of the Nine of Cups, there is a certain gnarly and unwelcoming feeling but generally it's not quite as defensive. A bandaged guy standing next to his stick, ready to fight is somewhat foreboding, I admit, but not as scary as burning sticks that can cause massive blisters.

As I'm writing this, I realize I have no real concept of the Nine of Wands. I have an idea of what it means but I think I avoid reading it, probably because of the uncomfortable feeling this card gives me.

This card was chosen along with a couple others in a line of cards. I decided to take a quote from one of my favorite tarot description sites:

"Preparation and strength will be necessary for any opposition that can arise now - but you will be victorious! Face your greatest fears with the gift of this strength of purpose - turn away from that which is not right for you and aspire to your higher purpose. Meet your future with an unshakable stance."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Mother Earth

Favorite Card Alert: Integration (AKA Temperance)

Wordless Wednesday: Medicine Woman

A Successful Dental Visit

Three of Cups, Six of Wands, Ten of Cups

I drew these three cards this morning, moments before leaving for my daughter's dental appointment. This is the first dental appointment she's had in over a year. Going to the dentist is usually a horrifying affair, involving lots of screaming, tears, and usually the need for multiple restraints. Definitely emotionally scarring...

However, today went differently I'm happy to report, and these cards reflected the change. Happy, happy, happy! It was not a PERFECT scenario but it was damn near close enough and for that I am utterly and lastingly grateful. Time will tell, though, since we only did a cleaning and x-rays this time, and none of the fillings that need to be done.

However, I am still very pleased that it went 1,000 times better than the last visits she's had. This is a new (female) dentist in a child-friendly office. I hope that it continues to go well!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Deck of the Year: Vision Quest Tarot!

This is my first deck purchase of the year (since late fall, 2011) and I couldn't be happier with it. After using it on the My Divination site, I fell in love with it. The richly saturated color, the tasteful Native American images, the lack of explicitly sexualized women and men...just everything about it rocked. Also, I feel like the images are really unique.

I've just included some of the pulls I've done before the sun goes down (which is soon--it's almost 5pm and the sun is beginning to set) but I won't interpret them yet, unless something comes to mind. I'll post something more interesting tomorrow.

Wish us luck. We have a dental appointment for my daughter tomorrow. It's probably one of the worst things we've had to do with her--we've had times where we literally had to have her strapped down as she screamed bloody murder. We have to find a way to get dental work done on her--otherwise we're in for another expensive dental surgery under anesthesia...


The Good News Trio

This trio seems pretty positive. I'm not going to even bother speculating on what it means. Just wanted something to counter the previous draws I did. Hehe.

Hope y'all are well.


Blargh Inducing Cards

Ick! The knot says, 'Unsuccessful Plans' but was covered by the Forest card.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Indecisive Buyer vs. Impatient Seller

Entering the Archway

Bear, Bull and Rooster: Navigating the Nasties in My Life

Just a quick observation since I'm currently suffering a sinus headache: the bear makes me think of possible house stuff. The Rooster is my daughter's Chinese astrology sign and it reminds me of how difficult she's being again lately. The Bull also makes me think of my daughter. She's super stubborn and bull-ish, with her moon and mars signs in Taurus.

Yep. It has been one of dem days.


Wheelin' and Dealin' in a Hopeful House Sale Scenario

The Dangled Carrot

This is a one card draw I did regarding what's on tap for this week. Sorry for using a beer reference (I don't even drink)...but anyway. This is a nice card, obviously. Do I believe it? Not necessarily, but it can be the proverbial carrot before the mule's cart for me--to help me get through my daughter's foul moods, impatience and refusal to do anything I ask of her.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Working Something Out

When I pulled this card today (I've pulled it a few times recently) I thought not of the traditional meaning of paid employment or commissioned work, but of the 'working something out' and 'working ON something' meaning. I also feel like this visual reminds me of some professional (the man) working out the details of some project with the couple he's speaking with.

This is very house-ish. Reminds me of the concept of back and forth negotiations as well as possibly working with our realtor (the professional representing our realtor and the couple being my husband and myself).

In looking for house references with the Three of Pentacles I did come across this meaning:

Upright - Reward for skills or abilities, success through effort, buying a home or improving a property.

This is how I felt about this, too. I am not looking to start any creative or job-related ventures until after we sell then buy another home and get settled in, so this meaning makes more sense.

Magic Mentha

p.s. I decided to end my blogging drought early. I think I need to get a gel wrist rest, though.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carpal Tunnel Break

One of my HH pendant pieces
Hello Folks,

I think I am experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. I have numbing and soreness in my left arm, which seems worse when I type or use the computer too much. In order to test this hypothesis, I'm (mostly) going to be off the internet from now until Monday morning. I want to see if I notice improvement. So I won't be blogging and will only spend short amounts of time on-line.

That said, if you need to contact me, I'll still be checking my e-mail.

Lots o' Love,

Wordy Thursday (Kinda Rhymes) and the Ace of Wands

Throwing Caution to the Wind

When I pulled these two cards yesterday I saw, in the Fool card, a sense of throwing caution to the wind in order to head towards happiness, health and good feeling (Star). There is a certain risk (Fool) in trusting that things will work out if you take a flying leap off a rooftop. It's scary to go for broke, even if you don't have much to lose and you've been worn down, unhappy, lonely, unfulfilled or otherwise compromised for a long time. Change is difficult and just plain a lot of work.

But it's worth it when you see that there's healing and a prize (or a literal pie) at the end. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A light at the end of the tunnel. Insert more cheesy metaphors and sayings.

Once upon a time, despite my anxiety issues, I considered myself to be an open and adventurous person. A creative soul ready to do something interesting or unique, to move forward. Nowadays, I feel like my creative spirit has been tied in knots, stymied by the seemingly inescapable complexities of reality. But regardless of what my situation may or may not be, I have to reclaim this adventurous spirit, even if it is only in small doses.