Sunday, June 30, 2013

Major Fail: Something is Amiss, but Whatever...

I pulled these cards a bit ago before the light starting to wane, and they are quite interesting. I actually added more cards to this reading but I thought this was more than enough to post, so I stuck with this number of cards. The original four cards were 'Knot', 'Broken Bridge' 'Feather' and 'Pail'...which is basically a quad of 'fail' cards. Yikes. Well, I wanted to know what this was referring to, so I pulled a card and got 'Dark Man', which I'm taking to mean a man of dark hair or complexion who is somehow intrinsically involved in this. Who could it be? My husband? Father? Brother? Someone else? I can't think of anyone else. I pulled a couple cards on either side and got 'Bowl' and 'Clouds' which seem to indicate that whatever goes wrong is merely a temporary problem and won't impact the finances, anyway.

I hope I can update this within the week. I will do my best to!


Donkey & Deer: Worry & Wait

Here are two cards I pulled this morning. I didn't have anything major on my mind, except for the month of July in general. The phrase that popped into my mind was 'wait and worry' or 'worry and wait' if read left to right. The Five of Fossils (aka pentacles) often depicts financial or physical/material burdens. In this case I burden is shown literally on the back of a donkey.  There's a phrase in the booklet which I find interesting:

"Use hardship to find out more about yourself."

Hrm. Not very endearing. Hahaha. Oh well. Actually the rest of the description is fairly positive or neutral, but the key words mention difficulty. Illness, lethargy, loss of income...etc. Oh, joy! :)

Anyway. I think this makes sense for the month of July, as it's the month leading up to my daughter going to school in August. I've been worrying about it for months, and it seems unlikely I'll be able to stop worrying about it now, right before it happens. I have tried but at this point I am going to try to accept my anxiety about it, knowing there's nothing I can do about it besides see what happens.
"There is reason for your struggle--see clearly and accept responsibility for your role."

Oye...fair enough. Not a fun message but, I suppose, a necessary one. The Five of Pentacles is not really a favorite card for most people, as it speaks of financial, physical or other struggle, and also a fear of lack. This card is a kind of encouraging warning, asking me to persevere despite hardship.

The other card is the Seven of Fossils (aka Pentacles) which is similar in some ways to the Five of Fossils, since it requires patience and perseverance. In this case, the idea of pause is highlighted. I find something unique in this description, which is the following:

"Seven of Fossils signals a creative crossroads, a moment of potential revelation and possible change of direction."

And, haha, I have to point out this description as an acknowledgement of my own impatience:

"This card may signal difficulty for those easily frustrated, who just want to 'be done' with a project. Breathe deep; you know that haste stifles growth. Take your time; learn the value of patience."

So, what do I take from this reading? That patience, perseverance and other preparations are greatly important, especially for those who worry, or those or are quick to move on before it's time to reap the harvest of change.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Born to Create or Maybe Just Pushed

I pulled this card recently from the Messenger Oracle and it's an interesting one that is probably applicable to everyone out there. We all create things and we all have a need to create, whether it's a business, a child, a story, a garden, or really anything. The description says:

"You were blessed with the ability to create with thought, intention, action and emotion. Be conscious of your power and aware of what your actions and reactions create within and around you. Cherish this gift and use it in both a wise and productive manner. Create beauty, and inspire a desire within others to do the same. Create a future that both fulfills and delights. Do what you were born to do."

Reading this paragraph I'm reminded of something that crossed my mind yesterday as I was making my bed (something that actually doesn't happen very often--heh!), which is that I am always trying to find something 'new' that I must do, must learn, must be other than whatever it is that I am. I am always hoping for a new, better version of myself. What I realized is that I was not utilizing any skills I already had, and was pretty resistant to using them. 

I often reject ideas for creative outlets even before I have a chance to follow them through. Sometimes I'll quit after doing them for a while, and considering some experiences I've had I don't know if I blame myself, but is it just that I've gotten gun shy because of the difficulty of being creative in a materially obsessed world?  Creative people (which is really everyone to varying degrees) can't be shot down by difficulty and rejection. It's not healthy to let others define your actions with their disapproval...but I still find myself doing it.

The worst thing for me is that I feel like I have no energy. I'm tired all the time, physically off and  depressed, and it's like someone unplugged me and expects me to still function. That is why I've been trying to get to the bottom of things health-wise with NRT. But I also wonder if some of this is from not being tapped into my own source of creativity. Then again...I don't know.

Anyway. I am not having the best day today. Have had a headache since yesterday (which could very well be due to physical reactions from the parasite cleanse I am doing that lasts 10 days), and my daughter who seemed cheerful this morning managed to get into a fight with some girl because she was playing some naughty game and ended up hitting the girl in the face. This does not bode well for her behavior in the fall...things have not been very pleasant lately mood or behavior-wise.

I am going to try to let it go. Maybe creativity is the answer. Health problems and bratty/aggressive kid behavior may push me, finally, into being more proactive about my creative outlets.


Money Maker: From Jellyfish to Wolf Woman

Following up on yesterday's money post, I have two cards from the Animal Wisdom Tarot.  I wanted a short and concise reading about my resistance to receiving, making money.

The first card of the duo is the 5 of Shells (aka 5 of Cups), which is one of my favorite cards in the deck. I love this jellyfish! It glows in the dark of the ocean, an effect I heightened somewhat in The first thought that came up was a kind of sadness and disappointment surrounding money and my ability to make it. Emotional dejection is a common interpretation for the 5 of Cups. The second impression I had was that a jellyfish is 'spineless' and has little form. It floats through the ocean and although it can sting it is also vulnerable due to its lack of skeletal structure. I often feel this way when dealing with material matters.

There is the positive side of the Jellyfish's vulnerability. Here's a quote from the booklet:

"Jellyfish guides us into vulnerability and acceptance, so that we feel and acknowledge our emotions. By releasing self-judgement we open to self-love and navigate deftly through the dark waters of the psyche."

In this case I feel that it speaks largely of the negative impact of regret, disappointment and despair. But I do think the positive connotation of vulnerability and self-examination is applicable as well.

In the second card we have what I hope to transition to, which is the 9 of Fossils (aka pentacles). This is the card I've seen time and again refer to the strong and able business woman (or man). It often shows someone who has their own business or is financially self-sufficient. This is never a way I would describe myself, but perhaps I need to tap into my own capability and/or honor my own contribution. I can expand my contribution if I accept money for my work.

To me the wolf seems strong. I like that the mantra for this card is to be true to yourself.

I think self-sabotage is a way of not being true to ourselves, maybe the worst way to break with our true selves since we do it almost without thinking. It becomes an insidious habit!

Here is hoping I can recapture my Inner Wolf Woman ™ and go forth and make some money, but more importantly, establish my own sense of self in a meaningful and confident way.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yes or No Reading: Health Improvements and NRT

I'm starting a spiffy, new reading segment here at Magic Mentha! I'm going to pull a single card on a topic/question. I think readings can answer yes or no most of the time, except when there IS no yes or no answer.  This is something I've noticed over nearly 15 years of reading tarot.

Anyway. Here's my first guinea pig example. I was thinking about my experience with NRT, and I have been impressed overall even though I've had some snags along the way (one of which was food poisoning last week, which I'm starting to recover from), and today I'm going to pick up a supplement which my chiropractor is giving me free so I don't have to pay for it since I'm only taking it short term for a parasite problem, probably due to the food poisoning.

Overall I just really appreciate this process, but there's the big ole skeptic in me which says, 'what if there's nothing to this?' Well, in my opinion it's worth trying things, even if you're skeptical. I don't need hard, scientific evidence on everything, although I don't necessarily want to jump willy-nilly into something, either. I find that my intuitive responses to things are quite helpful in selection a regime for myself, or in making other decisions. I do what seems right for me. Then again, do I ALWAYS do what is right for me? No, of course not. I'm human, after all.

The phrasing of the question was along these lines:

Q: Can I expect to see excellent/very good improvements in my health using NRT?

A: Nine of Shells (Cups). The image is as you see above. To me this felt like a 'yes'. I often associate this card with the 'wish granted' card. But in general it has a positive visual interpretation, too. A fish is jumping out of the water with a beautiful sky and rainbow behind him.  Consulting the book there is this:

"Receiving this card indicates success, abundance, wisdom and awakening."

I will try to update this Yes or No readings a month or two down the line (or earlier, depending on the topic) so as to validate or invalidate their responses.


A Cautionary Money Reading

I pulled these cards yesterday and they are supposed to pertain to my finances, which are rather bad at the moment. Well, I mean...could be much worse, so I shouldn't say that. I don't have any money is probably more accurate. HOWEVER, I do have a roof over my head and enough food to eat, although that could quickly change if I am not careful!

After forlornly reviewing my bank account which holds forty-seven cents I am realizing I need to be a lot more proactive about my fiscal status. My husband has a steady job (as far as we know now) but even then finances are often tight. We don't have any savings whatsoever and we have credit card debt (though far less than many people I've known). I am realizing that if I ever wish to get ahead of the curve I need to change the way I am doing things.

There are several basic ways I can do this that are springing to mind. Some of them are basic and obvious, and some things may not be as obvious to me and I will have to investigate them.

Ideas for money-saving, fiscal responsibility:

  • Avoid impulse purchases, only get things when needed and plan ahead.
  • Avoid nickle and diming myself to death. Small purchases add up quickly!
  • Gift handmade cards and homemade gifts instead of purchasing gifts.
  • Don't be self-conscious or nervous about selling things I've made. Accept money.
  • Dramatically cut back on going out to eat, try to meal plan to save money.
  • Don't buy any new tarot decks unless a huge surplus of money comes in.
  • Find as many free or cheap activities to do with my daughter as possible.
  • Start a small savings account, put away money.
Those are some ideas, anyway. What I really need to do in addition to these things is be honest with myself about any venture I supposedly create. If I am going to do something I have to be at least somewhat serious about it! I feel like I always chicken out and get squeamish about accepting money. No wonder I never have any money! Anyway...

The cards shown here are House, The Familiar and The Bats. The latter two are extras in Shaheen's deck.  The House card can be quite literal and refer to a house, but it can also refer to security, not too unlike the 10 of Pentacles. It makes me think of a home base, safety, security, real estate. Of course there's tons of money in real estate. If I was an ambitious, money-minded woman I would do something with that but alas, I am not. I am a very right-brained artistic sort of person who does not like dealing with monetary matters. However, I am starting to think that this REALLY needs to change. I don't have to sell my soul to be financially secure.

The presence of The Familiar and The Bat both make me think of receiving guidance. Both of these cards have that feel to them. Here are the descriptions from Shaheen:

The Familiar: Spirit guide, spirit animal, soul connection, protection, warning, shape shifting, vision quest.

The Bats: Rebirth, change, transformation, the unknown, pay attention, shamanism.


So what do these have in common? I would say that both mention a kind of warning and to pay attention, and they also both have a kind of spiritual/guidance kind of feel to them.

There's something funny that I noted when viewing this trio, which is that they remind me of that children's song that says:

The farmer in the dell
The farmer in the dell
Heigh ho the derry-o
The farmer in the dell

The farmer takes a wife
The farmer takes a wife
Heigh ho the derry-o
The farmer takes a wife
The wife takes the child
The wife takes the child
Heigh ho the derry-o
The wife takes the child
The child takes the cow
The child takes the cow
Heigh ho the derry-o
The child takes the cow

The cow takes the pig
The cow takes the pig
Heigh ho the derry-o
The cow takes the pig
The pig takes the dog
The pig takes the dog
Heigh ho the derry-o
The pig takes the dog

The dog takes the cat
The dog takes the cat
Heigh ho the derry-o
The dog takes the cat
The cat takes a mouse
The cat takes a mouse
Heigh ho the derry-o
The cat takes a mouse

The mouse takes the cheese
The mouse takes the cheese
Heigh ho the derry-o
The mouse takes the cheese
The cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Heigh ho the derry-o
The cheese stands alone

Do you know what I mean?

Anyway...maybe I am just loopy from the heat. Haha!

Also...'the cheese' is another word for money.

Well...that is all.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Nine Card Career Reading for My Husband

Nine card spread. I found this video about doing a nine card spread, about to watch it.

I'm still a neophyte when it comes to Lenormand, but I am working on it! This system is not as natural to me as tarot, probably because I am insecure about my skills with it, and the fact that I only began practicing, sporadically, over the past year. With that in mind, I'm asking any Lenormand experts out there to have a crack at this spread!

I pulled these about my husband, mainly focusing on a career change in the near future. Is it possible? What is the outlook? All of the cards were chosen randomly. I noted that the 'Fish' card showed up in the middle as the main focus so to me this was a confirmation of the main issue on his mind which is changing careers, as it represents money and business, etc.

Snakes and roads showed up and I remembered Chloƫ's comment on snakes, that they can mean a winding path, which seems almost a strengthening of the meaning of roads--decisions, winding paths. This made me think that maybe making the decision was one of the more difficult aspects of the query. But again, I don't have much experience reading these card so I can't say for sure.

We have both the Man and Woman card, which I assumed would be myself and my husband, but I am not sure. These are almost too general to say, but that is what came to mind when I saw them.

In the top row we have Umbrella which is a bonus card in Shaheen's deck. It's a wonderfully optimistic and happy bonus card that talks about optimism, clear direction and triumph. It made me smile when seeing the description and looking at the image. The whole thing reminded me of the happy parts of Mary Poppins, where anything was possible if you believed.

The cards next to Umbrella are Stars and Anchor. Stars added another layer of validity to the message of Umbrella, showing optimism, destiny and direction once again. To me it felt like 'follow your dreams' as a message, but maybe I'm being too naive about it? Either way, I liked the feel of those cards.

However, when I came to Anchor I admit I wasn't entirely sure what to think. The first things that sprang to mind were that a.) my husband values security quite a bit, which Anchor represents, and b.) he may feel 'stuck' and 'anchored' to his current job. If so, I really think the cards show that there are other possibilities, other choices available.

Going down the line, we also have Tower, which shows a structure, business, school or other big organization. My husband works for a large oil company, a fact which actually bothers him, even though he is an environmental point of contact and ensures that safety recommendations are followed to the letter. I think he would love to get away from big business, specifically 'Big Oil'. His desire is to use his expertise with environmental stuff to work in that field, but he is worried he will not be qualified for most positions. I know he'd love to use his keen investigative skills and problem-solving brain toward something really meaningful.

I hope he can catch a ride on that Umbrella and find something that is meaningful to him.


Wordless Wednesday: Moon Dreamer

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giving Up on Work, Creativity & Fun or Just Playing Dead

Once again I feel compelled to note that I was not driving while taking this photo. :)

I wasn't quite sure what to title this post, but that works, I guess!

I got this charming Animal Wisdom Tarot, and I have to say I really enjoy it. It is colorful, has personality and is somewhat painterly. I am charmed by the role of the various types of animals and I think it was done well. I liked most of the cards I saw in the deck.

Here's the first pull I did with this deck. These are the 3 of Fossils (aka Pentacles), 10 of Feathers (aka Swords), and 3 of Shells (aka Cups). We have two very creative and somewhat cheerful cards with a sandwich of misery and suffering in the middle. Sounds about right!

The past week I had PMS but also a nasty case of either food poisoning or some kind of unpleasant, lingering stomach virus. I vote for the former given the circumstances. But anyway! The 3 of Shells shows cheerful little otters playing together. This is a card I often receive when visiting friends or family, especially women friends or family, but in general. We did indeed have family get-togethers this past week due to my brother being in town, but I admit I did not feel that well during the visiting (see dead animal with vulture in middle pic...hehe).

The prairie dogs is interesting because I often point them out--quite a few live near our house in the fields. Sadly they often meet a tragic fate, not unlike the picture in the middle (see dead pig or rat or...dare I say it...prairie dog and waiting vulture), so there's a certain morbid aspect to this reading that I couldn't help notice.

But overall I could say that this means that any melodrama may be in my head (swords/feathers), and that there is goodness and creativity around me once I come out of my dead rodent coma. I am starting to feel better and only have an occasional wave of nausea/burning at this point. I am grateful.

I hope everyone is having a good week or at least a healthy week. What was your experience at the recent full moon?


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sad Guts: Be Back in a Few Days

Hi Dear Peeps,

I've been having some sort of gastrointestinal issue the past couple of days and I am taking a short break from blogging.  I'm not sure if this is the stomach flu or food poisoning (quite possibly the latter), or something else, but I don't feel so hot and also my brother is visiting from out of town so I will be busy for a few days.

I am going easy on myself, drinking lots of fluids, eating probiotic foods (such as kombucha, fermented veggies, probiotic capsules, etc) and trying to rest. I notice some improvement, but I may not feel totally well for another day or two.

I will see you all later this week. Wishing you goodness and wellness over the week. I apologize, again, for being behind on commenting on your blogs.

Much Love,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Abundance, Sensitivity, Letting Go

I got the Life Purpose Oracle the other day when I was on staycation with my husband and daughter. My husband commented that this deck would probably be better used with another deck as it's fairly specifically about areas of career to consider. Of course, I say that, but then I drew this reading that seems a lot more general and easily applicable to life without being career specific.

This trio is interesting to me, but I can't really say exactly what to think. The Infinite Abundance card makes me think that I shouldn't base my work/outlet/venture decisions on money. I should base them on what I really want to do. I think this is a problem I have when it comes to these things. I am either terrified of making money or I feel like I MUST make money. Neither is true. Things are not that cut and dried, and we shouldn't let scarcity fears control our actions.

Sensitivity is a topic I've struggled with my entire life. Sensitivity to noise and other stimuli, incredible emotional sensitivity to the point of painful empathy. I often wrestle with major demons in this area. This suggests I make changes according to my sensitivity. That makes me wonder: how would I go about doing that? Find an environment or outlet that supports my sensitivity rather than seeing it as a liability? That's the only thing I can think of.

Finally we have Letting Go, which is one I have trouble doing as well. I get this card a lot in Doreen Virtue's oracles, and she tends to have one of these in pretty much every oracle she has made. I definitely overthink everything, freak out about things, obsess, worry, dread...anyway.

That is all for now!

Much Love,

Monday, June 17, 2013

A More Auspicious Business Reading

Here are the few cards I pulled today with a business focus. Seems decent. The Stars show guidance, good vibes, recognition, encouragement. It isn't too unlike the Star in tarot in that respect. According to

Star + fish (34): financial success, new ideas are financially rewarding

Where does letter fit in? To me this would be some sort of news, correspondence or other thing which would yield the results mentioned.  I guess this would make sense considering I don't have an actual store that I sell in--I do most things online. But anyway, no idea! Will update if I find more out about this.

Much Love,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Waiting to Commit: Caution in Business Decisions

Here is this morning's draw. I'm up and dressed earlier than usual. Not so much at this moment, I guess, since it's almost 7:30am now, but I've been up for a good while already. Well, back up, I'm often up early because my daughter has been waking early and my husband leaves for work at 4:45am, so I frequently have a hard time going back to sleep, but this morning I felt more alert than usual--which is odd considering I tossed and turned last night, possibly from having tea too late in the evening. I already threw in some laundry, gave my daughter food and vitamins, and posting a blog post. Usually I am not doing that for a couple hours yet. Maybe it's a sign of the nutritional things I've been doing, including the phytonutrient supplementation? I'm not sure.

Either way, I'm glad that I don't feel completely wiped out today. Onward to the reading!

I decided to attempt a quad of cards with the gorgeous Tattered Nomad Oracle by Shaheen Miro. It really is so nice and right up my alley. I love its beauty but also its quirkiness, which is also really swell. The vintage images but also the unusual/dark sense of humor of it really speaks to me. Anyhow. The quad consists of Roads, Mountain, Snake and Ring. Keep in mind I'm just 'going with it' and my experience with Lenormand is limited.

My instinct, as it is with many types of oracles, is to both pair these cards off and also read it as a whole. Right off the bat I feel like pairing Roads with Mountain, giving a kind of nature hike sort of feel, but with challenges. That mountain isn't going to be too easy to climb! Maybe when I get to the top I'll appreciate the view and the exercise, but since I'm out of shape I'll probably huff and puff the entire way up. That's the visual I got when seeing this duo. It felt more long-standing, something that is taking a while, which fits with the interpretations I've read regarding Mountain. Mountain can show a challenge, and also something that may be slow-moving. In Shaheen's description he mentions obstacles, a load of work, delays and decisions, but also stability. Makes sense.

When I see Roads as the first card I see that decision-making has a strong influence on the reading. I got this card yesterday when I did a short reading about business things. Actually I did a few business readings, but one of them had Roads in it, along with Mice, which my husband and I interpreted to mean anxiety about making a decision business-wise, which is pretty accurate. So today we see a repeat card in Roads, showing up front and center. I also think the decision feeling is strengthened by the mention of decisions in the Mountain card. I feel a bit torn looking at both of the cards. Roads is more whimsical than Mountain. It even talks about a need to let go, but Mountain is about stability. Which is true? Maybe both. There may be a need to let go of some things, but hold on to others. For instance, maybe I need to let go of certain expectations or ways to approach business, especially with my current venture but also in general, and also a need to be more slow-moving and stable in my approach.

Moving on to the bottom row we have Snake and Ring. This one feels a bit iffy! First impression is to be wary of making any intense commitments to anything right now. The Snake points to bad decisions and deception, and the Ring indicates commitment and contracts, partnership with someone. Since I feel this reading is largely about business, I think that this would show a need for caution in these matters.

All in all it seems like what this reading may be saying is that I may not gain clarity into this topic yet so a decision may not be forthcoming and, in fact, it may be beneficial not to make any final or far-reaching decisions until later down the road. My fight or flight response always tells me to go, go, go. Finish this, stop that, try this new thing! But sometimes you just don't have clarity and if you try to force it, something just goes wrong or you waste money, etc.

I'll take this as a sign to stay put and not do anything too decisive.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

July's Tea Leaf Fortunes Forecast

For some reason I'm already thinking of July. It's only the 12th of June, but there you have it! I guess curiosity got the better of me, and maybe June has been tiring so far. Not sure why--maybe it's the heat, maybe it's my husband's job which has been super busy and I feel like I haven't seen him nearly enough (which is usually a comfort to me), and my daughter has been a bit crankier lately and waking early a lot. I'm not exactly complaining (maybe a little), because I know there are many worse things that could be happening! Things are fine, just a little 'blah'. I'm a little concerned about money, too, although I don't really see that coming up in these cards for July.

Either way, I realize that the main source of my stress is probably my daughter's upcoming school in late August. I feel especially nervous with her mood and sleep issues still going on. I feel pressured to get things right--but I know nothing will keep me from worrying except just getting on with things, jumping into the icy cold waters of risk even though I'd rather climb into bed and put the covers over my head.

So let us see what we have here:

Bouquet: Compliments from an admirer.
Feather: Someone you know is undependable, insincere.
Ant: Work, achievement, success.
Knot: Unsuccessful plans.

Alright--well, I am going to take a stab at deciphering these, although time will tell what they meant. I am going to try to be more specific and see how accurate I am, but it's just as good to make a few guesses and then see what happens.

When I look at these the first instinct was to pair them: Bouquet with Feather, Ant with Knot. You could also pair the negatives with the negatives and the positives with the positives (Ant+Bouquet, Knot+Feather), but anyway. I'll go with the first way, which is what I thought in the first place. It looked like the Bouquet+Feather showed some sort of insincere flattery from someone, or perhaps someone who means well but has no real intention of following through in any meaningful way.

Looking at the other pair we have work and unsuccessful plans. This points directly to some work-related thing falling apart. This makes sense to me, as I've had some work ideas with my venture that seem to be disintegrating, due partially to circumstances and also to my own feelings about it. In the past, whenever I've received knot, it shows something not working out as planned, and usually it's for the best, but we might not see it that way at the time. On my part, I really feel like it isn't such a bad thing. I've left situations, sometimes in record time, only to be greatly relieved that I had done so. Life is full of differing time lengths and styles of interaction--sometimes we have a long partnership with something or someone, other times it ends quickly for almost inconceivable and unforeseen reasons.

For instance, I got the Knot card for not doing the Etsy shop for my business. I've also gotten the Pail card, which has more of an emergency feeling to it--like--whoa--better get out of this one fast! This happened when we were looking for houses and they kept falling through.  I've also gotten the Knot card when I realized that the methyl b-12 injections for my daughter had to be stopped due to bad side effects which were not resolved (this was after having done it several times before in previous years/attempts). I think I've received it for other things but at the moment I can't recall them. In each instance, they seemed unequivocally to indicate that something would not work out.

It's like trying to blow up a kiddie pool with a big hole in it. It will deflate. Sorry--stupid analogy, but my daughter's pool was defective and we had to get a replacement yesterday. Another card that represents things not working out is 'Broken Bridge'...and I have gotten that card for a few things, too. Generally speaking, the Broken Bridge card is a little bit traumatic, but generally it just comes with a bit of stress, and that could be said of life in general. Sort of like 'Tower Lite™' if you will.

In essence, I guess I'm saying the difference between the 'Pail' and 'Knot' cards has been, for me, speed. The Pail card seems to transpire in a quicker, nervier fashion. The Knot card is like a gradual unraveling, as if a knot that was poorly tied is coming undone over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Or it's fraying. Either way, it's taking longer than the Pail card, as if a pail was knocked over carelessly in a moment.

The question, as with almost every reading done with the tarot, what area is most effected by these cards. Is it work? Is it friendship? Is it both? Is it neither? I would say that work is probably the primary focus since it is specifically mentioned and has been on my mind.

Another possible take on this is things look good at first (the first two cards in each line) but underneath, things are not really working out. That is an interesting way to look at it. But no matter how you slice it--things are just not working out as they should.

That is all! I will update at the end of July. I'll also update for June, but not until the end of June.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phone App Pictures

I procured some free apps on my phone recently for tarot-related purposes. This one has a variety of decks, most of which I don't own (except the Housewives Tarot). I believe this app is called 'The Tarot Sampler' which I suppose is an apt name. I am not entirely sure how many decks it features, I think maybe a half a dozen.

Anyway--that is all, I suppose.


Mending Bridges, Heart Messages

Here are a couple of cards I pulled from the Gateway Oracle. I have to say I am not yet sure what these mean, but they seem to indicate some sort of mending for a relationship or friendship--maybe a misunderstanding or problem. I will definitely keep my eye out for what this refers to.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation and Feeling Safe

This is an interesting combination. I pulled these recently (maybe a few days ago), and they pertain to a short vacation we'll be taking next week and possibly the week after that, depending on what we can schedule.  What they brought to mind is how tense/nervous I get while traveling at times. First of all, I'm not always sure how my daughter will do. With some lingering sensory issues and some ADHD as well as mood issues, it can be unpleasant at times (and sometimes just downright impossible) to travel.

Then, on top of that, I have my own sensory issues and anxieties. I belong to a family (who I adore, mind you) who loves to share food and drink and the like--and I have a bit of a germ phobia (well, at least where sharing body fluids like saliva and blood are concerned). I just don't share their enthusiasm for that. I feel like my personal boundaries need to be stronger, and it just makes me nervous. Anyway, it's not something I usually talk about on here.

So, all of this, including financial concerns, makes me nervous to travel, but at the same time I really want to break outside of my usual routine and also see people who I don't get to see very often. Part of how I mitigate this stress of visiting family or friends is by booking a hotel for the night or two that I'm visiting, so that we have separate space to retreat to if we're overwhelmed--if my daughter is a bit fussy or overstimulated, or also if I am. I just prefer having my own space, even if it costs extra money. Ever since I was a kid I remember a feeling of just wanting to get away from the hubbub, the noise and chaos. I'm just very sensitive to sensory stimuli.

I think everyone experiences some degree of stress when traveling, or visiting, and it just depends on their particular issues or relationship with their family. I recognize the need to make plans in order for us to feel safe as well as less stressed. That's what I saw in these cards.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Toxic Fog Lifting: Awakening Your True Self

This is a card I received yesterday evening. Great sentiment, isn't it? At first I kind of pooh-poohed the meaning, finding it over-the-top, grandiose and more than a little delusion. My TRUE SELF? My natural identity? Seems kind of silly. But then...I began to re-think things this morning and I realized that there is actually quite a bit of truth to this.

Over the past several months (really since late last year, but arguably before that), I've felt crappier and crappier, both emotionally and physically. My energy is lower than it ever has been, I've had a slew of unpleasant symptoms on top of old symptoms I had before that, and I seemed to continually slide on a downward, decline of a trajectory rather than an improvement trajectory. I couldn't quite figure out what it was that was bothering me. On top of that, I got sick no less than four times since December, each sickness lasting a minimum of two weeks, and over a month in one case. But in-between times, I never seemed to recover fully. My immune system seemed especially battered, which was not really normal for me. In the past, when I've gotten sick, I would feel off for a week maybe, then be fine, and not get sick again for quite some time.  Something was definitely up!

Anyway. Long story short: I got a grim report from my (former) naturopath fearful for my health, even suggesting I might have heart disease, recommending a work-up with a cardiologist. But I did not feel this was correct. My intuition said otherwise. My symptoms said otherwise. There were only one or two symptoms which might point toward heart issues, but I think she was fearful of this because of some things we'd talked about in the past. Couple that with having been ill with one virus or bacteria after the other, I felt I was still contending with things along those lines.

Fast forward to April, I decided to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for my symptoms, wondering if it was a hiatal hernia or GERD. He did some adjustments, and I did feel somewhat better for a few days, but the symptoms were not entirely gone. I spoke to him about it and he suggested I try NRT (nutrition response testing) which is a testing process pinpointing what areas and organs are effected. I set up the appointment (this was after a few weeks of adjustments), and in early May I had the testing done, which took approximately half an hour. He found some weakness in my thyroid, some digestive stuff, and some immune challenge from a virus. To me it made perfect sense and matched some of my experiences and health concerns, as I had been feebly trying to support my thyroid with my naturopath, which had yielded minimal results.

I began the regime we'd outlined and started to feel noticeably better over the next week. After three weeks, however, I started to feel considerably worse--it was as if all of my symptoms that I'd had in the past several months were all concentrated in a few days. I told the chiro about this and he said this was not uncommon and a large part of why I got better and then worse was due to switching. He tested me again (and the test was repeatable, which was gratifying to me, since results being repeatable is definitely valuable), and saw I still had some similar issues, the virus was not entirely gone yet, but in addition there was a bacterial challenge. So we added some support for that, and it showed that my need for some of the other supports was a bit higher, so we adjusted that.

On the day of the re-test (which was on Thursday) I had been absolutely miserable, as I mentioned, showing insane levels of pain, fatigue and the ache that had been concerning me, along with nausea and a bunch of other things. I dragged myself out of bed only to take care of my daughter and do a few minor chores, dragging myself back into bed whenever possible. I kept thinking, 'Wow! What is wrong with me?' I've dealt with fatigue, pain, and other issues many times before but it just seemed particularly pronounced. When I went to the appointment and then returned home, I took the recommended supplements and adjusted amounts. The next day, after one more dose of the various things, almost all of my symptoms were entirely gone, though some fatigue remained, which was understandable given I had gone to bed late and my daughter woke me up early (4:30am).

Today I feel even better, though still again slightly fatigued, which would still make sense considering a need to catch up on some sleep. Very little pain, no other symptoms that I can discern. I have to say that I am impressed. I've been considerably achey, uncomfortable, fatigued, congested and exhausted over the past several days (which is what lead me to re-test). Anyway...I am seriously rambling here. But my point is--I do feel considerably better than I did.

Oh, I almost forgot. The other thing that showed up as a problem was food preservatives. This made immediate sense to me, as we've been going out to eat way too much lately. The ironic reason why we've been going out to eat more is that I have felt so unwell lately--sickly, exhausted, headachey, etc--that I haven't felt like cooking! But eating out at restaurants and such has the unpleasant side effect of making you feel crappy! GMO foods, food preservatives, additives and excitotoxins are very common in conventional foods found in restaurants. And because it's a restaurant they often use preservatives and things to keep their costs down. This has really opened my eyes and I only intend to eat out on rare occasions, now. My husband feels sick after eating out more than once in a row. He has commented on this phenomenon several times in the past, particularly if he's traveling and has to eat out more than once.

Anyway...that is my rambling story. Please forgive me. Hahaa. I really am impressed by this process, however strange, and I've found the results valuable. In the short period of time I've been working on this I've seen marked results, which is more than I can say for a lot of things!

Oh, before I's another card I received yesterday as a confirmation of this process, which, at present, involves detoxing that crap from my system. I also included the affirmation it listed in the book:

Here's to uncovering our real selves, as well as getting rid of bad habits.

Much Love,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fire: Burning Pains of Change and Lighting My Inner Fire

Here is today's card. I love this image for some reason. I like the painterly artwork in this deck in general, actually. Anyway. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this card, but I will attempt to speculate on what I think it means for me!

The concepts listed in this card make sense to me and seem pertinent. I do feel like I've been stuck in a rut for a long time, and my energy level has been very low. What else to get you going than a fire under your @$$? I do need a break in routine, too, and I was just talking to my husband about that. We scheduled a short break coming up soon, but I fear we may fall into old habits again. I hope not! Habits can be helpful, assuming they are healthy habits, but they can also be a prison.

I also agree with the independence thing. I often feel dependent on my husband, and even on my daughter, for making up my identity. In truth, we are all dependent on one another, but there are times when we just need to strike out on our own and feel like we are resourceful and self-sufficient in and of ourselves. That, or we just may need some peace and quiet, time to ourselves.

As the time when my daughter enters school draws nearer, even though I realize that it means more time to myself and more independence, I find myself feeling panicked, upset and fretful rather than free. I know that there will be some difficulty adjusting--if not for her then certainly for me. I have grown so accustomed to having my daughter with me here, as she has been for more than seven years. Losing that constancy will be like a kind of death--and fire can be painful. I see that aspect to this card, too. I am not being melodramatic! Being a parent (but really, being a human in general), from my own experiences and my own observations, is a pretty prickly business. It isn't the idyllic scene that we would hope it to be. For me, it has been a serious trial by fire, and I doubt that will stop any time soon.

I am going to try to see the positive in these changes. Burning off the old, though painful, is just necessary sometimes. As a friend of mine told me recently: everything changes. If we resist the change we'll become crumbling monoliths, murky visions of our former selves. I would like to brush off my old identity and find something new and interesting to take me on an adventure, but right now that just sounds...tiring. I crave the comfort of the old, the familiar ruts.  This fall is going to be interesting to say the least. My emotional nature doesn't make change very smooth, either. Ah, well!

I will try to heed the words of this card: "Have courage during this time of transition. Know that all is well."

Hope you all have a pleasant end of the week!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cow: Nourishment and Abundance

I have an app on my iPhone, which I heard about through Shaheen, which is the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards.  He said he liked the reading he got through it, so I decided to get it. It's the only app I have right now, because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on apps. Well, actually, my husband put a crossword app on my phone so he could use it occasionally. :)

Anyway, I like this message. How often do we think there isn't enough of anything? Whether it be time, money, compassion, resources of any's hard not to get lost in a feeling of lack. But often, this is more a function of our own thinking, our own limitations, than it is of reality.

Here's the card I got today. COW! To see the image of the Cow, go to this blog page. This is a feature of the app: you can send the reading to yourself via e-mail or message. Unfortunately that doesn't include the image of the card, which I think is unfortunate, but I still like the program.

Well, I could ramble on for a few hours but I am a bit headachey today. Hope you all have a nice day.


Unicorn's Gift: Innocence & Honesty

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lady's Mantle: Taking Time to Heal Myself

Here's the card I chose for today: Lady's Mantle. Very interesting indeed. I think this is appropriate. Today I have an appointment with my chiropractor. I was asking myself if I had noticed improvements. I have noticed some here and there, but in other ways I have not noticed nearly as many as I would like. But I think I would like to be more patient with my own healing. Healing takes time and focus.

I think this card also speaks to me of how tiring motherhood can be, and how mothers (parents in general, too) often get drained and don't attend to their own well-being as they might their children. Or perhaps they don't feel they have the energy to attend to anything--themselves or their children or their projects. There are many days when I feel the latter. I think many moms judge themselves if they feel exhausted or don't want to do the laundry or whatever it is. Right now I am going to let the pile of laundry sit there for a couple more hours, or maybe until tomorrow if that is the way it is going to be. There are worse things that could happen than a pile up of laundry. I did some laundry folding yesterday and cooking and other such things. I think it's better to focus on what I have done.

Anyway...this is a good reminder of self-care for both my health and my sanity.

Sending everyone a dose of sanity.


Monday, June 3, 2013

A Sunny Trio: Lucid Dream, Stairs and Spring

Not the greatest photo, and taken in dim light, but the effect is kinda cool

This reading seems very similar to many of the other readings I've done lately! This trio is especially cheerful and yellow-hued. It seems, if judging from the descriptions is a good idea, that some sort of renewal or new interest in a project or idea, along with appropriate direction and timing, is at hand. Other than that I've decided not to really analyze it too much.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Early June Message

This deck already has quite a bit of sparkle and blueness, so I added more, naturally...
I pulled these cards a few hours ago and they are supposed to represent the first week or so of June. I noticed right away the color theme of white and silver. The cards do the basic explaining for me, so I really don't have to do anything much or expound upon the key words, but I may anyway. Hah!

For some reason I read the last card first (Silver) and I opened up the booklet to see what additional insight would be offered and my eye immediately rested on the sentence:

"It is time to go public with your work."

WTF? That seems very specific. I felt like the deck climbed into my brain and set up camp!

The funny thing is that I was expecting a very vague, very New Agey, very airy fairy reply about love and light and twinkles and stuff. But this spoke to me a concise manner.  But wait, there's more!

"This project make take a gestation period of up to nine months to arrive at completion."

If you read that you think, 'Oh swell!' (Insert sarcasm), but it does make sense given my situation. My little business/project has been on a very slow boil. But is that necessarily bad?  Because...

"Prosperity is flowing to you now."
In a general sense, this card asks what stage you are in and it talks about seeking wisdom from within. Here's one of the other bulleted points that goes well with the others:

"Acknowledge the ebb and flow of life to help you have patience in this situation."

The White card talks about enlightenment, wisdom, connection to a source, a knowing, etc. I think this makes me think about knowing what to do when you contact your higher self. Trusting intuition, etc. This is something I try to do as much as I can, especially if I'm feeling frantic or anxious about something.

The New/Waxing Moon card has a very good quote in it that shows things that are still in the planning stages can move forward, especially with power and intention behind them:

"As the moon grows, so do your goals come closer to being realized. Be sure to put action behind them."

Anyway, I do think there are great leaps that can be made with strong intentions, goals and some elbow grease. My problem, I believe, is that I tend to burn out too quickly. My challenge is to slow down rather than try to do everything in a great fiery burst. Although I may find this boring or too slow at times, I think it's ultimately more rewarding. Things don't survive if you walk away from them and are always starting new things. That's a hard lesson sometimes--especially for someone who is impatient or insecure...but true.

The last bullet point in this description talked about stretching your comfort zone by trying some new things, but in my case a 'new thing' would be, perhaps, sticking with something and not doubting my ability or worrying obsessively over whatever IT is.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Steering Wheel Reading: Reaching for Your Dreams with Passion & Support

Note to concerned readers: I was not driving when this was taken, and the car was parked! ;D

I went on a short break today while my husband stayed home with our daughter. Now he's off on break--we like to trade off so that we can have time to ourselves. Anyway...I wasn't sure what I felt like doing, but I felt drawn to get another oracle deck. OY. As if I need any?!! But I am happy I got this one because I think it is a gem! No pun intended with the fire opal in the middle there.

This deck is 'Angel Dreams' Oracle Cards. It's by Doreen Virtue and her daughter-in-law Melissa. I don't know much about that and don't really care, but I very much enjoy the artwork on this--which is very painterly and genuine. Artists don't seem to get enough credit when it comes to illustrating decks. A lot of the time their name isn't even mentioned in decks even though their artwork is instrumental in making the feel of the deck! Anyway...I won't go on a rant about how artists are still subjugated and undervalued in our culture...just use your imagination! ;)

The cards have a lot of symbolism and are in categories such as objects, colors, seasons, herbs, stones/gems, elements and activities. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting a syrupy deck with nothing but angels. I think that, for some reason, the syrupy decks can often be quite specific and accurate. I don't know why this is...maybe it's the straight-forwardness. Anyway. That's the original reason why I purchased this, but it turned out to be better than I originally thought!

The first card I pulled is 'Reaching for Your Dreams' with the subtitle of 'Go for it'...which seems like a very encouraging card in a general sense. The trouble, then, would be determining what exactly my dreams are. My husband has a similar problem right now. He's been gathering information, trying to see what in the world inspires him.  It's a challenging activity because I think we often undermine our own desires by quickly eliminating them as possibilities without a second thought.

When we come to the second card we see a stone: fire opal. What a lovely stone the fire opal is, full of energy and twinkling color. I thought they were fake when I first saw them. I think I purchased a pair of fire opal earrings a long time ago. This card talks about being sensual, being confident, releasing shame, connecting with your body, and also being creative. Many of these things are things you'd associate with a fire sign person (such as myself, technically!) but I often feel disconnected from this. This card certainly seems to highlight them.

In the final card we see an altar with images of loved ones who have passed and the like.  This reminds me of something my dad does every Day of the Dead. The ritual honors those who have passed. Often we'll make sugar skulls for the altar, or hang colorful papel picado. The idea is of honoring the memory of the person who is no longer with us. This card talks about love and support from those beyond the grave, but since I have no evidence or medium-like connection with such things I will only say that I can see it mostly as a kind of gentle nod of recognition of the strong ties of family, and the support they give, even after death.

Both of my grandfathers are now dead--one died a few months ago, and I have not fully processed it. I was not particularly close to him, partially due to distance, and partially due to maybe not totally understanding him and the family dynamic. But I certainly loved and respected him, the same as my other grandfather who passed some years ago. Sometimes connection is painful when we know that we're going to lose these people. However we choose to remember and honor them is appropriate for us, and I think this fall I will honor my grandfathers with a little shrine and a thank you for all of the dedication and hard work and encouragement they've given all of their children and grandchildren over the years--and the financial support they gave by working for the majority of their lives.

So I guess the main message is to be confident with my creative abilities, in whatever form they take, because I'll soon be dead (you know what I mean!) and if I don't do these things no one will do them for me--no matter how supportive family or friends may be.