Saturday, June 8, 2013

Toxic Fog Lifting: Awakening Your True Self

This is a card I received yesterday evening. Great sentiment, isn't it? At first I kind of pooh-poohed the meaning, finding it over-the-top, grandiose and more than a little delusion. My TRUE SELF? My natural identity? Seems kind of silly. But then...I began to re-think things this morning and I realized that there is actually quite a bit of truth to this.

Over the past several months (really since late last year, but arguably before that), I've felt crappier and crappier, both emotionally and physically. My energy is lower than it ever has been, I've had a slew of unpleasant symptoms on top of old symptoms I had before that, and I seemed to continually slide on a downward, decline of a trajectory rather than an improvement trajectory. I couldn't quite figure out what it was that was bothering me. On top of that, I got sick no less than four times since December, each sickness lasting a minimum of two weeks, and over a month in one case. But in-between times, I never seemed to recover fully. My immune system seemed especially battered, which was not really normal for me. In the past, when I've gotten sick, I would feel off for a week maybe, then be fine, and not get sick again for quite some time.  Something was definitely up!

Anyway. Long story short: I got a grim report from my (former) naturopath fearful for my health, even suggesting I might have heart disease, recommending a work-up with a cardiologist. But I did not feel this was correct. My intuition said otherwise. My symptoms said otherwise. There were only one or two symptoms which might point toward heart issues, but I think she was fearful of this because of some things we'd talked about in the past. Couple that with having been ill with one virus or bacteria after the other, I felt I was still contending with things along those lines.

Fast forward to April, I decided to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for my symptoms, wondering if it was a hiatal hernia or GERD. He did some adjustments, and I did feel somewhat better for a few days, but the symptoms were not entirely gone. I spoke to him about it and he suggested I try NRT (nutrition response testing) which is a testing process pinpointing what areas and organs are effected. I set up the appointment (this was after a few weeks of adjustments), and in early May I had the testing done, which took approximately half an hour. He found some weakness in my thyroid, some digestive stuff, and some immune challenge from a virus. To me it made perfect sense and matched some of my experiences and health concerns, as I had been feebly trying to support my thyroid with my naturopath, which had yielded minimal results.

I began the regime we'd outlined and started to feel noticeably better over the next week. After three weeks, however, I started to feel considerably worse--it was as if all of my symptoms that I'd had in the past several months were all concentrated in a few days. I told the chiro about this and he said this was not uncommon and a large part of why I got better and then worse was due to switching. He tested me again (and the test was repeatable, which was gratifying to me, since results being repeatable is definitely valuable), and saw I still had some similar issues, the virus was not entirely gone yet, but in addition there was a bacterial challenge. So we added some support for that, and it showed that my need for some of the other supports was a bit higher, so we adjusted that.

On the day of the re-test (which was on Thursday) I had been absolutely miserable, as I mentioned, showing insane levels of pain, fatigue and the ache that had been concerning me, along with nausea and a bunch of other things. I dragged myself out of bed only to take care of my daughter and do a few minor chores, dragging myself back into bed whenever possible. I kept thinking, 'Wow! What is wrong with me?' I've dealt with fatigue, pain, and other issues many times before but it just seemed particularly pronounced. When I went to the appointment and then returned home, I took the recommended supplements and adjusted amounts. The next day, after one more dose of the various things, almost all of my symptoms were entirely gone, though some fatigue remained, which was understandable given I had gone to bed late and my daughter woke me up early (4:30am).

Today I feel even better, though still again slightly fatigued, which would still make sense considering a need to catch up on some sleep. Very little pain, no other symptoms that I can discern. I have to say that I am impressed. I've been considerably achey, uncomfortable, fatigued, congested and exhausted over the past several days (which is what lead me to re-test). Anyway...I am seriously rambling here. But my point is--I do feel considerably better than I did.

Oh, I almost forgot. The other thing that showed up as a problem was food preservatives. This made immediate sense to me, as we've been going out to eat way too much lately. The ironic reason why we've been going out to eat more is that I have felt so unwell lately--sickly, exhausted, headachey, etc--that I haven't felt like cooking! But eating out at restaurants and such has the unpleasant side effect of making you feel crappy! GMO foods, food preservatives, additives and excitotoxins are very common in conventional foods found in restaurants. And because it's a restaurant they often use preservatives and things to keep their costs down. This has really opened my eyes and I only intend to eat out on rare occasions, now. My husband feels sick after eating out more than once in a row. He has commented on this phenomenon several times in the past, particularly if he's traveling and has to eat out more than once.

Anyway...that is my rambling story. Please forgive me. Hahaa. I really am impressed by this process, however strange, and I've found the results valuable. In the short period of time I've been working on this I've seen marked results, which is more than I can say for a lot of things!

Oh, before I's another card I received yesterday as a confirmation of this process, which, at present, involves detoxing that crap from my system. I also included the affirmation it listed in the book:

Here's to uncovering our real selves, as well as getting rid of bad habits.

Much Love,


  1. Glad you are feeling better, MM. Great info here. Totally interested in the NRT testing. I did a quick google check for my town here in Canada but didn't find anything easily. Will have to look into it further. You are so right about eating out. Having a hard time getting my kitchen stocked with good, healthy, whole foods ... so I end up going out for lunch many days and not eating as I should after work lately. And I wonder why I continue to not feel my best. Duh. I know better. Your words have inspired me to get back on track.

    Thinking of you and hoping you continue feeling well and only crave healthful foods and beverages lol :))

    1. Hi Carol!

      I hope you are well. I so need to catch up on my blog commenting. Apologies for neglecting yours!

      Yes, you should try it! Especially if you have some active complaints that are bothering you. If you know any chiropractors who are covered by insurance it is worth a go. I don't know what the prices are without insurance, but for me it was tremendously cheaper than seeing my naturopath.

      It is really easy to go out to eat--and heck--who can blame someone for wanting to have other people cook for them? It's great! Haha. But unfortunately those foods are often not organic and loaded with fertilizer residue, food additives and preservatives and also a lot of extra salt and sugar.

      My goal at present is to cut way back on going out (only four times a month). It's tough some months because I just feel worn down or don't want to cook-but I am going to try. :) Also, I am going to try to go places that are not big chain restaurants--local places that have some local ingredients and are less likely to be contaminated and loaded with junk.

      Anyway, little steps can be surprisingly helpful--we'll see!

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment and good luck!