Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making Things: Soaps, Candles, Salts and More...

In preparation to open my shop (in February or March) I'm making and testing products. My husband is going to help me build some molds to make for treasure candles. I'm pondering blends for bath salts, melts or bombs, and also thinking of different soap scents. I have molds and various types of melt and pour soaps (goat milk, honey, shea, cocoa butter, etc) and various add-ins.

The soaps I made today (above) are:

  • Chai soap with chai tea, ground cinnamon, cardamom, ground clove, freshly grated nutmeg, clove essential oil in a honey base (and some with a mixture of honey and shea base)
  • The speckled soaps are pomegranate and raspberry green tea with rose petals and rose essential oil
  • The white blossom soaps are orange-almond essential oils with calendula petals
  • The dark olive green blossoms are chocolate-mint-spirulina (cocoa powder, spirulina powder, peppermint essential oil, grapeseed oil)
  • The pyramids (with the tops flattened, that is) are chocolate-almond-orange (almond and orange essential oils and cocoa powder) and the remaining bars in the same color are the same scent

More soaps I made include lemon, euclayptus, peppermint with chia seeds and spirulina, sandalwood essential oil and cinnamon (ground and a tiny bit of essential oil), and spirulina-peppermint with organic peppermint leaves and sea salt (heart-shaped). I also made a similar scent in a heart-shape without the peppermint leaves and added cocoa powder in a swirl. I'm also considering embedding little treasures and toys in some of the soaps. Gemstones for adults and small toys for the kids.

The treasure candles I make will be a lot less involved scent-wise. I plan to make the scents very simple and accessible: orange, vanilla, lavender. That kind of thing. I need to decide on some affordable treasures to use (small tumbled gemstones, charms, etc)...and I have to decide what else I want to carry in the shop. Thinking...thinking! I wish there wasn't such a start-up cost!!

Many of these creations are experimental and somewhat imperfect, but many of them came out very well! I am going to package them all up, separating the various scents, and then my next projects will be to figure out the candles and the packaging/logo, etc. I'm trying to be thorough!

Oh, and feel free to put in your vote for another 1-2 products you think would be fun to sell. Bath salts? Bombs? Melts? Lotion bars? Something unrelated? Salves? Deodorant? All of these would be natural and handmade, of course.

Much Love,

Eriu's Eyes: Don't Let Doubt Cloud Your Judgment

Oopsie. You can see my hand and the camera in this pic. :D Kind of amusing...

I got this card last night when I was thinking about (or should I say obsessing and worrying about?) a bunch of things in my life, and this card popped up to tell me not to get discouraged or doubt myself. To quote more exactly:

"Don't cloud your judgment with doubt--believe!"

I think this is definitely a tough one for me. If I have any inkling, intuitive or otherwise, of what to do with myself in any part of my life, I immediately begin to second-guess myself. But this causes all kinda of problems and prolonged suffering. Here's to a new level of self trust.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February's Forecast

I love the pissed off cherub in this picture. The roses also have significance, due to the name of my pending business.

I saw Monica's post using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for February and I decided to do the same. Last night I pulled these four cards for the month of February. It's funny because my husband also pulled four for himself, and his were very positive and glowing. I remarked to him, half-jokingly, 'Just watch. Mine will be negative!' I was only half-right, thankfully.

As we all know, problems are only things that need to be worked out, so I'm working on releasing my fears of problems and concerns, big and small. When I look at this spread again in the light of day it isn't so bad, even though I do feel anxious today. I don't feel that well physically and haven't for a while, actually, so I need to put my physical health on the front burner, as well as my mental health with meditation and relaxation.

The 'Inkpot' card always makes me think of contracts and things-to-be-worked-out. It is a card that brings to mind the nitty-gritty details of life. It's about sorting out details. I've gotten this card for clients and also myself, when something still needs to be worked out. It does imply (at least I think it does) that things can be worked out, but it will take some time and effort, and some degree of anal nit-picking. And according to the book, this also shows problems you don't want to face that you have to face.

This could be a number of things for me. Issues with my daughter, issues with my health such as needing to exercise, working out the boring details of certain things, such as the venture I'm thinking of launching in March, clearing out the art space which is not a giant repository for all our junk, and other things that a person tends to put off. But mostly I still see it as a way of working out issues.

The 'Unicorn' card makes me think of problem-solving, but instead of doing it in an analytical way with brainstorming and other swordsy things, it's about using your intuition. I like this. This card specifically speaks about honing intuitive and psychic gifts to use for your benefit. I will definitely try to utilize my intuition to work out the details of all I need to work on in February, which includes coming up with logo/branding info, packaging, prices, products, and all of that crazy crap.

The 'Tortoise' reminds me that this isn't to be rushed. I tend to push ahead too quickly and then either get sloppy or impatient. When I do things purposefully I can do a really good job. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I don't want this thing to fizzle out before it even begins, which is sort of my default response to life, and I want to change that!

The 'Dagger' card shows my mental state. My anxiety has been cropping up again, after being somewhat in remission for a while. I suppose it's natural to be anxious when doing something new. I think that I'd like to try to make relaxation a part of this process so that I can stay sane. I don't want to attach fear and misery to this venture, or my life in general. So that is one I want to work on. In fact, I decided to pull a couple cards to go with the 'Dagger' card to see if it can give some advice on how to handle it.

Ah, cool! So I got 'Bridge' and 'Key' that both indicate successfully overcoming problems. This makes me think that if I just keep in mind that I can solve any problem that comes along that will help my anxiety level quite a bit. Of course, in taking this picture I accidentally flipped you all off, so I apologize. Haha!! I thought I'd keep that in there because I thought it was hilarious. Or maybe I'm flipping off my anxiety? There's a thought!

Much Love to Y'all,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bored and Back: Become the Master You Seek


So I tried staying away...haha! I told you I'd be back sooner! But I decided to come back, at least a bit. May not post quite as much, or at least I'm sticking with my timed Internet visits. It helps me to manage how long I'm on the Internet.

I was lured in by a deck recently: Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle. I've seen it that past several times when visiting the book store and I decided I wanted to buy it. I'm glad I did. It has been fun working with it. It's very mythical/archetypal as it uses various wisdom traditions in each card.

Today's card is 'Master in Tibet' - Become the Master You Seek. I like this card a lot. I got it recently with another card and today I got it again. This card is about finding wisdom within rather than always relying on external sources. Being confident in your abilities and gifts is another important message of this card. This is a good one for me. I often wallow in insecurity. I need to develop more mastery, especially as I get older. I don't want to feel this insecure ten years from now! Anyway.

Here's a quote from the card:

"What you search for may not be what you find. Realization that the power of the universe is within you, is the fulfillment of the quest."

This reminds me a lot of what I've been reading in Deepak Chopra books. I got one at the same time as I got this deck when I went to the bookstore recently. The book I got is called, 'The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire--Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence.' Basically it's about the two modes of existence: local and non-local. And how you can break away from the limitations of the local mind and tap into the more universal mind. That's a pretty crude explanation and the book is very well done, but you get the idea. The card also talks about being actively engaged in your development, using your own gifts at your disposal. This is another thing that I was reading in the gives lots of advice and exercises on how to interact with opportunities that arise synchronistically. I like this! I try to do this in my life, but I think there are many times where I allow anxiety to get in the way. One of my goals is to truly differentiate between my fears and my intuition.

My husband says he knows when I am intuiting something. He says my information is calm and persistent in this state. When I'm stressed, anxious or centered on something else, the energy is frantic.  This does go along with what I've noticed as well. The problem for me is that my over-riding anxiety and intensity often diminishes what could be a more powerful flow of intuition. Perhaps on some level I am trying to escape this information that's coming in. Maybe it's a kind of culpable denial. Anyway. It is something I am really working on right now.

With that, I am going to leave y'all to your day. Hope all is well.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Until Valentine's Day

Buddha head on my dresser with fun Valentiney treatment
Hi Beloved Ones,

I've been noticing that I've wanted to spend less time on-line. In an effort to honor that I am going on hiatus until Valentine's Day.

I may be back before then if I feel the urge, but I am doing it to focus on some personal goals and also homeschooling goals with and for my daughter.

Hope everyone has a beautiful next few weeks. I may get rather behind on reading the blogs, so for that I apologize. I may still periodically read or even comment.

You know how to reach me if you need something!

Much Love,

Upcoming Influences Rune Reading

Here's the rune reading I did while in Estes Park yesterday. I admit I am a novice when it comes to runes. I just used some key words that came with the admittedly cheesy booklet. I am going to research further into the rune meanings so I can get a more well-rounded definition of them, but for now I'm going to let this ride and see if anything comes up in the nearish future around these areas.

Here are links to meanings of each rune:




I've read about runes here and there, but for some reason I find the information difficult to retain. Luckily, I can easily look up and cross-reference information, which gives plenty of food for thought.


Nine of Fire: Vitality and Illumination

Pull a card from Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot
Isn't this card great? I have been using this deck on the My Divination site and I'm tempted to buy it for myself. Even though I don't LOVE all the cards there are some that I just adore. Not to mention I really appreciate the descriptions...very thought-provoking.

Normally this is not a card I love. It often depicts a world-weary person, having to HOLD OUT in a situation that they don't want to hold onto. But this card emphasizes the proper use of energy, taking stock of it, learning the proper expression of it. Vitality!

Nine of Fire - Illumination
This card reveals that it is time to take stock of what you have achieved, to enjoy it and to integrate all you have learned into your way of expressing yourself energetically. A time of success and achievement in terms of vitality. An idea or understanding.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes, I Shall Return!

Try this reading yourself!
Greetings All,

I think I need a short internet hiatus again.

Feeling especially tired and over-loaded internet-wise.

Hope everyone has a lovely week and weekend.

See y'all later. Next week give or take!

Now to go read a bit. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

Show and Tell: Essential Oil Blending

I've been having fun making essential oil blends today. I have some oils, not nearly as many as I would like, but it's still so much fun to make your own blends. I've purchased plenty of EO blends in the health food store, but it's nice to be able to control the contents in your own blend. That said, essential oils are expensive, but I think they're wonderful to have.

One particularly useful blend is Thieves Oil, which is a blend that helps prevent cold and flu, and also reduces symptoms of current infections. Here is a modified recipe I made today, a little more tailored to congestion and sinuses:

In order of amount:

Thieves Sinus and Congestion Blend:

*Cinnamon EO
*Clove EO
*Lemon Eucalyptus EO (has lemongrass, too)
*Head Aide (has lavender, spearmint, rosemary, marjoram, basil, vetiver)

*Spearmint EO
*Peppermint EO

After making the Thieves blend I decided to do a more frivolous blend, an essential oil perfume. Here's what I used:

"Come Together" EO Perfume:

*Rose essential oil in a grapeseed oil base
*Tangerine EO
*Clove EO
*Chunks of nutmeg to infuse the oil

I used maybe 1/3 of the bottle as tangerine oil, but I think I'd use less next time. The rose is highly diluted in grapeseed oil, so I didn't need any additional carrier oil. The clove essential oil was only a few drops. I love the floral, fruit and spice combo.

Note to self: do not cram the cork too hard into the little vial. It ended up crumbling and I had to go get another vial and use that. There are a few bits of cork in the mixture but that's ok. It will still work!

Oh, and a hilarious thing I did was to use tarot/oracle as a way to name the perfume I made! Hahaa. I pulled a card from the Enchanted Map Oracle and got 'Come Together' which is a romantic kind of card, which sounds vaguely, and is also a Beatles song. Hence the title...


Barbie Tarot Continuation: Optimism and Daring

Using Annikin Not only, but Also and Barbie Tarot

MM's note: It's funny because I really hate the concept of Barbie...the stifling, clich├ęd concept of feminism, the cheesiness. But I love this out fit and this deck somehow amuses me. Maybe I'm also poking fun at myself.

Not only 

19. The Sun
Princess of the Incas from the Princess Collection
This Barbie wears the golden headdress and bracelets that indicate her to be a descendant of the sun god Inti. The card represents growth, satisfaction, happiness and the optimism of knowing that with each new dawn comes new opportunities.

MM's note: I love this Incan princess concept. Who doesn't love the Incans?!!! I need to dress up like this for Halloween dangit. I went and looked up Inti. To see about it, read this. I really need to look on the bright side. My biggest enemy is my anxiety and self doubt. I was just telling my husband this moments before I pulled this duo.

But Also

0. The Fool
1959 Original Swimsuit Barbie
Traditionally The Fool depicts person setting off on a journey. Here is one of the earliest Barbies, on the beach with her high heels, sunglasses and handbag, epitomizing both Barbie's fashion sense and her refusal to believe that there's anything she can't do.

MM's note: Again I roll my eyes at this card, but then again I love the creepy doll feeling and the crazy patterned bathing suit. I imagine this woman is a really strange and daring person, which goes with the whole 'Fool' card meaning. It makes me think of relinquishing my many cares and inhibitions. Heck, I won't even wear a bathing suit so this is a good metaphor for me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hexagram 30: Brightness is Brief

I've been up for two hours now, and it's 5:40am. Oy!! Not sure why, but I figured I may as well post something. I pulled an on-line I Ching hexagram here, and then used the interpretation from here.  This is an interesting hexagram and not one I've received much as far as I can tell. I got the top three lines as changing. The last three lines of this are the changing lines I got, but interpretation varies from place to place.  There is something about clarity in this one, for sure. And personal expression. For a brief interpretation go here. But there's also a caution about burning out. Additionally, there's a quickness and a bitter sweetness to this connection and energy. I like this explanation.  Here's a rather introspective quote I found from

Hexagram � 30 - Li. Igniting.

Li. Igniting. - hexagram 30 The many little frills surrounding a situation confuse you. Look for the central theme, the source, the seed idea, and the solution is easier. Be reasonable. As you grow older you see that life is very fragile. This causes depression. Do not over-react to cure the sadness. To do so is unnatural, not the real you. And as you grow older you see that human nature is vain. This causes cynicism. Reexamine and rededicate yourself to your motives and values. The lesson here is not to be misled by the myriad parts of a problem, but rather to seek out its central theme, its source, its seed idea, and avoid extremes and excess.

Be calm, keep in control, and focus on your plans although everything is changing around you. Be flexible, but only change as really necessary. Good fortune follows if you exercise self-control.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not Only...

...but also

Using the My Divination site, I got this duo. I wanted to post it mostly because I LOVE their outfits. Hahaa. Funny, right? These are two of my favorite cards, too. I love the action and progress...the dynamic feeling of the 8 of Wands. Swiftness, communication, messages and packages received. Paired with the Sun it gives a very uplifting, active and positive feeling.

I will update if I figure out what this is about.


My Daughter's Classes and Activities Reading

Here's a handful of cards (literally!) that I pulled regarding my daughter recently. Well, now it's been ten days since I pulled these. At the time I saw it as my daughter continuing to improve and learn, which I still think is true, but now it seems more specific. I hadn't posted them yet, but today I saw them and decided to do it. Excuse the bizarre treatment of this, I just thought it was fun. Heehee.

We have my daughter's card, the Page of Wands, and I feel this card looks a lot like her. She has pointed this card out in the past as being her, when I showed it to her. Anyway, I've mentioned that before on here. We also have the Page of Coins, which I, like many people, associate with learning and the student. We have the Six of Swords which shows a transition from rough times to smoother times, which makes sense given her history. We have the Sun which shows activity, positive energy and things out and about.

The cards that I see as literal activities are the 3 of Cups, which show a couple of the activities which I am considering for her which are dance and music. She seems drawn to these areas. The other one that is brought to mind is the Hanged Man which shows a guy hanging upside-down. This reminds me of the gymnastics intro class I enrolled her in, just a couple days ago. The guy in the World card also looks like a gymnast.

I love it when I can look back at cards I have received and see things in such a specific way. Of course, the general meanings for these cards also apply: transition, positive energy, moving onto the next level, celebration and connection, a need to wait or sacrifice certain things, etc.

Come to think of it, the literal/mundane meaning for 6 of Swords may also be true, which is travel. Actually the World is another popular travel card. My husband and I have been pondering a trip out to see my husband's family, as his dad has been quite sick with serious heart issues and we haven't been out there for quite some time.

Love Lots,

p.s. I'm posting today because I'm starting to feel better. I've been taking mega doses of oregano oil, vitamin c, vitamin d, and trying to recover from whatever is going on. Still not perfect, but better.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Headache Hiatus

Hello Folks,

I'm going on a hiatus for as long as it takes to get rid of my head/sinus issues.

I hope you all have a lovely week.


Studies, Sadness and Solitude

I had these cards out to read for someone and I decided to pull some for myself. I received Education, Sad Embrace and Solitude.

The Education card I tend to take literally. This makes sense because just today I signed my daughter up for a gymnastics class (fingers crosses that it goes well), and have been considering other classes, options and group get-togethers for her. While doing it, I realized how lonely and bored I felt, too.  I realized I needed to expand my own awareness and try new experiences. I was pondering taking a class or two myself.

I think the sadness comes in because I've always felt so insecure about certain aspects of learning, being alone, and just accepting myself in general. I fear judgement...of myself, my child, anything else in my life. I fear other people to a large extent, and that probably includes myself.

But despite that, I have an essential nature where I want to move forward and improve and help things, which I hope is my saving grace. I intend to find the activities, attitudes and experiences that assist my daughter, myself, my husband or anything else that comes up.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eye or Sinus Infection: Seeing Improvement Through Warm Compresses

The past few days or so I've had this unpleasant dry and swollen sensation in my eyes. It has been rather distracted and I can't wear my contacts. I can't quite figure out what it is, and since I tend to worry about these things my husband did some research on it for me and he thinks it is related to my sinuses, because I have been dealing with sinus issues for some time now. He thinks it is pressing against my eyes, causing discomfort and swelling. Thankfully there is very little pain, just the swollen eyelids, dry eyes. It's not red eye, doesn't seem like conjunctivitis, but something's definitely off.

These are the cards I received before my husband did the research he did. I perceived these to show an infection of some sort (whether sinus or eye) represented by the 5 of Wands, since I see this as the 'infection' card, and the 8 of Wands showed progress and improvement, and the Ace of Cups showed the need for moisture, which is true. My eyes are super dry despite constant use of Similasan eye drops. My husband read that the tear ducts can be impinged upon by the sinuses.

I thought the visual of the two very warm cards with the wet card felt like 'wet heat' so my husband's suggestion of warm, wet compress made sense in light of this reading I'd done earlier today.


Friday, January 4, 2013

What I Have vs. What I Need

What I've got

What I need

This is my last post until Monday because I need to take a little break from the internet. My eyelids have been strangely swollen and uncomfortable. No idea why because I've done nothing specific to aggravate them, haven't cried, etc. The only thing I can figure is that my eyes are dry from the heat and dry winter air. Hrm. Anyway. Enough about that. Perhaps it is caused by my stress recently.

Here are some cards I pulled on Wednesday. First I pulled three cards which represented what was going on for me, and they seemed very tense to me: 10 of Wands, 9 of Swords, 5 of Cups. Ew! I have to admit, these do represent how I've been feeling. I can't even say precisely why. It's a combination of things, but they definitely hit home. I think it's good to acknowledge these feelings, no matter what their source. Give them air, so to speak.

Then I pulled three cards representing what I needed, and they seemed very clear and direct: Strength, Ace of Swords, Death. I liked the nature of this reading so decided to share it. I think this reading makes sense to me on a kind of general level, but I'm sure there are more specific implications, too.

I will see you all next week and wish you all a lovely ending to the first week of 2013.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ace of Cups: Enjoying Myself

I sat down for my delicious cup of Dandy Blend and when I saw my cup sitting on my cheesy homemade paisley (covered with paisley duct tape!) coaster and the charming vintage butterfly cup I decided to take a photo. I do love taking photos of things, even though I really need a much nicer camera. That may be one of the gifts I give to myself this year if I can afford it, or hint to enough people to gift one for my birthday.

After Prince Lenormand mentioned liking my photo yesterday I was thinking that even though I don't seem to be into painting or drawing very much right now, I am still into photography. I'm very much an amateur photographer but I do enjoy it very much. I thought it might be fun to do a photographic tarot or lenormand deck, something based on ordinary objects in my house that I love. My mind flashed through all the objects in my house and how I could use them in the deck. This may be one of those things that I put on my 2013 calender/workbook!

Well, I hope you all have an enjoyable day, as was my intention when I woke up. I find myself stymied by my own fears and self-imposed and limitations, but I have the power to change my focus. I just need to keep working on it, and focusing on love and creativity, Ace of Cups style.


p.s. If I was actually making this for a deck I would've wiped the bit of sloshed Dandy Blend off the edge so it looked cleaner. Hehee.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hexagram 61: Truth is Uncomplicated

Wordless Wednesday: Sepia Scene

Disappointing Treatment Outcomes for My Daughter's Eczema

*UPDATE* I got a message from our ND saying that the fact that her eczema has worsened with anti-fungal treatment shows that there is a connection between the yeast healing and the rash, and recommends we continue with the full course of anti-fungals and he feels her eczema should clear up after that. I hope he's right. That is another possible intepretation. The yeast clearing up (reversed 5 of Wands) could be causing the flare-up. But I just don't know. That would make sense considering her history with it that showed up in the tests and that her diet hasn't changed to warrant that. We will see. Perhaps things are going well and I'm mistaking this as a sign things are wrong.

I was recently (a day or two ago) pulling cards on my daughter's eczema treatment and what was going on with it. I have not been able to come up with a solution. We've removed all dyes, perfumes, parabens, or anything else in soap, laundry detergent, bubble bath, shampoo or anything else that comes in contact with her skin. Nothing in her diet has changed that would account for this eczema cropping up only in the past month or so. The things I've tried (including expensive, high-quality creams which are free of chemicals and the usual suspects) have been a dead end. Her eczema continues to worsen. I have spent hours researching and have spent money on various things including borage oil and other supplements, again, to no avail. So...what next?

Here are the cards I received, which seemed to describe the situation. The King and Queen of Pentacles represent my daughter's naturopathic doctors who are a husband and wife team. This much I know because this reading is about her and those cards always represent them in readings about her. When I see the upright Queen of Pentacles I instantly think, 'Maybe she has the answer'. This doctor, the wife, specializes in dietary changes and herbs. The husband, shown reversed, specializes in supplements and biofeedback and the biochemical aspect of things. I wonder, then, if diet is more to blame. Perhaps I should, in addition to the gluten, casein, soy, peanuts, etc that we avoid, consider a dietary change, such as SCD, GAPS or paleo. I've been pondering this even before the rash developed but now I'm really considering it, especially since I have read some sites advocating such a thing for eczema. I don't know, though.

The reversed Tower makes me think again of seizure control, and I think that card was just in there to reassure me, because every time my daughter has any kind of issue or symptom I immediately freak out and worry that seizures will follow. I fear any imbalance will lead to that. But so far it has been three years...three years on Friday...since she has had a seizure and I am hoping that is a good sign. I also think the reversed 5 of Wands shows that the rash isn't caused by yeast. The 5 of Wands upright in readings about my daughter has come to mean a yeast/candida infection. She's currently being treated for candida, and I feel like this is speaking to that. It is possible that it shows it as an issue, but the reversal makes me think it is eliminating it as a possibility of cause.

The only upright cards in the reading are the Queen of Pentacles and the 5 of Cups, showing my disappointment in the whole situation. Last night I wrote an e-mail to my daughter's doctor (the man), but now I am wondering if I should make an appointment with my naturopath, the woman, to discuss possible dietary changes in moving forward. Eczema is often caused by dietary allergies, and healing diets and allergies are her specialties. Even though I don't savor the idea of having yet more dietary restrictions, perhaps she can give me some good ideas for how to proceed.