Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Nine Card Career Reading for My Husband

Nine card spread. I found this video about doing a nine card spread, about to watch it.

I'm still a neophyte when it comes to Lenormand, but I am working on it! This system is not as natural to me as tarot, probably because I am insecure about my skills with it, and the fact that I only began practicing, sporadically, over the past year. With that in mind, I'm asking any Lenormand experts out there to have a crack at this spread!

I pulled these about my husband, mainly focusing on a career change in the near future. Is it possible? What is the outlook? All of the cards were chosen randomly. I noted that the 'Fish' card showed up in the middle as the main focus so to me this was a confirmation of the main issue on his mind which is changing careers, as it represents money and business, etc.

Snakes and roads showed up and I remembered Chloë's comment on snakes, that they can mean a winding path, which seems almost a strengthening of the meaning of roads--decisions, winding paths. This made me think that maybe making the decision was one of the more difficult aspects of the query. But again, I don't have much experience reading these card so I can't say for sure.

We have both the Man and Woman card, which I assumed would be myself and my husband, but I am not sure. These are almost too general to say, but that is what came to mind when I saw them.

In the top row we have Umbrella which is a bonus card in Shaheen's deck. It's a wonderfully optimistic and happy bonus card that talks about optimism, clear direction and triumph. It made me smile when seeing the description and looking at the image. The whole thing reminded me of the happy parts of Mary Poppins, where anything was possible if you believed.

The cards next to Umbrella are Stars and Anchor. Stars added another layer of validity to the message of Umbrella, showing optimism, destiny and direction once again. To me it felt like 'follow your dreams' as a message, but maybe I'm being too naive about it? Either way, I liked the feel of those cards.

However, when I came to Anchor I admit I wasn't entirely sure what to think. The first things that sprang to mind were that a.) my husband values security quite a bit, which Anchor represents, and b.) he may feel 'stuck' and 'anchored' to his current job. If so, I really think the cards show that there are other possibilities, other choices available.

Going down the line, we also have Tower, which shows a structure, business, school or other big organization. My husband works for a large oil company, a fact which actually bothers him, even though he is an environmental point of contact and ensures that safety recommendations are followed to the letter. I think he would love to get away from big business, specifically 'Big Oil'. His desire is to use his expertise with environmental stuff to work in that field, but he is worried he will not be qualified for most positions. I know he'd love to use his keen investigative skills and problem-solving brain toward something really meaningful.

I hope he can catch a ride on that Umbrella and find something that is meaningful to him.



  1. I'm clueless about Lenormand. Still trying to get a firm handle on tarot. But the Umbrella card reminds me of the book, "What Color is Your Parachute?" which is about finding a career and a job that suits you. Interesting!

    1. Yeah, me too. Thankfully there are a lot less Lenormand cards than tarot cards, but at times the system is more complex. But I think divination is as simple or complex as you make it!

      That is interesting. I think we might've even owned that book? That is a big part of the search--what really resonates with him.


  2. Hi MM,

    In terms of traditional ways of reading Lenormand, these cards make a lot of sense to me. Normally, you take the four corners as the theme of the reading. So, here, it's about a Man's job (Anchor, for me, is my main "work" card), and around optimism regarding the ability to make choices (Umbrella and Roads). At the heart of it all is the question of money (Fish) as you already noted.

    And the answer from the cards: the Stars suggest planning; Snake can also be about boundaries as well as a winding path; Woman would traditionally be you, but it could also be a woman who is or will be important to him in a work context; and the Tower is about institutions, but can also be about feeling safe, and about studying. I'd read that as "make clear plans, expect some detours along the way, consult with a woman about it (probably talking it through with you...), and consider both the advantages and disadvantages of staying within an institutional framework, and whether he might need to do some studying while still in this job, in order to qualify for the job he wants.

    You can also read them in rows. Optimistic plans about work are on his mind (Umbrella, Stars, Anchor). Slippery issues around money especially concerning two females, as the Snake can be a 'woman' card, too (Snake, Fish, Woman). As the main bread-winner, he has to think about both you and P when making this kind of decision. And a Man facing a choice around an institution (Man, Tower, Roads).

    Wishing you both good luck in figuring out the best course for the future of your family!

    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you very much, Chlöe!

      I had a feeling you'd have some good input. :D I appreciate it.

      I will be sure to pass it along to him to look at. I think he can use any kind of guidance to help figuring things out, as he often hesitates a lot before doing anything...being a double Libra and all, weighing all the sides of everything.

      I also have been considering my own role in making money, especially after P goes to school, but I will have some restrictions and I admit I am also very picky...and unsure of myself. I've been giving these things a lot of thought but haven't come very far with them.

      Hope you're having a good day.

      Happy Hump Day Hugs,