Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My World is My Husband and Daughter

I'll be back in early July--take care of yourselves!

Colorado Wildfires: Disaster Relief

I pulled these cards a bit ago and amazingly what instantly came to mind was the wildfires all over Colorado. You might have heard something about it. If not go here for info or do a Google search.

I live just south of one of these fires, but I'm out of harm's way. Just some smoke and occasional ash for us. Even though I am a very private person and I wouldn't let strangers live with me, I do want to do something so I am looking around for disaster relief places that take donations of food and clothing. I plan on doing this, at least, despite being broke.

I can't believe how many people are being displaced by these fires. Colorado is not the only place impacted by these fires, but it certainly has the highest number of fires.

Here's hoping for quick resolution of the fires and safety to all involved.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Moody Me Reading: Hormonal Musings

Here's another reading I did yesterday.

The topic of this one was my incredible moodiness and depression lately, despite dietary and supplement regimes which should help various things (granted, these things do take time). What I am starting to realize (and my naturopath would probably agree) is that I think something is out of whack with my hormones, thyroid and adrenals, contributing to my moodiness out-of-the-ordinary. I may need to step up my treatment in those areas.

To me, even with high stress levels, this doesn't seem I am feeling. This was brought to my attention via Facebook when I saw another lady post something about how her PMS, at 38, was as bad as when she was a crazed, hormonal teen! I found myself agreeing totally. Though I am slightly younger than she is (33), I still felt like I could relate to her post.

This made me begin to wonder: is this perimenopause? It seems very mom went through menopause late--in her early 50's. But perhaps the symptoms can start early. And I think adding to that adrenal fatigue and my thyroid issues (which are not extreme but I am starting to think they're more significant than I realize). Even with subclinical hypothyroidism, you can experience extreme symptoms, which often mimic menopause.

In any event--all women--of all ages, have a lot to contend with hormone-wise. Throughout our lives our bodies are bombarded by various hormones, never mind the other hormones and influences that come in (chemicals in our environment...cortisol from stress). All of these things can contribute negatively.

I am considering adding treatments to target this hormonal stuff more directly. That, and stress reduction and losing a crapload of weight, I think will set me in the right direction. I have to try, right?

So these cards. I feel like the Elephant card has come up for me with regards to my health in the past--as a long and complicated but worthwhile journey. The Angel card is a kind of silent blessing to whatever I am trying to pursue for my own health and peace of mind.

The Ram card (well, I am an Aries in western astrology AND a sheep in Chinese astrology) also reminds me that I am often stubbornly self-sabotaging.

The 'Kite' card is obvious--I need to learn when and how to rest and rejuvenate. I do hope that real vacations (once my daughters considerable sensory, traveling, mood and other issues subside) may be a reality for me one of these days.

The 'Finger' and 'Spear' shows me common, negative traps I fall into--where I feel crappy and wallow and then things go downhill and I often forget to check in with myself.

Too bad I can't even afford to see my naturopath right now! I will do research to see what I can do on the cheap.


Monday, June 25, 2012

July Forecast Do Over

I decided on a whim to go ahead and do another reading on July with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Hrm. Interesting reading. I see that it still presents some interesting challenges, but at least the 'Good News' card came up.  The previous reading seemed more depressing to me. This one feels more focused and intense but not quite as emotionally painful if that makes any sense.

Of course that doesn't mean my previous reading isn't valid, and well what do I know? Both readings could be completely invalid, but I like to look at things from different perspectives, even though I honestly don't do it very often--not nearly often enough.

If anyone gets a hit on what they think these cards mean, feel free to comment. I will see how it goes!


Caution: HOT! Side Effects of Being a Fire Sign

Here's a card I pulled today, in the midst of several other pulls.

This card reminded me of the concept of being a fire sign. One thing I've mentioned to my husband several times over the years is how being a fire sign can be a bit of a hazard in and of itself. Having a propensity for impatience, temper flares and other 'hot' actions can be rather unpleasant at times.

In the realm of emotions, we often feel things very passionately, too. This one is hard for me. Having a lot of Pisces combined with my Aries and Sag influences makes me feel rather intense and artsy/angsty much of the time. There's nothing much that gives me more grief than having a very intense and emotional personality. That and the feelings of anxiety and depression that I have in dealing with this.

Sometimes I will stop and think, 'Jeez Louise, do I have a brain tumor, has someone usurped my brain or am I really this moody and opinionated?' Of course most of the time these feelings go on behind-the-scenes. Do you ever get that feeling...that sense that you are not really yourself? You are in an observer position and it's like you see yourself from the outside and nothing you do, think or say makes any sense? Sometimes I feel like a defective puppet that gets yanked around by life.

I'm not sure if that made sense or not. I guess what I'm saying is that I can be very moody and very passionate, and this is a personality trait that has given me grief all of my life. It has been very hard to integrate for the simple reason that intense emotions and feelings are just hard to deal with at times. I catch myself saying, 'Why do I have to be like this!? Why can't I be a mild-mannered accountant? With the bank account to match?!'

But that's when I have to come back down to earth. I will NEVER be a banker or realtor or anything else that's reasonable and I will never be perfectly gentle, even-tempered and demure. I will always have that wild artistic streak in me--regardless of what I try to do. Fighting it just makes this streak come out stronger. It's like caging a wild animal.


Number Crunching, Lobster Pinching

The other day when I posted here, the Broken Bridge card showed up. It has shown up once or twice since then in my draws with the marvelous Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I wasn't sure what would be unsuccessful, but I knew something would come through. It always does! This card means business. In previous readings, it has meant such things as house inspections falling through to the houses themselves not working out (when we were in the process of buying) so I know it meant something.

Now, this may not have even happened yet, but perhaps it has. This combination seems to make sense to me. This weekend we were crunching the numbers and it did not look good. Not at all. We knew we were tight but didn't realize HOW tight. Let me put it this way. Every month for the rest of this year, even before adding in the expense of my daughter's supplements and other biomedical interventions (such as the B-12 shots) we are more than $700 short. OUCH. Ouch! OUCH! That's every month. Guaranteed. Just in expenses. And we don't have any leeway on the credit card.

I almost had a panic attack when he announced this. I knew, since we had to get a car for my husband, and we moved into this house (plus add a bunch of other expenses) that this year would not exactly be fun financially but it was worth it because my husband's car was beginning to fail in several ways and also the AC died (which is bad--this is one of the hotter summers on record here) and he has to commute 2 hours each day so that wouldn't work. And am I glad we moved here? Yes...I am, although I wish we weren't broke now. We can't afford to get functional AC and living pay check to pay check has been rather strenuous--as I mentioned above. Oh...hmm. That reminds me. I think the 'Broken Bridge' also refers to the fact that our AC (despite shelling out $450 that we couldn't afford!) was never truly fixed. It's better but not 'good'. It still doesn't keep it that cool, particularly at night when the sun has been beating down on the house all day. What a rip. Seriously. What a waste of money!

So what to do? Finally we came up with a partial solution. For the remainder of 2012, we are not going to contribute to my husband's 401k. That will save some money per paycheck, enough to mitigate some (but not all) of the expense. The rest of it will have to be cleverly planned. No frills. No going out to eat. And honestly I can't afford to go to my sister's wedding six hours away for three days but I am going to anyway. We have that much on the credit card saved but that's ALL we have saved. There's no more room for error. The money my husband has in his account has to go to bills and the $200 blood draw bill for the tests we ran on my daughter a month ago will be coming due soon.

UGH. Anyway. To me, this explains this draw. Things are not going very well financially. Worse than I thought. So I'm stuck at home, bored out of my mind, trying to entertain myself and my daughter with no money. I've tried to do all the free things (parks, library, events) but because of my daughter's limited ability to go out for long without getting cranky or overstimulated--particularly during the side-effect laden b-12 therapy-- it hasn't been easy. I think the fact that I am frustrated, tired and I don't like the summer heat is adding to my angst. I know we'll be fine. I'll deal with it. I am just not in a particularly happy mood because of it.

That brings me to the final card. Flowers. Happiness! Haha. I don't know about that. We'll see how it goes. I hope our tentative plan is enough to help things financially. What I want to do is to come up with a way to make money from home, since for the time being I am going to be home. Someday I may work outside the home again but that isn't going to happen yet for various reasons related to my daughter's health and treatment, so I have to go to plan B, C, D...?

Anyway. I guess that's enough complaining for now. Apologies again, as I am behind on all of your blogs once again and have not been commenting much. No offense to anyone--I love you all.

I hope everyone has a nice week. I'm not sure how much I'll post this week. We'll see.


Friday, June 22, 2012

June Recap and July Forecast

As I look over last month's reading pertaining to June, it seems at first glance that it will be a pleasant month...but I have to admit June has been one of the more tiring months of this year. This makes sense astrologically, according to most astrology sites I've read. Anyway.

I'll be honest...looking at this forecast for July does not exactly make me want to jump up and down out of my seat with joy. The two cards on the left (upper and lower) show some sort of unpleasant experience or drama, at least it appears so to me. The two cards on right (upper and lower) show some sort of wisdom and guidance, but not without some sort of journey.

Hmm...well, I don't know. I guess I will update on this as it goes. So far, last month's reading seems to have made sense for the most part. The Eagle card came into play with my daughter's MTHFR results. Yes, it's a challenge, but it's knowledge that gives us power to triumph over obstacles. The Lobster card is absolutely true for the financial pinch. The Vase card does confuse me. Besides...if I have a secret admirer then I guess it would remain secret?

The Gong card, an exciting event, is another uncertainty. Nothing too exciting is happening this month--just tiring. But then again, there's another week left of this month. We'll see.


One Card Clarification to 'Blahness' Reading

So here's what I did. I decided I wanted more specific information regarding this reading I just did.

Do you know how you do a reading and then have no idea what it means and then suddenly you think you know exactly what the reading is about? That happened to me with this one.

But so far, I have no way of confirming or denying this. So, anyway...back to what I said in the first line. I pulled a single card asking what would be falling through (Broken Bridge in the previous reading) and the card I received was another Dog card: Dog-Close Up. This card's caption says:

Pleasure with a close friend.
Now this is interesting. The only thing I could think of is that next month (July) I am supposed to get together with a dear friend of mine who lives a couple hours away. This, along with the other Dog card (also meaning a friend) made me think the Hammock (going on a trip/vacation) plus Broken Bridge (something not working out) plus the two Dog/friend cards mean that the trip won't work out as planned next month. Maybe the date/time won't end up working. I am not sure.

Either that, or I have no idea what this means yet. Just thought I'd share that additional info.


Reasons for Blahness Reading

Now here's a strange trio.

The topic of my query was actually why I was feeling so 'blah'...but I am not sure how to interpret this.

But here's my quick try (note: I only have about 2 minutes to write so it'll be super quick):

  • Broken Bridge: Things are not going as well or smoothly as I like, so these problems that keep coming up (side effects, money problems, etc) are bothering me a lot. This could also be a literal broken contract or something of the sort--I've seen it happen before when we were looking for houses--but so far I can't confirm or deny this part of things.
  • Dog: For once I didn't see the dog part as an actual dog. A lot of times I did, in particular when the dogs were a very negative part of our life in the form of our neighbors and their loud, aggressive dogs. In this case, I see the meaning as being about having a strong, constant companion, someone who is protective of me. I feel like most of the time I am alone. I am married and my husband is great--but he's gone most of the time and I feel like I struggle with my daughter alone a lot of the time. Also, I am not good at reaching out to friends in person.
  • Hammock: The main thing that came to mind was 'vacation'...getting away from it all. This isn't really possible right now, but I would say having a real vacation would be amazing.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's This? An Exciting Work Opportunity?

Now this looks different than many readings I've done lately. To me it does, anyway. But I may be crazy.

I decided to pull out the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and do a reading. Here are the cards I got:

Flag: Do not be tempted to lower your standards.
Gong: An exciting event.
Caterpillar: Things will not always be this way. A change is coming.
Windchimes: Peace and harmony.
Ant: Work, achievement, success.
Beetle: Good fortune.

Interesting. My first thought when seeing these is that I would be offered some sort of interesting work opportunity that I would have to guard against being paid too little for (Flag). The two card follow-up reading to this also alluded to financial opportunity. I got 'Coins' and 'Sunrise' together. 'Coins' means money coming to you and 'Sunrise' is about a new creative opportunity.

It is interesting because I was just thinking a few minutes prior to this reading that I really wish someone would just hire me to do something, because I am having a really hard time focusing or finding inspiration creatively. It's like the pilot light inside my creativity is completely dead and I need help lighting it. But the project would have to be large enough and compensate me enough to get me interested. I think I'm tired of scraps and dead ends!


If I Only Had a Heart...


That title has nothing to do with this post, except that it's the son the Tin Man sang in the Wizard of Oz. Here he is, depicting the Price of Staffs (aka Knight of Wands). He's strutting down that road in his silvery suit.

This single card pull was a response to me asking what would make me less bored. Movement...yes! Makes sense. I am bored, bored, bored. Housework is not exactly exciting, and taking my daughter places has been difficult after the MB12 injections began--she is volatile/cries easily/adhd.

I realize these are 'healing reactions' and are temporary and will have positive outcomes but then again--last year they lasted the entire duration of the shots, almost three months. Gawd, how am I going to get through this? AUGH!

This also makes me think of the trip we're going on in mid-July, to my younger sister's wedding. She is getting married in the valley where we grew up, or at least I went to middle and high school. It will be scenic and lovely--but if my daughter is still having these incredible side effects/issues then it will be a very unpleasant trip. I admit I am scared to go out, take trips, etc, which is one of the main meanings of the Knight of Wands.

So how should I interpret this? In this case, I have no choice. Our hotel is booked for three nights for my sister's wedding trip. We can't back out--it's non-refundable, and I can't not go to my sister's wedding. I would feel horrible if I did that. So I guess we're going. Aww, I guess I am a sentimental Tin Man/Woman after all.

p.s. Here's the Tin Man song if you're interested.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Big Red" and the Red Queen

It's funny because when I did a single card draw using the Barbie Tarot, I was kind of hoping for a lot of pink or red in the card. Come to find out through a few draws that most of these cards have both pink and red in them. Man, this deck is super cheesy.

Why did I want to pull a red card? Well, 'Big Red' aka my period, started today and I just thought it would be funny to post an image with lots of red in it to represent that. Crass, right?

Well, anyway. I feel somewhat less hormonal now that my period finally started. I've been feeling 'off' ever since noting my period was a week late. This happens often--particularly when I am stressed. I am very susceptible to stress delaying my period.  Anyway. I won't the reasons for the stress. It is patently unnecessary and probably obvious.

This is the Eight of Staffs...aka the Eight of Wands. This is a personal favorite of mine. I don't quite know why; maybe it's the rapid-fire information thing. The knowledge that something will happen soon and I'll likely hear about it immediately when I get this card. I like that.

I have no idea what this is referring to but it is supposed to apply to tomorrow (Thursday) so I'll try to update if anything too overt happens in a very timely manner that brings to mind the message of this card. It could simply indicate a lot of people communicating with me, or some other thing.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update: Dad Got a Job!

Studious Owl by LuciusArt on Etsy
Hi Y'all,

Even though every single reading I did about this topic kept saying he'd get a job locally (see this onethis one and this one for examples of what I mean) and my parents would not have to move, everything seemed like it was falling through. Job interview after job interview seemed to yield nothing.

Finally today, just a few minutes ago,  we got the word that he accepted a position similar to the one in a nearby city that would allow them not to have to sell the house and move. I'm so glad!

I thought I would share that, despite my tired and hormonal status.


Exhausted and Hormonal

Even though the AC was 'fixed' is still not working all that well. I am hot, tired and cranky. Hormonal even. My period is a week late yet again. So anyway. I am really too cranky to write much more--but this image seems appropriate. I just want to escape my life right now. I think I may resume posting next week.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Air Conditioning Repair

Today's reading is about something mundane (admittedly my readings often are, but there are many cases where I want swift, practical advice that comes about in a short period of time) which is that our piddly, craptastic AC unit has crapped out. For my own sanity it needs to be fixed or replaced ASAP. I have not been able to think about or do anything else. I find it hard to get through the day when it's this hot.

Of course, we can't really afford to replace it (or really to repair it, but we are going to anyway) but I am desperate so we called some folks over and they should be here in a couple hours to work on the problem. We aren't entirely sure what's up with it but we have a few ideas. Hopefully the repair work will at least help mitigate the dry heat through this summer. We can think about replacing the unit entirely next year if at all possible.

These two cards represent the situation: Three of Pentacles and the Empress. Not too bad. It seems fairly straight forward. The Three of Pentacles shows someone working on something. It even shows someone (the woman) with her hammer and screwdriver arms. Goofy but effective. The Empress just makes me think of making something work. Both cards are threes and both feel creative in the literal sense. I like the title on the book the Empress is holding:

"Recipes for Success"

Let us hope so. I am a ridiculous heat wimp. I despise the summer and I'm not a big fan of the sun (I can't sit in it for more than a few minutes without feeling nauseated and overheated) and I really, really can't sleep when it's hot. I've been tossing and turning like a mad woman at night, even with the fan on full blast and hardly wearing anything. It's driving me nuts!

To make matters worse, there's a large wildfire going on just north of us and leaving the window open at night is not a good option; the smoke and fire bothers my sinuses and head and wakes me up.

I hope next time I post will be with a functioning AC.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Little Book of Changes

I'll be honest.

I actually really like and admire the I CHING as system but I do not really know how to use or interpret it.

Silly, right?

I own a couple I CHING-based oracles which I like a lot. I'm more comfortable with tarot and card oracles than I am with runes or I CHING or anything else involving non-card or non-visual means. Coins, stones, tea leaves...all confuse me but at the same time intrigue me.

Plus I'm too impatient to really learn a system deeply that is so involved. I tend to be very focused in a couple areas then ignore the rest. Sometimes I have a long distance admiration with something--admiring it from afar but not really connecting with it very often.

I found this cute little tome at a local bookstore today. I really shouldn't be buying anything for myself right now--money is tight--but I decided to anyway. I enjoy the interpretations and compact size of this. I am going to either learn how to throw coins myself, or find an online generator--something that automatically chooses something for me that I can look up in the book. Either way, it will be an interesting foray into the I CHING.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tonight...Under the Cover of Darkness!

I love how clear this reading is.

That said, I do NOT love what I have to do. Every three days, starting tonight, I have to give my daughter a subcutaneous injection of the active form of B-12 (methyl cobalamin) at a shallow angle in the fat of her bum. Oye. Why? Well, as many of you may know, but some may not, my husband and I are using biomedical treatments to ensure that my daughter remains seizure-free and her myriad issues including mood, behavior, ADHD and other symptoms subside.

We've seen a lot of progress over the past two years on this treatment. A LOT. But it has come with a lot of dedication and expense. Is it worth it? Absolutely. But it is not always fun. Well, let me amend that to say it is pretty much never fun. Ok...never fun. LOL. BUT...the results speak for themselves.

To bypass my daughter's MTHFR gene mutation (which I likely have as well and have already begun to supplement for) we are doing a combination of oral supplementation (some of which we've already been doing for a time, others that we started a couple weeks ago) and the injections which allow the nutrient to leech out gradually over a period of 3 days, at which point another injection is given.

Well, anyway. I could write a paper on it but I'd rather just get to the basics of the reading which is pretty basic so I shouldn't need to ramble on too much more. I didn't quite know what to ask but I knew I was asking about the B-12 shots. I don't know why. Maybe I was hoping for a way out, or some reassurance, or who knows what? What I got was a simple confirmation of what I was doing.

Page of Wands is the card I chose quite some time ago to represent my daughter. Since it was the first card that showed up I felt it was a confirmation that the reading was about her. That was my intention before pulling the cards, anyway, but it's always nice to see that. The second card surprised me even more because (if you've been reading for a while and saw this last year when I did last year's round of B-12 shots) the Ace of Swords represents the injections to me. It also came up when my daughter had to get blood drawn (in both instances a needle/sharp object was used). In this case a knife is shown (since this is the Housewives Tarot, after all) but the concept is the same. A sharp instrument. I'm sure my daughter would rather be getting a slice of a cake instead of a vitamin injection, but at least she'll be asleep for it.

I'm guessing the person most traumatized by this will be me. At least that was the case last time I did this, just over a year ago. I don't particularly like doing it. She flinches slightly in her sleep but has so far not awakened. It's just very nerve racking because I know how terrified she is of needles. My husband also cannot be around needles or bleeding due to his only sibling being a (former) cutter. So the onus of this one is on me. Lucky! Hah. But seriously I will do it if it helps her, and we did notice some improvements following the treatment last year. Knowing with certainty that she has this gene that makes her unable to process inactive B vitamins, this makes it all the more important.

O.K. So anyway. The final card, the Four of Swords, simply indicates that she'll be asleep. In this card it emphasizes relaxation (wouldn't that be grand!) but this card is the sleep card to me, especially when I'm reading about matters related to my daughter. It always indicates something involving her sleep.

To recap: Page of Wands (my daughter) receiving B-12 injections (Ace of Swords) in her sleep (4 of Swords). Got it. Thanks for illuminating the obvious, there!

Well...actually there is an important point to seeing this mirrored back to me. I had been strongly considered trying to encourage her to get used to the idea of the B-12 shots (because they may be something we'll have to do again periodically) and do it while she's awake, but I feel this trio is a confirmation that I need to do it while she's asleep. Judging from last year's nightmare I think I agree. I tried a handful of times to give her injections while awake and it was one of the most awful things ever. She screamed and cried and begged for mercy. Ran away...she even moved and the needle bent. Awful...awful. Just awful. No amount of bribery or anything else helped. We even tried with the doctor's help. Didn't help!

So I am not going to repeat that. That's probably why I'm so nervous that she's going to wake up.

Well, this post was unnecessarily long. In about 30 minutes I have to go do this so that's probably why I'm trying to psych myself up. Now let us hope the results are as good as the cards indicated they would be.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Treatment Ain't Easy, Folks...

This new treatment (which isn't that new, we did a version of this last year, which was difficult then, too) has been super tiring with myriad side effects. I haven't felt like posting or commenting on blogs. I don't really want to go into the details much but there are a lot of mood, behavior and ADHD side effects which I hope are temporary. So tiring.

Let me clarify that my whole parenting experience with her has been very challenging in general. Read: completely exhausting and stressful (those of you moms who have kids with health issues know what I mean) and I feel like my life force is drained dry. I am going to try to do something about that, but it's not as easy as it sounds. The usual relaxation techniques are not really helping.

Just thought I'd explain that if I seem to taper off in posting. I just don't feel up to it. Blargh. I'm currently working on e-mailing my daughter's doctor to get some insight into what might help, but often I am just expected to push through these painful side effects, which sometimes last a long time.

Anyway. Have a good rest of the week. I'll be back sometime later!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cane: Paying Attention to MY Health

*UPDATE* The day after I posted this reading my father-in-law was taken to the emergency room. Apparently he had two mini strokes back to back. One numbed one side of his face, the other one blinded him in one eye. Thankfully it was temporary and everything came back, but this isn't good. It's especially bad because he's very stubborn about receiving any kind of treatment (conventional or alternative both) and is refusing to take the blood thinner if it makes him bruise (we don't understand that logic if it gives him a horrible stroke)

With clotting history and stroke on both sides of the family (mine and my husband's) I find it shocking that he doesn't want to do more. My grandma's mother died instantly of a stroke in her early 60's (which is younger than my husband's father) and her husband had a serious stroke which paralyzed him and landed him in a wheelchair for a decade or two before his death. My grandma had a stroke in her 60's as well, then several mini strokes later on.

Furthermore, I really hope he gets tested for MTHFR because that exacerbates clotting issues (such as stroke) to a large degree. In fact, it could even be said to cause clotting issues. But as my husband pointed out, he thinks this information will fall on deaf ears. He tends to broach these topics only to have his parents basically ignore the advice, no matter how good it might be. Ah, human nature, right? 

Anyway. I do understand that. I just worry about them and I feel badly for my husband. I know he wants to see them but we're out of both money and vacation days so I doubt he can do it. 

I do think this Cane reading had more to do with my FIL than me, since this happened shortly after this reading. Then, last night, I pulled two cards about my FIL's health issues and I got 'Cane' and 'Older Man', which seems very specific and obvious. The third card was 'Grasshopper' which is situations in the balance that require careful handling. 

"A weary traveler rests beneath a tree which is shedding leaves. The traveler holds his cane in front of his as if attempting to rise. The querist is forewarned by this card to pay attention to your health. It could be that you are attempting to do too much or that you have taken on too much responsibility. The card advises you to slow down."

This is interesting and very appropriate as a single card draw today. Since last week (just over a week ago) I've been intensely focused on researching this gene mutation and its implications. I've been crazily focused on health, but interestingly not really on my own health or how I'm feeling, how stressed I am, etc. Or maybe the fact that I bit off way more than I could chew. Despite avoiding gluten and dairy (which usually helps) I'm still feeling icky and worn out. I think stress stemming my from laser-like focus on this issue is the culprit. Ironically, as I said, I've been avoiding my own wellbeing in order to deal with the issues of my daughter (but really it's my entire family, including myself, because of the gene being rampant in families).

I realize now that I have also been feeling a huge responsibility to tell everyone I know about this, because it's actually a very common gene polymorphism, and it causes a crapload of issues. I know that even if I told everyone in the Universe about it, only a small percentage of folks would do anything about it. The rest would ignore me. And that's just how the world works. It's human nature to want to spread information when it is important, but this has to be tempered by the understanding that you just can't influence everyone, and nor should you.

That's my lesson for today and I'm just trying to take it one step at a time.

I'll see you all next week!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MB12 Shots Results Reading

Here is the draw I did regarding my daughter's upcoming (second round of) m-b12 injections. Great, right? Three of Cups and The STAR! Nice combo. To me it feels very healing, very rejuvenating. Couple that with the meaning of the Three of Cups being about a celebration, I feel there will be much to celebrate! The Star to me is always first and foremost the card of healing and recovery.


Monday, June 4, 2012

June Celtic Cross with the Albano-Waite Mini

Here's the draw I pulled for the month of June. Oddly I don't really feel much of anything when I look at this. I don't feel like it's a horrible reading but I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I think I'll see how it unfolds as the month progresses.

Vague thoughts on this reading:

  • 3 of Wands and 4 of Swords in the first positions show waiting and resting as primary energies still
  • The Queen of Swords. Is this a person, or is this an attribute? Am I struggling with gaining clarity or being able to make a firm decision?
  • 3 of Cups reminds me of a celebration--my sister's wedding is next month but that may not be right because that's not until July. Maybe it just shows taking time with women/friends. Or even my three sisters.
  • I am not entirely sure about the other things. I keep thinking I SHOULD understand this reading but my brain is too foggy to connect the dots. The outcome as being Queen of Wands/Ace of Wands and Strength seems dynamic. Queen of Wands is my card, and Ace of Wands is some sort of feisty energy, a new enterprise or even sexual energy. Hrm. Strength confuses me. Maybe it just shows me coming out of some difficult times as a stronger person.


Single Card Shadowscapes Tarot Pull


SOOOO I finally purchased the Shadowscapes Tarot, even though I honestly can't really afford it and shouldn't buy it. Ugh. But I really like it! I don't like it, usually, when I see it on people's blogs because you can't see the details of it. If you're posting more than one card this is particularly pronounced; details get lost and you miss the full effect. But anyway! Everyone has said this already, but it doesn't matter. It's really an exquisite deck! I may crop in on certain details as I read with it.

Today I did something kind of goofy which is to limit the color palette so I can focus on certain details. I find the intricate detail and subtle colors to be very distracting, but often in a good way. At present, I decided I wanted to use a duo-tone style on the image so I could see it more as a whole. At this size you can see the details pretty well (though to be honest it's a bit grainy because the light was getting dim) such as the fairies and elves in the tree limbs.

Here is a quote from the book, which is sweet, poetic and full of folklore:

"In ancient Egypt, the lizard was representative of good fortune and divine wisdom. They are the denizens of the earth and the guardians for the pentacles: salamanders, chameleons, dragons. They lead the way from nebulous dreams and the fantastic, ever-changing realms of desires and wishes into the reality of being, of tangible actuality, and of the world."

On a more mundane level, I hope this bodes well for projects and ideas that bear fruit and (hopefully) make some money, since we've got that lobster-like financial pinch going on.


A Video Blog: Hills and Needle & Thread

Here's a short video regarding the first couple of weeks in June and the obstacles they contain, as well as the eventual triumph. In short: I am sure I am gonna be a bit worn out by the end of this month...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Short and Sweet: Money Boat

Hi Lovers,

Last post until Monday, but I thought I'd go ahead and post.

This is a boat which I hope is ferrying a giant stash of cash my way. Hah! We have several extra expenses right now and need it.

Don't we all wish for more coin? Hope y'all had a decent May, hoping June is everything you need it to be.


p.s. May recap: my daughter got 100% off seizure medication, found out she has two mthfr gene mutations, and starting appropriate treatments.