Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Decisions

Happy New Year's Eve, Folks!

I have done SO many readings the past several days, and I guess this year in general, which is all fine and dandy, and I always get something interesting out of it, but there also comes a time where you simply have to jump into the icy cold pool of decision-making!

I've been getting lots of repeat messages of making a decision, focusing my efforts, not being paralyzed by fear or simply insisting on things being uber-safe. I get it! I get it! I think?

Not to mention, I've also read a number of articles and commentary mentioning the path and the journey being as important, if not more important, than the destination. Yes, that's right! I am spouting clichés! Live with it. ;)

So, why be so precious about my decision-making? Before I know it, ten more years will pass and I'll be in indecisive no-man's-land. Or at least it will feel that way, so long as I look upon everything I do as worthless or wishy-washy. Time to change perspective and also direction. Or at least have any sort of direction, even if that direction is only a rough draft. In reality, all of our goals and plans are only dress rehearsals. The real thing is often not what we expect. And that's usually OK. Things rarely go according to plan, right? That is maddening. Yep, I know, fellow control freaks! I understand your pain. One of my recent mantras is:

"Surprise me in a good way."

Admittedly it's still kinda control freakish, but not as bad as I am a lot of the time, which is I don't want anything unexpected or stressful to pop up, even if it's good stress!  So. I am going to be happily doing-focused in this coming year, and much less about dithering. I can't promise NO dithering, though, so don't expect that. I'm talking to myself more than anything, here...

Sending you all warm and wonderful wishes for 2014,

Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Reading: Travel, Inspiration, Health and Patience

I decided to do a reading going into 2014, and I opted to use the somewhat complicated Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg. I don't use this deck in quite the way recommended--I don't use the layout they recommend, but I use the key concepts for each card and sometimes use the pairings they mention. Nevertheless, I find it a thought-provoking oracle!

Just to keep things kinda straight in my head I will list each card and its basic associations:

  • Tortoise- Things are moving slowly, be patient. Health, longevity, wisdom, eventual success.
  • Fire- Danger, inspiration, burning up of resources, accidents
  • Heaven- Completion, followed by beginnings, fulfillment, achievement
  • Seven Stars- Hopes, good ideas (need follow-through), dreams and ambitions, next to Heaven it shows ambitions realized (woo-hooo), possibly connects to writing/literature
  • Water- Correspondence, travel, health and healing, with Heaven a sign of international travel (whoa, okay)...
  • Earth- Land, estate, moving, real estate, stability, fixed assets, following Water it shows travel to another country over water (? More travel stuff!)
  • Dragon- Luck, fortune, sudden fortune, gambling and risks, in the final position possible travel (it was the last card I drew)

Wow! Interesting. I noticed a couple themes. One of the biggest themes seems to be travel. This is interesting because this is something we've been putting off for quite a long time. We last traveled in either 2007 or 2008. Since then we have gone no farther than a few hours away--well, the farthest was six hours away, to the family land (my grandparent's ranch), but we have not visited family on the other side of the country or my Texas family, partially due to weird scheduling conflicts, largely due to financial reasons, and finally due to my daughter not traveling well AT ALL up until recently. Even now it's not exactly fun, but it's better than it was. 

Sometime this year we set about making a plan to travel in 2014, but sadly we have no money saved and frankly, as my husband put it, if we had more money we probably need to put it towards other things rather than traveling. Having no savings is not a good idea! There's nothing to fall back on. As it is, my daughter's dental visit with the filling she needs will set us back, and that's just for one filling.

O.K. Enough rambling. So there's the mention of patience, that was the first card I received. The Tortoise is about things happening slowly but surely. The Fire card is concerning--I don't like how it mentions danger. I will try to look on it as the 10 of Wands--marshaling resources, not burning out. I am not entirely sure, but fire as an element in divination often means inspiration and creative ideas, but it can also mean burn-out if taken too far or in the wrong direction. Always good advice!

Heaven plus Seven Stars talks about completion of goals, realization of ambitions. It isn't very specific, except that it seems to be about career/creative goals. From there onward it seems to just mention more and more travel stuff, so maybe it's a big hint to travel to see family in 2014. Maybe the Dragon can get us some free accommodations. ;)


Vault: Be Bold

I thought I'd come out of hiding a little bit early to post with the Graven Images Oracle App. This is a new app that I purchased recently, and I do enjoy it. I've used this oracle on-line before, and it's nice to have the app to use--very convenient!  

Anyway, here is a repeat card that I received today. This is maybe the third time in the past few days that I have received this card. I love the message of the card, which is that while things may be relatively calm and undisturbed inside a vault, it isn't very exciting. Hehee. Yep. I feel like that sometimes. I avoid taking risks or doing anything too stimulating because I don't really like the added stress--but with risk and stimulation comes satisfaction and fulfillment.

I feel that my task is to come out of my little vault in 2014 and take more risks. I've been playing it quite safe the past several years. And numerologically (if you believe in that, which I'm not sure I do, but I like to look into it, anyway!), I am about to enter a number 1 year cycle, which means doing new things, trying new ventures, and taking risks. As this 9 year cycle full of endings and culmination draws to a close, I checked back and saw when my last 9 year cycle began, and it was the year I decided to try to get pregnant, effectively ending my childless life, in 2004. The following March, early on in the 1 cycle, I got pregnant with my daughter. Back then I didn't know what cycle I was in or anything of the sort. Anyway.

Since my husband has been 'fixed', I don't think that I will find myself pregnant in 2014, but I may have to give birth to something fresh, new and bright. I hope that I will find myself enjoying the daring initiation of the new year, and new experiences in general. I want to be less lazy about taking chances, less fearful, more of the beginner's mind, the Fool in the Fool's Journey.

If you're able to get this app on your phone I highly recommend it. Or the deck itself, of course. Some of the cards are a little dark or dramatic, but overall they are well-written and not too extreme in their advice.

Love and a Beautiful Ending to 2013,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Beginnings and See Y'all in 2014

Hello Dears,

I am on the verge of getting sick (though fighting it off, I hope!) but I wanted to do a quick post. I think I may go on a little posting hiatus. I think I may return on January 2. You guys know me, I may end up coming back early if I get sick of being away. Mostly I am just paying attention to the weariness and stepping away from some of my usual things.

During this time away I will try to get caught up reading and commenting on as many of your blogs as I can remember to do--assuming my brain wants to go along. Hehe. I really miss catching up with everyone you all are doing. I've just been super tired lately. I think feeling this way is quite common around the holidays. Despite our best efforts we get sucked into the stress of it all.

Anyway. Here is a card I pulled from the app on my phone and I thought it was a beautiful card to focus on for the upcoming year. We all want to feel a fresh start to a new year, even if it's largely an illusion. Honestly, though, any day/week/month/year can be a fresh start if you make it so.

Lots of Love and See Y'all Soon,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Contemplation and Decision for a Happy Life

Again I didn't feel all that motivated to post today, but at the same time I felt like it would be a good exercise for me, a way to get a little bit more focused. Here are two cards I pulled just now, using a couple of apps on my phone. Contemplation Time and Time to Decide. There is a similar theme with these two cards, especially when you read the descriptions (not shown). I've been seeing a lot of these kinds of cards show up in recent days.

I suppose these things have been on my mind more than usual as the year draws to a close and 2014 looms large on the horizon. So far I have zero plans for 2014, and I would like to change that. It's not that I want to be really intensely goal-oriented, just that I really want to have an interesting and worthwhile year, not one where I just float along aimlessly, without any care or passion. My tired, somewhat depressive feelings lately have indicated to me that it's time to make a decision about how I'd like to move forward in 2014. As each year passes, it becomes less and less about money or even life purpose, but more about being happy and involved in my life. I do think that making money and feeling confident are a part of this, though. What I have noticed about people is that over time they start to realize that their time is limited and they want to get serious about enjoying their life. I know, it sounds funny when worded that way. Haha!

So, I will try to take myself and my happiness seriously and take that time to contemplate and decide things for the coming year.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Smile and Uplift Your Thoughts

So I wanted to post something for today but didn't really feel like it. I've been rather tired and blah the past few days. Or maybe longer. Not sure. Part of the issue is that I haven't been sleeping that well. I think I'm in a bad habit of processing mental and emotional stuff in the evening. It's a pretty common habit, and I have to counter it with relaxing activities, baths, journal writing, or whatever else might help. I have to break the cycle of stress or worry mode. Along with that, as these cards suggest, my thoughts have been generally rather blah or depressive. Nothing horrendous or serious, just a feeling of malaise. Tiredness as the year comes to a close and not feeling particularly directed for the year 2014.

As I briefly touched on here on the blog, I may just allow this feeling of surrender and defeat--at least to the extent that it allows me to take time out to allow something meaningful to surface that I can pursue. But when I do this, I think I have to be especially mindful not to fall into bad habits of anxiety and depression, two common bedfellows in a fallow period. I would like this so-called 'quiet period' to be healing and positive rather than depressing and aimless.

So, I will try to take the advice given in these cards.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Time Give and Take

So I pulled a card from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland, an app I got not too long ago. Overall, I enjoy the artwork in this deck and the slight departure from traditional Rider-Waite imagery. In this case, I got the 6 of Pentacles. The color is more like a wands color, but that's OK.

This reminds me more of the 2 of Wands as far as the image goes, with a man standing on a balcony, looking out over two fountains over a pool with a path leading to some unknown horizon. But I guess the feeling that is being conveyed is more along the lines of satisfaction. It's funny, because I feel more like the 2 of Wands than the 6 of Pentacles, and this subtitle is more along the lines of the 9 of Pentacles or maybe the 9 of Cups, but no biggie.

The principle thing about the 6 of Pentacles is about the proper balance of give and take--and how important they are in our lives. If we swing too wildly in any direction, we may soon find that we have to compensate for that. I was thinking about this a little recently after spending a lot of money on party stuff and my daughter's birthday, and then giving a bunch of stuff away.

But when I thought about it, giving things away is not really a deficit. I often feel full in a way that you cannot get in any other way when I give things to others. It definitely fulfills a need that we all have--to give back. That's part of why I am volunteering at my daughter's school. Today is volunteer day, and even though it can be tiring and chaotic at times, I definitely feel like I am fulfilling some sort of internal, emotional vitamin deficiency when I volunteer. Ditto when I visit with dear friends or family.

Sometimes, though, the biggest deficit we have is in relaxing and letting others give to us. Not being tense, full of pride or otherwise blocking the influx of prosperity and caring from others. Proper giving and receiving are a gift to the world.

This card mentions giving back, although I didn't include that quote because I'm tired and lazy, but this quote here emphasizes the receiving part. I find the striving toward a common goal party interesting. I guess, for instance, in a school environment you are all working to benefit the mental, emotional and physical health of the children there, or really any group setting.

Anyyyyywayyy. I am getting tired of writing. Hahaa! I am kinda sleepy today. I had some coffee but it isn't really working. I am going to lay low for a couple of hours before I have to leave for volunteering.

Sending lots of goodness to all of you,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Dose of Love and Authenticity: See Y'all Monday

I am gonna take a quick blogging break (yet again, and apologies...I am wayyyy behind reading and commenting on all of your wonderful blogs) as the end of this week and weekend will be quite busy. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and I need to get her a couple of gifts, make her cake, go grocery shopping for her birthday party on Saturday and then host the party. It will be good and I want to do it for her, but I have to make sure I focus and get things planned out, especially since my husband will be on call and has to be away for several hours on both weekend days, though he should be able to attend the party.

I am super, uber tired today. I keep waking up really early and can't get back to sleep. I may go back to taking magnesium and relaxing herbs every night (like valerian root) to try to get in a good space before sleep so I will be more likely to stay asleep. That and to avoid eating heavier meals later in the day, which I think is part of why I've not slept well the past couple of days.

Here's the card I got to post today. It's mega cheesy but I still think it's an important sentiment. In the description, it talks about removing any masks or mechanisms you've put in place to hide your true self, to be more open about who you are. This vulnerability is still pretty hard for me in some areas, and in other ways I'm not even entirely sure who I am. But in a general sense, I like the idea of being wholly yourself in the world. But in a way that is beneficial and loving as much as possible. I don't want to be a jackass.

With that, I will leave you all to your weekends. I hope everyone is well.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Money Trio: Repeat Message Alert

I received this trio of cards today. I pulled from three separate oracles and kept getting this message. Normally there is some theme but this was more obvious than usual. Of course, I don't mind messages about an influx of abundance, and of course about money management in general, but this feels more 9 or 10 of Pentacles-y rather than 5 of Pentacles-y.

Wishing all of you much love and abundance,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Release and Embrace for December: Ennui and Defeat

I saw Neopagan Priestess doing a release/embrace spread several times recently so I thought I was due for another one! I just wanted to see what would come up as 2013 comes to a close.

So, what do we have here? I thought this duo was especially slumpy and hilarious. It probably is kinda accurate. I feel a little burnt out and lacking in motivation as this year draws to a close.

In the Release position, we have the 4 of Cups, which I associate with ennui, boredom, feeling like you need to get back in touch with what you really want and need. There are ideas and offerings but none of them sound quite right. This makes sense for what I have been experiencing over the past week or two. I keep thinking, 'Welllll, maybe I could sorta-kinda do that?' But it doesn't QUITE fit. Like a puzzle piece that is kinda close but isn't quite right. I prefer to hold out for the puzzle piece that fits. I don't like forcing things...I tend to regret it later. So, I think releasing this feeling of crappiness, or at least releasing a tight grip on the kind of 'blah' winter/creative muddle blues might not be such a bad idea.

In the Embrace position is the 5 of Swords. Normally when I see this in a spread it says 'give up!' It's time to give up the fight, let go...admit defeat! I think this is what I should do. Admit that I don't really know yet what to do in 2014, and that I can allow that quiet space around the holidays (well, when I mean quiet, I mean just creatively) where I don't yet have a master plan for next year but I'm gently and non-aggressively flirting with ideas. But...even that may be overkill right now. This card in this position makes me think I need to drop all of my swords and walk away for a bit to regain clarity.

Love lots,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Take Time for Yourself and Be Back on Monday

Hey Folks,

I am having a busy upcoming weekend so I decided to take off from blogging until Monday. The holiday sale that I'm participating in (doing readings, selling soaps and solid lotions) has set-up and a reception tomorrow (Friday), and the sale runs through the weekend. I will probably not be there the entire time, but I usually stay for 4 or more hours on each day.

I have some work to do--I have to inventory all of my soaps and lotions, then label all of them accordingly. It isn't that big of a deal except that I feel tired and drained today, so I may have my husband assist me just to give my sinus-pain-addled/almost-got-into-a-car-wreck-today brain a rest.

I pulled this card from the Flower Therapy Oracle Card App I have, and it talks about taking time to yourself to relax. This sounds like a good idea, particularly with a busy weekend coming up. Thankfully my husband took tomorrow off to help me and so we can hang out together.
See you all on Monday.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ace of Pentacles: Tangible Results

A quote from LearnTarot.com: 

Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2013: Cash Messages

I wanted to pull some cards for December using the always marvelous Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, but instead of pulling my quad of cards (4, sometimes more), I decided to stick to two. I definitely got a common theme! At least there's balance...right? :) I both have to be careful about finances and also may be receiving some money. That sounds about right. December tend to be a high expense month for most people due to the holidays. And even though I don't actually do Christmas or holiday gifts anymore, I do still seem to spend money anyway, because I do things like holiday baking (though not so much anymore since I am trying to avoid too many carbs/sugar), and I have lots of family members and friends that are Sagittarius, including my daughter, so I can't help buy them gifts because I love buying and making presents for my dear friends and family.

Anyway...for my daughter I have to think about her birthday party, which falls between my two little sisters' birthdays exactly (Dec 6, 13, 20), and I have some of my daughter's birthday gift but not all of it. I tend to buy one or two slightly more expensive things (when I say expensive I don't mean REALLY expensive, I just mean more than 5 bucks), and then a few really affordable things, like something from the thrift store. I like to also buy from small businesses as much as possible. Thankfully my daughter enjoys a lot of things. We actually bought her an early birthday present the other day--a little weaving loom from a local store. She was so excited about it, thanking us profusely for it. It's so funny! I never know what will elicit that reaction from her or anyone else gift-wise. That's why I try to use my intuition during gift-shopping or making. It isn't always the fancy gifts that get the most appreciation. Sometimes it's just something that is especially interesting at the time. This loom was $14, which isn't too bad, and as long as she doesn't step on it and crack it, it should last a long time.

O.K. I went on a long tangent with the gift thing. Anyway. The 'Purse' card does make me think of the birthday and holiday shopping I do. I am glad we stopped doing Christmas presents, as it gets really insane with a large family to buy gifts. The most I do now is put a few things in a stocking for my daughter--but even that I am going to try to cut back on, because those small things can add up quickly! It really doesn't matter what you get. I remember being really happy to see a tangerine in my stocking at Christmas as a kid. I loved everything else, too, but the sweet taste of the citrus fruit was just as thrilling as everything else.

I am going to be participating in a local holiday sale and show this coming weekend (the 7-8th), and I am a little nervous about it, even though I've done it several times before. I always get nervy about things, even if I've done them countless times before. I'm looking at the weather forecast for the week and I admit I am not thrilled with it! It has been so beautiful and unseasonably warm this past week and now we're headed into the single digits, even into the negative temperatures in the evening. Ouch. I hope people still want to go to the holiday sale. That is Colorado for you. One day it will be 60 degrees and sunny (like today), and then two days later it's a high of 10 degrees and snowing.

I guess I have come to the end of what I wanted to say, so I'll wish you all a safe, joyous and productive month of December!


Themes for 2014: Family and Teaching

I pulled these cards on Saturday which pertain to the year of 2014. I was looking for some themes to latch onto and this is what I got. Actually, I admit I did this a few times. One time I got the 3 of Pentacles (a work project, job or other collaboration), and another time I got something else, but I can't remember what. I decided to do a pair of cards rather than a single card. These are the two cards I received.

So...what do these cards bring to mind? I guess for the 10 of Cups I immediately think, 'Family' and for the Hierophant I think of some sort of structure or institution, but most often I think of the Hierophant as being a learning environment or a teacher/student dynamic. Recently I received the Hierophant and it set off a train of thought about teaching art and intuitive classes. I was thinking about doing a kind of unofficial art therapy thing--where we do journaling or journal-making, mandalas, dream interpretation art, Day of the Dead and honoring ancestors, that kind of thing. Something with a psychological and intuitive basis. Nothing too confusing or difficult for people to get involved in--just something with an emotional element that might be enjoyable to work with.

I've done this sort of thing before, but not recently--maybe 9-10 years ago, before my daughter was born. I think I miss the dynamic of teaching, especially older children/teens and adults. I find, especially since I have been volunteering in my daughter's classroom the past couple of months, that I still feel out-of-sorts when around younger kids as a group. It doesn't mean I don't like them, just that I prefer to teach older kids and adults. The things I like to teach take some patience and focus, which kids understandably don't have until they are older.

So, this is something to think about. Perhaps I will find the balance between teaching and family life in 2014.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dawn: I Shall Return on Monday

I am going to take a little break from blogging and return on Monday! Here is a card I picked to represent an upcoming influence. I guess that would mean whatever is beyond the Fog! :) I think this is the perfect card to follow the reading before this one. After chaos and confusion...comes new beginnings and clarity. Trusting an instinct, impulse and new idea. Setting off on a fresh start.

I'll leave you all with that feeling for the beginning of 2014!


Clouds and Fog

Ok, so I was kinda bad(ish) and got another deck app for my phone. Well, at least it's cheaper than a physical deck, right?!! Anyway. This one is the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. I really love these! They are so gorgeously scenic and the descriptions are quite involved.

Here are two cards I received. Clouds and Fog? Wow. Sounds murky. Actually that's basically the idea. The Clouds card is pretty interesting, actually, and talks about trying on new identities and doing things differently. It reminds me of Prince Lenormand's comment on my 8 of Swords post yesterday! It says that at your core your identity is the same, but it is fun to try new things, whether it's changing your appearance or doing things in a different way. Kind of funky twist that I wasn't expecting!

The Fog card is more what I thought Clouds would be about, which is that things are unclear right now and I need more information before I can proceed and make goals. This reminds me a little of the Seven of Cups--where if your head is in the clouds you don't always make good choices. Informed choices. I think that people can go TOO far with the informed choices thing, being the self-destructive perfectionist that doesn't take any risks. But sometimes you really don't know what to do next, and taking a step when the timing isn't right could be a bad idea. I've been thinking that, for the remainder of this year, I want to lay low (except for the usual holiday chaos!) and maybe make a few things, but not make any major changes or set anything into motion that might take a lot of energy or commitment. I agree that it isn't the right time for that.

This deck is very landscapey and vibrant. I love that.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trapped in Fear: Lookie Here at Your Demons

Now here is a funny example of how I pulled a card, expecting a positive suggestion and instead got a look at my demons! Hahaa. Like the last pull, I was hoping for one thing, but got another. Isn't that the definition of life? That's control freakism at its finest: try to get an oracle to respond a certain way. It kind of defeats the purpose, I think...

I like that this deck has been very thought-provoking for me in the short time I've been using it. This card, the 8 of Swords, is a thought-provoking card in and of itself, but I like this version in particular. Instead of surrounded by a stand of swords, this person is in a kind of prison, but the prison is his mind. This is a perfect visual for this card!

I think this card makes me think of how counseling, or therapy of some sort can be helpful for these places, but action can also be helpful. When people are trapped in fear-based thinking sometimes the only way out is to just take courageous steps forward even if it's the last thing you want to do.

This is something I've been working on lately, but I still have a tendency to do what this card says. Time to cut through those self-imposed limitations.


Temptation and Rest: Habits Feed on Tiredness

This is a pretty humorous combination, but it's absolutely relevant! I find that when I really get specific with my queries I tend to get the best information and the most out of the reading. Last night I was thinking of how I was falling back into bad habits with stress snacking and eating too late at night. For a while there I was doing very well with very moderate eating with minimal sugar and caffeine. I wasn't eating nearly enough, even! My pants were so loose that I could easily pull them on and off without unbuttoning them and my wedding ring was loose, too.

But then I started to stress, I guess. I'm not sure why exactly--but I went too far in the other direction. I wasn't eating enough during the day and so I started to get hungrier at night, which in turn made me feel icky and sleep poorly. So now I'm bringing things back into balance and trying to shift things back to eating more moderately during the day, but enough not to make me feel hungry at night.

This was the single card pull I did when asking about my recent slide with going back to eating too much late in the day and feeling crappy physically. It is the perfect card: Temptation (aka the Devil). The Devil, for me, has been more about bad habits than anything else. Sometimes it can mean hardcore addiction/drug use, etc, but usually it means the day to day addictions to too much screen time, negative thinking, carbs, sugar, snacking, caffeine, or (insert your favorite addiction). We all have them! When we're out of balance, stressed or tired, these things come more into focus. So, very to-the-point reminder today!

Today, after dropping my daughter off at school, I found myself feeling very, very low energy. Super tired. I was a little frustrated by this because I don't like being tired! I want to feel engaged in life, energetic. Originally, when I left to drop off my daughter I had ideas of things I wanted to do: looking around for gifts for my wonderful Sagittarian friends and family who have birthdays coming up, sitting in a nice coffee shop and brainstorming, maybe doing a couple errands or getting a few groceries, etc.

But after I dropped off my daughter, my energy also dropped off. By the time I got back toward town I felt like I needed to go lay down. Nothing sounded fun anymore. Not in a depression way but in a pure energy sort of way. I decided to go home and rest for a bit before going out. When I got home I pulled a single card from this app again and I got the 4 of Swords. The rest and sleep card! The chill out card. I laughed a little because I had been hoping for a pep talk to get me into the 'groove' again, but instead I got a confirmation of what my body was telling me: you're tired! Go rest for a while! I don't know why I fight against these things. In any event, that is my plan for the day. Keep things low key and maybe do a couple small, manageable chores such as folding a load of laundry or sweeping or something that doesn't take all of my energy away--what little I have today!

I think I want to get more in touch with the flow of my own energy day to day. I think the connection between these two cards is that when we're off balance and not listening to how we're feeling--we tend to want to push ourselves to feel motivated and energetic when we just don't feel that way, when we actually need to rest. And when we push ourselves in an artificial way that is when we're most vulnerable to our addictions--especially stimulants like caffeine and sugar. That's a recipe for burnout!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Neti Pot Reminder

Using the always charming Ator Tarot, I pulled this card as my 'card to post' for today. I have a little over an hour before I need to head over to my daughter's school to help out with their Monday art class. I set it up as my particular volunteer slot--every Monday for two hours, and even though sometimes it's quite chaotic and busy, I'm glad to be able to help. My daughter's teacher always expresses great appreciation that I'm helping with it, which makes it all the better.

Creepy enough for you? Looks like her neck is broken!
Anyway. I wanted a message that was quick and easy to convey--nothing overly complicated or esoteric, nothing that would take many hours or thinking to decipher. So, I think this works for me! What this reminds me of is a neti pot. That isn't always the meaning for it, but today it seemed relevant. I've been having sinus congestion again, and it helps to rinse once or twice a day with a neti pot (and also avoid too much dairy, sugar, carbs, and other sinus mucous triggers) to keep the congestion at bay. I actually told myself this morning, 'Better remember to use the neti pot' and then I forgot again! I had been using it daily over the past week when I noticed that I was feeling that familiar sinus stuffiness, and then I slacked off. So when I saw this 'simple' single card drawing as today's post I immediately remembered that I hadn't washed out my sinuses today. For those that aren't familiar with a neti pot, here's an image of one being used (a very creepy computer-generated image) for your viewing pleasure (?). Um...yeah. Great visual. Hehee.You don't have to all thank me at once for getting that image stuck in your head!

Can you see why the image of Temperance reminds me of that? It's very literal. I like it when the tarot and oracles can be used in a very visual, straight-forward manner. It really isn't always that way--sometimes it takes some spelunking to see the deeper meanings of readings, but other times not. Oh! And I had better use my neti pot right now before I run out of time and forget again.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tea and Shaheen on a Saturday

Shaheen: I hope you'll forgive me for posting of you in the middle of talking.  Doesn't Shaheen have a gorgeous face? I think you look marvelous!

Yesterday I had the great fortune of meeting Shaheen a second time for tea and readings! We had a lovely time reading for each other and ourselves and sipping the richly flavorful cardamom black tea. Shaheen gave me a brief tutorial on reading tea leaves afterward. Shaheen also introduced me to some playing card reading, something I am not very familiar with, except from what I've seen from the lovely Saturness!

Shaheen is always so inspiring with his many projects and admirable follow-through. :) He showed me several projects he is working on as well as ones he has finished already. This is definitely manna for an artist's soul! It helps to see active, working artists to get interested in creating more prolifically again. I definitely came away from my meeting with Shaheen with a renewed sense of purpose in terms of my creative and intuitive pursuits. Thank you, Shaheen!

Anyway...I may have to try the playing card method and also tea leaf reading at some point. You never know what you'll think of something until you've done it yourself.

Much Love,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Material Harvest: Do You Want It or NOT?

Hello and Good Day,

I got the Psychic Tarot app (by John Holland) the other day, and I do like the artwork and titles used. This is, technically, not a full tarot deck, because it does not have 78 cards and it has some extra cards (while others are left out), but that never bothers me. I take each deck for whatever it is.

I admit I also added some sparkle, pizazz and a jaunty party hat to this serious-looking fellow. He just didn't seem happy enough about his pile of gold coins, fruit and such. He looks almost disappointed. Is this how I will feel if I get compensation for my stuff?

Anyway, this is a bit of a departure from the traditional image of a lady with a bird on her hand in a garden. I admit I like the traditional image better in this case. This is a perfectly good image and overall I like the images in this deck, but I have to admit it didn't strike me the same way as usual.

So, I am going to give this guy a pep talk: TAKE THE MONEY AND BE HAPPY!!


Friday, November 22, 2013

¡Vámonos! Goal Setting for 2014

Happy Friday, Folks!

Here is a card that I got just now to post on the blog. It's a repeat card from yesterday. I think this is the third time I've gotten it in the past couple of days.

Also, on my tarot cabinet I pulled and displayed three cards to focus on, and the center card was the 8 of Cups. To me, this is a pretty quintessential 'time to go' card as well. You realize that something has had its day, and you also know that in order to find more meaning in your life you have to move on from situations that may have grown stagnant. There may not even be anything wrong with the situations in and of themselves-just that you are no longer interested in them.

When I got this card I was thinking about how I want to make a new start in a new venture from the ones I've been dabbling in over the past year or two. Basically, I've been flip-flopping between bath/body products, tarot reading and a smattering of art, and sometimes other things that I run across.

Last night I did a series of pro/con or yes/no readings on various ventures. The cards were sort of lukewarm about almost all of the ventures! Interestingly, the most glowing and positive reading (including cards of World and Magician) was starting my own business...like a real business, not a half-assed venture (which is my usual style. Hah!) This is something I've daydreamed about but I kept thinking 'I could NEVER do that'...but my husband said that if I did something I really enjoyed then it might be a good experience...though plenty of work.

This is something I've been kicking around vaguely, and when I kept seeing 'Entrepreneur' and similar cards I wondered about it, but I can't help thinking maybe I am fooling myself. I thought long and hard about it last night but I decided to just keep in the back of my mind for now, to percolate. I tend to shoot low when it comes to ventures. I try to stay as safe and small as possible--and seem to get nervous at the prospect of making any amount of money. I realize that a brick and mortar business (or an at-home full-time business) would require a commitment to success and dedication.

Plenty to think about for 2014...


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message from a Chubby, Toddler Mermaid: Rest!

Here's a card I pulled last night before going to bed. I pulled other ones, but anyway. This one resonates with me today. I feel especially tired today. I had half a cup of coffee and realized I didn't want to artificially 'wire' myself to be alert. Because I have a bit of a cold (sore throat, congestion, fatigue) I want to not overdo it and try to get some rest, but sometimes getting rest is boring, y'know? Oh well.

I didn't sleep well last night so I suppose I should try my best to follow this advice. The congestion was distracting and made it difficult to sleep. And I try to avoid cold medications because they really aren't very good for you. Plus I don't even think I have any. I think the best thing to do when you're sick or run down is to rest and eat well.

Part of why I didn't want to rest right now is just what the card says--I've been working to get some bath and body products together, packaged and re-packaged for upcoming events and various booths/venues. But my body says, 'heck no. I am tired.' So I am just doing the minimum at the moment.

I think I will finish what I am in the middle of doing and then try to lay down for a while or at least not do anything too involved or strenuous. I just made some candy cane swirl soaps (red and white, with vanilla and peppermint), and some snickerdoodle soaps (butter, vanilla and cinnamon), and I have festive packaging for them, but I will leave the rest of the labeling for later. I was glad that I made all of my solid lotion bars yesterday and also labeled them, so that it will make preparation much easier later on.

Sending you all restful wishes,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Riding the Creative Project Wave

This is sort of funny. Last night I went on another app purchasing spree. Ugh! I need to stop now. I accidentally purchased this one. It was the one I DIDN'T want to purchase because it was just way too cheesy! I was looking for the least cheesy ones, and I thought I had purchased a different app and when I saw I had purchased this one I thought, 'WHAT?!? NOOOOOO!!!' I think it was a kind of expensive one, too. $10? So I was really annoyed. But there's one thing I've noticed about cheesy oracles. They tend to be surprisingly specific and accurate.  Such is the case with this one. I guess that's why I am not as against them as I try to be...

Lately I've been thinking about creative ventures again. I am a little crispy around the edges from previous attempts (hand-painted jewelry, the bath and body stuff, and various other half-measures) that just didn't seem to pan out the way I planned and so I gave up. That's the thing--I feel like my problem is a lack of persistence. My husband commented on this to me in the car yesterday afternoon as we were on our way somewhere. I started to say that it was as if I stopped myself before I had the chance to become even remotely successful. He immediately agreed and said he thought that was EXACTLY what was going on with me. So, after hearing a radio show that really highlighted persistence and accountability, I decided to do that for myself. Plus, the holidays are coming up and I know that this is when people tend to purchase things!

Even though I have a sore throat (ugh, another cold, but whatever) and I feel low energy today, I drove myself home after dropping my daughter off at school, and I immediately sat down and wrote out a bunch of labels for some solid lotions. I'm in the middle of it now. I'll finish that today and then after that I will repackage and re-label a bunch of soaps. I also e-mailed the woman who owns an art center where I used to teach to ask about participating in the holiday art show and sale again this year. I started to realize that usually by now I get an e-mail asking whether I want to participate. I decided to jump on it and say I was interested, because I still have a giant stock of soaps to sell (still think I have maybe 100 left!) as well as some bath salts and some new solid lotions. And I may do tarot and oracle readings again. 

I pulled these cards while parked in front of a coffee shop and I thought, 'Hrm. Ok. I guess this does make sense.' I got the Entrepreneur card twice so I paid special attention to it. The Entrepreneur card speaks about a person preferring to do things on their own rather than working for a company or a typical 9-5 job. That is so true! Like most creative folks, I have a cycle of creative and fallow periods in an endless ouroboros kind of way. The infinity of this process never ceases to amaze me. I am sure it will only continue throughout my life!

Rather than fight this or downplay my creative ability or inclination, I've decided to lean in to it, and try to reach out for opportunities from various areas. I may put some soaps and body products in my mom's new booth at a specialty consignment shop, and I was asked by one of the owners of a local cafe to bring in some samples of things to possibly sell, and I may try to opt in to other venues that come up as they come up.

I was really touched when a couple of people reached out to help me sell my things, such as my mom, a lovely friend of mine from art school, and the owner of the coffee shop. Also, I feel gratitude toward a friend who purchased a reading from me, as I did not ask for money from her but she gave it to me anyway. I have gotten a lot of moral and financial support from my parents and friends and tarot community...so thank you all!

Additionally, I am going to try my best not to limit myself to one thing, because I've found that when I do this it creates tunnel vision and that is when things begin to fall apart. Expand, expand, expand...


Monday, November 18, 2013

Druid Oracle App: Juniper Clears Away the Crap

Hi Everyone!

I have missed you all on my little hiatus-from-blogging. I still feel a little blog lazy, but I hate seeing my blog being neglected by me, so I thought I'd post!

Last night I decided to treat myself to an affordable oracle app for my phone, in this case the Druid Oracle. I love this app! There's something really swell about this one that I can't quite pinpoint.

Maybe part of the reason I am enjoying it so much is that it isn't overly cheesy. The descriptions are practical and even include information about the plants and animals mentioned in the cards. I dunno.

Anyway. Here is a card I got a few times yesterday when using the app, so I thought I'd feature it here today. The card is Juniper. It's funny but seeing the image of the Juniper bush makes me think about our old house, where we had a giant Juniper bush in front of our bedroom window. I didn't mind the bush except that it was sort of ugly and unkempt (we're lazy landscapers), and...well...neighborhood cats would fight in the bush, which would get quite raucous, particularly at night. Because of this we had to chop the bush down in its entirety. Ahh, sweet relief from cat chaos!

It's funny because my goofy little story is actually somewhat applicable to the meaning of this card--which is about clearing away the old before something new can come in. The concept makes sense. If you have unfinished business then you are not likely to go forward with a blank slate and an open heart, on to the next adventure. This card got me thinking about what I may be holding onto that is holding me back from trying new and perhaps better things for where I am currently in life. I thought of several things, actually. Some of them seem trivial, and even ridiculous when I think of them, but it's good to get these things down on paper (or computer, nowadays), so we can see what we need to work on in order to move forward:

  • Messy art space-My so-called art space is piled almost to the ceiling with boxes and containers and bucket loads of crap from our move a year and a half ago. We have tried to wittle down the chaos bit by bit, box by box, but I feel that overall we've been avoiding it, and at this rate it may take another decade to get it done. I think it may be time to spend a large chunk of time sorting through this stuff, donating it, seeing if anyone else needs it, or otherwise clearing it. The result of this would be that both my husband and myself would have a clear space to easily work on a creative project or other involved project that needs a fair amount of space.
  • Unfinished projects-I don't expect to finish all of these, because as all of you creative people know, there is almost always at least one unfinished project, and that is OK, but it's when there are multiple unfinished projects that it starts to queue up in your mind unpleasantly. Not to mention, sometimes projects can take up a lot of physical space. Some of them that come to mind: a tarot deck I never finished (70 images left to go!), a painting for my realtor that is finished but just needs a sawtooth hanger on the back. I think this would take all of 2 minutes to finish, and then I have to deliver the piece to her, which would also take only a few minutes since she lives near me! Then I have a trio of painted goddess pieces to ship to my former art history professor, but I have to figure out how to turn them into pendants since I can't drill them without ruining the artwork...I've been putting it off because I don't feel like doing it. Then I also want to inventory my soaps and other remaining bath/body products, re-package them if they need it, and try to sell some more of them so I can make some money off of it! Anyway, there are several other items I could add to this list but this bullet point is getting too chunky.
  • Contacting friends and family-There are a few friends and family I've wanted to e-mail and/or send a small package to. I have a package for a friend in Wyoming who seems really down that I meant to send a week ago. I'm feeling stingy financially but I think I should just send it because I know she would be touched, since she loves getting packages and cards.  
  • Financial/savings plan-I've been really thinking I need to come up with a more solid financial plan, money savings plan, or even money making plan, but so far I've been pretty lax about figuring this out. I really want to do it, and I feel like now is a good time.
  • Medical appointments-I am overdue for my wellness exam, and also a dental appointment. But since finances are not very strong right now I'm worried about the cost. I did finally make a dental appointment for my daughter for early December. I had to cancel two previous appointments for her due to illness (it was right after school started) so at least I can check that off. 

Well, that's the bigger ones, but I know there are lots of piddly ones which I feel that I don't need to bore you with. :) I am probably forgetting some major things too, but I'll just go with what I see on the list right now.  It's amazing how such mundane things can really add up and make you feel overwhelmed. I did check a couple things off my list yesterday and this morning, so that helps. I like the feeling of satisfaction and relief I get when I finish things. But I also prefer not to feel like I 'have to' do things, but we can't get out of having to do certain things, so I may as well try to get some satisfaction from the process.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Extending the Hiatus Another Week

Hello Folks,

I think I've been fighting off a cold over the past week. Either that or it was a combination of food-induced sinus headache and PMS, since my period started today. Consequently, I have felt rather run down and posting on the blog hasn't felt like a priority. More accurately I guess I just didn't have the energy. The pile of unfolded laundry that I have also has not been a priority so...no offense, blog.

Here's a card I got not too long ago (yesterday?) using my phone's Enchanted Tarot App. I also own the Enchanted Tarot Deck (though I don't use it because of its large size) as well as the smaller, borderless version--the Zerner-Farber deck. I figured the Star was appropriate to get as it often represents taking time out to heal, recover and rejuvenate.

In any event, I am wishing all of you a splendid week, and I hope to see you next week.

Much Love,

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Horse King: Accepting Assistance

I don't know why but this picture is sort of funny. The Horse King looks either drunken or annoyed, and the Horse looks like it is biting itself. But anyway...

I decided to pull a card (using the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms app on my phone) for a single point focus. The Horse King showed up. I have to say, even though this card is about graciously accepting assistance, I am not so sure I would jump on the horse led by the Horse King. He just looks a bit creepy. But maybe I am being judgemental.

O.K. Back to the card. A quote from this card states:

"You will most certainly reach your perfect destination with this noble Ally. He lets you know that some person or circumstance brought through synchronicity will certainly appear to help you with your endeavors. You aren't meant to go this part of the journey alone."

Hmm. That's an interesting point. When I re-read this sentence I was realizing how, over the past few years, I've been trying to find creative ventures to do that rely almost solely on myself. Should I branch out more, ask for assistance in realizing creative ideas? I think maybe I have been limiting myself a lot. I guess many of us are uncomfortable asking for help--or we don't know if we want to deal with that kind of interaction with others.

I guess, admittedly, this goes along with me trying to be a control freak. Control is one of the key words on this card, and I can see how now allowing proper networking and assistance would be a perfect example of what this card is referring to. In truth, none of us get very far without others. We rely on others every day for food and transportation, roads and even the most basic needs. The illusion of self as an island and the illusion of control can both be very strong and alluring, if we fear letting others in. Definitely something to think about.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Twos and Yous: Create and Change

This is just a direct screen shot from my phone (no editing!) showing a five card pull I did with the Ator Tarot app I have. There is no layout on this one, this is freestyle, baby! Generally speaking I prefer it this way. Even though spreads can be very helpful as a framework, often I feel they hinder my intuitive process. But anyway...

First thing I noted when looking at these cards is that three of the five cards are twos. Two of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Two of Wands. The only thing missing is cups. I think that what these twos all have in common (and really any two in tarot) is the idea of juggling or balancing something. These fall into the categories of decisions and thoughts for swords, inspiration and creative ideas for wands and material concerns for pentacles. The thing about the two that I have never liked is that it feels just a little bit wishy-washy to me. It isn't overly dynamic, except that a lot of energy is expended to keep things in balance, but little progress seems to be made at this stage of the game. Nothing concrete has been decided. Things are up in the air. There isn't much of a commitment, except for the Two of Cups, which is the only one that didn't come up in this reading.

I find this is an accurate assessment of where I am right now. I have not ventured forth in any direction following my daughter's entry into school. I'm just staying the course but I haven't exactly chosen a new course for myself--I have not set sail. I keep thinking I have a bright idea and then it just...goes nowhere. Whether this is because I am nervous and blocking myself, or whether I have not truly come upon an appropriate direction, or whether the timing is all wrong and I just need to bide my time until a more appropriate opening presents itself...well, I am not entirely sure. I think it's probably the first one more than anything. Opportunities are definitely created by action. It's pretty rare for inspiration to just hit you square in the head. You have to go seeking for it, then follow where it leads until it no longer feels appropriate to continue.

If you look beyond indecision land you have the other two cards in the reading--two majors. We have the Empress (creative, mother) and the Wheel of Fortune (change, cycles), showing the importance of both creativity and change. Creativity and the Wheel of Fortune are both changeable things, and in this case change is good. I have to be mindful of not stagnating too long, not remaining in indecision--refusing risks or fun in favor of what is safe and sanitary.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Third Blog Anniversary Giveaway Results!

Whew! I'm a day late and a dollar (or six) short with this announcement.

The winner of my third blog anniversary giveaway is...


Congrats, Thalia! I peeped over at your blogs and I am going to have to do some reading soon! You look like you have quite the quirky sense of humor and good taste in music! ;)

To get your reading, simply e-mail: MagicMentha (at) gmail.com and I will furnish you with a selection of decks to choose from for your reading.

Happy Halloween/Samhain and Day of the Dead tomorrow. 

Much Love,

Monday, October 28, 2013

Exiting the Cocoon: Making Progress

Here are a few cards I pulled yesterday. These cards pertain to a question I had regarding taking some tentative steps out of my divination cocoon. I've always been very careful and nervous about discussing divination with the public-at-large. I don't like to be vulnerable about such a reviled topic. People can be very opinionated about tarot readers. I can understand why it's a difficult topic to broach. For that reason I have really kept it quiet for the most part. Occasionally I will mentioned it, and as time goes on I am trying more and more to let go in this respect.

I was talking to my husband about this recently--that I have an unfortunate tendency of throwing myself out into the world only to nervously scoot back into the 'safe zone' where nothing fun or exciting ever happens and I'm living in fear of what other people think of me. I have kept up this dance for a long time! I know some of you can really relate to this. I feel like the things I am interested in are often unpopular with the general population: alternative health, divination and the arts. I mean, I think a lot of people adore these things, but there are a surprising number of people who really look down on them. That isn't to say that this is an excuse not to express these things! It's just that I am overly sensitive and I need to just jump out of that cocoon, burn it and not hop back in.

Anyway. Back to the cards. I feel like these cards show this process. There's the card of Understanding, showing a kind of mini revelation. The Conclusion card, also quite self-explanatory, marks the end of a chapter--hopefully the beginning of the end of fear and self-censorship. And, of course, there's one of my favorite cards, the Success card, showing a diploma congratulating you for taking something to the next level.

It is tempting (very tempting!) to stay stuck in our personal ruts. I have no doubt I will slip up repeatedly in this process of being more self-assured. It will be painful at times, but I am going to keep trucking along at my own pace and see how it goes.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Magic Mentha Site Tweak and Readings For Sale Again

Greetings Y'all,

I edited my website today, tweaking the colors and images and changing the reading offerings a bit. It isn't exactly how I want it but it'll do!

For a while I stopped offering readings but now that I'm getting back into the swing of reading I wanted to keep them up on the site.

I hope everyone is well!


Death and the Devil: Letting Go of Negative Thinking and Other Bad Habits

So I got another cheesy tarot app for my phone. :) This one is the Crystal Visions Tarot. I admit I like it. There are some aspects of it that I don't like, but I kind of like the simple and soothing (yet colorful) art style. I have to admit that it has a naive quality to it, as if a 13-year-old girl drew it, but that's part of its charm. So here's a duo I pulled today. Death and the Devil. Haha! Kinda heavy.

What I came up with for this duo was the end of negative thinking. For me the Devil most often refers to any bad habit or negative spiral. I know there are other bad habits I have (caffeine? carbs?) but I'd say that the worst of all of my bad habits is anxiety and self-undoing.  If I am feeling really bad and in an anxiety spiral, then it feeds all of my other negative habits (not eating well, not sleeping well, negative emotional reactions) in a kind of all-out cluster of misery!

Something else that sprung to mind when seeing the Devil was letting go of my negative body image. That's another big issue that I've been thinking about a lot lately. It impacts my sex life in a bad way, and my self-esteem in general. Something to think about! I wish I felt comfortable lounging around naked eating an apple!

So. I am going to take this reading in that vein since this is an area I've been actively working on via affirmations and cognitive retraining.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Layers of Change and Taking Risks

Sometimes I'll do readings and they make sense to me on a deep level but it's very hard to convey why or how they are meaningful. Such is the case with some cards I've received from the wonderful Wisdom of the Hidden Realms app. These four cards are a lovely example. While they seem very different on the surface, in another way I see them as being connected, like pieces of a puzzle which end up with a picture of a personal journey of transformation. It's very painful to try to explain what they mean without sounding overly cheesy and goofy.

So, since I like doing bullet lists of things I will try to explain each card as I feel it pertains to me personally. I have pulled other very relevant cards from this deck but for the sake of sanity and brevity I am going to stick with these four.

  • The Cosmos--This card is about creativity. It is a fairly simple and straightforward card, which talks about working on creative projects. As an artist I can easily see how this would relate to my life. I feel that everyone is creative, however, so I don't find this is limited to artists. I feel like my rejected little artist comes by to remind me not to ignore it from time to time. 
  • The Sun Dancers--This card is about enjoying life and reminds me a little of the Sun in tarot. It seems to be about getting in the positive swing of things--allow things to be worked out in a really uplifting way--as if you're dancing your way through something. 
  • The Swan Queen---This card is a little bit like the High Priestess. This, along with the Sun Dancers, came up with I was asking about reading tarot more seriously as a professional label. I felt like this was a bit of a confirmation for me. This card recommends going within yourself for guidance, really relying on your own intuition. And also to be patient with things, which is always a good reminder.
  • The Phoenix--This is a classic death-like card, something in your life burning away to reveal something newer and more appropriate. This card is a reminder of how necessary it is to periodically blaze new trails in your life. I have known for a long time now that I need to break out of stagnation and ruts that have held me in place. I like a quote that I read from the card, which I am including below, along with a quote from two of the other cards:

I wanted to add to this post that today I took a risk. Instead of staying sort of small and quiet today, I decided to break out of my comfort zone a bit. I had my little Albano-Waite mini deck with me when I went to the coffee shop and I spontaneously offered to read for two of the employees who work there. I know nothing about them, just that they are friendly and I've seen them there before when I came to get a snack or coffee. Both loved their readings and thought they were relevant and helpful.

Then I walked down to the rock shop and did two more readings for two employees there. Again they told me how much they enjoyed their readings and that they love that I took the time to come by and read for them. All of them seemed genuinely surprised at how the information resonated with their experiences. I think three of the four had never had a tarot reading or had only had one many years before. I think taking this risk and having a positive reception was really comforting to me. Even though I know this isn't always going to be the case, it's still nice when things like that happen.

Now I'd like to extend this risk-taking into other areas of my life, with the creative projects mentioned above in the Cosmos card, and any other venture that feels good to me. I am not sure yet what form any of this will take, but I am staying up to the possibilities.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

School Behavior Improvement Trio

I pulled these cards about an hour and a half ago while I was parked and waiting for my daughter to get out of school. I wanted to see if it would address my daughter's behavior and mood issues which seemed to be worsening recently (much to my dismay!) and I was pleased that not only did they obviously address the issue as evidenced by the cards received, but the reading was not negative, which I appreciate.

The first card is the Hierophant, which gave me the theme of the reading, about the school--showing the structure of a school and a learning environment. I actually removed all of the minor arcana from this cheapo $1 deck. I found they were very hard to read and I didn't even know what the suits were, they were so obscure. Plus there was no instruction booklet. The cards I liked were the majors, the aces and the court cards. So I left those in. They seem to give accurate readings.

I don't always use the phrases/positions mentioned in the cards. For this reading I was not doing a past/present/future, but this could be used that way easily. If I had to choose I guess I would select the present for all of these, as it pertained to a present issue that I am hoping to resolve.

The Heirophant has a really strange phrase for the present, which is 'learning to be a good neighbor' but when I thought about it, this actually makes sense for my daughter. Her primary issue in school, as mentioned by her teacher and observed by us, is that she gets very easily upset by everything and struggles socially because of it. The King of Cups in one of my previous readings in that topic gave me a hint as to this issue, but the positive cards around it made me hopeful that this issue could be mitigated or circumvented. In any event, learning to get along with others in a group setting is a big part of managing the emotional hurdles of school. Her teacher was pleased with my daughter's enthusiasm and her scholastic performance, but her mood and behavior needed some work.

Another confirmation card is my daughter's designated card, the Page of Wands. My fiery and moody little Sagittarian volcano child obviously needs support (as well as boundaries and structures, more key words from the Heirophant), and I am trying to be patient about this, even as I get tired of the crankiness, whining and behavior issues. I remember that a child needs time to evolve--we all do, but being a kid takes a lot of energy, and so many changes are happening all the time.

The final card seemed to be the card which was answering my question--which was my plaintive wondering about whether this situation would be resolved. I guess so, since the Star is about healing and hope. I guess I need to give this situation time and patience. I am trying not to be a control freak about it. I'm keeping in contact with my daughter's teacher and trying to let the consequences of her actions speak for themselves. Plus I am trying to focus on keeping things healthy with good sleep, nutrition and other essentials. My experience with my daughter has been that trying to force change from her is not fruitful. I have to present the information and then let it go, allowing her to progress in her own time, no matter how annoying or painful that might be in the present.

This week (although it's only Wednesday) was an especially bad behavior one, with my daughter getting several warnings on Monday and Tuesday. I dropped my expectations today, knowing that if I worry about every little thing my daughter does I am going to go crazy. I was pleased, at least, that she didn't get into quite as much trouble today, even though she seemed quite fussy when I picked her up, crying about losing part of her hair clip. Oy.

I do appreciate when readings seem to address my pressing concerns in a straightforward way.


Quandary Quad: Busting the Status Quo, Flying Free

Here is a pull from the somewhat intense Ghosts and Spirits Tarot (app). I really liked the feel of these cards. There weren't any cards that made me cringe, which is always nice. The cards I received were the 2 of Swords (upper left), 8 of Cups (upper right), Hermit (lower left) and 9 of Cups (lower right). I did not choose a topic when pulling these cards but since the Hermit has been a recurring card for work-related stuff, I felt it related to creative and career-related pursuits.

The first card drawn was the 2 of Swords. To me this indicates a balancing of ideas, a decision in the making. Often, the person knows what they want but have refused to make an official decision, to move beyond that original thought. This is certainly the case for me. I find that the 2 of Swords often represents a painful quandary, or maybe something we just don't want to look it (which is demonstrated in most decks as someone with a blindfold on). In this deck there is no blindfold, but the man appears to be blind and have opaque, unseeing eyes. He almost looks like a husk of a man--there seems to be a 'freeze' going on. Very little color or life is in his face. I feel like this is a really good visual representation of being 'on hold'. The brief description is about what you'd expect:

"You may be at an impasse, unable to break the stalemate that is paralyzing you."

Yeah. Absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind that this is talking to me! So, naturally, the next card felt like a suggestion to me. In fact, the next three cards, taken as a whole, felt like a really positive suggestion. The first thing I noticed about the following three cards are that they are upper number cards. Two nines and an eight. Something coming to a natural conclusion. Once something is done you can't go back. You can try but life will suck a lot when you do that. Things fall apart for a reason. That brings me to the next card...

The 8 of Cups is the 'leaving things behind in search of something meaningful' card. In the traditional image the cups are upright. They may still be full. You don't HAVE to leave but you want to. You want to be more fulfilled on an emotional level. That is one of the biggest keys to this card. It's not just leaving for the sake of leaving and change, but because you desire true fulfillment and joy. This particular version is more intense and dynamic than the more somber/reflective 8 of Cups, showing a man with a bag, walking away into the night in search of something. This dude (ghost) is galloping off with his horse--almost like a knight or maybe even the Chariot. There's an energetic feeling to it.

"You're treading water and need to move on. Break away from entrapment and allow yourself to be free."

When we go to the next card we have one of my favorites in this deck, the Hermit. This card is the positive side of being alone. Seeking out solitude in a freeing kind of way. In fact, the woman's arms being spread wide open has a kind of receptive quality to it. Receptive to wisdom and experience perhaps. I like that the two cards portraying women in this draw both have their arms spread in a motion of openness and freedom. That is what I associate that arm gesture with.

"It is important to unplug and release all the mental debris that may be rendering you fatigued and uninspired. Sometimes a time-out is just what you may need!"

This really speaks to the part of me which has been embracing my alone time. I no longer dread it. While occasionally I might miss my husband and daughter, I find it has been like a missing nutrient--one that I've been severely deficient in. I find myself appreciating the alone time more and more. I am able to hear my inner voice more--and not feel so crazed. I find that I am more able to honestly assess what I really want and need versus what I thought I wanted or needed but wasn't really clear on. I am slowly gaining clarity during this time.

That brings me to final card, the 9 of Cups. This is the wish fulfillment card! I love this. I always feel good when I see this card. It feels like a step toward true fulfillment, the understanding of my own desires and self. Again there's a sensation of freedom, flying...openness.  I feel like the sky is the limit, or that is the message that this card is emphasizing:

"Wishes do come true! You are flying high after overcoming obstacles that had prevented you from truly soaring."

Now...the hard part, which may not be nearly as hard as I think it is, is to break out of stalemate land with the 2 of Swords.  I've been vacationing here long enough and I have to say I'm pretty fed up with it! I am going to really work on contacting my true desires, ones based on happiness and personal preference and not lack, and use this current retrograde period to assess the situation and see how I need to move forward.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pathway Spread About Financial Independence

I decided to use the Halloween Tarot and the lovely Pathway Spread to look at the concept of doing my own business. To me the 9 of Pentacles (Pumpkins here) often means a woman who owns her own business, or works on her own. I realize more and more how much I need this hermit-esque solitude, even in work situations. Whether I am working with other people or not I like to be able to go my own way or have a separate task that doesn't involve a lot of checking in with others.

The 9 of Pentacles shows the situation, which makes sense because of what I just mentioned.
The Fool represents what to do: trust, take a leap, be open, etc.
The 9 of Swords is what NOT to do. Don't worry! Yes, keep that anxiety under control.

That is all for now--my daughter is bugging me.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Birds and Key: Communication Solution

Happy Mercury Retrograde! Hah! You have the dubious honor of partaking of this great period of time, eh? :)

Anyway. I decided to go back to Lenormand a bit. I still intend to post some pulls with the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot App, since it's so ghoulishly delightful, but I decided to do another of my Lenormand duos for my own learning pleasure.

I wanted something I could confirm within one week, so here is the allegedly confirmable pair I pulled on this day. We have Birds and Key. Because Birds represents a kind of communication/speaking energy and the Key represents solutions and a go-ahead, I felt this showed communication solutions. I found this a little strange for Merc RX, considering that this is a prime time for snafus in the land of communications, but at the same time it's also a great time to clear up any misunderstandings. So I can see how this could go either way.

Let us head over to LearnLenormand.com and see what they say about this pair:

Birds + key (33): good communication, promising connection

Alright. So that's pretty much what I assumed it would be, based on the card meanings.  The reverse meaning, surprisingly, is actually a bit different:

Key + birds (12): power couple, important phone call

POWER couple? Hahaa. For some reason this struck me as really funny. I imagined a husband and wife in power suits with portfolios and the like. The important phone call seems more likely. I hope it's not a BAD important phone call. Well, when I pulled a clarification on this duo I got the Sun card, so that doesn't seem bad. The Sun is usually good news.

Well, then. I will try to update this within a week to see if I can pinpoint what this was about.

Much Love,