Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Tuesday Trio: Greater Enjoyment, Trust and Expansion

I pulled these cards to post today, and they reminded me of a video that's an excerpt of an Alan Watts speech that has gone semi-viral on Facebook. I saw a couple people post it and I imagine it hits home with a lot of folks. Gotta love Alan Watts!

Anyway. So here are the cards I pulled right after hearing the video. They actually remind me of what he said. When he asked what I would do or will do if money is no object, I wasn't entirely sure, but interestingly the cards give more clues than my brain did.

The first card is the Six of Cups. This makes me think of spending more time with friends and loved ones without worrying about the expense of visiting, or how much food or gifts or drinks cost. Just enjoying people without worrying about the spending aspect of things.

The second card shows trust and a sense of abandon, which I think I abandoned (har, har) long, long ago. In fact, I don't know that I've ever had that sense of adventure. I was a very fearful and anxious child and teen and ditto to that as an adult. I don't know why I have such a hard time relax and enjoying things, and I do try.

In the final card we have the World, which makes me think of international travel, something I haven't done and may or may not ever do. Again, cost is a big consideration, and also time. I feel deeply enmeshed in family life and caretaking, so this may be something for a bit later, but I do want to keep it in mind. It also makes me think of that same kind of intrepid, adventurous spirit that I mentioned before.

So I guess I'd ask all of you...what would YOU do if money were no object? Or: do you live as if money is not really an object or not?


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