Friday, June 28, 2013

Money Maker: From Jellyfish to Wolf Woman

Following up on yesterday's money post, I have two cards from the Animal Wisdom Tarot.  I wanted a short and concise reading about my resistance to receiving, making money.

The first card of the duo is the 5 of Shells (aka 5 of Cups), which is one of my favorite cards in the deck. I love this jellyfish! It glows in the dark of the ocean, an effect I heightened somewhat in The first thought that came up was a kind of sadness and disappointment surrounding money and my ability to make it. Emotional dejection is a common interpretation for the 5 of Cups. The second impression I had was that a jellyfish is 'spineless' and has little form. It floats through the ocean and although it can sting it is also vulnerable due to its lack of skeletal structure. I often feel this way when dealing with material matters.

There is the positive side of the Jellyfish's vulnerability. Here's a quote from the booklet:

"Jellyfish guides us into vulnerability and acceptance, so that we feel and acknowledge our emotions. By releasing self-judgement we open to self-love and navigate deftly through the dark waters of the psyche."

In this case I feel that it speaks largely of the negative impact of regret, disappointment and despair. But I do think the positive connotation of vulnerability and self-examination is applicable as well.

In the second card we have what I hope to transition to, which is the 9 of Fossils (aka pentacles). This is the card I've seen time and again refer to the strong and able business woman (or man). It often shows someone who has their own business or is financially self-sufficient. This is never a way I would describe myself, but perhaps I need to tap into my own capability and/or honor my own contribution. I can expand my contribution if I accept money for my work.

To me the wolf seems strong. I like that the mantra for this card is to be true to yourself.

I think self-sabotage is a way of not being true to ourselves, maybe the worst way to break with our true selves since we do it almost without thinking. It becomes an insidious habit!

Here is hoping I can recapture my Inner Wolf Woman ™ and go forth and make some money, but more importantly, establish my own sense of self in a meaningful and confident way.



  1. It's funny, I can definitely see you in the jellyfish. Lots of beautiful colours, and able to really go with the flow. These are also skills and strong points. Yet, to become the wolf would also be a powerful thing, to accept that you can be fierce and determined and demanding, and still be part of the pack, loved and welcomed :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Kerry!

      Jellyfish are beautiful yet dangerous--hahaa. I remember stepping on one accidentally as a kid. Ouch.

      I am doing my best. So far I feel half-wounded jellyfish, half lame wolf. Haha. ;d

      Hope you have a lovely one,