Wednesday, June 12, 2013

July's Tea Leaf Fortunes Forecast

For some reason I'm already thinking of July. It's only the 12th of June, but there you have it! I guess curiosity got the better of me, and maybe June has been tiring so far. Not sure why--maybe it's the heat, maybe it's my husband's job which has been super busy and I feel like I haven't seen him nearly enough (which is usually a comfort to me), and my daughter has been a bit crankier lately and waking early a lot. I'm not exactly complaining (maybe a little), because I know there are many worse things that could be happening! Things are fine, just a little 'blah'. I'm a little concerned about money, too, although I don't really see that coming up in these cards for July.

Either way, I realize that the main source of my stress is probably my daughter's upcoming school in late August. I feel especially nervous with her mood and sleep issues still going on. I feel pressured to get things right--but I know nothing will keep me from worrying except just getting on with things, jumping into the icy cold waters of risk even though I'd rather climb into bed and put the covers over my head.

So let us see what we have here:

Bouquet: Compliments from an admirer.
Feather: Someone you know is undependable, insincere.
Ant: Work, achievement, success.
Knot: Unsuccessful plans.

Alright--well, I am going to take a stab at deciphering these, although time will tell what they meant. I am going to try to be more specific and see how accurate I am, but it's just as good to make a few guesses and then see what happens.

When I look at these the first instinct was to pair them: Bouquet with Feather, Ant with Knot. You could also pair the negatives with the negatives and the positives with the positives (Ant+Bouquet, Knot+Feather), but anyway. I'll go with the first way, which is what I thought in the first place. It looked like the Bouquet+Feather showed some sort of insincere flattery from someone, or perhaps someone who means well but has no real intention of following through in any meaningful way.

Looking at the other pair we have work and unsuccessful plans. This points directly to some work-related thing falling apart. This makes sense to me, as I've had some work ideas with my venture that seem to be disintegrating, due partially to circumstances and also to my own feelings about it. In the past, whenever I've received knot, it shows something not working out as planned, and usually it's for the best, but we might not see it that way at the time. On my part, I really feel like it isn't such a bad thing. I've left situations, sometimes in record time, only to be greatly relieved that I had done so. Life is full of differing time lengths and styles of interaction--sometimes we have a long partnership with something or someone, other times it ends quickly for almost inconceivable and unforeseen reasons.

For instance, I got the Knot card for not doing the Etsy shop for my business. I've also gotten the Pail card, which has more of an emergency feeling to it--like--whoa--better get out of this one fast! This happened when we were looking for houses and they kept falling through.  I've also gotten the Knot card when I realized that the methyl b-12 injections for my daughter had to be stopped due to bad side effects which were not resolved (this was after having done it several times before in previous years/attempts). I think I've received it for other things but at the moment I can't recall them. In each instance, they seemed unequivocally to indicate that something would not work out.

It's like trying to blow up a kiddie pool with a big hole in it. It will deflate. Sorry--stupid analogy, but my daughter's pool was defective and we had to get a replacement yesterday. Another card that represents things not working out is 'Broken Bridge'...and I have gotten that card for a few things, too. Generally speaking, the Broken Bridge card is a little bit traumatic, but generally it just comes with a bit of stress, and that could be said of life in general. Sort of like 'Tower Lite™' if you will.

In essence, I guess I'm saying the difference between the 'Pail' and 'Knot' cards has been, for me, speed. The Pail card seems to transpire in a quicker, nervier fashion. The Knot card is like a gradual unraveling, as if a knot that was poorly tied is coming undone over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Or it's fraying. Either way, it's taking longer than the Pail card, as if a pail was knocked over carelessly in a moment.

The question, as with almost every reading done with the tarot, what area is most effected by these cards. Is it work? Is it friendship? Is it both? Is it neither? I would say that work is probably the primary focus since it is specifically mentioned and has been on my mind.

Another possible take on this is things look good at first (the first two cards in each line) but underneath, things are not really working out. That is an interesting way to look at it. But no matter how you slice it--things are just not working out as they should.

That is all! I will update at the end of July. I'll also update for June, but not until the end of June.



  1. I think the kiddie pool is a good analogy, and it helped me understand a little better. I can see myself spending a good bit of time blowing and blowing and not getting anywhere, when what is really needed is to throw the pool away and take my child to the public wading pool down the road instead. Once you find the alternative, easier and more natural path it will hit you as a no brainer, and what a relief that will be.

    1. Haha, I'm glad the analogy worked well for you. I guess it worked better than I initially thought. I guess I was thinking of how it took my husband hours to blow up that large kiddie pool (it's one of the slightly bigger ones for 2-3 people), even with the air compressor. Then after all that it ended up deflating partially in an hour and we had to return it. Defective! Sometimes life experiences seem defective, but I guess they also teach us something in the moment. :D