Sunday, June 30, 2013

Donkey & Deer: Worry & Wait

Here are two cards I pulled this morning. I didn't have anything major on my mind, except for the month of July in general. The phrase that popped into my mind was 'wait and worry' or 'worry and wait' if read left to right. The Five of Fossils (aka pentacles) often depicts financial or physical/material burdens. In this case I burden is shown literally on the back of a donkey.  There's a phrase in the booklet which I find interesting:

"Use hardship to find out more about yourself."

Hrm. Not very endearing. Hahaha. Oh well. Actually the rest of the description is fairly positive or neutral, but the key words mention difficulty. Illness, lethargy, loss of income...etc. Oh, joy! :)

Anyway. I think this makes sense for the month of July, as it's the month leading up to my daughter going to school in August. I've been worrying about it for months, and it seems unlikely I'll be able to stop worrying about it now, right before it happens. I have tried but at this point I am going to try to accept my anxiety about it, knowing there's nothing I can do about it besides see what happens.
"There is reason for your struggle--see clearly and accept responsibility for your role."

Oye...fair enough. Not a fun message but, I suppose, a necessary one. The Five of Pentacles is not really a favorite card for most people, as it speaks of financial, physical or other struggle, and also a fear of lack. This card is a kind of encouraging warning, asking me to persevere despite hardship.

The other card is the Seven of Fossils (aka Pentacles) which is similar in some ways to the Five of Fossils, since it requires patience and perseverance. In this case, the idea of pause is highlighted. I find something unique in this description, which is the following:

"Seven of Fossils signals a creative crossroads, a moment of potential revelation and possible change of direction."

And, haha, I have to point out this description as an acknowledgement of my own impatience:

"This card may signal difficulty for those easily frustrated, who just want to 'be done' with a project. Breathe deep; you know that haste stifles growth. Take your time; learn the value of patience."

So, what do I take from this reading? That patience, perseverance and other preparations are greatly important, especially for those who worry, or those or are quick to move on before it's time to reap the harvest of change.



  1. I'm not so good with those "wait and see" or "persevere" readings. Ah patience. :-)