Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Brigid: Deer, Brigid

Here's a deck that I apparently have not used on my blog as yet: The Mother's Wisdom Deck. This deck is one I purchased a while back and have only used a handful of times. I'm not sure why. Part of why is that the packaging is convoluted and it's hard to find the cards you are looking up in the book because it's in a really strange order and there are no number designations.

Even so, it is a very pretty and thoughtful deck, with long descriptions that paint stories. The deck is made by three women, one of which is a Waldorf instructor, which piqued my interest when I purchased it, due to my daughter entering a Waldorf-style charter school this fall. Of course there's also my nervousness, fear of being abandoned by my own daughter and other feelings.

Anyway. The two cards that I chose today were 'Deer' and 'Brigid'. When I saw them side by side it sounded like 'Dear Brigid...' which was amusing but not very decipherable. The colors of the cards were also very similar, earthy and warm with oranges and greens. It's interesting because when I pulled out this deck it was to consider giving it to my mother-in-law, a Virgo who also loves astrology and tarot. I give her decks on occasion that I don't use much. I was wondering if I should give it to her when I pulled the first card which is Deer.

This card immediately reminded me of her because of an association with Deer that my husband and I have assigned to her. My husband was doing an animal totem-finding exercise with her and the animal she was was Deer. He thinks she wanted a more fierce animal but that is the animal that sort of stuck and brought her to mind. That is the first thing I thought of when seeing this card! Is that a confirmation I should give her the deck? Perhaps...I have no idea. I have until September to figure it out so there's no rush, I reckon.

Of course, the other meaning to Deer is gentleness. Approaching things quiety, with comfort, not pushing too hard. I've been getting lots of 'Letting Go' cards from my oracle decks, so this fits in nicely with that. The use of too much force can be a problem for rams like me, even rams watered down with lots of Pisces. A lot can be accomplished with a gentle approach, something I hope to master before the end of my life! Gentle does not mean wimpy.

The card of Brigid reminds me of a Brigid necklace I used to wear--it said that she ruled home and hearth and artisans, and I thought it was a good one for me to invoke/wear. I forgot what happened to that necklace. I either lost it or gave it away, but I used to wear it on a near daily basis.

Here are some descriptions of Brigid from

  • Brigid, the 'Fire of the Hearth', was the goddess of fertility, family, childbirth and healing.
  • Brigid, the '"Fire of the Forge', was like the Greek goddess Athena, a patroness of the crafts (especially weaving, embroidery, and metalsmithing), and a goddess who was concerned with justice and law and order.
  • Brigid, the 'Fire of Inspiration', was the muse of poetry, song history and the protector of all cultural learning.

The book talks about Brigid as being a peacemaker, with peace being a key word. I find this interesting but not quite what I normally associate Brigid with. Of course I don't doubt this is helpful or relevant, but not what I expected to see. I find it interesting that the messages I received were of 'Gentleness' and 'Peace'--it sounds like I'm being encouraged to take things lightly, gently and slowly. There's a kind of earthy calm to this duo. Definitely not what a fire and water combo girl like me is accustomed to! But I can see how this would be beneficial to me.

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fairy Pulls Speak of Upcoming Changes

This is an interesting pull. I am not 100% sure what to make of it just yet, though.

When I saw the pregnancy card the first thing I thought of was one of my sisters, who is currently pregnant and due this fall. I am not particularly impatient about the whole thing, but I thought of her because I know she's having an ultrasound today.

There's another parenting nod, in the upper left-hand corner, with the Parenting and Children card. This is a card about general things involving parents and children. The pregnancy card is obviously more specifically about pregnancy. Like the Empress card, it can also relate to a big new project or the like, but I felt this wasn't about that. Also, this card is much more particularly about pregnancy in my humble opinion. Anyway!

The Patience card just asks me to be patient with things that are going on now. That's something I always need a reminder of. I feel very flat lately. I've been struggling with some depression and a distinct lack of energy and drive. I can't seem to get anything off the ground and I feel very unsettled about things.

The New Location card is one I've seen a number of times, and it can relate to a new location for work, home or something else. There are a few things this could be--my daughter's (potential) school experience this fall, my husband's rekindled desire to find a new job in a closer location, and my desire to find new outlets/venues for myself.

Anyway. I am very, very tired right now and also have a bit of a headache. Oh, and I'm having my period. It's a rainy day and I am not going out until about 3:30pm when I need to grab a few things for dinner, so I am going to sink into bed for a little bit.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tea Leaf Fortunes: May Forecast Review/Update

It's the end of the month, just a few days away from June, so I thought I'd do a recap of the two May draws I did using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I like to do this to sharpen my skills, and also to satisfy my curiosity (and perhaps simultaneously that of the readers') about whether the readings were accurate.

In the first, original draw, we have the quad: Tent, Bird-Perched, Lobster and Throne. How accurate were these? Let me think. I'll go at them one by one:

May Reading #1:

Tent: Temporary situation. This shows that whatever is shown connected to these cards is a temporary situation. That can be comforting (or not) depending on what is depicted. Because financial tightness and waiting is depicted, I'm fine with it saying these things are temporary. Were these topics relevant to this month of May? Yes, I think they were.  Anyway, moving on to the specifics...

Bird-Perched: Waiting for news, package, letter. I think this refers to a general sense of waiting for things to happen this month. I was waiting for some things to settle out, including a judgement about how I felt about my daughter's schooling, and also wondering whether more soaps would sell at the chiropractic office. Did either of these things happen? No. So the waiting, temporary situation and financial pinch cards were all accurate. There was a lot of waiting for my ship to come in sort of feeling to the month (not unlike the 3 of Wands), but not a whole lot of return. I do feel this month has been characterized by this energy, so I do feel this is accurate.

Lobster: Financial pinch. So as I mentioned above, I had spent a decent chunk of money on supplies for my little side business and also just in general on bills and other things this month. In that sense this definitely was the case. Even though we had some extra money entering this month, which is always a blessing, we are not ending the month with very much extra money as we had to pay out quite a bit of money for a few unexpected bills. I got a big bill for blood tests I had done. Since I hadn't paid my deductible I had to pay the full amount. My husband got a similar-sized bill on almost the same day! It's one of those things...when bills rain, they pour. But still, the financial pinch could've been a lot tighter, and I am aware of that. One thing I am unsure of is whether my car will become a problem. So far nothing has happened with that. If anything, the check engine light turned off and has never come back on. So that's one positive thing, I suppose. If something is amiss, it was not bad enough for the light to stay on, but I am keeping an eye on it. We're also finding that we just don't have the money to travel, even locally, really, and should reserve our money. I have stopped spending money on my bath/body, soap-making business because I have quite a bit of stock and none selling. I sold four soaps initially at the chiro, after a few sales to family and friends and have sold none since.

Throne: Position of authority. This is the only card I don't quite understand. If I am reading the cards vertically then the position of authority has to do with whatever I'm waiting for. This could make sense, as I was waiting for many bills from insurance, information from schools, etc. These could all be considered positions of authority. It depends, I suppose. Or maybe I just don't understand how this card fits into the reading, which is far more likely.

May Reading #2:

Diamond: Gift of Jewelry. Now this is one that is very easy to verify, which I am grateful for. It is quite literal--showing either giving or receiving a gift of jewelry. I am racking my brain trying to think of what this could mean. When I saw this a few weeks ago when I pulled it, I assumed it meant that I'd receive jewelry for mother's day. But I did not! In fact, I received technology (Kindle Fire), so I am a bit puzzled. I am sitting here pondering and pondering. The only thing I can think of (which is a major stretch) is that my daughter got really into making gems and crystals (the kind you can grow in a science kit), and I gifted those to her in that I purchased them. There is a gem/crystal clearly shown in the image. That is one possibility, though I am not sure I'd call it a 'hit' or not. What I originally thought this meant was that someone I know recently expressed a renewed interest in my hand-painted jewelry, but so far it has come to nothing. That could explain the Feather card, which states that someone I know is unreliable/undependable.

Money Path: A path with money is waiting for you to find it. This makes could describe my entire adult life, actually. I am sure there are dozens of paths I have not gone down due to fear, self-doubt and possibly laziness. I thought this may be referring to avenues of sale with my bath/body stuff, and it still may be. I have no idea. This one is sort of an 'unfinished' kind of thing. I am not sure I can adequately comment upon it, only to say that I don't think I've followed the path.

Dragon: Beware of self-delusion. Hah! Well, okay. I definitely am delusional, as most people are. This card asks the querent to face a painful, ugly truth and not delude ourselves. I'm trying! It sucks! I have a hard time differentiating between painful truths and negative self-talk. Which is which? Oy.

Feather: Someone you know is undependable, insincere. Hrm. I am still not sure what to make of this one, but as I said above, I feel that maybe the lead on the jewelry commission amounted to nothing. I know sometimes people don't really mean what they say, although their intentions may be good. I find that when it comes to promises, many people just can't keep them or follow up on them. I am learning not to hold it against them, unless it's something that deeply impacts me.

Key: Successful outcome to your problem. Hrm. This one I am not sure of either. Normally the Key card makes sense to me when I get it. Something is troubling me and I find a solution to it. But so far I still feel troubled by the same things. Then again, perhaps some solution is working itself out behind the scenes that I am not fully aware of yet.


All in all I found these cards pretty accurate. There are some points which are unclear, but overall they make sense to me. If anything else comes to mind, I'll try to post it here.

I hope your month of May has gone well.


The Tattered Nomad Reveals Blocks to the Heart

When I saw Chloƫ's post today with the Tattered Nomad Oracle, I realized I had not used this gorgeous deck enough on the blog. I have used it quite a number of times offline, but I wanted to post some with it. Part of my reluctance to post with a Lenormand style deck is that I am not as proficient with Lenormand, but then again...who cares? I have noted that it doesn't necessarily matter. You can still get accurate readings even as a novice with a certain system.

Today's topic of choice was something I've been reading about and thinking about a lot lately, which is fear, and personal blocks. I'm reading a book right now on my new Kindle Fire called The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. I am not done with the book, but here's the description via Amazon:

In The Untethered Soulnow a New York Times bestsellerspiritual teacher Michael Singer explores the question of who we are and arrives at the conclusion that our identity is to be found in our consciousness, the fact of our ability to observe ourselves, and the world around us. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

Last night and this morning I was reading a chapter that spoke almost exclusively of blocks in the heart, which he described as being accumulated fear and negative memories which are triggered over and over again. He details these things in a much more elegant and helpful way than I just did in this very brief blurb, but the point is that he feels that everyone walks around, to some extent, avoiding the pain of triggering their fears and blocks.

The author says that the key to freeing this energy is to release the fears that are being triggered, whatever blocks and walls have been built up. He says that it is very common to go around arranging everything in our lives to not feel these fears and pains, but that doing so creates a life centered around these fears and blocks. He talks about this in a general way but also in a specific way, saying bodily energy (qi or chakra energy) is involved in this, and that it can literally drain a person.

This really got me thinking, because I have struggled very much with large amounts of fear, blocks, phobias and other negative emotions all of my life, as far back as I can remember. And I've struggled with the corresponding issues to these fears, such as weight gain, high levels of stress, anxiety, but very low levels of energy. My husband said on more than one occasion that it's as if all of my energy is tied up in fear, and that is what this book postulates (that's one of the topics, anyway, but not the only one). However, I admit that this is one of those easier said than done things.

So, imagine my surprise when I pulled three cards from the Tattered Nomad Oracle and they included the Heart card. The other two showed possible ideas and information to fill in the blanks. Here are some of my thoughts on the reading:

When I saw the Moon card, I first thought of the Moon card in tarot, which is about the subconscious, deep hidden influences and, yes, fear. The Moon can show our hidden influences and fears, and also whatever is hidden within our psyches. It also shows intuitive potential. Furthermore, it shows emotions. And because it's the night and dark, it often shows difficult emotions. This made sense to me. The feelings I'm referring to are ancient, primitive and dark. Fear, self-protection, anxiety and the fight or flight response. They are inherent to everyone, and yet specific to the question I asked.

The Bear was interesting. When I saw the vulnerable-looking girl having tea with the bear it made me nervous. First of all, bears scare the crap out of me. Any kind of big animal with large teeth is frightening to me, and I realize I am not the only one, obviously! It's interesting because when I saw this one a while back I felt it was charming and cute (which it is), but when I saw it today it triggered more of a fear response in me.

When I looked at the companion writing the words 'mother' and authority' popped out at me. I definitely do have authority issues, and I would not be surprised if I have mother issues, too. The Moon (in astrology, anyway) rules mother energy. I love my parents very much, but when I think of the issues that all parents and children have, I realize that protectiveness, body image issues and issues around food, and all manner of things can be effectively passed down to a child. It's inevitable. But we can also do what we can to mitigate it. Barring that, we simply have to deal with it later.

I looked up some Lenormand combinations, because that is something I know nothing about, and I found some of these combinations (from especially interesting:

Bear + heart (24): generous with money, love of power, love of food, in love with one’s boss
Bear + moon (32): money from creative endeavors
Moon + heart (24): romance, deep love/passion

When I look at these, especially the first two, I think of fears that I have. I like being generous with money and goods, but I'm also afraid of money, afraid of getting paid, and the love of food has certainly been a downfall because I'm overweight. The money from creative endeavors thing is a big block for me, because I feel I am terrible at making money with my creative works, whether it's art, bath and body products, or some other venture. I have gotten into the mindset that making money from creative pursuits is fruitless and futile.

And of course the last one triggers many feelings, too, centered around worthiness and feeling loved, whether it's romantically or just in general. I'm always deeply afraid of losing love and affection from others, of being authentic and wholly myself and losing the respect or love of others. I think it's a common fear and one that can be rather damaging.

Oh, and I guess the love of power thing is funny but probably true for most everyone. I think that there's a part of me who would just LOVE to be powerful and influential, although if asked I would not want to admit to it. I would rather remain small and scared and safe.

Definitely a lot to think about, and probably more to talk about, but I think this is more than enough for now.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Tea Leaf Fortune Card Forecast for June

Here is what I received for June with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. It certainly involves people, and also family, more than likely--but who? Not sure yet.

The Older Woman card makes me think of either a mother or grandmother. Again I can't say which. These are the sorts of things I should remember to update after the fact. The 'Fair Woman' card is also unknown at this time. I have a few friends and the like who are blonde, but I cannot say for sure who this person is. That is the problem with court cards or people cards in tarot and oracles. Sometimes we know exactly who is being referred to, and other times we can only guess.

If you read things vertically, you have the 'Older Woman' above the 'Nest' card, the latter relating to emotionally secure and loving family, further emphasizing the meaning of family. We have the 'Bell' card directly below the 'Fair Woman' card, showing that perhaps the announcement mentioned in the 'Bell' card may come from the 'Fair Woman'. This is an interesting interpretation and one I plan to update and comment upon once I know anything about it!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mini Vacation Thoughts

I pulled these cards with nothing in particular in mind, but what came up made sense, I think!

The middle card, Financial Flow, is a recent repeater, referring to 'going with the flow', staying positive in terms of my earning capacity and creative ideas, and all that. I like seeing financial cards, except for the dreaded 5 of Pentacles, showing lack and physical discomfort, but even that is a temporary setback.

The card on the left, the first card drawn, is Vacation, which made me think of the upcoming four day weekend we have together as a family. My husband, after an annoying past few weeks (maybe months at this point!) at work, decided to take off Friday so we could have four consecutive days together, including Monday which is Memorial Day here in the US. On Saturday I think we'll be getting together with my sisters, brothers-in-law and parents for lunch or cook out type scenario.

The final card is 'Dreams Coming True' which is a little less clear to me, but who's gonna complain about that?! I suppose I'll end this post by quoting from the little booklet:

"Know that you deserve this new abundance, and that it will bring much joy to you and those in your life."

The affirmation it gives me is:

"My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement, knowing that wonderful people and situations surround me now."

More positive thinking, eh? Oy. Ok. I know I tend to be a bit existentialist at times, a hard habit for me to break. Kinda funny for someone who loves tarot and astrology and seems destined to be addicted to 'magical thinking'...yet I struggle a great deal with frequently faltering confidence and very low self-image. I agree that thinking that way about yourself will get you nowhere.

So, what the heck? I may as well employ some of these positive outcome strategies and try to embrace the good things and not close down the possibilities.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Financial Opportunity

I chose these cards last night when I was thinking about my own difficulty tapping into financial opportunities. I was thinking whether I should bother with this venture that I've been hatching for a long time. I've been selling on the side to friends and family, and also selling a bit at my chiropractor's office, but only a handful have sold there. When I went in today for my adjustment there were no more soaps sold. I had this sense that the initial sales were mostly a rush of interest followed by a period of disinterest. The lady informed me that several people looked but no one bought anything. I was mildly disappointed, but in the past it would have bothered me more. To me this shows progress.

This has been my financial legacy. As an artist and creative type in general, I'm used to the idea that we live in a world were artistry and handmade items are still not totally valued. They are, but people are frugal right now and I cannot blame them! I get it! I don't want to spend money I don't have to either, unless I'm using poor judgement and doing some stress purchasing.

In any case, I did a few readings on the topic. I've gotten some mixed results from readings on this topic over the past few months, but what is more concerning is that I lack the follow-through to really care whether the venture does well or not. I really want to care, but there is a surprising lack of concern and I suppose that may be because my heart and mind aren't entirely into it.

Here is the simple two card reading I did about the venture. The first card shows a person putting themselves into the financial flow by removing blocks to receiving, using affirmations and positive input saying things like, 'I deserve abundance' and the like. Sometimes reading things like that make me want to gag but other times I really see it as a way of affirming personal worthiness. That does not even have to be a law of attraction thing. I'm on the fence about law of attraction. Personally I don't think things are that simple, but that's just my opinion. Do I think, however, that there is power in self confidence? Yes, I do. You can get a lot done just by assuming you can do it, even if it's not initially true.

The 'New Opportunity' card speaks of a large new opportunity (duh?) showing itself to you and to be present and on the lookout for it. I found a particular line in the description fairly poignant and apt:

"It (the new opportunity) can even come in the form of a loss, in which you are able to gain something even more suitable."

This makes a person think about things that fall through that end up being poor choices to begin with, or maybe just not particularly ideal. I think that it's a healthy attitude to learn something from everything you do, good and bad, and to see each step as moving closer to what you want.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Advice Entering June: Don't Ignore Guidance and Take Care of Stuff

I thought I was being all artsy by taking a photo in the window where you can see the screen and half of the image is in shadow...har!

I decided to whip out my newly-purchased Messenger Oracle and pull two cards representing the influences or recommendations starting now and going all the way through June. I love how the duo I picked has similar colors and seems to flow together.

In the first card we have 'Heed the Messengers' which primarily speaks of not ignoring the messages you receive, even if they are something you don't want to hear. Gee, thanks! Haha. 'Do not let your fear of change or discomfort silence their voices.' Oy...

In the second card we have a dragon cradling an orb. This card talks about taking care of, but especially not neglecting, the things in your life that you love. This includes children, family, friends, keen interests, and basically anything you care about. The promise is that if you nurture these things they will bring you fulfillment.

Well, I have to be honest. This duo has my number! I definitely am very fearful of change and often ignore impulses and intuitions that threaten my security in the status quo. And I admit that even though I try to keep things going smoothly there are areas I gloss over entirely, maybe hoping they will never come back to haunt me. Hah!

I will definitely use these cards as a focus for the upcoming month.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Luck, Victory, Newness n' Stuff

OOohhhh okay. So I can't wait until the end of the month to post! I feel a bit restless yet tired today.

I have a chiropractic appointment, which I'm glad of, because I like the adjustments and I like talking about health stuff with the chiro. Additionally, last week I tried a process called nutritional response testing. I admit I was skeptical, and still am to an extent, but what turned up as potential issues on the scan/tests seemed very plausible to me, and were things I had been struggling with.

Anyway. Here are some cards I pulled a week ago. I am not entirely sure what they refer to, but since there are a few things in my life which are up in the air, I always appreciate such a positive reading.

I am zonked to the max so I will leave now--but I wish you all a great day.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sugar Daddy?

Now here's a draw I did this evening. Hrm. Seems very literal. YES...I know I take things too literally but these cards are, admittedly, quite literal much of the time, which is probably why I like them. ;) Alright. I admit I get impatient with vague, spiritual messages. And who of us doesn't? Even those of us (unlike me) that enjoy nebulous spiritual experiences. Personally...I like practical messages that tell me of upcoming influences. There...I SAID IT! :D

Anyway. Emotional and other concerns can be quite practical and helpful, even if they are vague. This is something I do have to keep in mind. Nevertheless, when my husband and I saw this draw we both saw it literally as a financial windfall from an older man being a key to helping us solve something (for instance, having the funds for traveling or repairs, etc). Of course, I am definitely open to being wrong. Haha. I think I am getting loopy. Time for bed, perhaps?!

I hope to be able to update this one before the end of the month. In fact, speaking of this month, I'm going on a little hiatus until approx May 25th, which is the full moon lunar eclipse. Again I've been blogging and inter-netting too much lately. I will try to come on occasionally to read your blogs and comment on occasion.

Much love to y'all,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Evolution of the Black Fairy (Tale)


I pulled these the other day and I was startled by the redundancy of it all. Three images of African-American gals in various stages of playful or relaxed pose. Of course this deck is generally relaxed and playful in tone, but anyway. I think I may've gotten ALL of the black fairies. Very odd.

My first thought was one of evolution or time passing. In the first card, I think the fairy looks the most youthful, maybe pre-teen, around 12 years of age. In the second photo I think she looks like an early-mid teen, around 13-15. In the final picture it looks to be late teens or early twenties. Am I the only one who sees this? Anyway.

Because timing is also a key word, I think that strengthens the passage of time meaning. I will have to ponder this one a bit longer...


Emotional Healing

This image, which I imagine is a cheesy/floofy diagram of the chakras, is a card I've gotten several times recently. Right off the bat, it makes me think of the digestive and chest pains I've had over the past few months. The area where the glowing green crystal/orb is shows exactly where the pain has been. In this case, it seems to correspond to the heart chakra.

In the description, this card mentions that once you heal your emotional pain, improvement in a physical area follows. I found this interesting though I admit I'm very skeptical.

Tiredly Yours,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Control Freak Duo: Let Go & Easy Does It

Here's another duo I received recently. I felt their messages were very similar, which you can see fairly plainly from their subtitles/descriptions.

I admit it. I am a control freak! And I know many, many people who are too! I guess I always thought I was more flexible, more open-minded than I seem to be. The more I really look into it, the more I realize how rigid I have become...and how oddly attractive that rigidity can be!

But...if we are too rigid, what happens is what is hinted at (strongly) in both of these cards. When you cling too tightly, your hand is not open to receive. Nothing changes, nothing improves...nothing evolves. Energies and situations stagnate. Even knowing this, I don't find myself embracing change. I feel a great deal of stress welling up in me and my fight or flight response kicks into overdrive.

This is a big hurdle for me. One I'm working on behind-the-scenes. Anyway...hope you're all well.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interesting Messages from Three Decks

Here's an interesting trio. I wish I knew EXACTLY what to make of it, but as is the case with readings, not all of it is clear from the get go. I'd say the first two cards are ones that immediately make sense to me, but the final card 'New Home' does not yet make sense. But I imagine that it will make sense soon, because over the past week I've received this card several times. Each time I pulled the 'New Home' card I felt baffled. It is a card with not much room for interpretation. It is fairly literal. But...we moved a year ago and have no plans (or money) to move again. Soooo.

The first card 'Healing the Past' is from an oracle deck which I acquired not too long ago, when visiting friends a couple hours from where I live. It talks about something in your present triggering a need for healing some major challenge from your past. It's almost like the ghost of an old problem re-visiting you in the present, in order to heal and shift things for the better. This could be for any number of things in my life: my daughter, schooling in general, professional/career moves. Nearly every area of my life has some kind of negative back story that could or should be healed. I think this is the case for many if not all people. But for this card to come up more than once (at least thrice this past week when using this deck), it shows something actively coming up.

If I had to venture a guess, I would say this 'thing' it speaks of is related to schooling. I had a god awful time in school. I was bullied and I hated it. It was overwhelming for me on a sensory level, a social level and sometimes on an academic level (when it came to math). When I've had to approach my daughter's schooling stuff it brings up a crapload of negative feelings and associations. So far I have not seen much healing on this front. If anything I feel worse but it may be one of those things I won't see the benefit of until much later. 

The second card is 'Time to Reflect', and it is fairly self-explanatory. Somewhat hermit-esque in meaning, it speaks about really delving into something and trying to understand it on more than a surface level. I think this, combined with the 'Healing the Past' card, shows a double whammy of sorts in the healing area. This confirms the fact that healing can be painful at times. When things are static and we're in a comfort cycle, we are not growing as much, but we're in a holding pattern, which can be helpful but can become stagnant at times. When I begin to shift out of this comfortable holding pattern...that's when the growing pains come in. Ouch.

The final card, again, puzzles me...because it's very literal. If something comes up to confirm this card I will try to remember to update everyone.