Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Shall Return! Early March Away Time Beckons...

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Hello Loves,

I'm gonna take a little hiatus from the blog. I am getting to that 'these readings are just running together and I am not getting all that much from them' phase and I also need to attend to a number of chores. Also, my brother is visiting from out-of-state until the 10th. I will return on March 11th.

Here is wishing you all a wonderful first part of March. This sounds like it'll be a busy month for some folks--spring breaks, spring fever, people visiting, us taking my birthday week off and going on mini-trips, etc. Much of it will be fun, but sometimes it is still tiring doing 'things' especially when you have some sort of lingering virus/malaise/weirdness like I do.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Ace to Ten in Zero Seconds

After yesterday's musings with the Tarot Nova, I decided to pull a couple of cards regarding my idea of pursuing some sort of holistic health career. Now, I have not defined what form this would take, I left the idea out there just to test the waters. Speaking of waters, I got two cups cards...

I thought it was significant somehow to see the Ace of Cups and 10 of Cups side by side. Seems very speedy...instantaneous almost. Does this mean that once I decide this, I will fall in love (Ace of Cups) with the idea and carry it to fruition (10 of Cups)? I am not sure, but it's one possible interpretation.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dolphin Advice for Parental Stress Reduction

Open Channel
Open, receptive, clear and sensitive; an unobstructed path or waterway.  A green light to move ahead into the next progression; the situation is right being able to move forward at this time.  A window of opportunity.

MM's note: This is interesting. Sort of vague but it shows that there's an 'open window' I can go through to help alleviate my stress--an opportunity to move beyond it. Maybe it shows me being more receptive or sensitive to these changes and choices. 

To move away from your daily routine.  Cutting yourself off from your usual securities or 'props' in the form of land location, people, or habitual patterns.

MM's note: Yes...this rang very true for me. Not minutes before I was sitting here thinking I needed to break out of my ruts. Not the positive ruts but the more obvious/harmful ruts of not getting enough exercise, or enough time with friends, or enough variety. Things like that.

Heart to Heart
When you're heart to heart, it's like a smile that spreads through your whole body.  Having a heart-to-hart talk with another person, sharing your life stories and confidences in a completely open and trusting way.
MM's note: This brings me back to what I said in the last card (retreat). I need a retreat from the tiring nature of day-to-day homeschooling. Even though our day is not very rigorous to say the least, I still get drained by the constant presence and needs of my daughter. She's getting older so some of it is less complicated, but sometimes it's harder. The older they get, the more complex their needs. Also, my daughter has been inexplicably moody lately and crying about all kinds of things (and complaining, complaining!) I feel frustrated and tired. I try to do my best but I'm also pushing through my own triggers and inertia, trying to figure out the best solutions but often falling short due to low energy and low self-esteem.  I think this gives me a push saying I need to find someone I feel comfortable talking about my frustrations to, someone who will not judge me or even have any personal input into it. This makes me think maybe I need a counselor, but a good friend is also an option. I do have a few good friends that I could probably talk to but sometimes when you feel tired and frustrated you don't want to talk about it. Well, again, that just depends. You guys are my best confidants, really!

Tarot Nova's Fortune Telling Mat Spread

I decided to do a general reading and see what came up. I used the Running Press Fortune Telling Mat in all its cheesy, papery glory! I kinda like it!

Here are the positions and the cards I received:

Position A: What's at hand: 10 of Wands
Position B: Past Influences: The Hanged Man
Position C: Ponder This: 9 of Cups
Position D: What To Do: The Star

In brief(ish): I actually was a little surprised to see the 10 of Wands there. When I used to get it constantly during my daughter's most intense parts of her health issues, it was no surprise. But this is interesting to me. Still, when I see this card come up it is often a warning to not take on too much, whether you already are or are considering it. I actually found the book's description helpful. It talks about taking a gentler, more measured approach toward goals. It recommends that I learn to be 'more restrained and original.' Very interesting. Haha! But it goes with my recent readings and their message to re-evaluate and be patient. Timing is very important in any endeavor and wanting too much too fast can kill something!

When I see the past influence of the Hanged Man that also makes sense. I want to wait until something that really makes sense to me comes to the fore. I also had to make personal sacrifices in being my daughter's primary caregiver and giving her constant support and I haven't felt like doing certain things for myself (but I also have to caution against using that as an excuse--though I honestly feel my priority being that was very important at the time).

In the 9 of Cups I see the concept of really honing in on my hopes and wishes. It asks me to ponder what it is I really and truly want on a deep level. The description talks about generosity and giving. This also brings to mind that I need to consider what I can do that also benefits mankind, even in some small way. The final card is the recommendation card of what to do. We have the Star which immediately brings to mind the concepts of calm, peace and healing. This idea transports me back to the time when I considered doing healing work in alternative medicine. This is something that's still strong in my mind, but is a pretty intense goal that would involve a lot of training, time and money, unless it was done on a different level. This could include working with someone who does this sort of work. But honestly I think I need to do some serious thinking and intuiting on this topic before I come to a more solid conclusion.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Video Blog: Single Card Pull Using the Faerie Guidance Oracle

Some Ideas That Don't Suck

Here's a reading I did a week or two ago. I forgot exactly when but that's alright.

Here are the three recommendations for me:

Honoring Your True Feelings: This card is fairly self-explanatory, but I guess that could be said for all of these cards. Essentially I need to be real with myself, but also nurturing. What do I really feel?

Financial Flow: This is nice. Typical abundance mindset sort of message. Do you want abundance? Do you deserve it? Do you accept it? Do you strive for it? What do you do? I got this card on a day (or three or four) when I was feeling like I couldn't wing it and had no idea how to make money.

Inner Power: This is a card of confidence and self-worth. Definitely something I am really working on and want to make more of an effort with. This is a good card to counter the message of the former card. Abundance is good, money is nice, but unless you have an innate self-worth and inner power then none of it matters very much. You have to value yourself above all things.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh, Fiddlesticks! Sudden Changes? No Biggie.

I know it sounds crazy because I have the 5 of Swords and the Tower next to each other (neither one a very cheerful card) followed by the 8 of Pentacles (the craftsmanship/project/artisan card), but for some reason I don't get a negative feeling from this trio. Perhaps I should but I don't! I suppose that's why I said, 'Oh, Fiddlesticks!' instead of 'Oh, $hit!' I guess I am not too worried about it. On the one hand...yes, I am impatient and like having a solid project to work on, but on the other hand...I am starting to see the wisdom in not worrying, in not forcing the river, in not throwing all my hopes and dreams onto one or two projects. I want to live creatively day to day. I want to relax and have fun. I don't want to be all doom and gloom (or unfulfilled expectations) every time I put myself out there. I want to adopt a much healthier attitude toward this whole THANG. So here's another step toward releasing my attachment to upward mobility, materialism and expectations.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Simple, Joyful Messages from the Dolphin Divination Cards

I popped over to My Divination and did a random reading (use the 'Answer My Thoughts' button) and the Dolphin Divination Cards came up. No images, just text on these circles. There's something very refreshingly simple and appealing about it. Don't you agree?  I like the messages of happiness, gratitude, humor and playfulness shown in the cards I received. Definitely feels 'dolphinesque' for sure. It is true, though. I often take everything too seriously! Must embrace the month of March, my birthday month, with playfulness and fun!


Learning from DeLight
You are learning to live in delight and joy.  You have made the transformation to learning life's lessons joyfully and with gratitude rather than learning the old, hard, painful way.

Laughing Out Loud
This is the joy of laughter and delight coming into your life.  I could be a joke, a great 'Aha' of discovery, finding great amusement in a situation or having something really tickle your funny bone.

A quick impulsive move.  An exciting moment.  A great play at a sporting event or games.  Winning a lot of money through the lottery.  Good luck of any kind. You may be about to make a big splash in a stunning outfit.  Doing something in a big way.

Dropping the Shop Idea

I pulled these cards recently and it came on the heels of my decision to put off doing a shop on Etsy. I reserved it in November of 2011 and I still can't bring myself to do it. I just was/am not into it, so I feel this is a good decision. I think the cards reflect this and perhaps support it. Now that I've decided this I feel pretty good about it. I'm allowing for an openness to what is best for me. I don't want to settle for less!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Family Wedding?

I pulled these cards yesterday and I thought, 'family wedding' but really I am not sure. It's just what popped to mind. We'll see what comes up. I know that the 'Ring' card can be more general than that. It can mean any kind of alliance, not unlike the 2 of Cups. But we'll see.


Sentimental Sea Queen: Priestess of Cups Beckons

I'm not even sure if you can see this card's image with the overlay I have on it, but here's the original.

Sometimes I admit I get really, really down on myself because I am a very moody person naturally. I don't know exactly why but I've always been. But part of the message of the Queen of Cups is to allow your feelings to flow through you, and not to drag you down. They are a part of you--not to be rejected but assimilated and then released. Stagnation is not healthy. But I often forget this. Plus, I do feel we learn valuable things about ourselves when we're moodiest. We learn what is bothering us, and sometimes we even learn what might help mitigate those feelings, but that is only when we make the effort. So my goal and focus with this card is to do just that.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Thyself: Right-Tilted Priestess of Discs

From the book: "She works to maintain or heal her own or someone else's body."

The Weak & Sickly Fives

I'm tired right now; I've been fighting off some strange sinus/bronchial thing for the past month. Or so it seems. But it isn't too bad. Mostly I just feel fatigued. I actually don't mind it. I think being sick gives us a chance to delve into feelings and states that we might not otherwise delve into. Although we may occasionally escape being sick sometimes we just fall prey and that's OK. Like life's ups and downs, sickness is just a reminder of our mortality and humanness.

Anyway. I found these two cards hilarious, hence my semi-humorous title. I feel really tired and kinda weak both physically and mentally...and yet I feel fine with that! Sometimes I am not. It depends on my mindset. If I am of a really non-accepting mindset, I get irritated by being tired, sickly or depressed. But if I notice that I am in a low energy period and I'm being more mindful then I try to learn something from it. This is what I am doing now. I've spent too many years with anxiety about my emotional and physical health and I want to embrace something else for a change.

This duo also makes me think of being careful financially. Well, particularly the 5 of Discs. I already hit my grocery budget and I am trying to wait until Friday to get more groceries. I have money in reserve but I am trying not to use it, as I never have money in reserve or savings, so I really want to get in the habit of not using it if I can. I realize this is a luxury and not a problem. In reality, this money has a million uses and there are things we should or could attend to, but for now I like having some in reserve and I want to keep it that way and hopefully help it grow.

Both of these cards came up slightly left-tilted. Not only are they both fives but they both came up as slightly weakened. In this case, that's a good thing. I'll include both descriptions for the upright and left-tilted. It's a little of both so you can see the influence of the five is weakened. To me that means I am not dragged down into the challenge as much. I feel like I am just sort of chilling out until my daughter and myself feel better and more energetic. We have been doing things still, just nothing too involved. I am just keeping things very basic. Not fighting it. Taking our immune-boosting support and drinking lots of water, eating well. I have to say that does help matters alot, along with a good attitude. So without further ado...

Here 'tis:

5 of Discs:
(Upright) She is in a waiting time and there may be a tendency to worry. She can do simple, basic tasks to ground and calm herself. She may be feeling stress about survival, money issues or not having enough of something.

(Left-tilted) She may not have much strength now to do even simple tasks, and she needs to go slowly.

5 of Swords:

(Upright) She is in a negative pattern or downward spiral and needs not to panic. Instead she can figure out how the pattern or story is created and look for ways to change it. Much of her energy is drained off into fear of getting stung and wanting to get back at someone.

(Left-tilted) She's not completely trapped in the destructive cycle.

Alright. So I realize that, in looking at these descriptions, it may seem a bit confusing and schizo, but in reality this makes a ton of sense to me. I definitely WAS in a very, very negative mood yesterday. I was displaying all of the states and feelings described in the upright versions of these cards. I don't know what got to mood, my daughter's mood, our health, being bored. I had this intense feeling of ickiness and I don't think it was just PMS. I'm sure we all get into those intense and unpleasant states at times.

I sequestered myself away for an hour or two while my husband and daughter did things in the house. I felt a little better when I emerged, and when I awoke this morning I felt like the stressful influence of the previous day and night had been (largely) lifted, hence the weakened influence shown in the two slightly left-tilted cards.

This morning I made a promise to myself to make a conscious effort to relax and go with the flow more, which is what my readings (and also my own thoughts) have indicated would be helpful.

I like the reminder of how draining fear, struggle and worry is. It's so true. Struggling with intense feelings my whole life, I can attest to this. It's so much easier (or at least healthier) to live in the moment.


Wordless Wednesday: Waiting Out the Clouds

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Broken Wishbone & Wedge

Nothin' says, 'this ain't gonna work' as well as this I right?

But seriously. When I got this duo on February 3rd I didn't really know what it was referring to and I didn't really think too much about it. I took the photo and didn't even post it or look at it again until today. Now, 2+ weeks later, I feel like I know what this is about: my Etsy shop idea.

I feel that nothing was wrong with my idea. Maybe at some point I will choose to do it, but right now it doesn't hold quite enough fascination in it to give me that spark and energy to move with that idea in any kind of motivated way. There's no momentum there. I used it all up the first week trying to get things going and it just felt like the air had been taken out of the sails of this one.

I just thought I'd post this because often I'll do a reading, photograph it and not quite know what it's all about or even look at it again until later. At that point I see it and say, 'Ooohhhh. I get it now!' This happens with positive readings, too. It's a large reason why I have  tarot blog. That and the enjoyment of connecting with the divination community.


Rediscovering My Passion for Art, Healing and Magic

I pulled this card as a sort of recommendation and I had the notion to put it on my pretty (but well-loved) tray find from a thrift shop. There's something really peaceful about this card. This is the 9 of Pentacles. The traditional image shows a woman alone in a garden, usually with a bird on her hand or nearby. I this image the bird is found on her sand painting, which is what is happening in this image. Don't worry...I didn't realize it was a sand painting either until I read the description.

The short description is as follows:

A healer woman has come to the desert to create a sand painting.

Upright: She is in a solitary and creative period. She is connected to her healing and artistic abilities and may want to be outside around more of the non-human creatures.

So what are some of the most common associations with the 9 of Pentacles? Well, the connection to major arcana card #9 (Hermit) is a big one. Spending time alone is a big part of this. Another one for this card is being out in nature. Nature and the earth goes with the earth element of this card. Money, body, business and sensuality are all options, too. I've even seen a few saying she's too satisfied and fat and needs to be careful of overindulgence. Generally, however, I see the 9 of Cups more about overindulgence more so than the 9 of Pentacles. The 9 of Pentacles shows a woman who needs time to herself or needs to start her own business and usually there's some element of work involved, which I feel mitigates the whole laziness factor.

The part that makes it very specific to me, I think, is the mention of artistic and healing modalities and interests. This is where my heart's desire lies, I think. I've always been interested in integrative/natural health as well as everything in the creative sphere. If only I could find a way to marry the two in a way that supports my growth as a person and also possibly contributes financially. This is something I may consider over the next month or two.

This description also mentions a healer woman, bringing my thoughts back to a book about a curandera that I'm reading. I've always idolized healers, even shamans. I don't know that I could be a shaman (not into drugs for one thing...hah!) but I love the idea of mind/body/spirit connections. I feel there's a huge resurgence of mind/body medicine and I really want to be a part of it, but don't know how. I don't really want to spend thousands of dollars training to do something (unless it REALLY felt right) but I want to put some effort into this. I thought making candles and soaps and whatnot would be enough but I am thinking it may not be. Should I consider some path such as naturopathy, massage, Chinese medicine, doula, midwife or other thing? Again, all of these require money. Some of them are outright prohibitive cost-wise. We just don't have any money. But there must be something.

Again, I am over-thinking this which I don't want to do. I want to flow with my decisions. That doesn't mean no effort-it just means less struggle. So I am going to work on being open to guidance and my intuition on this topic and others.

Something more immediate and specific that spring up in my mind when seeing this is holding a mandala class somewhere (maybe the art center where I used to teach) or a similar class which evokes emotional/intuitive responses. I think I would enjoy that. I did something along those lines several years ago and enjoyed it.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Decide, DAMMIT! Life is Short.

There are a lot of volcanoes in this deck...hrm.
I pulled a card from A King's Journey Tarot. I love the trails, tunnels and other symbols in this deck. I like imagining going into a cave or volcano or down a's good for visualizing things.

In any event, this description is right on the money. As a friend or two of mine have said: even not making a decision is still a decision!  Here's the description:
Two of Wands
You have everything you need to make changes, so why do you keep waiting for something more to happen? It's all YOU! Ask yourself how you need to shape your actions in order to achieve your goals. After all, we are sculpted by our life experiences. You may be traveling to foreign lands.
I can absolutely imagine another decade or two passing before I decide to do anything 'significant' which isn't healthy because I feel I'm a person who needs to be active and involved, hence why I think I'm feeling crummy now. My mind and body need variety and input. I keep hearing this song in my head.

Much Love,

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for March

I decided to do a pull for March. We're still only mid-way through February but I just couldn't help taking a peek. But that's why we love divination, am I right?! Anyway...

I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. Right now I'm in this sort of open/receptive state. I really don't know what I am going to do next, and to be honest, at the moment, I don't even care that much. I am releasing control of the whole thing for the time being.  I am letting myself TRULY relax.

We have Fox, Key, Sun and Bell. This quad looks very active and also positive. I admit I felt a sense of relief in looking at it. I do find these cards to be quite accurate, so when I see a slew of intense and challenging cards I don't particularly enjoy that, even though I realize it's a temporary thing. February's forecast so far has been surprisingly accurate. I started out this month feeling somewhat energetic and hopeful, but unsure.

When I looked at February's forecast I thought it made sense. There didn't seem to be the energy of things moving along smoothly. It more felt like a testing/trying time, where I worked out issues and things moved along slowly, and also there's the big part about working through my fears and anxieties (Dagger) and also technical issues (Inkpot). There's this sense of things moving along at a slow pace and also of things being up in the air, and again that feels accurate, even though it wasn't quite how I felt at the beginning of the month. So that is interesting to look back at and see in retrospect.

What is March all about? I'm not 100% sure. And to be honest I am going to stick with my original mindset of being open to possibility. I am going to try to be more receptive and less frantic.

Much Love and Happy March,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Solving Problems: Thorns in the Roses

Very cool pattern overall effect from PicMonkey. I used an image of a rose.

I have a problem.

I can't seem to decide what to do about the shop I was going to open but sorta-kinda decided against?

Now, I thought I had made a firm decision (because as an Aries I am impatient and despise floppy decisions) but now I'm not so sure. In any event, here are a few cards I pulled on the subject. So let's have a looksie-loo, shall we?

The first card is Finger, which warns of a problem. The nature of the problem is not certain but considering the topic of the reading was this shop it makes sense. The second card is diametrically opposed to the first, showing peace and harmony as its main symptoms. Windchimes is such a lovely and gentle card. It promises me, 'Soon you will find peace and harmony amid discord.'

The final card in the spread is Eye, which represents trusting my intuitive impulses on the matter. Maybe there's a darn good reason I am stalling on this project. Maybe some other things need to fall into place before I do it. Or maybe a different sort of venue is in order. I am entirely unsure, but I am going to try to trust my intuition and my stalling tactics and also be open to what comes up.

We are entering a retrograde period for Mercury, lasting from February 23rd until March 17th. In fact, in reading about it just now I found out Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, adding to the fog and confusion. One of the shadow sides of Pisces is self-undoing and confusion. I can say this with certainty as I have moon, mars and south node in Pisces. Oy vey!

Well, actually this is rather helpful for me. I will simply use this time to regroup and not worry about it.


Friday, February 15, 2013

The Star: You ARE Worthy!

This is a great companion card to the 9 of Pentacles I just posted. The message here is that no matter what actions I take or don't take, I am whole and complete and able to create as I please. I really do want to feel this and recognize this on a deep level. I think it would do wonders for everything in my life.

I'm off for the weekend. See you all on Monday. xox

You are a talented * Star *. You have an unlimited supply of energy. Stand tall in your personal grace and glory. As you move from darkness to light, realize that no matter what happens to you, you ARE special, loved and worthy.

Patience with Prosperity

I picked a card again from the King's Journey Tarot on My Divination. I think this is a really cool and unusual 9 of Pentacles. The description is really thought-provoking. 

I like the idea that it has, that you may not feel content with a slower process of change, but that it will serve you in time. It really speaks of the downfall of instant gratification. I will use this to think/meditate on.

Nine of Coins
The knowledge you have right now will help you make the right choices. In time, and with patience, this will bring you prosperity. But for now, you may feel sheltered. You know, the grass always looks greener on the other side, but is it really  worth giving up what you have already? So what you had to give up social 'norms', at least you now have contentment. Through your actions and
achievements, you are giving positive energy that will feed the world around you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Gentle Recommendation

After pulling some intense or conflicting cards I decided to pull a card from the King's Journey Tarot on My Divination. Maybe this is good advice for this upcoming retrograde period. Just chill out...

Four of Swords
This is a period of rest for you. Take it easy, don't stress about anything. Just relax, and enjoy the break. Re-evaluate what's important in life. Take a step back and allow for quiet time.

A Case of the Mehs and Blues

I pulled a card about my potential venture that I was planning to open this spring using My Divination and the Shadowfox Tarot. This really sums it up for me:

Four of Cups
Easily described in the word apathy. An unmistakable detachment from something that once held personal value, be it person, place, or thing. Boredom might possibly be somewhere at the heart of this representation, but it is not due to something that could, should, and even once, held great interest within one no longer present in one’s life.
 I definitely don't feel all that excited about it. I have tried to get into the process and really enjoy it but I feel like my enthusiasm is just not there. I try to drum up interesting (mostly within myself!) by posting images of things I'm making but something is just missing.

Something about the 4 of Cups is more active and vital than the usual 4 of Cups, no? But yes...there's this sense of both boredom and outright frustration with this card...and that is me. No matter what I do I cannot fake enthusiasm for a project that just isn't all there for me. The concept is there...even most of the materials, but I just don't feel that into it. I think I was doing the 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' thing so that I could get excited about SOMETHING since there hasn't been much, besides tarot blogging, that I seem to care about. Well, except my daughter, and with her starting her Waldorf charter school this fall I really need to find a focus. Although I will still be deeply entrenched in her adjustment and worrying and fretting...well, I need something to keep me feeling half-way normal.

I even asked my husband if he thought I seemed into the venture and he said that I didn't seem all that interested in it. He wasn't entirely sure if some of the flurry of activity was interest or if it was just wanting to be busy doing 'something'. I have to agree with him. What is the point of just doing any old thing just to be doing 'something' ? Doesn't really jive too well. I don't like doing things, especially expensive and prolonged things, just for the heck of it...

But I feel there's a blockage in me and frankly I am not sure how to clear it. I feel tense and miserable about my life, even the good things, and that puzzles me. I think my friend is right when she says that no venture I put out will mean anything or be any good in my eyes (or make much money) if I feel crummy about myself or something about my life. There's a definite dam somewhere in the river of my life and I need to free it up. Not to mention I haven't felt that well physically either. I've been thinking about going back to counseling and this may be a good time to start.

Anyway! Blargh. Going to read briefly and then head to bed.

Hugs to y'all,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Grace

Here's the Magical Spell Card I pulled for today. Wow. Haha. Sounds kind of frightening. Wonder who's out to get my goat? Just kidding...

 Grace Spell:

"Whenever you experience unkindness, send a blessing to the person who's harmed you, and wish for their safety and happiness. Your grace and fortunes will increase by the power of three. For every blessing sent forth, so mote it be."

I love the heart, as it reminds me of Valentine's Day tomorrow. The image is very pretty but there's dew (or is it tears?) falling on the heart.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Visualize Healing

Admittedly, this deck is a little bit on the cheesy side, which is why I messed with this image so much. I just thought it was too cheesy to leave as is. But seriously...I don't actually mind the cheesy things. Some of the truest things in life are cheesy. Especially cheese. Mmm. Cheese! I am going to have a gluten-free cheese pizza tonight. I sincerely hope my sinuses forgive me.

This card is one I pulled this morning while still in bed. I was incredibly impressed by how specific it was, so I decided to go ahead and post it. I was asking about my health. I've felt physically exhausted, had weird cramps that don't correspond with my period, and other strange symptoms. It may be as simple as indigestion, stress, or other thing, but I dunno. So this card came up and confirmed the topic for me.

Here's a quote from the card:

"Address health issues with positive visualizations. Use your intuition to connect to your energy field and identify the cause of your distress. Research may be necessary to get a balanced view."

Very interesting. I've been reading a lot of integrative health, mind/body health, quantum health and other such books lately. They definitely emphasize the importance of being directly involved in your healing on every level. I've always believed strongly in integrative medicine and in mind/body medicine, and this is a good reminder.

Another book this reminds me very specifically of is one I picked up this weekend (used) at a local bookstore called Woman Who Glows in the Dark, which is about a curandera (aka medicine woman) and it talks about how she works with clients. It's very much on topic for this reading. There is even mention of the rituals (including smudging as you see in the card). I love it when the cards reflect very directly and accurately what is going on.

Hopefully I can get to the bottom of why I feel so off, or at least make some strides toward feeling better.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Show and Tell: Chocolate-Spice Volcano Fizzy

Powerful Orange Spells

I had my Magical Spell Cards out (won from the lovely Helen of My Wings of Desire) in order to read for a lovely local friend, and I decided to pull some to post. Here are the cards I got.

The topic was simply three spells or concepts which might be of particular benefit to me now. To me, orange is cheerful, creative, warm. It is an active color. What are your associations with the color orange? I definitely think this makes sense. The message of these cards seems to be to relinquish mega-control and try to enjoy life more and flow with decisions. That is something I definitely need.

Here are some quotes from each of the cards:

Harmony: "If you've been chosen by this spell, the Universe wishes you to cease pushing and shoving your way through life. You're bearing too many burdens, and the Universe wishes you to know that it's safe to let things just happen for a while. It admires your efforts, but it doesn't want to see you miss out on everything that can magically happen---once you allow it to."

Joy: "If this card chose you, welcome a bubbling spring of joy into your life. Working this spell will help you experience intense delight, an almost delirious, giddy feeling of innocent glee. You'll see the beauty in every moment, and the Universe will love you all the more for casting such a positive, beautiful spell."

Destiny: "If this card has chosen you, you'll know you're being asked by the Universe to remember your life lessons. What comes up for you over and over again? What's the lesson that you need to unravel, relearn, and fully understand? If you've chosen this card, you could be at a crossroads in your life, experiencing a stalemate, feeling that something needs to change, or having some anxiety about the outcome of a decision."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY: Fresh Facial Cleansing Pads

I need to get real. I am terrible at taking blog breaks! Haha! Anyway. Oh well. Whatever, dudes.

I wanted to post this super simple recipe for facial cleansing pads. This is so easy and refreshing. This is basically a version of this recipe for natural baby wipes, but in facial cleansing pad form. You could vary the ingredients, add aloe juice or a bit of jojoba oil or rose water if you have dry skin.

Essentially, here's what I did:

Get a roll of those circular cotton cosmetics pads that you can find in any drug store, like this:

And then find a jar with a similar circumference as the pads. It can be slightly larger or smaller, as you can cram them in there if need be. I used a smallish, amber-tinted coconut oil jar that I had washed in the dishwasher and dried. I thought it was pretty and sort of apothecary-ish.

In a bowl or glass, mix together enough of this solution to fill your vessel with the cotton rounds:

  • Distilled or filtered water
  • An equal amount of witch hazel
  • A few drops of essential oil (I used a few drops each of peppermint and lavender)
  • A few drops of liquid castille soap (or other gentle liquid soap)

Combine these ingredients in your bowl and then carefully pour them over the dry rounds, pushing downward occasionally to soak up the moisture. The pads should soak up most of the mixture, though there might be a little left. If there isn't enough, make a little bit more of the liquid and pour over again. I was amazed at the number of pads I could cram in this jar, which is only about three inches tall. I think I must've put 50-60 cotton rounds in it. Maybe more! In any case, the jar of cotton rounds lasts a long time, and it's not expensive to make more of this solution. I used generic witch hazel from Target and I think it cost $1-2. The essential oils are obviously the most expensive part, but even that isn't too bad, especially if you already have them on hand as I did. The Dr. Bronner's castille soaps I got in sample size for $2 each in peppermint and lavender, also at Target, but I like having liquid castille soap on hand for cleaning and as body wash anyway.

I hope you try this recipe. It's easy and awesome. I keep my jars stored in the door of the fridge and wipe my face or underarms or whatever else I want to wipe (well, not everything!) I think they could be kept outside of the fridge, but since I didn't use grapeseed extract or vitamin E or anything else to preserve them, keeping them in the fridge helps gives some extra insurance against mold or whatnot. Also, essential oils are naturally anti-microbial, not to mention they just smell amazing and fresh.

It's pretty astounding, the gunk and dirt that comes out of your skin, when you use these. I put on a little make-up yesterday and I think I used 4-5 of these and I STILL had make-up coming out of my skin and onto these rounds. I have a tendency toward breaking out, and sometimes I don't feel like washing my face as I tend to get water all over my shirt and the counter when I do so, so this is a nice and lazy alternative.

Lots o' Love,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Update: Nevermind!) Be Back After Valentine's Day

Adorable Valentine my daughter made for me

I've decided just to limit the computer, not completely detach from it. I definitely get depressed when detached completely from my tarot blogger community!! I love you all!

After becoming insanely dependent on the computer recently, I decided I really do need to reinstate my initial idea to step away from the computer for a while.

I spent a lot of time tweaking my logo stuff and working on my new venture but I realized this is just as unhealthy an obsession as any. I need more interaction and physical activity, and just blatant chores. I find when I don't do enough of them then I feel ungrounded.

So I will see you all around February 15th, give or take. I'll catch up with you then!

This time I definitely mean it. I just need to detach from the computer.

Much Love,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fox & Arrow: Shrewd 'Tude


So the Foxy Lady thing is nothing except for a Jimi Hendrix song, but anyway. Just my brain doing cartwheels, I guess.

The basic message I got from this duo is an increase in business savvy. After having learned my initial lessons about financial outlay for business start-up, I am going to forge forth in a more reserved but determined manner. I'm working on labels and packaging at this point, and exploring the costs of materials and what things are cost-effective and also appealing and fun.

I think in the past I viewed shrewdness (especially financial shrewdness) as nefarious and something to be avoided. But I see now that we all have to be a bit foxy to survive this world. I hope to be both generous and guarded in my approach. I want to put goodness and energy into all I do without expending every cent or ounce of energy.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Show and Tell: Lemon and Lavender Fizzy Bath Melts

Hi Y'all,

I'm testing products for my (upcoming) shop, and one of the items suggested to me was a bath bomb. For those unfamiliar, they are a fizzy bath orb or disk that you put into the bath. The fizziness is due to citric acid and baking soda, in a moisturizing base. Mine is a combo of a melt and a bomb. A melt is purely moisturizing, no fizz. A bomb is fizzy with very light moisturizing properties. The benefit to this combo is that it's sturdier than a regular bath bomb.

These turned out lovely except that I don't think I can sell this batch due to it being a little too soft. The coconut oil I used has a very low melt point. Next time I will use cocoa butter and the fizzy melts will stay firm for shipping. I keep these firm by storing them in the cold garage and plopping them into the bath as needed.


Why Worry?

I got these cards last night and it reminds me to not take myself so seriously. Whatever I do or don't do is not as important as my own sanity and happiness. I need to find that calm center and daily joy...if it KILLS ME! Just kidding. But really. This is a weird combo. When I first saw it I thought, 'that seems contradictory!' but when I looked deeper into it, it made sense to me.

I think the 'Whale' card indicates my worry and obsession and the 'Desk' card shows where/why I'm obsessed. It also cautions you to focus and pay attention to what you're doing. Worry actually distracts you from being present in the now and doing a good job with what you have.

Much Love,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feeling a Lack: Turning a Frown Upside-Down...

I was feeling particularly discouraged today because I've been working behind-the-scenes on my shop to be opened sometime in March, but the unfortunate truth is that I have been running low on funds to get the shop going. What little money I have left (which isn't much!) I have to use for mundane things like groceries. And while I am grateful I have enough money for groceries, at least for the week, I am frustrated that I can't get everything I need to get for my shop (supplies for the treasure candles such as the treasures themselves, packaging, labels, business cards, or whatever else) I realize that the hurry to get all of these things is self-imposed.

My theory on why I have this rigid agenda is that I am very fearful that I will give up on this venture even before it starts, due to a lack of energy and things sputtering out financially. I am hurrying because I'm rushing against my own tendency to give up. I feel if I delay too long (and in this case it would be about a month and a half give or take) then I will drop the whole damn thing. I tend to spend way more money than I receive and I often feel frustrated with myself for this. During this process, and in previous ventures, I've often thought to myself, 'You know, if you just saved money instead of spending money trying to start up one venture or another you would be much better off.' Now that I see it typed again it makes sense to me still.

When I pulled these three cards this is what was in my mind...this ambivalence about whether to start this thang or not. When I asked my husband about it today he said that I should do it if and only if it would bring me more overall pleasure than pain. He said that he felt that if it was too stressful for me and didn't yield much positive gain then it wouldn't be worth it, but if I found a way to feel relaxed about it then it would be good. I see his point, but I still don't know how to implement his advice. It's one of those things that's easier said than done (especially with this monkey mind). I wish it was something I really felt gung-ho about.

The first card is definitely descriptive and accurate. It says that I feel there's something lacking in my life: love, money or goals. Well, the latter two are definitely true. At least I feel very stymied in these areas. In the book it states the importance of taking steps to improve these areas of lack.

In the next card we have Horseshoe, which just shows general good luck. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I don't quite know what to do with that. I feel like this is a generally encouraging sign, but maybe it is just wishing me luck, in an almost sarcastic way, 'Good luck with THAT.' Just kidding. :D Something that also comes to mind is that I want to make my own luck and look on the bright side. I want to see the good things I've done already. I want to feel lucky in the moment and not project into the future.

In the final card we have Flag, which is a card that I've learned often means we compromise with what we really want to have happen because we think we can't have it. We lower our standards to mold to whatever we think they have to line up to. I have done this in the past, such as with my hand-painted jewelry business, where I lowered and lowered my prices, but the sales still didn't come. This is a pretty common phenomenon. People don't value us if we don't value ourselves. Fearless self-confidence and self-promotion is often needed in life, in particular if you want anyone else to buy anything from you or exchange in any way with you. This is something I really want to be able to do.


Story Cube Reading: Advice for Today

Hi Again!

So, as I mentioned in the post before this, I got these story symbol dice. Here is today's attempt to read with them. I did a few practice readings last night but admittedly did not really attempt to decode them too thoroughly. I just sorta winged it.

Today I was hoping to be more specific. I have decided to go about this more intuitively than anything. I may, in the future, decide to assign meanings to these symbols, which might make reading quicker, but it would not allow for the spontaneity of intuition.

Here are my first impressions:

Light bulb: This made me think we may use the day for brain-storming, at least in part. This has already been true as we've been talking about treasures for my treasure candles, and looking up some things on-line. It feels like the sharing of ideas.

Crescent moon: Well, this is a newer moon, which makes me think of new possibilities and visions. It has a fresh energy to it, which makes sense as it's only the 3rd day of this month, and early on in the year. I've been thinking a lot about how to approach this year, both with my upcoming shop launch and my life in general.

Eye: This immediately made me think of what I told my husband a bit ago, that I need to get contact solution. This is mundane but true. I also wonder if this shows eye irritation, which I've been having lately. Next to the lightning bolt it seems 'irritated' to me.

Lightning bolt: This can have multiple meanings. It can be irritation/stress/shock or it can be inspiration and energy. Which is it? Well, I'm not really sure. If I find out I will update. I know my husband and I are both feeling very tired. Hope our energy picks up.

Keyhole: This made me think of discovery, unlocking potential, or a mystery to be solved. Maybe it's suggesting we do something a little different that we don't normally do, something less obvious.

Hope you all get some of these and play along with me on your blogs!! Let me know if you have any impressions of these images.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

An Unexpected Oracle: Rory's Story Cubes

Excuse the photography. It's dark and I had to use flash...

Recently we got this game which is a story-telling prompt, using dice. There are a ton of different combinations and when we used it I had a lightbulb go off (not unlike the one seen in the image above) that this would make a great oracle! So I will try to post some readings with it. Some of the ones I did can be seen above, but I want to do something very specific with it and then post it.