Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let Go of the Old: See You in Early May!

Hi Folks,

Just taking a mini break (a few days or so). Have a wonderful end-of-April and pleasant beginning-of-May. Personally, I am glad that this month is over (symbolically), and hope May goes well.


Friday, April 26, 2013


Biz Cartoon: Business is Booming!

I saw this and thought it showed progress in my little business venture,  and also working on some new products for the shop, which I've been planning over the past couple days. I have new molds, more stuff ordered, and ideas flowing. If nothing else it gives me something productive to focus on.


The Soul and Shadow Spread

Here is a simple spread from the Messenger Oracle book. The positions are:

Shadow: Represents a facet of yourself that needs to be addressed. What is neglected.
Soul: One of your strengths. A strong area of capability that you can use to your advantage.
Let Two Be One: Represents a course of action that allows you marry both shadow and soul influences.

If you try it, let me know what you thought. The cards I pulled (see image), are interesting, and are similar to the other draw I posted today with a repeating card being  'Reveal Your Truth' and the 'See the Truth' card echoing a similar sentiment. The part that is supposed to assist me is joy in sensory living--being able to really delve into and appreciate the sensory experience of life. Maybe it makes truth-telling and authenticity easier if you are distracted by shiny things and good smells!


Embracing Authenticity: Let it Flow!

These pics were taken in low light, so they aren't the best, but gussying them up helped. Hehee.

I drew some cards last night from the magically delicious Messenger Oracle, and I noticed a theme. That theme was rejecting my fears of rejection and embracing my true feelings and emotions (card on the left), and also revealing my true nature (card on the right). To me this absolutely and immediately made sense. I have to say, even with mundane topics (such as making bath and body products!) I get so nervous just about being 'out there'  in the world, that I withdraw as far into myself as I can. This obviously doesn't work too well with business ventures, as the nature of the game is to be very external. This does wonders to sabotage my efforts, obviously! :)

When it comes to tougher topics (politics, religion, health, philosophy, etc) I feel like someone is squeezing a vice on my brain and heart. I simply cannot approach these a public forum. Facebook gives me conniption fits because I just can't stand all the contentious topics and individuals that simultaneously disgust me and pull at my attention.  So how, then, do I embrace authenticity without coming across as caustic, or constantly risking confrontation? That is a tough one, and something that requires skill, diplomacy and delicate timing.

Anyway. For me today, this isn't really about global issues such as politics or belief systems, but it's more individual...I feel like I have many blockages to moving forward because I fear being myself. I don't want to pigeon-hole myself, to define myself rigidly in a world that frequently asks us to make black and white proclamations. But the other part of the reason why I hate making such definitions for myself is that I don't firmly believe in anything. I have an amorphous quality to my thinking. Sure, I do have convictions, but I find that when I focus too hard on those convictions all it does is make me more rigid, more inflexible, less apt to learn and evolve. I become frightened and defensive. There is too much of that going on nowadays. People act out of fear and a rigid clinging to their own beliefs. I can't blame them. I do the same thing when I engage in these things.

Well, back to my point. I'm ashamed of  a number of things about myself. For one thing, I'm deeply embarrassed that I am interested in things like tarot, astrology, energy medicine and healing, holistic medicine, and the like. I define myself most frequently as a mother or artist, or craftsperson, because at least those things are socially acceptable. Even so, those things come with strong stigmas and judgements. Everyone has to contend with ridicule from others...but it's something I've never come to terms with.

I'll end with a quote from the 'Reveal Your Truth' card:

"When you were born, your soul shone bright. As you grew, you were taught of right and wrong. You were taught how to think, how to live, how to believe in a way that makes you fearful to say no. To disagree is to risk alienation from family and society, and so you hide your true thoughts and feelings behind a mask. That mask hides your light. Cast it aside. Embrace and live your truth, and let your soul shine once more."

I know that I need to do this. I don't need to engage anyone else in this process, but somehow I have to do it. In the past, whenever I've started to do this, I've withdrawn back into my shell/mask/cage, telling myself that I can't possibly be honest about these things, it isn't a good idea. When I think on what it means to not be comfortable with myself enough to pursue what is important to me, then I realize that I am doing far more damage to myself.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Full Moon Message: Embrace Spirit

Full Moon in Scorpio: High Surf

I decided to pull a card representing today's Full Moon in Scorpio. It's supposed to be an intense one, as an eclipse and also with heavy-handed Saturn involved. But there are always good things about anything, even if they are intense.

Granted, I am still on the fence about astrological transits, but at the same time I can't help but be fascinated by them.

Here are a few astro articles for anyone:

Mystic Mamma's Article

Celestial Space Article

Personal Stargate Article

Anyway. There are a billion more articles about this astro influence and I am too tired to post a good cross-section of them, so I won't. It's 12:30am and I think I need to start trying to get to bed earlier. I'm in a bad pattern!

Lots of Love and Good Luck,

High Surf
High energy.  Dramatic excitement, passion daring adventure - a quick rush - that may have you riding high for a while, even if you are not able to sustain it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holy Mackerel! Oceanic Exclamation Point

There are so many COOL cards in this deck. I am seriously thinking of getting this deck, but I admit adding images to this deck is half the fun. Case in point: this Holiest of Mackerels. I pulled this card and had to post it. 

I've pulled several other really interesting cards from this deck but I guess I'm lazy and don't want to post them all.  SO anyway. I guess this one has a comical edge to it which made me smile, a pretty amazing feat considering I'm not in a very good mood this evening. 

If something big has happened I don't know about it yet, but I surely will update on whether or not it does, because I love being able to update predictive posts!

Much Love,

'Holy Mackerel'
This is your 'oceanic' exclamation point!  Wow!  Something big has happened or is being commented on!  Maybe something funny, shocking, or extraordinary!

Show and Tell: Pink Grapefruit Vanilla Peppercorn Soap

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wash Away Your Burdens and Stay Strong

I purchased this gorgeous deck when I met up with Shaheen, and though I've used it many times I haven't really posted with it yet, so here you go. Excuse my hilarious edit and cheesy raindrop/cloud/peace/lightning symbol which looks like a strange rock n' roll logo. Hehe.

I've been feeling increasingly nervous about my daughter's upcoming school session (Fall 2013), for a variety of reasons. My daughter has many lingering behavioral, sensory and other issues that I am concerned about. I am gladdened, obviously, about the lack of seizures and whatnot, but there are still a number of things that are bothering me which may not see resolution for quite some time (if ever?) but I also wonder if it will be too overwhelming for her with her sensory concerns. I know that I also was very sensitive to sensory input as a kid and I found school to be extremely stressful and overwhelming. I think that is part of why I'm fearful of this change--I know how hard I fought against my parents putting me in school. I hit the kindergarten teacher on the first day and refused to participate in any of the activities. After a time they decided to keep me at home until first grade.

Anyway...haunted by these things from my own past as well as the knowledge of my daughter's possible limitations and issues, I feel myself activating my fight or flight response. I really just want to keep her home for a while longer. But I know there are many selfish impulses behind this. The funny thing is that my days with my daughter are not exactly joyful. They aren't horrible, either, but my daughter has been incredibly cranky and resistant to everything. Even something as simple as an errand or two out and about feels like a monumental undertaking. I wondered: if she can't go with me to the hobby store or post office or grocery store, how in the world is she going to be able to listen to teachers and such all day every day? In addition to this, she is a slow poke. She takes forever to get ready, to get dressed, to make her bed. When I say slow--I am talking HOURS. SIGH.

Anyway. There are several other items of concern on my list but I am not going to list them all here. My point is that I am not quite sure what I want to do about this. For the time being, I am going to remain open-minded about it, although I have a gigantic tome of reservations. SOoooo.

Onward to the reading! Here are the two cards I got on this topic. The first one, 'Wash Away Your Burdens' speaks of releasing negative feelings and histories and unburdening yourself, letting these things wash away. I love the bath symbolism too, as I often use baths to help me unwind and wash away the cares of the day. Unfortunately taking a bath last night did not solve all of my problems, but it was pleasant enough. The main point of this card is to not hold onto negative emotions and memories that may taint your life in the present. Point taken...but hard to follow, right?!

The second card is 'Stay Strong' which is fairly obvious. This one tells you that you can handle anything. it just me or are the cards that say that annoying as heck? Of course I COULD handle this, that or the other thing, but why would I WANT to? That is the question. Supposedly I'd want to handle certain difficult passages so that I'd evolve and learn and all that stuff. Also...I hate to admit it, but I sort of hate my day to day life. It has hardly changed in years. I feel like I am stagnating. Some things have managed to keep me sane (blogging, making things) but I feel like I've been locked in to the same things. At the same time, change sounds awful and intimidating, and potentially worse than the present circumstances.

I know that fighting change is not necessarily the way to go. I just want to make sure the changes made are the right ones. This is a slippery mental slope, though. I guess I'll never know for sure what is right or not. And try as I might, I don't think I am going to be able to get out of the stress of life entirely. Change is a pressure cooker of chaos, especially at the beginning. It's like seeing the kitchen as a disaster zone before the meal is made and everything cleaned up. I know this but it still scares me--I don't feel good about shaking up my world, as mundane and tense as it has become at times.

Well, there you have it. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Stormy Weather: Literal and Figurative

I chose a card from the Dolphin Divination oracle the other day, and got Stormy Weather.  This was from last week, during a blizzard when I was trapped inside, and when everyone was in a crappy mood and my cold/flu was still lingering in a very unpleasant way. So I found it very accurate but thought it might be too negative to post. But what the heck! I think that illness and delays can have hidden positive sides like anything else. Plus, it's real life, and that's what it's all about.


Stormy weather
Difficulties, dissonance and obstacles may be arising right now.  Inner pain from loss, illness, crisis, inner conflict, emotional depression, or turmoil.   Relationship difficulties or a crisis that breaks up the rigidity of the status quo. Learn to 'rise above it'.

Creating Items for My Shop: Swift Learning Curve and a Process of Creation

Query About Opening a Biz

MM's note: (4/22) Here's a post that I have had on draft since February 15th. Another sign of moving forward which I tried to ignore...haha!
Eight of Wands
A quick resolution to challenges. Agility and speed in all areas. Movement towards a definite goal with great hope of success. Messages. Travel, usually by air. Be it a message, trip or issue, it is of vital importance as it is directly from the Gods. The Universe is answering the question you asked and it's time to listen. 
MM's note: This is the 'speedy' card, as many tarotists, myself included, note. I love the phrase, 'movement towards a definite goal with great hope of success.' I hope that's true! I have this post scheduled out to post on February 15th which is three weeks from now. By now I hope to have some things made and my shop concept well underway. We shall see! I will update when this does post, obviously.

Page of Pentacles
Message regarding new ideas and opinions. New knowledge. Information gathered from books or study. Message of basic information with 'no frills'. News intended to enlighten the Seeker. This card may represent a youth or child with a studious or scholarly nature.

MM's note: This is a card that many tarot folks (again including me) describe as having a bit of a learning curve. This is the student. That would definitely be me, as I am making things for this shop that I either have not made or have minimal experience with. In fact, right after I post this I intend to do some research, both for materials and also in general for what I want to add to the shop. This will require me jumping outside my comfort zone, learning and trying new things.

Experiencing creation. The unfolding of the Universe. Naturally evolving into the next dimension. Knowing where and why you belong. Accepting your place with grace and gratitude. 

MM's note: I like that this shows an evolution. I absolutely love the concept of an evolving self. Knowing where and why you belong is also a great phrase. I want to be more in the flow of gratitude and also more comfortable with myself, so this is a great reminder.

Ascending the Spiral: Progress!

Here's a card I pulled back at the beginning of the month. I've had it in draft since then for some reason, probably because I seemed dead set on NOT making any progress.
I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's oddly accurate. I did not see the progress that was spoken of, but it did come, less than a week later. That's the value of getting these things down on a blog or in a journal. It's good to have something outside of our small, fearful perspective.


Ascending the Spiral
A card of progress and attainment.  Forward motion and upward momentum. School, work or home life is elevated.  Progress of all kinds.  Ascending the spiral through the development of consciousness, both individually and collectively.

Taking Care of What We Have: Chores & Car Trouble

I got this card and it immediately made me think of household chores which we were working on this weekend, and also the unpleasant fact of my 'Check Engine' light coming on, indicating repairs needed on my recently paid off car. Ugh! Oh, car...please don't die on me!

The point is well taken, however. We simply have to take care of what we have, whether it's a car that needs some TLC, a pet, a child, our bodies, etc. All of those things seem applicable right now. Boring but true!


Taking Care of What We Have
Taking care of the temples of our bodies, our children, animals, gardens, homes, vehicles and workplaces.  Creating peace and harmony, as our own, personal gesture towards world peace.

Friday, April 19, 2013

May's Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Here's May's Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Hrm. This one isn't as upbeat as the past two months, but it isn't terrible either. Besides the financial pinch of it all it seems OK. I am not fond of the whole 'financial pinch' thing, and it puzzles me, as we are doing fine financially, and I even have some money coming in from my little venture. I wonder if we'll have to pay out a large sum of money in May. I sure hope not but I will keep it in mind. I will try to be more penny-pinching. I need to do that anyway. I have all but stopped my business-related spending, as I wait for orders to come in rather than making new products and getting supplies to make those products.

Anyway. I will update in May as I see how things are panning out!

See you all on Monday. Hope everyone has a swell weekend.


Nuzzling: Snuggle Time

Here is the card I received for today. Cute concept, eh? It immediately brought to mind my morning ritual where I snuggle with my daughter when she wakes up. It always makes me feel a little better about my day, even and especially when I feel low energy, down or just otherwise don't want to get up and out of bed.

Granted, it doesn't really make me want to get out of bed, but I like the closeness and warmth of it. That's why I chose this image of the mama and baby. I will have to think about what else this represents--but I like the idea of appreciating closeness with loved ones.


This is the snuggle or cuddle card.  The pleasure and enjoyment of affection though, and sharing energy by hugs, pats, handshakes, hand-holding, cuddling and snuggling even just sitting together, letting energy flow back and forth.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Receiving Messages

Well, it's 11pm and I wasn't really planning on posting, but what the hey. And, really, this is a very vague message, no pun intended. Even so, I wanted to post it.

This draw reminds me of the 8 of Wands. I love the concept of news. That is, unless the news is bad. I guess that's normal.

Anyway. If I get any notable news, I will try to update on this post. Hope everyone has a good end of the week.


Letters or phone calls; a visitor, news, or a surprise.   Messages on all levels.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Healing: Shifting My Self-Care Regime

I was thinking about health and healing today, so I was pleased to see this card turn up. I like the concept of intention for someone's highest good. This is something I do all the time, and honestly I don't care if it's effective or not. In my mind, it's a great replacement for worrying. You place trust back in the person and the situation rather than frittering away your energy stores with frantic fear.

This concept should be equally applied to my own life, when I start feeling physically off. This has been the case for me recently, where I seem to get one cold after the other, or have other physical maladies, or if I simply feel inexplicably down in the dumps for an extended period of time.

I got a Kindle book today by Betty White. I'm not sure why. It was an impulse buy and honestly I should use the money for supplies or groceries, but I just felt like reading it. In it are many little nuggets of wisdom. There's something about Betty that reminds me of my spunky grandmother, who I have always deeply loved and respected. At one point, Betty says she has evaded colds for twenty years by taking vitamin c every day! This reminded me that I rarely remember to take Vitamin C, which has a variety of protective effects.  

So today I took a nice dose of C from a bottle I had purchased recently, but had forgotten about. I am going to try Betty's trick, at least for a few months or more, and see what I notice. Otherwise, I need to sleep better, eat better, and work on my attitude. One of my biggest enemies is my fatalistic view. I have been trying to affirm more positive things.

Sending good wishes for the health and happiness of all of you,

Lighting a candle, praying for someone's 'highest good' and then sending healing energy to them.  Seeing disease as the 'wake up call' of imbalance or lack of love in your life.

My Weird Business Ways

Note: I added the twinkles and such. These decks don't have tons of crazy twinkles. Hehe.

I pulled these recently--maybe yesterday or the day before that? I thought it would be good to post them and discuss my confusing business stance! A few people have asked me, and maybe more have been wondering, why I disappeared and/or removed the Facebook page for my prospective business. That is a valid question! see if I actually have a valid answer. That is the challenge!

For some reason, leading up to the 'GRAND OPENING' of the shop, I just felt an intense, increasing sense of weariness and aversion. That is the best way I can describe the feeling I had. It was as if I began, walking lightly upon a path, then as I went along my legs got weaker and weaker, and finally it was as if they were encased in concrete. I found this fascinating because usually when I have a venture, however ill-conceived, I am at least able to launch it and attach appropriate levels of enthusiasm to it. Not so with this. I do believe that I am capable of intense and prolonged self-sabotage, but I felt there was something deeper going on. So I decided to heed my feelings on the matter, and unpublished the Facebook page (it's not gone, just unpublished at the moment), deleted my Etsy shop (for some reason it just didn't feel right), and removed myself from the idea of the shop for a little bit.

Once I had done this, I attempted to piece together WHAT exactly I did want to accomplish and why. The first thing I thought is that I really wanted to sell the nearly 100 items I had made for this shop, and at least make back some money. That was a reasonable thing that I was pretty sure I wanted.  The second part that I felt sure of is that I wanted to sell them to friends and family on a more private basis. How to do so? What popped into my head was to take photos of my inventory, label them with a number that corresponded to a title and description of that product, and then send this list to relatives and friends, one a time. They would select what they wanted, I would update the inventory, and then I'd send it along to the next person. Why not? I figured I would try it. By doing this, I would accomplish several things: I would not have to do the big, scary 'GRAND OPENING' and I would also get valuable information about who was actually interested in buying products and how interested they were. And I'd also make back some money I'd put into making products.

So, I sent out the list to a friend last week, and she chose some items, and on Saturday evening I sent out the list to one of my sisters who had expressed interest in purchasing items, and she also chose several items to purchase. Then again to my mom, who chose a few other items. Then yet again to another sister, who chose several items. Then another person...etc. In a matter of one day I had sold $100 worth of products this way, and to me it felt more personal. Sure, it was a little time-consuming, waiting for people to make their selections and updating the list, but not any worse than it normally would be, and I didn't have to do a lot of posturing and marketing and whatnot--something I despise.

This reading shows that initial success, I think. The certificate and the subtitle 'Success' makes me think of that. This is a card I received shortly after receiving blood tests back (recently--I think it was the week before last) that showed that my numbers and the things I tested for were all normal. Granted, I still have some symptoms that are troubling me a bit, but I feel more confident that the symptoms are not related to what my naturopath originally feared. Anyway...this card reminds me of the feeling you get from knowing something is going well.

The other card, 'Beauty' first reminds me of my venture because of the image of the Rose, which is half of the name of the shop. Secondly, it reminds me of it because of the 'beauty' concept, which fits along with the shop, because it's bath & body products. I appreciated this reading for its direct simplicity, and because it confirmed my decision and how I went about executing it. Granted, I feel this may be a temporary solution. I DO have a website saved, but as yet I don't feel I want to launch it yet. I still like the personal, one-on-one feeling of sending the inventory. It feels 'old-fashioned' and handcrafted or something. Or maybe I am lazy. Probably both! But in any event, for now it works fine for me.

The bottom row of cards are from Shaheen's Tattered Lenormand Oracle, and I feel they also show my recent commitment (ring) and decision (roads)  to enjoying the venture (sun). I'm sure it also indicates many future decisions I'll have to make with regards to this, and other, projects.

Hope you all have a good day. Oh, and e-mail me if any of you would like a list of the products I have in inventory. I will send it one at a time to each of you. It may take a few extra days to go around, but so far it has worked out.

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Custom Perfume from Epically Epic Soap Company: Fortune Teller

Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle can be seen posing with the perfume oil!

Recently I had the pleasure to order a custom perfume roll-on from Allison of Epically Epic Soap Company. I've done this in the past, which resulted in a wonderful scent called Volcano Goddess. I highly recommend it! In any event, the constituents of 'Fortune Teller' are as follows:

Blood orange
Dragon's blood
Clary Sage

Verdict? I love it! It's very unique, but also very familiar in a way. The blood orange comes to the fore right away, but quickly gives way to the incense-laden Dragon's Blood with the spice and flair of the clove, clary sage, ginger and vetiver. It's really unique and multi-layered! I wanted it to have a divination name, so we settled on 'Fortune Teller'.

If you have ever wanted to make a custom perfume that is affordable, head over to Allison's shop and give it a shot. All of her ready-made perfume roll-ons, lip balms, soaps and other products are wonderful, too.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Abundance: Giving and Receiving Goodness

I was reading Pip's blog when I came across this cool article she posted.

Anyway, I pulled this card and it made me think of that article, as well as the influx of orders I've received, now that I've lowered my expectations, dropped a lot of my perfectionism, and opened myself up to other ways of doing things. 

The article highlights that worth is not about how much money you make, and it's OK and good to be practical and not emotional about business. I really like his message about worth and money. We give and receive our whole lives, and in the end it doesn't matter who has money and who doesn't. The connection, exchange and support is what is most important.

Plentiful blessings, all that we need, wealth in friends, health, creativity, and finances.  All good things.  Being in the self-perpetuating flow of giving and receiving.  Manifesting our needs by being in tune.  A life based on generosity: the 'give-away'.

The Pod: My Posse

I've been feeling lazy and distracted from blogging lately, but at the same time I do love it and don't want to skip for any length of time.

I actually have a few new decks, one being the wonderful Tattered Nomad Lenormand Oracle by Shaheen Miro. I simply have felt really worn down physically and emotionally and have found it hard to do my usually blogging with any fervor.

I had the great fortune of meeting up with Shaheen this past weekend. We had a wonderful time talking and looking at decks and exchanging readings. I'm so glad I was able to meet up with him while he was in town.

That brings me to today's draw. This card, 'Pod' is very community-oriented. Normally I am a fairly private person. I'm a kind of gregarious private person if that makes any sense. I love talking to folks one-on-one but I'm not a big group person. But when I think of the units and groups of which I'm a part I have to admit that my life would feel a lot less rich without them.

Some of these include this wonderful on-line divination community we have (love to you all!) and also my wonderful family and friends. I am definitely blessed beyond measure and this post is a good of a time as any to comment on that. Soon I will post some images of my new decks, including Shaheen's, but for now this edit of the Dolphin Divination card must do.

Speaking of things that involve groups and people, I have been individually e-mailing people with the inventory from my PRG venture. I've decided (for now!) that I am going to sell off my current stock and then make more and see how I want to present it. I realized I didn't really want to go through Etsy. I have begun a site for my page, but there's really nothing on it, it's just a placeholder. If you are interested in purchasing some bath/body items from me, just comment or e-mail me at my MagicMentha Gmail and let me know, and I'll put you on the list to send my current inventory to. Amazingly, I've already sold $100 worth of products in less than 2 days!

Much Love,

The Pod
The group or groups to which you belong; your community, and close-knit groups.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Found Some Good News!

I saw that some things had slipped underneath my desk, so I set about picking them up. Underneath the pile of cello bags that had slid under my desk I found a single Tea Leaf Fortune Card. I turned it over: Good News! I smiled. I was glad that it was a good card and not a crappy card.

Since I've been sick much of this year, for whatever reason, due to a less-than-happy-immune system or perhaps a deeper self neglect, I decided to take this as an auspicious time to take especially good care of myself and my family. I will try to take good news with me wherever I go, spreading love, kindness, generosity and humor.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Splash! Impulse Moves Bring Energy, Remove Blockages

So I've decided to come back and blog again. At least a bit. I've been sick again. Hell, I think I've been continually sick since the start of the year. Oh well! It's fine, but tiring. 

Anyway. I drew this Dolphin Divination card (and edited it in a few days or more ago and had it scheduled to post at the end of the month, presumably after I had opened my proposed Etsy shop. 

But things have been changing along the way (granted, they were never set in stone to begin with), and I have decided to only to sell my bath and body products to local family and friends. I don't really want to make it a full-time shop thing. 

This feels right to me.  I can still make some money from it and enjoy doing it (on my terms) but it won't consume me or feel like the 'only thing' I am doing. It felt so exhausting thinking of dinking around on Etsy constantly, taking tons of product photos, futzing with things to the point of collapse. I already invested a lot of time, energy and money into something I wasn't even sure I wanted, and that drained me. Then I still wasn't even done.   

So today I deleted the Facebook page, deleted the Etsy shop, and sent a message out to family and friends saying if they wanted stuff I would be happy to sell them some when I saw them, but that I wasn't launching the shop in the same fashion. I do feel a sense of lightness today, and even though this energy felt foreign to me a few days ago when I first drew this card, it makes sense to me now. Some of my favorite decisions have been impulsive. 

There are further considerations I'm making (but not committing to yet) which include holistic health and body work and other areas that I've been keenly interested in but have not pursued. This is part of a longer-term journey, one I hope to continue over the next twenty years or more.

I actually received this card again today when I went back to pull more Dolphin Divination cards, and it definitely did resonate with me and feel impulsive like the card suggests.    

I apologize for being so back and forth about this in my writings and in general. 

Hope you all are having a good week.



A quick, impulsive move.  An exciting moment.  A great play at a sporting event or games.  Winning a lot of money through the lottery.  Good luck of any kind. You may be about to make a big splash in a stunning outfit.  Doing something in a big way.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Flow: Taking Off Until My Shop is Open

*UPDATE: I'm going with the flow in a newer way, see my latest post.*

I seem to be doing everything I can lately to avoid putting the tiring but necessary finishing touches on the packaging, labels and such for my upcoming Etsy shop.

So, with that in mind, I decided to take a blogging hiatus until the shop is open so I don't have any excuses not to do it, or rather distractions.

I will still check my e-mail, and will be back hopefully before the end of the month. I seem to be getting sick a lot with one thing or the other. I hope that stops soon! Just came down with some sort of sore throat/head cold nonsense yesterday. Oy!

I'll be back later this month to update! I may still read a blog or two here and there, but I am going to try to stick to my guns and work on the shop more than anything. I have no idea how this card ties into my shop, but of course I thought of lava flow.

Much Love,
Free Flow
Going with the flow.  Releasing all rigid preconceptions and anxieties.  Allowing guidance and harmony to flow through us.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Allowing a Positive Transition

I think I like this edit better.

This card represents a journey from troubled to smoother times.  This journey can actually be over water, but it may represent an emotional problem, such as depression or sorrow and the sheer relief that it is now coming to an endThe message is that things will now be on the up.

Foolish Goodness

Weird coloration/texture I added for this, but hey!

Trust your instincts, be carefree, be free, even be lacking in thought and disciplineIn fact anything is possible a this time, and the step you take into the unknown with these unexpected influences, may be life changing and bring new experiences.

Timing: Intuitive Inner Clock

Today's card makes me think that even though I feel like I am often too hasty, I actually believe on a deep level that I have good timing. Intuitively I have a very strong timing response. If something doesn't feel right on a visceral level then I simply won't do it. I'm like a wild animal in that way.

I will think to myself, 'Why have you not decided!?' or some other judgement, but in the end I know why: it isn't time yet! Or maybe something is done and I just know it's done and there's no choice but to heed this inner dictate.

My problems come in when I ignore this inner impulse. Even though it's strong sometimes I think it MUST be wrong so I second guess it. Inevitably, though, it has to be followed. I will fight against it because maybe I don't like what it has to say, or maybe it requires me to do something really uncomfortable. Often, though, it just seems right in whatever way.

Our timing.  Efficiency. Things click magically when the timing is right.  How timing 'counts' in your life.  Being on time.  Stretching and playing with time.  Seizing the moment.  Using your time well.  There is no time.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunshine on the Water: Visualizing Hope & Positivity

I picked a card, as I was feeling anxious about various things, ranging from my health to my daughter's schooling this fall, to just a strange general feeling of unease and somewhat of discontent. I have either felt unwell, unsettled or ambivalent about so many things in my life.

This card is very much the opposite of what I'm feeling, so I think I'll take it as a recommendation. I like the idea of finding a sense of hope after a period of gloom. I like the idea of using visualization to unleash endorphins. I think I have been more wanting to use food or chocolate to do that, but since I have been having digestive issues I am trying to avoid that...
Sunshine on the Water
Finding new hope, inspiration, or healing energy (perhaps after a  period of gloom and darkness).  You may want to close your eyes and visualize the sun glittering on the water, and feel the wonderful flow of endorphins which will respond to this healing imagery.

Swimming Between Hope and Fear

When I saw this draw I thought of my reticence to open the gift shop I've been planning. I've been hemming and hawing, swimming between hope and fear as it were. The main message of this card seems to be to find that middle way where you aren't clinging too hard to a certain outcome, nor are you without hope.

Sometimes I'm unaware of my self-sabotaging behaviors, and other times I'm well aware of them but allow them to carry on regardless. I guess this is a call for me to be more mindful of them so I don't get pulled under...
Swimming between Hope and Fear
Control and balance; the path between opposites.  Swimming the path in between - not choosing one over the other.  Relaxing our clinging desires, which lead us to frustration and anger, when we're disappointed.  Letting go of fears that are limiting or holding us back.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Excuse to Float

Hrm. I don't like this edit as much as the other ones. Ah well!
I drew another single card from the Dolphin Divination cards. I guess I just wanted to see what would come up. When I saw the Float card I thought of the Hanged Man, or maybe the 4 of Swords. I've been having gastrointestinal pain (heartburn, lump in throat, etc) and I have felt rather tired. So I am thinking this recommendation isn't so bad.

I think that I have been feeling anxious that I haven't made more definite strides toward finishing my shop, but I think that I need to realize there's no deadline but my own.

At the same time, I see that this could be a warning: if you wait too long you'll be in limbo forever, flowing away with the current in no particular direction.

Doing little or nothing is what the float card indicates; a time to rest; suspension.  Having no specific direction, but floating here and there, like a leaf floating on the current.

Faraway Shores: Travel on the Horizon?

I received this card when doing a single card pull with the Dolphin Divination deck and it made me think instantly of traveling. However, I find it difficult to believe that we will be able to do much traveling anytime in the next year or so. We talked about it late last year and early this year, but with all of our money tied up in other things it doesn't seem feasible.

And yet, well, I wonder if there will be some travel anyway? I know there's nearby travel within state, but even that is too pricey most of the time for us.

O.K. There is also the meaning of someone far away thinking of me, or vice versa, someone long distance being important. Of course this is true for both friends and family, but it's hard to say which is most relevant. I'll definitely be thinking on this one!

Faraway Shores:
Taking a journey; traveling; having the 'travel bug'.  Being connected to someone or a place far away; maybe a trip is being planned; you may be thinking , fondly, of a beloved one, or friends far away.  A broader view.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Awaiting Blood Test Results

Jug: Lighthearted, carefree time.
Sun: Happiness and well-being.
Rainbow: The most difficult part of a situation is over.

Last week was my birthday week and we had some things planned. Some of them were recreational, some practical, some...other? Overall it was good but there were a few unpleasant things. One of them was the day after my birthday (March 28th) and a visit to my naturopath. I was talking about some of my symptoms that I've had over the past month or two and she became rather alarmist, while she is usually fairly calm.  I thought she was overreacting and I admit the visit shook me. She basically thought I might have a heart condition, even though in reality she doesn't really have any particular proof of this. Because of a history of borderline high blood pressure and being overweight, I think she assumed it may be that. In any case, I have been in a rather tense state since then. I've monitored my blood pressure and it has actually been pretty good. When I was in her office it was rather high be honest...she was freaking me out!

Anyway. The next day, on Friday, I got my blood drawn. I had my usual set of tests done: fasting glucose, A1C, thyroid panel, lipid panel, and then she added to that a C reactive protein test, which can show markers for inflammation. However, this could be from a variety of issues. My husband thinks that what I have is GERD or reflux, possibly hiatial hernia, but because the symptoms can mimic heart symptoms you always get a ton of extremely frantic warnings on every site. Personally I detest doctors who use fear to motivate patients. I was very upset and disappointed in my doctor for doing this because I thought she was different. Now I am starting to think I may look for a new doctor. Even though there are some things I really like about her, I really don't appreciate the way she dealt with this most recent visit, especially given that she doesn't really know anything for sure.

I also believe in surrounding yourself with people who are relatively calm and who support you. There's a phenomenon which shows that if you are surrounded by negative support it creates what is dubbed a 'nocebo'...which is a negative impact. I'm not quite using the word in its original context, but you get the idea. So I am now thinking I am going to find someone else to consult with.

In any event, here are the cards I pulled that represent the results of my blood draw. The cards look very positive to me. I hope it's true. I guess I'll find out! Last time I got my blood tests done, maybe a year or so ago, the numbers looked good, better than the previous years. My cholesterol had dropped more than 35 points, my blood sugar was good, my other markers were all pretty good. I am hoping that this shows something similar, though I am trying to not worry about it either way. I just don't want someone else adding to my worry...


Dolphin Divination Cards: Birthing My Project

I pulled a single card from the Dolphin Divination Cards, plain as they are! I love their meanings, especially. Since the cards themselves are very plain I used the texture feature on and layered in a couple of textures that felt birth-like and dynamic.

My first thought when seeing this card was that it represented birthing my new business later this month, mid-month or so. I love the fresh feeling that this card offers. It feels a lot like the Aces in tarot. Or maybe the Fool. There's also an element of the Empress in that it represents a birthing, a mothering of a new project or child.

I just hope I can allow the new in and not freak out about it all.  :)
A pregnancy or the birth of a baby; new beginnings, renewal, rebirth; a clean slate, the sprouting seeds of a new creative project or business.  A new era in our life - letting go of the old, so the new can come in.