Sunday, June 30, 2013

Major Fail: Something is Amiss, but Whatever...

I pulled these cards a bit ago before the light starting to wane, and they are quite interesting. I actually added more cards to this reading but I thought this was more than enough to post, so I stuck with this number of cards. The original four cards were 'Knot', 'Broken Bridge' 'Feather' and 'Pail'...which is basically a quad of 'fail' cards. Yikes. Well, I wanted to know what this was referring to, so I pulled a card and got 'Dark Man', which I'm taking to mean a man of dark hair or complexion who is somehow intrinsically involved in this. Who could it be? My husband? Father? Brother? Someone else? I can't think of anyone else. I pulled a couple cards on either side and got 'Bowl' and 'Clouds' which seem to indicate that whatever goes wrong is merely a temporary problem and won't impact the finances, anyway.

I hope I can update this within the week. I will do my best to!