Sunday, October 28, 2012

Be Back November 1st

Hi Folks,

Going to take a little sabbatical from the internet, but I'll be back here on November 1st to announce the winner of my Second Blogiversary Giveaway. Enter if you like!

In the meantime, hope you all have a nice very end of October and Happy Halloween/Samhain.

Love Lots,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leaving Oracle Cards Tucked in Books=Rediscovered Readings

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for November

Hello Y'all,

I pulled these November cards a week ago but hadn't posted them.

Hrmm. Let me see, let me see!! Well, if you're going on a bad/good meter, it seems like November should be 2/3 good and 1/3 not-so-good. But then again I doubt life is really that simplistic.

The Pin card shows up, once again drawing my focus on life path/career issues. (Pauses to make video that you'll see posted right after this post) That is something I definitely have been focusing on--but have I been acting on it...not so much. Perhaps November will be the month that I truly put some of that brainstorming into action. I hope so. I hate dithering!

The next card, right next to Pin is 'Four Leaf Clover' another great card! This card is generic, but I love it. Who doesn't want 'great good fortune'?! Anyways. I am not going to speculate too hard about what sort of thing will be bestowed with happy luck. The third card is one that I am not so fond of. There's gotta be one of those in most readings, right? That's 'Club'...someone trying to make me do something against my will. Hah! Try doing that to an Aries, I tell you! Anyway, but seriously, that is one of my fears...having someone force me or my family to do something I don't want to do. But I see this is probably a transitory issue. It may be prickly or annoying at the time, but not long lasting.

Lastly, we have the 'Bouquet' card, which has a rather pleasant and romantic feel. Compliments from an admirer. I have to be honest, though, and say that I often have trouble interpreting this card. When it comes up I have a hard time confirming it. That is not the case with most of the other cards in this oracle. I do tend to be able to confirm the meanings later or even immediately. Generally this card brings a feeling of goodwill conferred from one person to the other. So I'll keep an eye out for that good will coming to me.


Halloween Reading About My Daughter (Video)

Two Card Pull Video Reading: Dynamic Duo

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Green Light and Burst of Energy

I wish I was better at interpreting Lenormand combinations. However, I suppose that's where PRACTICE comes in handy. I'm still not accustomed to this method and haven't been working with it for very long, so I can be patient!

Instincts still matter. So let's see. What do I see in these three cards? I see a 'go ahead' light for various areas of my life. Contrary to the position of the cards in my hands, the order of the cards received was:

Key (Unlocks secrets and reveals success)

Card 33 (8♦): Key
:), !, solution, mastery, significance, success, certainty, access, code, password, breakthrough, discovery, revelation, epiphany, aha moment, flash of inspiration, insight, clue, sign, miracle, cure, emphasis, destiny and dharma including spiritual forces that help us to grow and overcome karmic imbalances, karmic lessons, security, synchronicity, the soul
doorway, gate, locked space, safe
indigo, violet, purple
Timing (houses):

The Sun (Radiates success and shines on all you do)

Card 31 (A♦): Sun
:), success, energy, illumination, achievement, excellence, victory, glory, big luck, vitality, enthusiasm, motivation, courage, will, self-confidence, charisma, egotism, electricity, heat, warmth, light, exposure, visibility, publishing, conscious mind, left brain, masculine
tropical sunny resort location, desert, lamp or electrical area, fireplace, oven
yellow, orange, gold
physical energy, solar plexus, sunshine
Timing (houses):
Timing (other):
Sunday, day, morning

The Stork (Time to travel and make changes)

Card 17 (Q♥): Storks
progress, improvement, milestone, changes for the better, gains, upgrade, advancement, promotion, recovery, relocation, additions to household, flexibility, adaptability, progressiveness
chimney, stairs, escalator, lift (elevator)
limbs, pregnancy, birth (+Child/Tree), improvement in health
Timing (houses):
Timing (other):
Thursday, change of season, the next period, milestone event

There's a kind of dynamic feel to the cards, fiery even. I think this is a contrast to how I've been feeling lately. Stuck. Mired in current circumstances and unsure if or when they'll change. Anyway. I included the descriptions from Helen's Lenormand Dictionary. This is as much for my own reference as anyone else's who is doing Lenormand readings. I like the feel of this reading. I will try to keep it as a focus for the coming months!


Video Blog: Fairy Tale Fortune End of Month Reading

After reading Chloë's marvy video review of this deck I decided to do a video pull with it.

The song playing in the background is the well-known Danse Macabre.

Have a happy mid-week,

Wordless Wednesday: Bentonite Clay Mask

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pre-Appointment Single Card Video Reading

I'm about to head off to my orthodontic appointment. I haven't had the greatest experience with this so I'm glad that it's ending, but I dread going there. Oy! Oh well. Let's just get this over with. ;)

The song playing is Pachelbel's Canon in D.


Crystal Clear Reflections: Two of Wands

Two of Wands from Simply Deep Tarot
Two of Wands - Creative expression - controlling a situation through your ability to make choices which create balance, integration, comfort and harmony. Achievement in your business plans - your goals will be attained in work. Success and courage will bring happiness. With the correct negotiation, there could be a business partnership. An important contract, transaction or letter is indicated. You have completed the necessary work, your foundation is good - you are ambitious, progressive and willing to take the lead hoping to improve conditions. Experience the creative power of your emotions - good judgment and ability can translate your ideas into reality.

An unusual and unexpected event will occur now - any conflict could bring loss. Maintain your balance as events arise that will test your ability to judge fairly. When you are in charge you are comfortable making decisions and will stand by them - you may not be able to give logical reason for your decisions, but you feel confident enough to act on them. You seldom turn to someone else for direction - preferring to do things in your own way and take responsibility for the outcome.

Your greatest problem is your own boredom - this lack of a new direction or stimuli. Have a little more patience - organize and bring order to your personal life. Clarify things in order to prevent any misunderstandings. Do not allow anyone or anything to "dominate" your thinking for that creates imbalance. Move the way your body wants to, regardless of past learned patterns. You are capable of unfolding into great beauty if you follow you own inherent potentials. See who you really are as opposed to who you are supposed to be or where taught to be. Clear awareness of self is established through a peaceful mind and a calm heart.

You stand now, with the world in your hands - yet, you find no contentment. You are bored. Your accomplishments have walled you in and the world you hold "appears" very small. You have become weary and can think of nothing more to do with your life. Your love of battle and challenge has left you with no satisfaction for your actual accomplishments after the fight has been won. You will have the energy you need to move in new directions now. Apply yourself - remain balanced and in harmony with the energy that surrounds you. Maintain equilibrium between your mind and your body, so that you do not act until you need to and this self-discipline, combined with your intuition - will bring success to your enterprises.

New - Spiritual curiosity, wonder leading to choice - choice leading to more wonder. Alternatives for growth, a selection of potentialities, the entrance of "other" at the intuitive level. Recognition of choice, or alternatives and the action in relation to that choice. The quality of discernment. The world is calling you, infusing a spirit of adventure to see first hand what wonders await. The potential for true growth, real opportunity. Having realized the physical reality of the spiritual path, you have been offered and have accepted the mantel of initiate. Through this door you will never return. As indicator of your initiation, the Ace of Wands is your vow to take a vow, dedicating yourself to the path. The Two of Wands is the vow itself, through which you become a bride/groom of the divine. Just as you must "mate" on the Physical, Emotional and Mental levels, so must you choose and "mate" on the Spiritual level as well. Oaths. Pledges.

Questions to Answer: What two ideas are you bringing together in a new and different way? What are you planning to accomplish? What are you competent at? What conflicting desires do you wish to integrate? At what threshold do you stand? What options do you have?

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Minute Video Reading Using Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Share Your Gifts

I whipped out 'The Answer is Simple' oracle and I did a few draws, all of which were very interesting, but I did a few single card pulls and kept getting this one as a repeat card. This is a very thoughtful, very simple card. It almost feels a little Virgoan in the concept of sharing and giving to others, finding a way to serve in ways that are simple and nourishing.

Here's an excerpt from the booklet:

I think a lot of people, especially folks who don't have a 'high-powered job' that pays a decent amount of money, would appreciate this message--people such as stay-at-home parents or artists or anyone who just does things that often go unnoticed. I think this is a beautiful reminder for everyone when they feel undervalued for things that they do. I am going to try to remember this as I go about my day, doing the things over and over again that I am not even sure are making a difference.


Identifying My Resistance

Over at My Divination I did a single card reading with the Rock n' Roll Oracle. I received this card, which really made me think. I am resisting many things due to fear: taking chances/risks, taking the next step on the path (in several areas). Oy!
Superstition - Resistance
You are resisting the next step on your path due to fear of the unknown. Look into the mir-ror and face your fears head on. If you see cracks, it could just be broken glass with no mysterious repercussions other than maybe having to go to the store for a replacement. Before you go, though, see if you can gain new perspective by peering into and through the cracks. If you can't understand the things that scare you, then you suffer. And that ain't the way.
I'm going to spend some time this week figuring out how I can take steps to break out of this self-made prison of anxiety and ennui. I think some waiting I've done has been helpful, but much of it has been based on the idea that I am lost, can't succeed and shouldn't try. What a bummer of an attitude! I must change that right now.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Positive Influences and Lifestyle Ideas

I did a quick two card pull with the focus of what I could focus on in order to bring about more happiness and positive changes into my life. I know. Kinda vague.

Anyway. Here is the duo I pulled. Clover and Lily. These are two pretty positive Lenormand cards. Just in case you don't feel like squinting to read the titles they are:

Good luck, insight, and protection."

A flowering of your working life."

Well. That's not too bad, but since I am not content to read these things without further investigation, I popped back over to Helen's Lenormand Dictionary to see if some things stuck out for me. Here are the descriptions of the two cards I pulled with words or phrases highlighted by me:

Card 30 (K♠): Lily
serenity, maturity, elders, peace, calm, Zen factor, contemplation, release, letting go, rest, slow pace of activity, retirement, experience, wisdom, parents, seniors, older generation, tradition, vintage, cold snowy weather
retirement home, nursing home, cold snowy area, fridge or freezer
grey, white
eyes, sight, ears, hearing, aging disorders, slow recovery, frail care, nursing home (+Tower/House)
Timing (houses):
Timing (other):
very slow, lifetime

OK, so this is going to sound weird because it just occurred to me as I was reading right now, but there's a lot of mention of the elderly and nursing homes. It sounds profoundly depressing to me, but at the same time, I live literally a block away from a large assisted living home and a hospice center. I wonder if I could do something for or with seniors such as art projects or other activities? It really does not sound good to me, but I can't shake the idea completely. I will definitely keep it in mind. I also know a woman who runs a care center for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's. This topic is admittedly painful for me because my beloved grandmother (and my husband's grandmother) suffers from short-term memory loss. It isn't something that sits well with me.

The other meaning that comes to mind is the slower pace and more Zen lifestyle mentioned. While my life is not crazily fast-paced, it can be rather stress-based. I tend to (both consciously and unconsciously) put a lot of pressure and stress on myself. The idea of approaching things in a calm, mature and slow way is really good advice, though not always easy to follow.

The Clover card:

Card 2 (6♦): Clover
:), ?, !, luck, optimism, opportunity, small luck, stroke of luck, lucky break, risk, reward, chance, second chance, fling, gambling odds, hope, wild card, fleeting, unforeseen positive turn of events, pleasant surprise, bonus, tip, perk, win, bargain, catch, lucky find, sweetener, boost, refreshment, plant, grass, herb
betting shop, bargain store, junk shop, grassy area, herb garden
etheric body, tonic, vitamins, natural supplement, homeopathy, recovery
Timing (houses):
within 4 days
Timing (other):
Sunday, soon

So this card has that 'green' focus. Green living, herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, but also the dual meaning of luck, taking chances and risks. I think I need to step outside my comfort zone, which is why I mention things like volunteering or working in a nursing home, which normally would sound awful to me. Though I may ultimately nix the idea, it is important for me to be open and to take risks.

I noted something common between the two cards, which is 'vintage' or 'junk shop'...which makes me think of finding something in vintage or thrift stores. Maybe something I can repurpose or sell? My mom is amazing thrift store shopper and I could always enlist her help.

Something else that comes to mind with the natural healing/herbs slant is taking courses in homeopathy or herbalism via online study or local class. I will consider that, too.

Still brainstorming...


Weight Loss Goals for 2012-2013

Here's a draw I did just now regarding my weight loss goals for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013.

Honestly, I don't find the titles on the cards uber-useful, but sometimes they trigger something important. The book descriptions are nice because they include a fable next to the meaning, which is a fun way to present info. Personally, though, I just look up info on the Lenormand elsewhere.

Intuitively, I see the Snake as self-sabotage, or potential self-sabotage. The Garden I see as the positive possibilities and implications of weight loss, but also the outdoors and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. However, next to the Garden, which mentions friendship, it makes me wonder if someone will end up being sabotaging to me. Either way, I will look out for all forms of sabotage, self or otherwise.

Another sort of obscure thing I thought of when seeing the Snake, after reading Helen's Lenormand Dictionary, is the concept of digestion/plumbing. Good gut health (including elimination, removing candida, toxins, etc) may be crucial in my weight loss journey. Of course great diet makes this possible. This is something I've been reading about and researching quite a bit anyway. To implement it more fully is the next phase.

The final card is the House, which, in addition to its meaning of security, I think it means spending too much time in the House, which can lead to stagnation in weight loss goals. I see the Garden as the counterpoint to this. Getting out and about, and getting more exercise out-of-doors, even if it's just a walk, is important. I like the contrast between the Garden and House. I need to find that balance.

We shall see. I am working on slowly, carefully introducing factors that will aid my weight loss slowly and naturally over the course of the next year or two.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blessings for My Projects

Even though I planned to resist getting a Lenormand deck until I got my hands on the lovely deck that Chloë is working on, I decided to be impatient and get the Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, which is a very modern Lenormand deck that I happened to see while at the bookstore. I've been scrimping and saving like mad lately and I decided on this indulgence, which thankfully was less than $20. I wish I had gotten it via Amazon, might've saved another $5, but then again I'd have to spend $25 to get the free shipping so nevermind!

My impressions: I like this deck. It's approachable and charming and modern. It may not be my favorite Lenormand deck but I like it. I think the descriptions are a bit limiting, but they are also useful for newbs like me. Thankfully I love cross-referencing things so I have plenty of references for Lenormand stuff.

Here's a bad camera phone photo (above) that I edited of a trio I pulled regarding my potential (nearish future) business venture/ideas. It looks pretty good although, as I explained before, I don't see how this will play out. I think the house shows that I am still strongly considering work-at-home ideas. The Tree card sometimes relates to health matters. I wonder if this will take precedence or maybe what I will do will be health-related. I keep thinking 'holistic healing'. Perhaps herbal blends, studying herbalism or alternative medicine, even if it's on a small scale.

Helen's wonderful guide has some key words that make me think of things like that. One of the key phrases is 'organic products' so this may emphasize my desire to make healthy lifestyle products.

Card 5 (7♥): Tree (health, cause of death, life path, past life)
General: life, health, development, physical health, spiritual health, environmental health, wellbeing, state, condition, healing, medicine, organic growth, patience, process, accumulation, karma, blueprint, template, deep-rooted issue, ancestry, organic products
Location: health care facility, spiritual place, forest, woods, garden, shady area
Colours: green, natural colours
Health: brain, mental health, healing profession
Timing (houses): 5 years
Timing (other): slow, gradual development

I'll post more draws with much better photos this week.

Love Lots,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catching Some Zzz's: Be Back Next Week

Single card 'Hello Tarot' Reading
Tender Greetings Tarot Folk,

I'll be back early next week.

I've been on the computer way too much.

I'm behind on laundry and other chores...

So I will see you lovely people soon.

Love Lots,

Potential, Personal Revolution, Perspective and a Paradigm Shift

Kind of an unwieldy title, but oh well!

When pulling today's cards my goal was to get the unvarnished truth about what I was doing with the possible shop/venture that I'm working on. Was I self-sabotaging, what was going on?

The first card is Judgment. That brings to mind the obvious connection to self judgment and condemnation, but it also has an interesting meaning of 'natural selection', using white and black moths as an example. When the industrial revolution arrived and smog and muck became the norm, white moths were eaten and dark moths thrived because they were camouflaged. This makes me think--what would I have to do in order to not be eaten? What changes would I have to make?

The next card is the 3 of Swords, with the subtitle of revolution. In the image, the diagram being burned and made obsolete is the one that shows the Sun revolving around Earth, where the new, updated template is the Earth revolving around the Sun. In order to see this new truth we had to abolish the old truth, to replace it. This actually is oddly similar to the scenario in the Judgment card. Some things, by virtue of the current truth, are just made passe, old news, or even extinct due to changing paradigm shifts. It can be painful changing things that were previously such a huge part of our lives, which is why I think this concept was chosen for the 3 of Swords, traditionally a very intense and painful card.

The Hanged Man shows up as the final card. I think this is a cool image. It is titled 'potential energy' and the concept behind this one is of something 'waiting' to happen. Sorry. That was poorly described. The example they give is of this boulder, perfectly balanced, but at any moment some force of nature could come along (wind, weather, human interaction, or gradual erosion) and change things totally. The boulder could come crashing down. It's not a matter of if it will happen, but when. It shows the potential and the promise of this. This makes me think that it is only a matter of time before I choose, or life chooses for me, that I move forward with something.

The overarching theme of this trio is one of the impact of change, and the fact that change can be quite startling, sudden and can replace outdated modes of thinking and being, sometimes in a painful way. Additionally, I do feel the message is also that it is necessary for me to make some of these painful changes, mental, physical and otherwise in order to really see progress.

I can't keep insisting the world is flat or that the Sun revolved around the Earth. I have to move forward, harness that momentum. My dad always says that the key to life is movement. I think he's right.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Emerging Uncertainty vs. Fulfillment

Last night I purchased some Sculpey and began making goddess-type (and other) pendants out of it. I was having a decent time and enjoying myself, and was up until 1am. I made seven pendants. But then, this morning, in the light of day I began having critical thoughts of the whole thing. My work was simplistic, primitive. I wondered if anyone would care or even like it. Then I started thinking things like, 'Well, if I gave away a pendant with purchase of tea blends or the gourmet cocoa...' and I went from that to thinking, 'what if no one wants ANYTHING?' and it just went downhill from there.

I took out my Science Tarot and asked about this idea. It had really unpleasant or non-committal responses. I thought it might be a tarot fluke so I tried again. The trend continued. So I decided to pull two cards to represent what was going on. I got the 9 of Cups (subtitle: Emergence) and the 10 of Swords (subtitle: Uncertainty). The phrase that came to mind was, 'You're uncertain with coming out with your work.'

Traditionally, the 9 of Cups is a positive, fulfilling card. Sometimes it's a bit too smug or self-assured. I don't think that describes me at all, especially when it comes to my own efforts, so I may go back to my previous meaning of 'Emergence'...which is a great word. Wow. The description is interesting. Here's a quote:

"What began in simplicity has grown into magnificent splendor. Your small part in the greater whole may have felt unimportant, but the rewards are now unmistakable."

Hrm. Seems a little overstated?! But it is very positive so that's nice. I appreciate that. I wonder, though, at the contrast between the 9 of Cups and the 10 of Swords. Here's the quote from the 10:

"This is the ultimate disillusionment. Our quest has come to a dead end. The reality so greatly desired is ultimately unattainable. It is time to find another path."

Hrmmmmmm? So which is it? They seem like polar opposites. Perhaps I should go back to my original read which is the fear of coming out, emerging. The swords suit in general often refers more to what happens in our minds rather than in reality, but the 10 can mean something is 'over', so the read above is not entirely impossible. I actually just now pulled a clarification and I got the 7 of Swords, which seems like an awful clarification card (not everyone's favorite) but the meaning is actually extremely helpful:

"The results of our actions are often complex, powerful and unpredictable. Struggling to control the distant ripples we launch with every gesture can be a crippling mistake. It may be better simply to ride the wind and follow its course."

I think this is excellent advice. I already feel myself trying to micromanage every aspect of things, drowning myself in my expectations, trying to  project how things will go, and generally not enjoying it as I should. So I need to stop, let go and try to go back to a more relaxed position. I also particularly appreciate how chaos is framed in a more positive light. We can't control everything, and sometimes that's a good thing.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Green Light: Ready...Set...SHINE!

Today is a New Moon in Libra, and I thought I'd do a reading about an Etsy shop I am planning to open in the near future. I reserved the name almost a year ago, but haven't made/added products to it yet. I have a handful of ideas, and hopefully I will be able to launch it before the end of the year. At the very least I want to start making things. I'm going to the local hobby shop for materials (and the grocery store for bulk spices, herbs, etc.) sometime in the next week. On a limited budget I can only make one or two projects to start, but hope to expand my offerings. The content of the shop will depend on what I feel like making.

I asked about the venture and got this duo. The Star and Eight of Wands. It feels very dynamic and positive. I am not expecting a big response or anything, but what I hope will happen right off the bat is I will enjoy creating things for the shop. I really would like to ENJOY doing something again, and I think that would be healing (The Star) and give me momentum (8 of Wands) to continue.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life's Ups and Downs: Hills and Valley

I pulled this duo recently, when I was feeling down, and the phrase that came to mind was 'life's up and downs'...which makes sense with this pair, I think! There are ALWAYS good things, and always bad.

My husband commented that he saw it as my ability to deal with whatever happens.

Let us hope he's right.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nurturing My Ideas (Realistically)

Today, just about half an hour ago,  I made a list of things I am considering selling on an Etsy shop I reserved nearly a year ago but have not followed through on. Granted, I just made the list, and the shop has sat there untended the past year, so this is new, but one thing about me is that once I decide to do something I tend to do it quickly. I didn't want to have a completely lame half-assed flop of a shop (love the rhyme) so I wanted to wait until I found things I actually enjoyed making to put on the page. 

Oddly, this list does not currently include any visual art. For whatever reason, that does not feed me emotionally or otherwise right now. I really tried to think of ANY drawing, painting or other arty project that sounded fun to include but so far nothing has come to mind. At the very most, I may employ artistic accents to the packaging of my products, but not as the main product-to-sell if that makes any sense.

I felt down this morning and my mind felt blank and hopeless. I was tired of feeling so unable to move forward with ANY creative venture. Ever since ending my hand-painted jewelry biz two years ago I've felt very adrift. I have done creative things, granted, but there is still that emptiness that dwells and settles in where you don't have the interest and passion in anything. As the lovely Allison from Epically Epic Soap told me, it's fun to be obsessed with something. Hehee.

The criteria for the list I made today was: can't be super expensive to make, can't be something that takes hours and hours to make with little reward, and must be something I would enjoy making and that I know I could make without a tremendous struggle. I don't mind a challenge, but a constant uphill struggle is not for me. This is something that is as much (if not more) for entertaining myself as it is for some income to mitigate household, health and other expenses.

In terms of this reading, I think the Eight of Disks shows me working steadily on a project. I see this as the 'grunt work' or 'nose to the grindstone' card, but in a more positive context. The Queen of Swords shows clarity, good ideas, an ability to make judgement calls, etc. The Magician shows the tools and ability to create things, make things happen.

Anyway--I am already searching out (affordable) supplies for my first project or two for the shop. If I work at it consistently I may even have the shop up and running before the end of the year. We'll see.

p.s. I know I was supposed to be in hiatus until next week but what's a post or two? ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Be Back Next Week!

Hi Excellent Folks,

I am going to be back next week--I have some things around the old homestead to do and my husband's birthday is tomorrow, party this weekend. I shall return early next week and I bid you all a swell week!

I think the people in this version of the Four of Wands are wearing fur (or faux fur) coats--which sounds good to me right now because my heat is either not working or working very badly. I am freezing! 

Lots o' Love,


Taking the Initiative

I did a few pulls with the charming Stella Tarot via My Divination, and I got these cards together in one of my pulls and thought they looked really striking. The overall sense I got from them was of change and taking the initiative, when ideas percolate in and need to be nurtured, and being honest with yourself in trying to follow through with an idea.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Comfort

Last night I did quite a bit of research (as I am wont to do) on IC and I believe the central issue for me is systemic candida due to too many carbs. I still struggle with that, and I've spent the past couple of years humming and hawing about being stricter with sweets and (GF) breads.

Now that my interstitial cystitis and other symptoms have worsened in recent months, I am really motivated to fix this. My sleep has gotten screwed up and I wake multiple times a night with my irritated bladder to pee, among other things.

I took a dose of apple cider vinegar in water and some oregano oil before bed and I was surprised that it seemed to help me. That was quicker than I thought it would be, but the real work will be in reducing carbs and sweets in my diet on a consistent basis.

Anyway, it was encouraging that even my first steps helps. I also think this will help my daughter's mood symptoms, as too many carbs and sweets (even what is considered a 'normal' amount) can contribute to mood issues/blood sugar-related issues in the body, many of which are being discovered over time. It's pretty impressive, the list of things in the body which are worsened by a diet laden with sweets/breads.

I thought this single card pull from 'Mixed Emotions' was pretty interesting. It shows a sleeping child cuddling a teddy bear. It reminds me of how I felt so much more comfortable last night after my double dose of natural anti-fungal treatment. I will definitely take that as a sign to continue!

Hope everyone has a happy day,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fox+Ring=A Gift for My Husband

Hi Dears,

Using this reader, I pulled a couple Lenormand cards representing today's activities. I got Fox and Ring. Boy, this Fox card is rather gruesome, isn't it?

Anyway. Despite its somewhat non-traditional interpretation, I feel like this instantly referred to my getting a gift for my husband. He will be 40 on Tuesday and his totem is the red fox. I always think of him whenever I see foxes. We collect red fox things because he loves them so much, after his mom did the Ted Andrews exercise finding a totem and he connected with the fox.

As a result, we do have quite a collection of fox things in and around the house, but this time I didn't buy him anything fox-related, except the greeting card. I do, however, realize that the fox has other meanings, such as business, shrewdness in business, sneakiness, and the like. But my husband with his moon and mercury in Scorpio can be like this at times.

The Ring card can have the meaning of gift, and I did see it when I popped over to Helen's Lenormand Dictionary.  It can also mean marriage/partnership/partner. All in all my immediate intuitive hit was that it was about my partner, which seems supported by my strong 'fox' association with him. 

All in all I'm impressed with the simpleness of this reading and how it made sense to me. There is always the chance that I missed the point entirely, which I can certainly allow for!

Love to y'all,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Four Card Lenormand Reading Portends a Family Trip?

This is an oddly forlorn-looking reading. Well, maybe not, but it seems to have a happy ending. Maybe not. I am not sure. In my head, the narrative was very dramatic, something like someone dies or something unpleasant happens (Coffin) so the woman goes on a trip in order to connect with her love or feel better. I don't know. I am a little confused by this. But I am not very experienced with reading Lenormand cards.  More morbidly, it could mean death for a woman. Here's a combination I found online:

Coffin + woman (29): negative woman, ill woman

Here's the combination for Ship+Heart:

Ship + heart (24): honeymoon, traveling with a love, romantic getaway

Hmm...well, there are certainly a lot of possibilities. When I did a clarification pull of this reading, I got Ship+Cross. Here's the meaning for that:

Ship + cross (36): destined trip, pilgrimage

It seems like some sort of trip is indicated. Makes me think of the one my mom proposed about going out east to see my brother who now lives in the city where my husband was born.  It would be a family trip on my side, but we'd also get to see my husband's family. I'm torn about the expense and stress--that could be showing my negativity (Coffin+Woman). We also wanted to go before his elderly grandmother (who has fairly advanced Alzheimer's) is completely unable to recognize him and/or dies. She will be 89 next year if we manage to get out there in May.

That is one of the first things that comes to mind. A destined trip. We have not been able to go out east for several years (5?) to see my husband's family due to financial problems and my daughter's health problems. And his folks are also broke. So this may be a chance to do that.

The heart as the end card shows that it would be something that is love-based and worthwhile.

Something to think about.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


After seeing Chloë working with the Lenormand the past couple of days I decided to do a single card Lenormand pull via My Divination.

Granted, this deck is very primitive and I actually don't think I would purchase it (although I would certainly use it if someone gave it to me) but for some reason I really love this image. The striking contrast between vivid green and the cracking, white egg is so cool. Of course I realized after looking at this that the 'Egg' card is really the 'Stork' card. Being newer to Lenormand I didn't, at first, realize this.

The meaning given on the My Divination site is pretty to the point and literal:

17 - Egg
This may mean birth of an idea or a new start. it is also concerned with motherly love, happiness, prosperity, your wish and the fulfillment it brings.
After seeing this I felt like pulling up a more specific resource such as Helen's wonderful Lenormand Dictionary. In it I found the following:

Card 17 (Q♥): Storks
progress, improvement, milestone, changes for the better, gains, upgrade, advancement, promotion, recovery, relocation, additions to household, flexibility, adaptability, progressiveness
chimney, stairs, escalator, lift (elevator)
limbs, pregnancy, birth (+Child/Tree), improvement in health
Timing (houses):
Timing (other):
Thursday, change of season, the next period, milestone event

Interesting. I can see how this might work. Today's Thursday, so the timing works. Ok, so that's kind of a joke, but wow--I love how thorough Helen is. This resource is wonderful and I like referring to it when I read with the Lenormand. I also think of my child, my daughter, and the milestone even could be my husband's 40th birthday.

Much Love,

MM's Two Year Blogiversary Giveaway

Hi Folks,

In honor of my upcoming two year blog anniversary (which is actually on Halloween!) I am doing a little giveaway of the marvelous Tarot Nova Complete Kit, which is a charming little tarot deck and book. Cheap stock but beautiful...and small. :)

To enter, comment below with some of your main goals for 2013.  A winner will be chosen using on November 1st, and the deck will be shipped out to the winner the first week of November, unless for some reason I am flat broke then I may simply wait until I can afford shipping. Hehe. But I am not assuming that. ;D

Hope you all have a lovely first week of October,

The Tarot Nova Gets Swordsy

It's a chilly day today, with a cold front bearing down on us that will culminate (possibly) in snow, or at least a rain/snow mix. So apparently the Tarot Nova wanted to highlight some rather unpleasant mental activity I have. Seems I am thinking too much, and most of it quite negative. Not at all surprising!

The images are interesting. The Nine of Swords is pretty traditional in terms of imagery. The tormented/stressed out/not sleeping well person sits up in bed and holds their head in their hands. I admit I have been waking up a lot lately. My bladder irritation (interstitial cystitis) is bothering me quite a bit and I constantly feel the need to pee which makes sleeping difficult with all the waking. It differs from a UTI, as it's not the same sort of infection per se,  but needs to be treated with a special anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet which I find hard to adhere to for any length of time. And times I think stress, bad sleep and other things make it flare up. I could go on and on but it's not really a good idea. ANYWAY. I also think it just means I think and worry too much.

The Five of Swords is the classic card showing feeling like something's got you down. You're defeated, or in this case someone has caught up to you and put a sword between your ribs. Ok, that's pretty dramatic, and obviously hasn't happened. I actually really like the description of this card:

"You're feeling overwhelmed and low in spirits. Now is the time for reprioritizing. You are not as powerless as you may feel."

So, even though a theme in terms of what area of my life this impacts has not come up in terms of cards, it does point to a pattern of difficult mental influences. This deck always has such strange descriptions, which I kind of love but also kind of hate. I can't help but find them intriguing. Here's the one for the Two of Swords:

"Tensions begin to mellow. Help is on the way. Slow down and relax---you're entering a leisurely pace. Make yourself available to others, but don't spread yourself too thin."

This is actually quite helpful. It's kind of funny, but I suspect fairly common, that we ignore the signals of our body, mind and higher self in favor of just shutting down and doing what 'should be done'. I think I've felt very discouraged about difficult symptoms that my daughter has had, as well as some renewed difficulty with her sleep. I also feel frustrated with my own health. I think acknowledging this frustration, and then dealing with it openly, is a good plan.

Much love y' wireless keyboard is about to die. Have to replace the mouse!


p.s. we rescheduled my husband's party for next Saturday due to bad weather!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tarot Nova: Party Planning

Hiya Party People,

On Saturday, I have my husband's 40th birthday bash.

I am planning it and hosting it here at our house. I am making a list of things-to-do which includes the usual suspects of cleaning, prepping, shopping and cooking.

When I received these two cards about the rest of my week I thought they seemed almost too carefree to represent party planning, but they did have a kind of relaxed party-type vibe.

I think I should try to take this reminder to enjoy the process and party and not just obsessively plan.


Wordless Wednesday: Tarot Nova Time

Wordless Wednesday: Wish Not Granted

Crystal Clear Reflections E-Book

Hi Folks,

I wanted to share that Diana of Crystal Clear Reflections is selling an e-book of her very well-researched and thoughtful descriptions of the 78 tarot cards.

This way, they are all in the same place and convenient if you want to refer to them. They're available in three formats depending on your preference.

I've enjoyed using them on her site, and thought I'd pass the info along.

Here is the link.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Starcana's Tarotscopes for October

Hello Darlings,

This is cool.

Starcana has a section where she uses the sun sign, ascendent and moon (in conjunction with tarot) to come up with tarotscopes for folks.

Have a look!


October Goals for My Daughter's Treatment Protocol

Warning: this post is boring!

It's October 1st, and I thought I would whip out the marvelous Science Tarot, which has been underutilized on my blog since my husband got it for me last year. I felt drawn to it for some reason.

Anyway. This pull is about the month of October, but I see in it my daughter's treatment, which has weighed heavily on my mind of late. Part of why I haven't been blogging the past week is draining symptoms for my daughter. Something is off with her, some nutrient needs to be tweaked, but we can't quite figure out what/how/when/where. We have clues, though.

We've noticed a gradual increase in stressful symptoms and side-effects including renewed sleep disturbances (we haven't seen this in quite a long time), moodiness, crying a lot, getting angry a lot, refusing to do anything, go anywhere, general obstinacy, etc. It definitely does not seem normal. It is a good few notches worse than usual!

The first card I pulled is the Knight of Cups, which shows Barbara McClintock. I won't bore you with everything she has done with DNA, but you can read about it if you like. I keep thinking there's something very specific I should be learning from this card regarding genetics, because it's my daughter's genetic polymorphisms (the MTHFR, and possibly others) that are making it necessary to treat her with these supplements. Although common, these issues are far from benign for many people. Reading about her in Wikipedia made me think about epigenetics, that our environment, what we eat, things that interact with us, play a very large role in how our genes express. Anyyyway.

What I found especially helpful was the quote:

"The ability to work persistently and perceptively allows us to observe the tiniest of details and understand the subtlest of relationships."

This seemed to hearken back to my issues of tweaking the rather small amount of active nutrients my daughter ingests (and injects, in the case of the mb12) daily. It also made me think maybe I should keep a behavior/mood/health/food journal. I might be able to see relationships between certain foods, vitamins and subsequent behavior patterns. Maybe not, though. It is pretty tricky.

Something else in the image of Barbara McClintock that goes back to this idea of observing food and vitamin reactions is the image of corn. A few times I have thought maybe I would either remove corn or trial corn by giving her more, etc. I want to see if she is sensitive to it, as I know a few parents that have mentioned it as a problem for their kids.

The card in the center is the Ace of Swords. This card, while having the meaning of clarity, incisiveness and other mental powers, has come to mean my daughter's B-12 shots, which is actually the centerpiece of my daughter's treatment protocol. Her doctor has emphasized the importance of this nutrient, and in particular this form, given in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the upper, outer buttocks every three days. The results given clinically, and those that I've seen, have been pretty impressive.

But there remains the problem of crazy side effects: mood issues including anger, weepiness and hyperactivity, and other things (sleep disturbances). I've been wondering if there's something I can do (give her less of the nutrient more frequently, or space the shots out more) but I don't know. And I can't really afford to see her doctor right now, as it is not covered by insurance.

Anyway, this all kind of came to a head this past week (though honestly I've been struggling with this for quite a while, but it seemed bad last week) when my daughter seemed incredibly upset and volatile all the time. We removed the B-12 injections, opting for a smaller dose of the sublingual variety, and thought we saw an improvement, but not a total reversal. Even so, I want to make sure she gets these nutrients since her body cannot process them and I don't want her to have seizures again.

Oye. Anyway. I have written about this before...and it is a complicated topic and there's lots of trial and error. Sometimes it's the smallest thing that you didn't even realize, like they are accidentally getting a small amount of soy or dairy and it's impacting them. Or maybe not quite enough of nutrient 'a' or too little of nutrient 'b''s just really, annoyingly sensitive. But if I pay attention, like the first card suggests, I may be able to decipher the clues that come through.

Secondly, when I see the word 'Reductionism' it makes me think of 'reducing' the shots. I realize that is not the true meaning of this scientific concept but it came to me nonetheless! Either reduced in frequency or in amount in the shots. Since we noticed the most symptoms more than two months after the shots began (saw them somewhat over the past couple months but it was worse the past week or two, which is what made me think she had reached some sort of threshold where she needed a lower amount) that makes sense. Anyway. I also see the scales in the image, and it makes me think of finding the right balance. This scales image and meaning came up in a draw I did for October here.

Finally we have the 'Sun' card. I am not 100% sure how to read this, but what came to mind is to appreciate what has gone right. My daughter, though having some lingering issues and side effects, is seizure-free, and medication-free, and learning. She is making some great progress in learning to read, and she is showing other improvements, too.  Of course I am incredibly grateful for these cognitive leaps and the stability in her health, but I also know I have to keep going, spurred on by our initial achievements.

Love to all and a wonderful October,