Friday, March 30, 2012

Upright Oranges

Try this for yourself!
I'm visited again by the 3 of Cups, this time in upright form. Ahh, isn't that better? Actually, let me be honest: I originally received this card along with the Tower and 6 of Pentacles. How does one read that trio? I have no idea. I am trying to figure it out.

In any event, this is a pleasant card, even though the presence of the Tower made me nervous. Always does. What kind of celebration or woman-centered thing will I be attending to?

I did call and schedule my dental thing, so as to get it out of the way. It's on Wednesday morning. Fun, fun...right? Not to mention expensive. I don't know how much dental care costs outside the US but it's crazy expensive here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to post this weekend or wait until Monday.

Either way, hope you all take good care of yourselves.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Losing My Oranges, Dental Annoyances

Try this reading for yourself!
(CORRECTION: This is the reversed 3 of Cups, not Pentacles. Oops.) I forgot to post a reading today, with the worthwhile Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, and it's dark and I have a lingering sinus headache and mild toothache (I have a tooth that needs to be crowned--have to call the dentist in the morning) and I didn't feel like doing anything fancy, so here's the result. I saw the Stella Tarot on the My Divination site, and decided to use it for a single card draw.

This definitely makes me think of how I've felt today (and maybe this entire week). For being my birthday week, it has been surprisingly tiring, a bit of a drag, and not all that pleasant. My husband has had a three day meeting and I haven't felt very perky. My prevailing feeling has been achey and tired. My hip hurt like hell today.

ANYWAY. WHINE. HAHA! This is silly. I thought that losing my oranges was a mundane enough description. That's an orange tree, right?  I think the upright version of the 3 of Pentacles feels very rooted, grounded, busy but not in a frantic way. Reversed it feels...not right. I feel like someone's holding me by the ankles, trying to shake things off of me. Oranges, in this instance.

I'm not sure how helpful the description is:

Excessive pleasures, over-abundance, loss of prestige, delays.

Hrm. I mean, I did have too much dairy today, which is likely why I have a sinus headache now. I'm going to be very careful to avoid dairy, then. The delays part is interesting, too, as I keep being put off by my orthodontist, playing phone tag with a semi-incompetent aide who is supposed to be helping me. I need information on this tooth that's being crowned so that I know what to do next with my Invisalign treatment for my cross bite. Did I mention I HATE dental things? I've had oral surgeries, braces and Invisalign (a total of 10 years so far...TEN YEARS). Anyway. The delays are partially my fault. I had been putting off going back to the orthodontist and now look...I have to get a tooth crowned which will cause yet more delays in the process.

Otherwise, I am doing well and I do feel very blessed, loved, and cared for. I just don't feel particularly good physically or emotionally. Does that make any sense? I know it sounds a little strange.

I think I'll feel better once I get this dental issue taken care of.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Buncha Birthday Swords

When choosing the title to today's post I had an amusing image in my mind's eye of someone handing me a bouquet of swords dripping with blood. OK, maybe not the last part, but it would be since I am not good with knives and often cut myself when trying to use them. Maybe it's the lack of air signs in my chart (not much except Venus in Aquarius) or something. Dunno.

In any event, I chose these cards to post on my birthday but I ended up posted yesterday's more friendly two card draw (2 of Cups+8 of Wands) instead. Let me say that when I receive swords in a reading (with the exception of the 4 of Swords) I tend to get sort of irritated. Swords cards are not my favorite. I like air sign people--I married one, for crying out loud! But I am not as big a fan of the swords suit as a whole. Many of the cards make me nervous (7 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, etc) but I suppose I am being prejudiced. They really aren't that much worse than any other card.

So what do we have here in this trio? There's the incisive, clear and energetic Ace of Swords, the doubtful, fearful, pathetic 5 of Swords, and the quick, impulsive and eager Knave of Swords.  I feel dumb for even asking this, but this is the Page of Swords, correct? I'm not 100% sure. I get confused sometimes. That's OK because I don't think it matters that much for this reading.

I feel like there's lots of planning, thinking and figuring out in this combination. And it reminds me of something in a reading I received this past weekend (early birthday present to myself) at the metaphysical fair from a reader I've been to a handful of times because I like her, where she received the Queen of Swords for me, and saw that as me in planning mode. It was paired with the Hermit, which we saw as rejuvenating alone time, and figuring things out for myself, healing, resting.

I feel like the card I relate to most clearly (unfortunately) is the center card: 5 of Swords. I often feel confused and defeated, sometimes by the stupidest things (like laundry or other chores). I have to stop doubting myself, take hold of my self-esteem, and move forward with the knowledge and clarity that will help me understand my life, and also be OK with it.

Much Love,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short and Sweet Birthday Messages

Well, my loves...

I am about to run out the door but this two card birthday duo reminds me of connecting with others (2 of Cups) and receiving messages (8 of Wands). It also has a short and sweet sort of feel to it, not unlike Facebook greetings or short e-mails from well-wishing friends and family. I definitely appreciate it. I am feeling a little worn down physically but I do feel lucky.

I'll post again soon. I don't know what it is--I feel very distracted and unable to post much lately.

Much Love,

Monday, March 26, 2012

This Week's Deck: Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

It must have been kismet. I popped over to Prince Lenormand's blog an hour or so ago and commented that seeing him work with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight made me want to do it, since I have hardly used it since purchasing it last summer (because I bought a few other decks around the same time and no deck got much attention, except the perennial favorite, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards) but I didn't want to be copy-catish and so I decided to use to choose from my list of 32 decks, which you can see on my readings page. Lo and behold, the random number that came up was 29, which corresponds to the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.

True Random Number Generator  29
(Note: I chose from 32, not 100, but I can't change it because of the formatting...)

Be back with a draw or two!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Wishes Reading

Hello Loves,

My birthday is on Tuesday and I wasn't sure what to post. I realized that I had edited this photo but had never posted it. I drew these cards on Friday I believe, but didn't think to write about them. I was (and am) mostly tired, I think.  Upon examining the cards again today I feel like they bring to mind the idea of following (and setting) one's dreams.

The Compass card at the first brings to mind a personal true north, figuring out where to aim your intentions and goals. The Follow the Leader card in the center seems to continue the theme of following a path (quite literally in the image) and the final card is the Wishing Well card, which reminds me of tossing a coin in a well and making a fervent wish for something you truly desire.

Well, what do I truly desire? I guess that is something I'll have to really ponder this birthday. The slate is fairly empty, except for obvious continued responsibilities with caring for my daughter and seeing what to do with her day by day and year by year.

As far as myself...well, I'm working on that. I'm trying to let it be a bit. I think if I frantically grasp for meaning and goal-setting in my life without following that compass (in a calm way) then I'll quickly lose my way and get pissed and frustrated, tossing the compass into a ravine or some such crap.

Big hugs to y'all. Sorry I'm still so behind reading blogs. I'm working on it.

Much Love,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Field of Dreams: Breaking Patterns During Sleep, Waking

Upon drawing this card today I thought about something I'd read in this article. The methodology and follow-through were not clearly outlined, but the idea is that we spend so much time beating up on ourselves, and wanting to change negative thought patterns and behaviors, often with little to no success. This article postulated using the power of your subconscious or even unconscious, by attempting to reprogram yourself via your sleep and dreams. I found this funny, especially considering it gave no exact suggestions on it, and because of my lifelong sleep issues, but the idea of slowly reprogramming ourselves with small, almost subconscious acts, intrigued me enough to think about it.

So when I received today's card: Field of Dreams, I thought about that article again. This card also has the obvious meaning of holding onto and cultivating personal dreams. The sky's the limit! Or so it says. I do think that life presents limits and challenges, and that idealism DOES have to be checked at times, but without enthusiasm and belief in ourselves, we won't be able to get out of bed, much less follow any personal whims or goals.

In the card, clarity is singled out as an important aspect of goal-setting. I definitely agree with that. Clarity combined with passion, especially, can produce very intense and quick results. Without that desire behind it, things can seem like an uphill struggle. I know, because that's how I've felt about any creative pursuits I've had in the past year or two. There's a card in the Osho Zen Tarot (I think it might be the Fool) which states that if you don't know where your heart lies (or heart's desire) then just close your eyes and jump and you'll find it. I think the idea was that taking risks creates momentum and desire.

For now, I'm still stuck in 'what do I want to create...' and 'where should my momentum take me?' and I think it sucks, but this fallow period is also an important and telling time. Plus, it really isn't stagnant. I'm focusing largely on my daughter and what to do with her next, but I have to guard against using that as a crutch and a way to avoid making changes for myself.

Much Love and See Y'all Monday,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awareness and Life as a Loose Garment

This makes me laugh a bit. I was all set to post this card's image and my interp when I decided I needed to finish painting the wall in the dining room. I haven't felt well this week, with a rash and cold symptoms and now that I felt somewhat better today I decided to finish it. I still need to touch up a couple areas, but at least it's done for the most part. Now the rest of the dining area...

Oh, but what made me laugh was that this dude looks a touch like the Big Lebowski. Old pot-smoking hippie type. That is my first thought when I see this guy, but the card is about stepping into an observer position and learning neutrality. This is a definite weakness of mine, as I tend to take everything personally and suffer quite a bit as a result of it (Pisces, anyone?) Sometimes things SHOULD be taken personally, as they are personal, but even when they're personal, you have to maintain a level of detachment or practicality so that you aren't sucked into the emotional undertow of difficult topics.

I find myself in a foul mood this evening, rehashing things from the past, feeling sickly, incompetent and inferior in other ways, not really feeling connected to my life. The latter is not true detachment, but more along the lines of feeling out of contact with myself. Not the same thing at all. I have no idea how to reconnect with myself, as I find many of my previous interests and hobbies not appealing anymore (such as art, poetry and music) and even my current or long-standing interests that I still enjoy (such as tarot) I find hard to really concentrate on and study. It's like I have severe life apathy and ADHD simultaneously.

Furthermore, my birthday is in five days and I just feel depressed about it. Not because of age necessarily, though that is one reason to be bummed about it. That's not it at all. I just don't feel like celebrating myself particularly. I usually revel in attention and love gifts, cake, and the like...but I just don't feel in the mood. My family's out of town on my birthday, anyway. So even though I'll be doing some things over the weekend I just don't really feel that into it.

Anyway. Here's a quote from the card's description:

"Wearing the world as a loose garment requires you to adopt a sense that nothing is personal. People come and go; experiences evolve from one state to another in a continual shifting and change no matter how much you want things to stay the same."

I'll try to keep that in mind.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Owl Intentions

"Own the life you want to lead, and live deliberately, with clarity and detachment."

Wordless Wednesday: Red Owl

New House Vignette: Living Room Couch

The lighting in this photo is not the best. I apologize! There isn't much to show yet, I fear. We are still firmly entrenched in the unpacking of the house, and decor has taken a back seat to other items like glasses and cookware, etc. But I wanted to add a splash of color. I got this tapestry (a rich red with a silver thread in a floral design) and draped it over the back of the very beige couch. I may end up hanging it on the wall, but I think I may opt for a painting or some sconces or something else. I love the star garland that you can't really see very clearly in this photo. It's little paper stars. I also snagged an adorable, rustic red owl luminary. I just haven't figured out precisely where. I got the garland, tapestry and owl at a fair trade shop, which cost me a bit, but I like to buy local and fair trade when I can (which isn't always).  I am running very low on the money front so I don't want to spend anything else just now (unless it's at the thrift store) for a while.

I'll come back with more visual updates soon!


Metamorphosis: Deep Change and Skin Issues

"You are in the process of deep and beautiful change."

Or so the book states!

Let me tell you: I don't necessarily feel like I'm in the process of deep and beautiful change, but as you all know, changes can be deeply painful as much as they are positive. Right now my pain is mostly literal, in the form of a rash on my body (which is fading, but keeps flaring up, eczema-like) and a lingering flu-like set of symptoms. After some rest I feel a lot better than I have the past couple of days, but this is part of why I didn't post yesterday or the day before. I just felt awful. I think most of it is being burnt out. Moving stirred up a lot of crap, both literally and otherwise.

When I saw this card, I actually thought of the whole cocoon/snake shedding its skin imagery that often accompanies these types of change cards. I thought about my rash and how I've been trying to get that fresh, healed skin to come forth. Sort of stupidly literal, but that's the first thing I thought of. There's an episode of Northern Exposure (a cool show over here from the 90's) in which Shelley, the waitress at the Brick, begins experiencing an itchy rash all over her body. She thinks it's contact dermatitis but she can't seem to get rid of it, no matter what she does. At some point, a local shaman (there's a native american population that lives there in Alaska) points out that she's going through a metamorphosis and she'll shed her skin and have a fresh new skin. This is what ends up happening--and she has a glow about her after her rough, itchy skin is shed. Sounds great, though a touch idealistic to be sure. I'll be lucky if I just get rid of this rash. :)

Laugh! On today's Sesame Street episode there is a song about skin playing in the background, 'Skin, let's hear it for skin!' In fact, the entire episode is about skin. Wow. Haha. I love it when that happens.

I will be working with the Enchanted Map Oracle this week. I apologize for the spotty posting and blog reading.

Today is my dad's birthday. Happy birthday, dad, and happy spring to all!

Much Love,

Wordless Wednesday: Bedroom Corner

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving: Be Back Monday!

Hello Dear Folk,

It's my last day on the internet today, as I have a crap-ton of crap to do over the next several days. I'm spending a little bit of time lolly-gagging today, but not much. I have to get as much done as I can. Thankfully most of the rooms are mostly emptied, but there is always a surprising amount of junk lurking around every corner. One of my main focuses today will be how to pack up most of my daughter's room without severely traumatizing her (she hates people messing with her stuff). I promised to leave out a few key possessions and also to clearly mark all the boxes with her name that house her items.

Here are the two Tea Leaf Fortune Cards (sorry, I know I've been working with this deck a lot lately--I'm sort of hooked on it) that I received representing the next week, as we adjust to the new house after moving out of our current one. So far, so good. Stepping into a new experience plus happiness? That seems very positive, though I always take these cards with a grain of salt. No matter how easy or rough the transition is, I am going to try to make the best of it.

I'll see you all on Monday, as our internet will be disconnected soon and not reconnected until Sunday, at which point I'll likely be distracted by unpacking and my dad's b-day party. Speaking of birthdays, don't forget to send your best birthday wishes to the wonderful Prince Lenormand this Friday.

Also: the Reader's Choice voting for the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards is still going on. Pop over and vote!

Magical, Minty Hugs,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tea Leaf Teapot

Just before pulling this card I was thinking about how I needed to be more social. Even though there's a part of me that is wildly gregarious, there are vaster areas of my person that are deeply private and overly sensitive. It's hard for me to break out of my day to day rut and socialize. I was thinking of this a few minutes ago as I was inviting people to my belated birthday and housewarming party. I invited more than twenty people. For me, this is a big deal. I suspect only about half will show up (well, 12 are already coming, most of them family) but I find myself obsessing over dumb things like 'where will they find parking?' and 'will the new neighbors hate me for having 20+ people over?' and so forth.

Of course, in reality this card is more about one to one friendship with one person of the same gender, but I couldn't help tie it into friendship and socializing in general. The 'Fan' card is probably more apt for this party stuff (since it talks about celebrations and parties) but this is the way my mind has gone. I'll see if there are other, more specific ways to apply this card. Sometimes something will happen at the last minute to validate such pulls.

It will take a bit of an effort to get me to relax about it--but I hope I do and I'm able to enjoy it.


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sunny Trio for a Tiring Week

Even though this week is going to be craaaaaazy, the trio I pulled to post today is rather cheerful. I used three fairly positive decks, which is probably part of the reason, but there are challenging cards in these decks (well, the first two, anyway) so I guess that's not necessarily true. I can use some uplifting messages so this is a good thing.

The first card with the open heart and butterflies feels very springy and freeing. It's a really evocative card. In fact, all of these cards have a sort of sunshiny, open kind of feel. The woman in the 'Sun' card has her arms spread in the sunshine, and the horse is trotting through an archway, almost as if he's going through a finish line. That, I suppose, is accurate, since we're finally moving. 

In fact, we're moving out Thursday instead of Friday, really. We have to close on our current house at 8:30am, so we realized we really have to be 100% out by Thursday evening because we really won't have time to do anything before the closings on Friday morning. I've been packing here and there the past few days (and before that, too) even though I don't feel very well (though I know I am slowly recovering) because I know it's far better to do things gradually than be slammed with tons of things-to-do at the last second. My goal right now is to get as much cleaning and packing done well before Thursday.

Today should be interesting. My daughter's front teeth have to be removed (see previous post about it) and y'all know how much my daughter hates the dentist. Even so, at least we know it's possible. Last time she did surprisingly well, despite her initial fight. I hope this time goes as well, or better!

I'll probably post a couple more times before moving. I'm thinking I will probably post on Tues and Weds and then you may not hear anything else for a couple days as we move all our stuff and then re-connect internet, etc, etc...

Much Love to Y'all,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little of Everything Kinda Reading

When I saw these cards this morning I didn't quite know what they were referring to, but that is often the case when you pull for something that hasn't happened yet. All you tarot readers know the drill!

Now that the day is over I can see my day clearly reflected in these cards. In the first line we have 'Archway' and 'Younger Woman' which immediately made me think of an e-mail exchange I had with one of my younger sisters regarding life and job prospects. Even though she had a challenging situation, she had a very good outlook on it, which brought to mind the fresh and optimistic energy of the 'Archway' card, where new ventures and opportunities could be found if you kept on the path. I was very impressed by her attitude and remember being struck by that when I read her e-mail.

In the second line we have a rather melancholy duo: 'Pail' and 'Teardrops'. I am still not 100% sure what this refers to. It could refer to any number of hardships that my friends, family or myself are having. Just generous stress, but it seems fairly specific. This is the only part I wasn't entirely sure about. Again there are quite a number of people around me going through major ordeals, so it could be any number of things.

In the final duo we have 'Crib' and 'Bird-Flying' which made me think of one of my friends who informed me this evening that she is trying to have a baby. Of course I was also looking at the Facebook pages of a couple women I know (oddly with the same name!) who are also due to have babies soon. But I think it was more about the friend who told me about trying for a baby. Anyway. Oh, I did just see that one of the friends had a baby a few days ago, but I don't think that's it.

So, that's my hodge podge reading, but again--I could be misinterpreting it.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Dental Pull: Literally.

While we all are laid out with the seasonal cold/flu crud over here, and moving in less than a week, another problem decided to crop up: one of my daughter's front teeth has abscessed. Joy! Haha.

Anyway. Although most of my daughter's dental work was done a month or so ago, we were told (just in case!) to keep an eye on her two front teeth. The reason being: four years ago my daughter had to have root canals on her four upper front teeth, along with some other fillings. She had quite a few dental issues. All had to be done under anesthesia. Since then, the front fillings have been slowly breaking down, but since they are baby teeth we (along with her current and also her previous dentist) just wanted to let it go because they are going to fall out pretty soon anyway in preparation for the permanent teeth.

However, in the meantime, obviously some bacteria got into the teeth and caused an abscess. Thankfully she has not complained of any pain, but she pointed the bump out to me last night, which I had seen for the first time. I immediately called the dental office, which thankfully was still open, and sent over a photo of the bump. Sure enough her dentist identified it as an abscess and immediately had my daughter put on antibiotics (which I hate because they kill all the good bacteria in her gut and set her up for candida, which she is prone to and we've been treating lately--but we'll have to address that later). So yes. Funnnnn times.

I'm glad (if I can be glad?) we're taking care of this but I worry about how this will all impact my daughter. I know moving will be hard enough on her and losing her two front teeth may not sit well with her either, as she is very attached to anything that she's...attached to. If that makes any sense.

These two cards represent the dental visit on Monday. I hope they're right. It doesn't look too bad. The 'Beetle' card is a general card of good fortune. It made me think of two things: a.) the 'bug' of the infection in her tooth and b.) That it's a good thing we caught this before it got even worse. The 'Tent' card reminded me this is just a temporary problem and will be OK. It also reminded me that the teeth themselves are only temporary teeth and not the permanent ones.

So back we go to the dentist. Laughing gas? Check. Sick? Check. A few days away from moving? Check. Stress? Check.

Oooookay, then! Tally ho!

Magic Mentha

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Literal Draw: Dog-Barking


I KNOW I said I wouldn't post, but maybe I will once in a while, though as I draw nearer to next week I may not be able to for a few days. ANYWAY.

I had to post this. It was too silly not to. I was sitting on my couch feeling very tired and sickly, playing with my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards when I decided to do a draw about the neighbor's dogs. I was listening to their loud barking and wondering why the neighbors seem to be so oblivious of their dog's barking, and why they didn't seem to care that they bothered everyone around them.

So I pulled a single card, thinking, 'WHY do you let your dogs bark?' I received the card there in the middle: Dog-Barking. Hrm. OK. This seemed like a confirmation of my question. Or just a really crazy coincidence. Either way, It was sort of amusing.

I decided to flank this card on either side with clarification cards. These cards are 'Box' and 'Key'...which to me sounded as if they go together. Perhaps this was just another cheeky commentary on my wanting to know the motivation of these inconsiderate neighbors.

The actual meanings of the two cards flanking the Dog-Barking card is 'Successful solution to your problem.' in the 'Key' card, and 'You will receive a gift' in the 'Box' card. This made me think of the obvious gift in connection with the dogs, which is that we won't have to deal with them again a week from now when we move.


Much Love,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pre-Move Blogging Hiatus

Groovy image from Vintage Printable
Hi Folks,

I find myself feeling exhausted and somewhat sickly. My sinuses are hurting a lot today and I think my throat also hurts. I didn't sleep well, tossed and turned, etc.

I can't seem to focus on this blog right now, during this moving chaos, so I think I may do an official blogging hiatus until after we get moved in.

Thank you and have a wonderful next week or two. I'll try to read blogs but I'm already dismally behind so it may be somewhat sporadic.

I'll resume blogging officially on Monday, March 19th.

Thank you and much love,

Wordless Wednesday: Sea Glass

Photo credit: This beautiful sea glass is available for sale over at By the Shore Sea Glass

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tea Leaf Fortune: Happiness and Romance

So, today has been a great day! It's a bit late to be posting. It's 6:30 PM (mountain time) but I wanted to post something. I happened to draw these cards earlier this morning. We found out that the sellers are paying for mold mitigation in the house (there's some in the rafters that we want to make sure we get rid of professionally before we move in) and also fixing the leaking dishwasher. We're glad they're doing the mold remediation because that can be costly. Also: I want to remove as many possible health triggers for my daughter as possible in any new living space.

Things are progressing on the house front (thank goodness) and otherwise things are fine. My daughter is a bit sick, with a stuffy nose and an ear ache (which I applied drops to today a couple times already) but otherwise I feel really glad that things aren't going worse. :) I think the Rose card may refer to tonight. Ahem? Well, anyway. I hope so. If not, that's fine. I see the Rose card is being warmth and love even if it doesn't mean anything too overtly romantic.  I do think the Bird-Perched card referred to waiting for news today. We had to wait two days to hear back about whether the sellers would fix anything from the inspection. Despite a decent things-to-do list, I'm glad at least we can knock a couple things off of it.

Another pleasant thing (though it didn't last long) was visiting with my mom and sister on a warm afternoon. 75 degrees! It was sunny and warm and although my daughter was a bit under the weather at least we were in good enough spirits overall. A far cry better than the past month or two, waiting for the axe to drop and having bad luck finding a house we liked.  I think the 'Sun' card is very literal here, as it was a very warm day, very sunny. But the other meaning of happiness and well-being was applicable, too.

I hope everyone has a enjoyable rest of the week.


p.s. Don't forget to vote for the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tea Leaf Fortunes Collage

Under the Weather and 8 of Feathers

Using What of My Today? and The Healing Earth Tarot

Eight of Feathers

The Eight of Feathers calls out for you to look deep inside and rediscover the dream of the child who wished to fly. You will know its truth if it does not seek to tread on others or discredit them, but lifts both you and the other to new realms of clarity and compassion.  It is a flight of the human heart and clear awareness unrestrained by the limitations of negative judgements. MM's note: I can't find my photo upload cord and I don't feel like launching a search. In short: I think this card highlights my feeling of mental entrapment (common theme in 8 of Swords) and suggests to reconnect with a more open, child-like persona. I will certainly try to follow this advice, even though I am feeling under the weather.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Brief Break for Packing and Storing

A cool fair use image from Vintage Printable
Hello Loves,

I have a lot of cleaning, packing, sorting and storing to do over the next few days. We're going to try to get the entire downstairs packed into a storage unit this weekend.

The upstairs we'll be gradually doing over the next week. Not TOO gradually because we move in exactly two weeks. We're hoping they'll let us use the garage of the new house later, but for now we're using a rented unit.

I may be blogging more sporadically over the next two weeks until we're entirely moved in, on March 17th. There will probably be a total pause of blogging from March 15-17.

Just FYI! And I am likely to get pretty behind on reading your beautiful blog posts. I'm already extremely behind, so I apologize!

I'll be back to blogging either Monday or Tuesday. I hope everyone's lives are sparkling fresh and happy over that time period and beyond.

Sending you all a rejuvenating weekend.

Wish us luck. :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

March's Focus: Money Path

Here is a single card pull I got from the lovely Tea Leaf Fortunes deck. I chose this card to represent a focus for the month of March. I thought it was an appropriate topic, seeing as today is March 1st! I've enjoyed using this deck, but I am thinking of putting it aside, if only for a bit. I'll come back to it, of course, but I wanted to play with a few other decks for March, ones I've neglected.

This is a card I've gotten a few times with this deck, showing me that I have to find the path of money, whether it be an outlet for income or other source of revenue. I'll be keeping my ears pricked up.


Computer-y Goodness

I haven't posted yet today, in part because I'm anticipating the arrival of my new iMac, a sort of early birthday present. My birthday isn't until the end of the month but I have been wanting a computer for a while. My current one is going on five years old and while it still runs it's starting to get slow and glitchy. I'm very much looking forward to test driving this new one!

I hope it's a welcome distraction from all the chaos of late that is continuing into this month leading up to the house much.

Much Love,