Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vote for the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards!

Hi Folks,

Rae Hepburn, creator of the marvelous Tea Leaf Fortunes deck, commented to say that her deck is up for a Reader's Choice Award, along with a few other oracles, and voting is going on right now. You can vote once a day. I'll be voting for the Tea Leaf Fortunes because I genuinely love them. No, I'm not being paid, bribed in any way to do this. Vote with me if you agree!


Finally Filling Y'all In

These cards portended an exciting development: finding a house we loved. BUT, I didn't believe them...

Sorry about the long wait for an update.  I am SO exhausted today.

I feel like the past few months or so have been a serious mental and physical marathon. Mostly mental. And financial. But because I've been tense I have been sleeping and eating poorly.


So. Roughly what happened is, only yesterday, my realtor called me, nearly in tears, to tell me that the deal fell through because a.) the sellers are total weirdos and even though we said that we said we'd take the house even without them repairing anything they canceled the sale and b.) the seller's agent has a personal grudge against my realtor because she used to work with her and because the seller's agent is a psycho b-it-ch, according to my realtor. Sounds like it's true from what I've noticed in the dealings with her.

Sooo yes. That happened. THEN, we were like, 'Ok, no big deal! We'll rent.' So we were resolved not to settle, and to rent even though renting is not exactly what I wanted to do. Our realtor was trying to find some rental properties for us to look into so we could get in ASAP, when she told me she wanted to gather up a last minute list of houses to go visit to see if we could find anything good.

I was skeptical, though, friends, because I am a bit picky--especially after the experiences we've had! I didn't want to settle, again, and have it fall through a THIRD time. Oy vey! So I agreed to look at a few houses as a last ditch effort. WELL...imagine my surprise when the very first house we saw blew my socks off. I hadn't even seen photos of it prior to my visit because it was brand new on the market and photos hadn't even posted to the public. It was so new that when she called the listing agent about it he said he had just pressed enter to publish it moments before she called.

Anyway. The details:

  • It's larger than the other house--has 5 bedrooms (though actually it's 4 because one is a work room) so that is good because we have lots of multi-purpose needs and my hubby is on call every month and likes to sleep separately during that time so as not to wake me when he gets calls at night.
  • It has a jetted soaking tub. OMG. I'm a HUGE bath tub freak. I take one daily, sometimes more. Must be the moon/mars/s. node in pisces.
  • It has hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances (all included)!
  • It's listed for 40,000 less than the other house!
  • It has a larger yard.
  • It has more character and lots of built-ins.
  • It has two fireplaces (!) 
  • It has a laundry chute in the master bedroom (crazy)!
  • It has a brand new roof and was flipped/renovated in 2009 
  • The inspection is paid for by the seller AND there's a 1 year warranty included!

There are other things, but that's the list.  I have to admit I am shocked. I bid on it (full price) right away and we got it. Within a few hours of seeing it we had secured the home! Someone else bid but lost, because I'm assuming they bid lower.

That's my crazy story! Let us hope this one is the one. I feel like it is, and my husband agrees with me. So even though the experiences of the past couple of months have been really tiring and disappointing, this outcome is really wonderful and I am glad that the other options didn't work out!

The cards shown here were chosen by me before going out to look at houses with my realtor. 

Much Love,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Breaking News: Twists of Fate

This just in, folks: 

A very interesting and exciting twist of fate that may turn out to be especially awesome! It actually relates directly to this reading as well as this reading. I'll post the reading about it plus the update either tonight or tomorrow morning!

Heeding Chloë's Reading

This hand-painted sign for sale from Etsy shop Canal Side Studio
My Loves,

I should learn to heed the readings I receive from wonderful, accomplished readers like Chloë of Inner Whispers.

Chloë did a concise and helpful three card reading for me a couple of weeks ago regarding whether to wait and rent or hurry and find a place to move into. She saw a rental as the best option for us.

Well, being the impatient Aries that I am, I tried to rush into a house. The house was in good shape and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but everything fell through.

This is a long and complicated story but basically what happened is the agent for the sellers of the house we were interested in had a personal grudge against my realtor, due to a really petty issue. And the folks who were selling the house had an emotional attachment to the house and, in the end, decided to terminate the sale. We just found this out today.

To be honest...I kind of feel relieved. I was really upset by our treatment from these folks, both their agent and the sellers themselves. We're at the top of our price range and we're bending over backwards trying to get this house, but they refuse to cover ANY repairs. And now they're refusing to even sell the house to us, even though we sent a statement to them saying that we're willing to buy the house even if they don't pay for any repairs. DESPITE all of this, they won't sell to us now!

I should be upset, but in a strange way I feel free, so I think I'll take that as a sign to relax about the whole ordeal and allow myself to find a nice quiet rental while I gradually sort out what it is we're looking for in a home. We need time to find something we love without so many compromises.

Thank you, Chloë, for the wonderful reading and the foresight to see that renting was a better idea after all! So that's what I'm in the process of doing now: finding a house rental starting the first of March. You all should go get a reading from Chloë. :D

Much Love,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Pleasant, Positive Prediction

Here are the cards I pulled today with regards to the inspection counter--whether they'll pay for ANYTHING after they refused. Our realtor tried to get in contact with their agent and it's been two days now and they haven't returned her call. UGH. Lame-o. Despite that, I continue to get primarily positive draws. So, not sure what to think.

I hope I have something to update tomorrow. :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Noooooooooow?

Sunrise: New ideas. New ventures. A fresh start. Pail: Time to get out of a situation. Box: You will receive a gift. Broom: New home. New attitude.

I am interrupting my scheduled break-from-blogging to bring this breaking news: SO...it appears that the sellers of the house we're buying are refusing to fix any of the repairs on the list. This time there are 21 repairs listed rather than the 42 of the other house. Most of these are fairly minor. Of the 21, we had 6 slated as 'please repair' to the seller. This is all fairly standard procedure. We thought maybe they'd do a few of them but not all. But ooooooh no! They are not doing a.single.one. The two that we especially hoped they would fix were the radon and the CO2 leaking through a rusted flue into the house. These are health hazards and should be fixed. There are a couple of other things that probably should be fixed, too, but we are not going to be nitpicky.

Annnyywayyy. We're waiting to hear back from our realtor. Yesterday she tried contacting the realtor for the seller and they didn't even call us back. What the fook? Seriously! I'm getting the WORST sellers. We thought we'd reap what we sowed. We've been trying to be nice sellers. We fixed major items on our to-do list. We are paying closing costs. We came down on the price a lot, etc.

But people are greedy. People are mean, sometimes. I understand that. But really? Nothing?! Not a single item fixed on the list? Oye. And there are three people selling this house because it's an estate. Surely they could scrape together the money to fix the radon?

Sooooo we're feeling a bit frustrated. The above cards are what I pulled yesterday. It's a strange combination because they are repeat cards but I am not 100% sure what they mean for this situation. We can't easily get out of this one. We have less than 30 days before closing. We have to be out of our current residence on March 16th. And we don't have time to approve financing for another house and close on it before that date. So we're kinda stuck with this. The 'Pail' card confuses me for this reason.

My husband I already decided that regardless of whether they pay for any of the repairs we're just going to go ahead with the sale because we are sick of this B.S. and we do really like the house and overall it's a good house in good condition.

So that's the update! Let's hope the 'Gift' we receive is helpful to our situation. :)

Much Love,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bag and Be Back Later, Babies

Here is a card I've gotten a few times recently. Not quite sure what it's referring to yet, but I have been in career/creative venture brainstorming mode, but not really in a focused way. I feel so tired and burnt out, even though I haven't done anything much (except for the house stuff, which is admittedly tiring). I liked Rae's comment recently about the bags possibly being very literal--packing things up in bags and boxes, which is precisely what we'll be doing over the next few weeks. Hopefully gradually because doing it all on one day would be somewhat suicidal! I plan to gather up my bags, boxes and whatever energy I have and try to tackle the trashing, recycling, packing, sorting, donating and storing.

Again I am going to take a brief break from blogging and be back Monday.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Much Love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Indications of Impending Career Changes

Using the 'Career' astral house card I pulled these cards: Cracked Cup, Beetle, Bag
I decided to do an astral house reading with regards to career prospects. Here's what I got:

Cracked Cup: Dissatisfaction with life.
Beetle: Good fortune
Bag: Something important like a new job or raise.

To me, these cards seemed pretty easy to interpret. The 'Cracked Cup' card indicates the blah feeling I have about my current (lack of) career goals. I'm dissatisfied with that aspect of my life. Very true! Hence the reading.

The second card is more generic, but it bodes well: Beetle=Good fortune. I can't argue with that!

The final card is a nice confirmation, and very specific: Bag=Something important like a new job or raise.  I feel like this brings the topic to the forefront of my life. Again, I feel this is likely to be more of a focus in the next month or two, as I'm still trying to focus most of my energy on wrapping up the house business...in less than a month!


Today's Card Focus: Broom

Broom: New home, new attitude.

I pulled this as a card focus for today. This reminded me to keep my focus, for now through the next month, on getting this house stuff wrapped up before I disperse my limited energy reserves in too many directions. We still have to do lots of sorting, donating, packing, storing and other nitty-gritty detail things (plus the move itself) and navigate my daughter's feelings about the move, etc.


More Information on the Money Path Message

I'm a fan of follow-up cards. Many times it isn't necessary but if a general message comes through, sometimes it's hard to resist asking for a bit more information. When Rae commented on my post mentioning the money path card and its possible interpretations, I started to think I wanted to see what else might come up in conjunction with this card.

In order to keep things simple (stupid), I decided to pull a single card. The card I received was the 'Sunrise' card, which is a lovely card, indeed! This card relates to a new start, fresh ideas, new ventures. This immediately brought to mind some sort of creative venture. Well, duh. I mean...it says on the card, 'New creative ideas'...as an artist who is always seeking artistic ventures and outlets, this definitely makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, I've found the past year or two difficult in terms of accessing my creativity. With my daughter's health issues I focused all my creative energy on finding means to get her healthy. Now that she's doing significantly better I find myself feeling lost, drained and unfocused, particularly in terms of my creative outlets or personal goals. This is something I've posted on a number of times so I won't go on about it.

Anyway. This is just a confirmation of those thoughts, and maybe a signal that a time of focusing again on creative outlets may be forthcoming. The only thing I have slated to do creatively is a thank you present in the form of a portrait for my realtor. Her father died last fall and I wanted to give her a personal and heartfelt thank you. It's been a while since I've painted a portrait (though I've painted many and it's one of my favorite subjects) and to be honest I don't feel like it. At all. But I think subconsciously (or not so subconsciously) part of the reason for offering to do this for my realtor had to do with the knowledge that I needed to start somewhere art-wise. It's getting to the point where I no longer feel I can identify myself as an artist. I think I want to find out more about that.

Hopefully I'll have some personal revelations during this process.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Good Crap for Y'all

Here is today's two card draw. I like two card draws with this deck. Why? I don't know. They just look good visually, they're not too complicated to read, and it's slightly more appealing than a single card draw. So...yes. That's my reasoning.

So what wish is being granted? Money, money, money?! Or is it something more specific than that...say a specific item? Not that money isn't specific, but still. I had a pleasant morning, despite being a little moody and PMSy, complete with back ache and cramps.

I took the opportunity to briefly go on a break before my husband left for work. He had to stay for the electrical re-wiring of the dishwasher (an item we had to take care of for the new occupants) and so I went out and dinked around, had a little something to eat, and got a giant Buddha head to decorate our new mantle/living room shelves.

Anyway. Things are going well. All in all things are falling into place and nothing too painful is happening, despite having to pack and move all our stuff in less than a month and all the normal chaos inherent in that action.

Repeat card note: I've seen both of these cards a few times in the past week. Not a bad duo to see, I'd say! 

I definitely feel abundantly blessed and I'll try not to be suspicious of it.

Much Love,

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Technology Tinged Tea Leaf Reading

I pulled these cards regarding technology I'm pondering getting. My phone and computer are both older. Particularly my computer. It is running rather slow. It is still working alright, but it's just kind of a pain to use at times, and I use it a lot for photo editing and the like. Even after backing up then wiping all the photos (and there were a TON, taking up a lot of memory) my computer has not improved performance. I installed a new operating system, yadda, yadda. Not working.

My husband offered to purchase me a computer. He was very sweet and said I deserved it--but I wonder if it's a good idea financially, considering our upcoming house purchase. Same thing with the phone. I'm due for an upgrade, but the added expense of a data plan would not be too welcome.

So I'm trying to figure it out. This reading seems positive, and shows the influx of money coming in--maybe to mitigate the expense. So I may make this a sort of 'wait and see' thing. Especially with Mercury Retrograde coming soon...


Material Things: You're Doing OK...

...but don't let materialism rule you.

This is absolutely true.

Note: this is a long, rather boring ramble about my qualms with traveling and such. You can skip down to the lettering in orange if you are sick of this ramble. Lol!

Financially, despite the fact that we've had a lot of expenses lately, including the huge expense of buying a house (!) we are doing better financially than we have in a long time. Why is this? I have no idea. I think it's because, following my daughter's seizure scare, we poured so much money into finding solutions to her issues, including extensive testing, expensive supplements, and special diets. And although many (most) of these things are still in place, the initial cost of the testing and materials is gone and it's just a month to month juggling of figuring out when/how to buy things.

I'm incredibly lucky in that, like the rest of my family, I have a generous benefactor of a grandparent who gives us money every holiday season. Because of this money, we often struggle less than a lot of our peers of the same age (unless they have really high paying jobs) and we know that we are very spoiled in this sense. Despite my parenting challenges with my daughter's health and whatever personal issues I might have, I am very grateful for the financial family support that we all receive.

But...it's interesting because even with that help, we often have more expenses than we do money. I think everyone can relate to this at one point or another. Several years in a row we had a lot of hospital expenses. Some of them were for me...with silly surgeries like gall bladder and appendix. Other times it was dental work under anesthesia for my daughter, since she was beyond freaked out by the dentist and wouldn't accept work in the dental chair. This latter item cost a few thousand dollars (gulp). Anyway. This, combined with expensive travel to see family, since most of our family lives out of state, made finances quite tight on an ongoing basis.

Realizing how expensive all the organic, allergen-friendly food, supplements, monthly medication expenses and other things were, we started to realize we couldn't do the trips and other extra things. It's been a few years since we've gone on any sort of a trip. The last time we tried (last May) my daughter freaked out so badly about being there (to the point of frequent meltdowns and sensory overload) that we had to leave the next day. Thankfully we got the money back from the hotel for that second night, but now I'm spooked from traveling!

Still, a lot has happened in the almost-year since that trip, and even though this year is probably out already due to a lack of vacation days on my husband's part and a lack of extra money after buying the house,  I'm hoping we can travel sometime next year. We probably have to pick one destination, and find the best prices for flights, etc, but I think we may be able to do it.

I admit that I'm rambling about this. I'm sad that I won't be visiting with my family with my parents, siblings and grandmother on their trip next month. The trip ironically falls on my birthday. My siblings are flying in either the day of or the day before my birthday, and staying a few days. Mostly I am sad I won't see my grandmother, whose memory is gradually failing. I hope that I can see her before too much more of it goes. My husband has a three day meeting falling on my birthday this year. Not my favorite thing in the world, but if we doesn't go to it now, he'll have to travel out of town to do it and will be gone 3-4 days. So I'd rather he do it locally so I am not stuck alone with my daughter for several days.

Hah! I am obviously obsessed with the whole traveling thing. I have such a love/hate relationship with travel. I really miss traveling. I want to travel. I often feel hemmed in and depressed because I feel limited in what I can do before my daughter gets overstimulated, and also before I lose my cool. I don't find it particularly fun to travel with a hyperactive daughter with some mood issues and a host of special dietary requirements. It sort of takes the fun out of things. Most of the time. I explained to my parents how I envied my siblings since they don't have children and don't have to worry about these things. But soon enough I'm sure they will. Not that it matters...I guess I was indulging in self pity.


This card warns that, although you're doing well financially, you need to not RELY on material things to make you feel good. It's too easy of a trap. Boy, howdy! They definitely nailed it with that. Even though I don't want to, I often fall into this trap. Feeling down? Get some fancy soap, a tarot deck, expensive snack or pair of earrings. Of course, in the end, it's not really worth it (usually) but sometimes it's fun to indulge in superfluous items, so long as it's done with enjoyment and an awareness that it's not the 'end all' of life (also that it doesn't interfere with your financial well being),  and that the best things come from warm connections with family, friends and ourselves.

I am going to try to find non-material ways to enjoy life today. Something that I know would be helpful and probably would make me feel better would be to sort through items in my house to donate. Although we donated quite a bit last fall, there are still several items I want to sort through. By donating them, we're giving them a second life with someone else who probably needs them more and who can get them for a really cheap price. That's what I love about donating!

Having enough for yourself means that you can share in various ways, whether donating as I mentioned above, or old-fashioned gifting. I have to be careful of this because sometimes I go overboard, but recently I found a couple charities which I donated a small amount to each one. It made me feel good to donate to things like the local humane society, or to a family whose father died and they started a fund for the daughter so she'll have money for things she needs, etc.  One of my favorite things to do is send a small gift to someone who seems depressed. I know how much a package in the mail or card can be cheering when you're feeling down.

Well, I've rambled for an inordinate amount of time, and my daughter has been interrupting me every thirty seconds so I think I'll end this post. I wish you all a wonderful day.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why I Feel Drained Reading: Bread and Bag. Broom and Moon...and Casket!

Howdy, folks!

I found this pull interesting.

The topic was: why do I feel so darned drained?

And while I can rattle off a list of things, I wanted to see this through the perspective of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. The first couple of cards I received were 'Bag' and 'Broom'. This made sense to me. Something important is happening--in terms of moving onward and upward. The 'Broom' card means a literal new home, which is absolutely true (as you all know) so that definitely is a big source of stress with all the chaos surrounding that.

Now, the 'Bread' card (and, now that I mention it, the rest of the cards) seem to be very positive. So how is this a bad thing? The answer is that it may not be a 'bad' thing per se, but it is a draining thing. Change, even positive change, can be a drain, due to the sheer momentum of the thing. Of course...as I am looking at this card I see a second meaning, more literal than the first. Bread makes me think of carbs (literal bread) which I've had too many of in recent weeks. It reflects my desire to cut back and see the benefits both in energy, mood, weight and other areas.

Finally, we have the 'Moon' and 'Casket' cards, which feel a bit more somber to me. Again, this doesn't necessarily have to be a death or something really painful, but any ending comes with a sense of sadness. We build strong attachments to everything in our lives, from houses to neighbors to friends, family, possessions...you name it. The 'Moon' card is much more generic than the Moon card in tarot, and it feels more like the Death card. Come to think of it so does the 'Casket' card.

All in all I think this primarily points to our selling of the house and buying a new one, and all that comes with that, both good and bad, but mostly good (hopefully). There very well may be literal things implied here (such as a job raise or change of job for my husband, for instance) and even a death (hope not, but I never rule these things out) so if that's the case I will try to update.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

XOX, See Y'all Soon, XOX

My Dearest Love Buttons,

So, I'm feeling very relieved and glad about the house hunt coming to a close, but at the same time, I am also feeling rather drained.

I'm going to take the advice from Chloë's reading and take care of myself. It's been a non-stop house-related roller coaster since the beginning of the year and it is only going to continue (a bit) as we pack up and prepare to move in mid-March.

So I am going to take a few days. I'll catch up with blogs and such soon. Of course, you know me, I'll probably still read blogs and such. Laugh. But if I am gone for a few days and don't comment or post, it's because I'm just really tired.

I'm even considering scheduling a massage for next week. I haven't had one in ages. I have to say that I'm glad this process will be over before my birthday at the end of next month. That's a tremendous birthday gift! I was sure that we'd still have our house on the market now, and look at how far things have come! I'm definitely very glad of all of this, despite the exhaustion and general chaos.

For now, I'm going to take a nice warm shower and then do a lovely cartoon caption reading for someone. :)  I am thinking of offering them again, for a reduced price. Even though I don't get many takers for paid readings, it's nice to do them once in a while.

Sending y'all lots of post-Valentine's day love and divinatory hugs.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Valentine's Day Gift...Ever!

We got a house! Woo. It's one we liked but got lured away from by the evil, dilapidated money-eating house that we had to walk away from. So this one is in wonderful shape and they accepted our offer!

This card I pulled this morning, before I heard back as to whether our offer would be accepted (or countered) and I really wanted to post some good news, but I didn't hear anything until about 5pm!

Oye. They really made me wait. But I'm glad it is working out.

Hooray. I am so relieved!


Monday, February 13, 2012

(Update) Star: Guaranteed Success


This ended up being absolutely true. We offered on another house the same day and got it!


Before we even had a chance to see the house, it was under contract. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

This is the card I drew to post today. Topic? Whether we'll find housing in time!  We even put an offer on a house only to start feeling like we didn't like the house very much. There were too many things we didn't feel sure about, and we just felt 'blah' overall about the house, despite having some advantages, and a good price and condition for the square footage.

I sure hope this card is true because my realtor is concerned that we may not even be able to find short term rental options. Most people try to get you in for a year. So, I'm very nervous and headachey today. I'm trying not to panic, though. Yes, we're on a time crunch and we're running out of options, but all is not lost.

There is a property that my realtor sent that I like a lot. It's an older home that was renovated a few years back and I love the old-fashioned details paired with newly-renovated charm. It is also on a large lot with established trees and near the lake, etc. It has a lot going for it. It's a tiny bit higher in price than we'd like, but it's do-able, and they might lower the price, especially since it needs air conditioning and a couple appliances. Thankfully nothing bigger, though.

So I'm going down there this afternoon to take a look. I'm trying to stay at least somewhat detached, not get my hopes up, etc. I know that, one way or another, we'll figure out something. I just didn't want to jump into getting a house that we just sort of liked, but didn't really feel that great about.

Actually, this card does refer to today's look at the house by the lake, so maybe it will work out even better than I think.

But again: I am not going to put so much pressure on it to work out.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Wisdom of Bailing

I pulled these two cards just now and I absolutely agree with them. Sometimes the wisest thing to do (as was the case with us today in our money pit of a potential home purchase) is just to bail out. We'd be tossing the goldfish out with the pail full of water if we were to continue with this purchase, so for that...even with the added hassle...I am very grateful.

Magic Mentha

Optimism & Victory

Dear Folks,

This follows on the heels of the somewhat deflating event of the house we were interested not (anywhere near) passing inspection. I popped over to the Artist's Inner Vision Online and did a single card pull as to whether we'd find a house we can move into (soon!) and I received the Six of Wands.

Tarot folks recognize this card as the card of victory and advancement.  I liked the part about optimism. It's definitely a necessity in this situation, otherwise I'd be wallowing in the icky, nitty-gritty details.

A great quote from the description:

"We tell ourselves that the best outcome is possible, even probable, and half the battle is won, success becomes closer to our grasp."

So. Here's to keeping our eyes on the prize.

Magic Mentha

(Update Added) Good House Inspection Results: What's Not to Love?


This is either the MOST inaccurate reading I've ever done, or the results are those we've yet to see. Even though this reading made sense, was in context, and all that...the inspection results were deplorable for the house we were (originally going to be) buying. It was so bad that we decided not to buy the house. The repairs, which were very extensive, would be upwards of 20-25 thousand. With the price point in the very upper end of our range, and 41 (yes, 41!!) items to repair on the list, with the owners of the house being financially tight, we knew we'd be in over our heads.

So...back to the hunt! May we be more successful this time.

I love how literal my readings have seemed lately. Here's another great example, using the Answer Deck. The topic of this reading was today's house inspection. Now that the inspection of our current house is over and we've officially agreed to fix a few things from the list, we turn our attention to the house we're moving to. Today the inspection is from 9am-noon. We want to go over there, at least for a while, to see with our own eyes what the inspector is seeing.

My husband being on call is putting a minor crimp in things, since he was called in to do something, and he has to drive an hour both ways. But he should be back close to 9, so even if we're a bit late, it'll be fine. We aren't required to be there, but we wanted to take a thorough look around to see what needed to be done.

SO. Anyway. Back to this reading. I initially chose only two cards about the house inspection, which are 'Brown-haired Man' and 'Home'. Yeah, right? Duh. So that shows me the man we're meeting who's inspecting our house (doesn't his pipe and wary gaze remind you of a traditional 'inspector?') and the house itself. I decided that it wasn't divulging any information to me, either good or bad. So I chose a third, outcome card for the inspection. It was a 'show me the damages' kind of card. To my delight, I received the 'Good News' card. Wow, nice. That's one of my favorite cards from this deck.

Anyway. I'll update on this post by this afternoon or early evening, once we know more of the results of the inspection (assuming we know them by then) and can report on it.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Two More Dog Draws

Here are two more sets of dog draw cards. They seem (kinda?) straight-forward but if any of y'all have input, let me know.  It's odd. It's like one of the draws (top) shows support for me, and the other one (bottom) shows the icky situation with the dogs.


Protecting Myself: My Neighbors and Their Loud Dogs

As I drew today's cards, I was standing by the sunny windowsill looking out over the garden. The lighting is best there and, most of the time, that's where I photograph my cards. I pulled 'Turkey' and 'Shield' and thought, 'Oh grrreat. What does THIS refer to?' Just then, as if answering my question, the neighbors dogs ran out into their yard and began barking. I thought, 'Really? Could it be about the dogs?' I decided to pull a clarification card. Guess what card I got? Dogs.

Yes, I realize that there are subtitles on these cards that refer to topics that may not correlate precisely with the image on the cards, but with these cards the visuals can be more important than the subtitles (as I'm sure some of you tarot folk may attest). I have to say that while I initially found these cards a bit challenging to read, I now find them to be one of my top favorite decks; they ended up being very pointed in their messages and very accurate.

This morning, maybe an hour ago, I was talking to my husband about how disappointed I was in the neighbors. After ALL the chaos, after pissing off several of their neighbors and being called in to animal control for their dog biting a city employee, they STILL leave their barking dogs outside while they do whatever it is they do. It is just the very essence of turkey-like behavior. Hopefully I won't have to literally defend myself from these neighbors and their loud dogs. So far we're sidestepping them well enough (except the noise, which we can't control so much) and we're out of here in a month, so I am just going to keep my distance.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Contractual Obligation Misunderstanding


Now that I look at these cards I see that this points to major issues in the repairs. When I say major I mean MAJOR. Deal breaker. Yep. Well, I appreciate the warning. I definitely think the owners of that house were insanely insincere. You should've seen the shoddy condition of SO many things in that house. How could they leave the house in that state and sell it for what they were selling it for? It's evil, I tell you. Incomprehensible.

Yep. That's what I'm gonna call this one. When I drew these cards I immediately thought, 'Uh-oh. There's gonna be some issue over the house thing.' Either we're going to get our wires crossed or something is going to come up that wasn't in the contract that becomes a problem. Or, since the Feather card mentions insincerity, I wonder if someone will try to screw us?

Lately, the 'Inkpot' card has brought to mind the house selling and buying process. The quill and ink pot reminds me of a contract. So seeing that plus the feather made me think of the paperwork involved.

I hope it's not that bad. It just seems like it might be a little annoying. We'll see, I guess.


Money Path: I'll Take It!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Nurturing My Talents

A Brief Break and the Karma Police

I pulled these cards on Monday and even edited the image, but to be honest I didn't quite know what to think of them. So today I'm taking a crack at them. I love the Cobweb card. It shows protection during difficult times. I like that. It's also a pretty image. The Haystack card is a bit more confusing. I'll reap what I sow? Yeah, I guess so. We are trying to do right in what we're doing, whether it's selling this house or with our daughter or whatnot, but of course we're nowhere near perfect. I often worry about what I'm setting in motion each time I do something (or don't do something as the case may be) but what can you do, though? You can only do so much.

So I'll take the final advice from the Hammock card, which is to take a breather from this chaos. Even if it's just for a few hours or a day. We have inspection repairs lined up for this week. A guy is coming over in two hours to check to put radon mitigation in (giving us a quote) another guy is coming in on Friday to fix a (minor) electrical issue on one plug that shouldn't be too expensive.  Then on Saturday my husband is taking three hours to do an inspection of the house we're moving into. Then he has to go off to work for several hours because he's on call. The following day, we have my sister's birthday party, and then my husband leaves again for work. Then he'll be gone all during the week. So I admit I am feeling pretty frazzled and low on energy. I've been having a lot of headaches again and my sleep is suffering a bit more than usual.

So I may not post as much as usual the next few days--obviously we'll see how I feel.

Lots of Hugs,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boat: Money or Property

Here's a good example of how literal this deck CAN be. Sometimes it is a lot more metaphorical. Other times it is literal, which is nice, too. I received this card at the same time today as the 'V' and 'Rainbow' cards. It definitely seemed to bode well for the house sale. But not only is the property gain thing correct, but we're also getting quite a bit of money in soon from various funds/tax returns and bonuses. Thank goodness, because if it weren't for that money, we wouldn't be able to move at all. Granted, this money is NOT from an inheritance, etc, but I still consider the card to be pretty accurate.


Good News: We're Set to Move!

Today has been a crazy, whirlwind day. It started out slow. Yesterday dragged along with little to no news. Today began that way, and then shot forward at the speed of light. While waiting to hear about our offer to the house we're interested in, I pulled these two cards. Looked really good but I didn't want to count my chickens before they hatched. Now that things look really good on both ends (selling our house and buying the other) I think I can at least post this: we're going to be moving in mid-March!

I'll be honest, though. I am NOT looking forward to the moving chaos. But I am glad things were able to move forward in such a short period of time (even though we've been wanting to do this for ages and we've suffered a lot of crappiness at the hands of our loooovely neighbors). I just hope things will be better!


Fresh Offerings

Some Relief During Chaos?

Here are today's cards. I'm feeling rather drained and a touch depressive today, but I realize that this feeling will pass. Not sure when but I know it will. In case the effect I used on the cards obscured the writing too much, the messages on the cards are as follows:

Flowers: Happiness.
Vine: You must seek out information that will help you.
Whale: Great worry over nothing.
Bouquet: Compliments from an admirer.

Overall, I think these cards are positive. After a lot of struggling, I hope there is a good outcome. We were a bit disappointed yesterday evening when we found out that the folks whose house we're offering on are tighter financially than we'd like.

Because of this, we are making a higher offer, since they owe more than we thought. We can do this, although ideally we would've preferred not raising the rate of our mortgage payment for this new house. We are frustrated and concerned that they won't accept our offer, but hopefully, as the whale indicates, our worries are over nothing.

So I'm just trying to find a way to see the positive side of this. To be sure, the main thing is getting to move and live in a home we like better. Of course we HOPE we like it better. Gosh, that would be crappy if we didn't. There are too many things to be concerned with, but for now I am going to try to let go of my negative impressions of what could happen and instead focus on trying to feel less frazzled right now.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

I pulled these cards a couple of days ago, but it's still true. I'm still perched, waiting for news. I've gotten the bird flying card several times (a lot) over the past week or so. And indeed, in this process there's a lot of back and forth. Waiting and worrying about whether things will work out or not. It seems so delicate and I guess it is. It involves large amounts of money and several people's cooperation.

Let me be honest. Waiting is NOT my forte. I like things to happen quickly. I don't like being left hanging. I guess that's normally true for most people, but really. It's like a special form of torture to have to wait for this. As Woley pointed out in the Carrot/Dog post, I've got to stop salivating after that dangled carrot. I just have to live life as if it's all business as usual, which it is, for the most part.

Obviously if I hear anything I'll be back to report on it.

Magic Mentha

Whale: Great Worry Over Nothing

This is lovely. One of my favorite cards in the deck. I received this today. I was feeling agitated and worried, and also having this sort of melancholy, nostalgic thoughts about friends, family, etc. I tend to worry about my relatives and friends and don't focus nearly enough on the positive aspects of life. So it was a pleasant message to receive, and a very poignant reminder.

Don't you think you should get this as a tattoo? :)


At the End of the Empty Pot of Gold Lies a Rainbow

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ring and Horseshoe: House Contract?

I pulled these cards yesterday, at the same time as a few other pulls. I like the look of this duo. I've been getting primarily positive draws with regards to the house selling and buying process. The exception to that is warnings about our finances and being careful with them. That's definitely a concern. A lot of things rest on whether the people buying our house will nickle and dime us to death, getting us to fix every little thing. We have a limited base of funds to use, and we can't use all of it on this house. My realtor assured me that it's very rare for a contract to fall apart at the inspection and it would take a pretty significant problem to stop things form proceeding. But I can't help but be nervous.

The new house, the one we love, does need some work and a couple of appliances (washer/dryer as well as a refrigerator) and so we have to make sure we have money in the budget for that. As it stands, we'll have to take out my husband's other financial account which is around $4,500, in order to cover these expenses like the appliances and such. But that's ok. I am grateful that we even HAVE that option. It may make things a touch dicey financially for a while, if we do milk every resource, but it will be worth it if we love the new house and we manage to move this forward.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

House Hunt Happiness

These cards were chosen earlier today. My husband and I went house hunting today. We only had a small handful of houses on our list, and I wasn't feeling too optimistic about it, to be honest. BUT, despite my fear and pessimism, we ended up finding a house we REALLY like. The additional good news is that the sellers are apparently motivated. They moved several months ago and need to sell their house. They were considering renting it out. There appear to be no other bids out for it.

So, the only (main) task remaining is that we get the inspection information back on our current home. We need to make sure we can get that all squared away in order to move forward and get anything fixed that needs to be. We aren't looking forward to that cost, as it'll make things tight, but if we can do it, we will. At the worst, we hope we can compromise with the buyers and fix a few things, if not all. We want to do right by the people who are purchasing our home.

All in all...we're nervous but hopeful. We're not out of the house selling and hunting woods, but we're seeing surprisingly swift progress, which is always encouraging. I'm glad we didn't put a bid on another house which we didn't like quite as much. Now we're hoping these sellers aren't too stubborn about their price, because the house could use a bit of work, and it doesn't have AC. There are a few things it needs, but overall we really adore the place.

In terms of the inspection report, we should be hearing something very soon--within the next day or two. I will report back at that time with (hopefully) good or at least not-too-bad news. From there we'll immediately put an offer on the house we're interested in, then set things in motion.

This trio of cards looked super positive. They were the cards that represented the outcome of today's house hunt. I noted when I pulled them that they looked like, 'Oh, yeah, you'll find the house you want.' But I wasn't sure whether to believe it.

Will update soon!

Magic Mentha

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Social Opportunity

Today was the house inspection. We had to leave the house for four plus hours while they did it. Oy! Not fun. Especially considering it was snowy weather. Already more than a foot of snow has fallen, so I'm glad we're back home. Thankfully we didn't have any problems while out.

Now the waiting for the results. But I decided I would turn my attention away from the house stuff for a while and just see what cards came up independently of that. The cards I received were 'Carrot' and 'Dogs'. I wasn't entirely sure how to read them. The Carrot card is vague. I don't know what that could relate to. The Dogs card made me think of a social event (a clothes swap) I was invited to on the 18th of this month. But I haven't felt very social. I don't really feel like going, but I am wondering if I should go (if I'm not scrambling to find a house, that is). Even though I find myself poo-pooing the idea, I think I should. The people who are attending are nice people and even though I'll only know two of them I haven't seen them in years and it would be nice to see them again.

Mostly I feel worn down and wish this house selling and buying process was over. But I'm grateful we even got this far.

I am trying to keep that in mind!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Victory...at a Cost

I actually pulled and edited these last night. Forgot to post them. Then got the bird flying card again today.

Nuff said.

Awaiting News of the House Inspection Schedule

First of all: forgive me for dwelling so much on the house stuff, particularly the inspection. It's just that so much hangs on that. If too many things are found wrong and we can't afford to fix them, then we're screwed. Hehe. But hopefully that won't be the case. Another thing: there's a nasty winter storm coming in tonight and the inspection is for three hours tomorrow from 9am-noon. But I have no idea how that's going to happen during inclement weather. My thought is that it will be delayed (and delays we don't need because we're closing on our current house on March 16th) and rescheduled. But so far we haven't heard anything.

A few minutes ago, I pulled this duo of cards. I immediately took it to mean that I would be soon hearing some news that the inspection will be delayed. The 'Bird Flying' card is the near equivalent to the 8 of Wands in the tarot, in my humble opinion. When I've received it (which is a couple times in the past week or so) I hear something almost immediately afterward. So I'm assuming the wedge, which shows something coming between what I want to get done (the inspection) indicates what I mentioned above. Ah well!

I'm glad that my husband is coming home early tonight and then staying home Friday, because there is a forecasted 12-22 inches of snow coming in, particularly where he works, an hour south of here. Even so, I would've been happier if the weather was nice, he was at work, and the inspection was going through. But that definitely isn't going to happen, so I'll try to see the bright side.

I must say that the longer I work with the cards, the more I love them. It takes time to learn their unique language. They are something like speaking with rudimentary cave drawings or sign language. They speak to you and you get a decent idea of what they mean but it's imperfect. I guess tarot is like that in general but these cards are even more like that. Having said that, I've gotten some very specific readings from them.


House Inspection: Maintaining a Practical Balance

I de-saturated the color a bit; I thought it looked nice and peaceful that way.

I pulled these two cards to represent tomorrow's house inspection. Oh, I'm nervous! If this inspection goes badly and too much needs to be fixed, we may be totally out of luck and have to nix this sale! The buyers have a sort of specific need in terms of having things be just so in order to procure their financing. So let us hope it all works out.

The two cards I received from my Vision Quest Tarot were the Ace of Earth (Pentacles) and Balance (Temperance). What immediately struck me is that these cards LOOK so similar. The colors, the corn shape in the middle. So strange. It made me laugh, actually.

Like pretty much EVERY pull I've done on the house, I've noted a theme of general good luck but with a strong need to attend to details. With retrograde Mars in Virgo, this would make absolute sense. Also, that is par for the course for house sales, I think. You have to really pay careful attention lest that clay pot fall off your head and shatter. But with care and skill, things will work out.