Wednesday, March 20, 2013

See Y'all April 1st and April's Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I felt like drawing the cards for April today, and these are the cards I got. I thought they were pretty encouraging, and I appreciate that. I am not going to even worry about what they mean or not, or whether they are true or not, just that they invoke a positive feeling overall.

I was going to finish out this week blogging (until Friday) but I just feel pretty run down and have been on the computer too much the past few days, so I think I will stop with this posting and see all of you beautiful folks on April 1st! My husband took the week of my birthday (next week) off of work, and there are some things planned for that week. Some of them are practical such as getting our HVAC system (which is ancient and not working well replaced--which is cringe-worthy but we're on a long-term payment plan for it) replaced. I think I will be very happy about this once summer comes around and temps hover near 100. Last summer was not too fun due to the malfunctioning AC.

There's also me finally going in to see my naturopath due to lingering symptoms and also new symptoms on the day after my birthday. I do need to get blood work done at some point, but for now I'd like to talk to her about my regime and also see if she has any hints for various things that are bothering me physically. Then, of course, there are the festive things like the combined b-day party for myself and my dad which is this weekend, and probably a trip to the zoo or whatnot somewhere in there next week. I want to do my best to ignore some of the unpleasant mental and physical issues I've had going on, and focus on enjoying the rest of the month.

Sending all of you lots of hugs and good wishes for the remainder of March.


Wordless Wednesday: Self Portrait

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liberating Myself from My Own B.S.

Have I blinded anyone yet? ;)

On Saturday I pulled these cards. I didn't really think much about them to be honest. I just sort of took a crappy photo (hence the insane effects I used from with my flash and called it a day. I've been in a funk for quite a while...I hesitate to say how long. Really I've struggled with the concept of a creative outlet or just any sense of myself (outside of blogging) for a good couple of years, maybe closer to four years. Ever since my daughter had her health scare, which seems to be considerably, drastically improved, I just have not felt intimately connected to my creativity.

But in truth, creativity is something we have to nurture regardless of situations. Or we simply have to accept that it takes on different guises, and they may not be something we initially set out to do. Additionally, it seems critically important not to fret excessively over things. I'm a fretful, anxious and emotional person and this is a leap for me sometimes, but leap I do at times!

After spending some time in limbo (well, besides the obvious mothering and chore duties, which is definitely a job in itself--one of the hardest ones out there) I realized I just wanted to get on with the show. The day after I did this drawing I really decided I needed to just go ahead with my little business venture. Sometimes the most important reason to do something is simply to move forward and unstick liberate ourselves from the trappings of our mind and its ridiculousness.

I still find myself fretting a lot over things, 'ugh, this venture is taking too much money!' or what to do about this or that...but I have decided ultimately that none of it matters more than my wellbeing, health and general happiness. Anything that severely compromises that is not important. Oh, right...I am supposed to be talking about this reading more. I guess this is the backstory to the reading.

I really didn't know what to make of this reading on Saturday and I didn't really care. I've been sort of blase about my readings and they definitely seemed to lack much meaning because I was not really 'seeing' things or really trying to notice anything. When I look at this reading a few days later it makes sense. We have two high number cards, a nine and a nine, and we have the Wheel of Fortune in the middle. The 9 of Wands feels like holding on and persevering. There is also a sense of being trapped, behind bars with this particular version. The 9 of Pentacles is a card I associate with independence, having space and time to yourself, and also I see it specifically as a person with their own business, especially a woman (sexist, but true...hah!) 

The Wheel of Fortune simply indicates a turn in the wheel. In my case, I feel this meant my sudden decision to just go ahead with the shop as I had planned, roughly on the same schedule I originally planned (which was late March, early April). I may need an extra week or two due to needing to get packaging and labels done, but anyway.

This month has unfolded in an interesting (though somewhat painful) way. I spent much of it being sick and exhausted, and my daughter also being sick. The other hard part was being riddled by conflicting ideas of what I wanted to do, and feeling like a loser and a quitter. Hehee. Oy!

So...screw all that! Yep. That's how I'm ending this post.


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wheel of Fortune: Finding My Own Fate and Luck

Greetings Everyone!

I've gotten this card a few times today, with a couple different decks. After this last time I decided to go ahead and post it on the blog. That, and the fact that I liked this photo. Hehe.

I think, as I mentioned to a friend recently, that even though this card is really a neutral card because it represents the up and down nature of life, it still carries a charge of hopefulness.

When we start anything new, or draw anything to a close, we do so hoping the best for whatever that thing is. There's a lot of stage fright in life for every event. The Wheel of Fortune requires that we detach and move on, which is probably the hardest part of all.

Even so, I felt generally uplifted by the presence of this card following my decision to open my shop next month.


A Nice Reading from the Tao Oracle

Answer my thoughts

Using The Nosegay Spread and The Tao Oracle

On that note...if anyone wants to like my business Facebook page, please feel free!

The Situation 

55 Abundance

Times of abundance are a sign that life is at a peak, and all seems right with the world.  It is the greatest opportunity to provide for and support others, to be expansive, celebrate and express gratitude.    The experience is not necessarily dependent upon bank balances, although it often accompanies an upturn in the healthy, wealthy, and wise side of things.  But fundamentally, the feeling of abundance comes from within; it's when your inner landscape is rich and fertile, so full to the point of overflowing that you are glad to give because you have so much.  There is a smile on your lips and it's great to be alive.

The Opportunities in this Situation

35 Progress

There is an old saying:  'in the bright light of day all things become known'. Circumstances are accelerating toward that illuminated zenith now; the outlook is brighter and all signs point toward an increasingly more rapid progression of events.  Working in accordance with the time will sharpen your attention and your ability to sidestep the inconsequential.  It is wiser to put your energy into increased alertness as soon as a cycle begins to peak.  Otherwise there is a danger than when the opportunity for progress is at its height, you will be snoozing under a shady tree, lulled to sleep by the assumption that you've already done enough and now it's time for a nap.

What to Watch Out for in this Situation 

63 Completion
Enjoy the sweetness of the moment, for it is the culmination of a long journey. Peak experiences are like brilliant lights appearing on the vast panorama of our lives.  We strive, train, and aim for them;  our ideals, hopes and dreams are projected onto them.  When a high point is finally reached, a different landscape of possibilities has already begun to appear.  It is naive to believe that achieving a goal means it's then possible to kick back and relax, or that from now on life will remain perfect forever.  The reality is, in fact, that once you reach the top you most assuredly begin some form of descent.  Without the valley there could be no peaks;  life would be flat and predictable.

Uruz: Choosing to Persevere

To start off the week, I decided to pull a single rune from My Divination. What was my topic? Well, believe it or not I've decided to go ahead with my bath and body products shop. It's getting to nutty proportions (this almost-venture) because I've had this site/name reserved for a couple of years now but have not started the shop. I had several reasons, and I still don't know whether it's a great idea or not--but I feel like I need to do it. It isn't even about whether it makes money or not. At this point I just feel fed up with being so darned wishy-washy! I would love to just settle down and actually follow through with it.

Here are a quote from regarding this rune:

You have the strength within you to fulfill all your dreams, but with strength comes responsibility. Strength is not a force to wield over others, but a force to stop others exerting power over you. Use your strength to keep focused on your path and to stop yourself being outmaneuvered. There will always be negative people, but don't let them upset you. Master your own ego and you will succeed. 

So...I hope you all will 'keep me honest' and on track by reminding me of my own promise to do this. I want to tell myself: 'Hey Crazy, just do something without freaking out for a change!' ;)

Much Love,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Icy Rune Retort: Chill Out

I like this edit better than the other ones I've done--it captures the mood of the rune.
When I went to pull a single rune, I was not expecting to get this! Isa represents stagnation, waiting, winter, and keeping still. Hibernation!

The topic of my pull was what the energy of the latter half of March would bring. To me, the end of March represents springtime and newness and fresh energy--nearly the opposite of what this rune proposes, but at the same time I've been getting an inner directive to remain still and patience, so I guess I will continue my plan of putting things on hold, at least for the most part.

One thing I have planned for this month (really the ONLY thing), is to take a vacation with my husband. A STAYCATION, I should say. We are going to go to a local city for one night so I can visit with long-time friends while he hangs out and swims with my daughter, but other than that we are just going to do things during the week that my husband took off such as going to the zoo or science center or other places that are normally crazy during the weekend but are liable to be calmer during the week.

Having said that, this rune is also appropriate for the time off of the blog I've felt like taking lately. I took off time until March 11th and now I feel like I need to take the end of March off too. My vague-ish plan is to blog next week (March 18-22), and then take the remainder of the month off of blogging. I do enjoy blogging, absolutely. I think that what happens if I blog continually for a time without a break is that I don't seem to appreciate or absorb the readings I've done as much. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Yay! It's two weeks until my birthday. I hope to make it a good one.

Love to y'all and see you next week,

An Excellent Follow-up Card: Find Balance

I loved the last card I pulled so much that I decided to pull a second, follow-up and/or clarification card on how to proceed in the most excellent, in-the-moment, non-giving-up, goal-setting department.

Here's the gem I got:

Two of Coins
You need to budget your time and money better. Weigh your options. Learn to prioritize. Life is about balancing the joys and the struggles. During times of struggles, look to see what joys are still around you. Find balance in your life.
Note the weary-looking lady with the kid tugging on her as she holds another baby (although it almost looks more like a fake baby and a purse and a bag of groceries...) I think this shows how I often feel tired of being a mom with a child her around her 24/7. I do feel that I am lucky to be able to be with my daughter most of the time, and I do know that I will miss having her around me all of the time. But there is something to be said about having time to yourself that a full-time mom does not really get.  Even though there are plenty of days when things go fine, sometimes the dreariness of routine really digs into you, particularly when you are in close quarters with another human being during that time. I find myself feeling especially burnt out and irritable when my daughter gets obstinate, moody, stubborn, or whatever else with me (which happens a bit too often).

I just want to have some space to breathe. I do want to feel rejuvenated so that I am a good mom. I don't want to dwell in resentment. I chose to stay home with her. I could've gone to work full-time and hired someone to be with her, or sent her to any old public school, but I sensed that she would benefit from something else, so I hope this Waldorf school this fall proves to be the right choice for her with its nature, activity and play-based modality. I think being a double Sag she will appreciate having more freedom of movement. And I do know that finding balance between my life and hers is of utmost importance, especially as she grows older.

Tiredly Yours,

Sabotaging Yourself Much? Reversing My Own Fortune

Hi Folks!

Happy 3/13/13!

Here's a single card draw I pulled for myself. I was hoping for a kind of intense focus card, and this is what I got, which actually spoke to me in a way I didn't expect it to.

Not only does this card touch on being way too idealistic when it comes to goals, but it also speaks about not focusing on the present and instead focusing on some strange, mythical outcome that will somehow solve all of your problems. And finally, it leaves me with the firm reminder of how easily I give up on things. Too true.

This is something I really do need to focus on!

Three of Wands   (Reversed)
Are you holding out for your 'ideal vision' to call upon you? As if it's the answer to all your problems. You already have the missing piece. You may be too focused on the end result, which is more of a desire than the actual outcome. Instead of focusing on
the result you have no control over, focus on what you can do in the present energy that puts you on that path. Don't give up, quite yet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Good Dolphin Card Mojo: Self-Love, Good Health, Intuitive Awareness

A Smiling Heart
Finding self-love and acceptances; a happiness inside that makes your heart smile.   The spilling out of heart energy in intuitive awareness and boundless compassion.

Ocean Dreaming
Dreams and intuition reflect your receptiveness.  Watching your dreams for unconscious messages or  higher guidance. Answers, or clues to what you wonder about.

This is the pleasure and enjoyment card; good feelings:  You are really enjoying yourself and the things that you are doing.  If you're not, yet, then you are, soon, to find ways of bring pleasure, good health, and enjoyment into your life.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Gift of Gebo in a Work Capacity

I'm not sure if this image works or not, but it's colorful and springy...

I pulled a single rune via My Divination pertaining to my decision to find a part-time job this fall when my daughter begins school. I wanted to see the energy surrounding this idea. The rune I received is Gebo. Gebo is one I'm vaguely familiar with, but I wanted to study up on it a bit.

Here are some concepts and key words associated with Gebo:

  • Gift
  • Balance, give, take, 
  • Trade or exchange
  • Contract or agreement
  • Relationship or partnership
  • A proposal

As long as we're making tarot comparisons here, I'd say this immediately reminds me of the Six of Pentacles in tarot. Give and take, balance, receiving or giving a gift. In the Six of Pentacles we often see assistance given or received when it's needed most, as in a charity or if the personal is going through a particularly rough time. There's also a sort of Libran feel to it: a need to make sure everyone is getting a fair amount.

With regards to my specific question of part-time employment, I would say that Gebo refers to receiving financial assistance by taking on part-time employment, which may include a kind of partnership or agreement with someone else. This makes sense because my plan is to obtain part-time work assisting someone else or working with/under someone else. In my experience, I do better when given an assignment that has a deadline, or when working closely with someone else but in a separate, unique capacity, if that makes any sense. This definitely sounds a lot like what this rune represents, a kind of symbiotic relationship.

Anyway. I will update on this later, for sure. This may not be something I'll know until this fall, when my daughter begins school, but I am putting my feelers out now to see if I find any opportunities to pair up with someone or otherwise take on some kind of project.


Single Card Clarification on Othila: Ace of Pentacles

Alright. So I'm a tarot person! Hehe.

I decided to do a single card draw using 'A King's Journey Tarot' via My Divination.  I wanted to know what the deal was with the Othila rune. I get that it has many similar attributes to the 10 of Pentacles, but I really wanted to know exactly what it meant. Did it mean something house-related? Did it mean family? Did it mean money? What?

So when I received the Ace of Pentacles I immediately thought it meant money. Even though I realize that the Ace of Pentacles doesn't always relate to money per se, it certainly is a card I would correlate with money/finances. In the broadest sense it is 'new physical beginnings'...but I also see it as a giant coin being handed to someone. Of course in this case it's a gigantic golden orb or ball, but anyway. To me it feels like a 'gift'.  Hrm. I will keep in mind that this could refer to the start of a prosperous idea/venture.

We'll see, I guess!


Rune Focus: Othila Familia

A hideous sketch turned semi-hideous over-the-top edit.
Earlier today I asked my daughter to go get me a deck from my tarot cabinet...any deck. She came back with a neglected bag of runes and said, 'Try these. They're way more fun than the cards.'

I thought this was a hilarious sentiment because I don't really agree...all oracles are fun in their own unique ways, but it IS true that I have rarely used the runes, especially this bag which actually belongs to my husband who neglected them even more than I do.

I pulled some runes, and actually I think this rune did come up at one point. However, in this instance, I actually used MyDivination to pull a rune. The rune I received was Othila.

Since I haven't yet memorized the runes and their meanings I went on to reference, cross-reference and intuit away about this rune. My first impression was that it was very similar to the tarot card 10 of Pentacles. It's about home, hearth, inheritance, community and all things home/land/money, etc.  There's a sense of security and belonging attached to this rune, as well as the hope for such things.

Here are some concepts I ran across for this rune:

  • Home/dwelling
  • Land/property
  • Family/ancestors
  • Community
  • Money/possessions/inheritance
  • Goals, especially material goals, focus
  • Tradition/legacy/roots
  • Wisdom/knowledge
  • Boundaries
I feel like this addresses a lot of things, but I am unsure of how to word that. I think about home/family and the like a lot. In fact, just a few hours ago I was talking to my husband about house-related things, security, personal goals and family stuff. This encompassed many things--from my daughter entering school in the fall and the stress and also the changes both good and bad, things we need to buy for the house and how we could (or could not) afford them, trips we wanted to take to see my husband's family but really couldn't, etc. It sounded a lot like the talking points of this rune. These things are more important to me, by far, than personal success or fame or even my own creativity. At least at present, but I feel that my creativity is so integral to who I am that it will come back to the forefront at some point, or simply leak out like a tide that can't be tamed.

If I get more insight into this I will definitely let you know. I've been thinking a lot about my own personal priorities. I have found it so hard to center on the things that inspire me or move me forward. Much of my energy, I fear, has been centered upon holding me back or staying with the status quo, even though it no longer serves me as well as it could. But ultimately--I want to adopt the attitude that I have the intuitive understanding, wisdom and love that allows me to make the best decisions I can in the moment, and not dwell too hard on the past and future. That is a big, tough task for me.

Of course, there's the possibility this means something very specific with regards to home/family/inheritance and the like. That could be. Like I said, this rune reminds me so much of the 10 of Pentacles, and that card is almost always very specific for me. So far it hasn't really been vague. Then again this month has very much been about family connections, my brother visiting, spending time with my parents, siblings and of course my husband and daughter. These are the things that are most important in my life. Now I just have to find the money, time and focus to truly make them a priority.