Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yes or No Reading: Health Improvements and NRT

I'm starting a spiffy, new reading segment here at Magic Mentha! I'm going to pull a single card on a topic/question. I think readings can answer yes or no most of the time, except when there IS no yes or no answer.  This is something I've noticed over nearly 15 years of reading tarot.

Anyway. Here's my first guinea pig example. I was thinking about my experience with NRT, and I have been impressed overall even though I've had some snags along the way (one of which was food poisoning last week, which I'm starting to recover from), and today I'm going to pick up a supplement which my chiropractor is giving me free so I don't have to pay for it since I'm only taking it short term for a parasite problem, probably due to the food poisoning.

Overall I just really appreciate this process, but there's the big ole skeptic in me which says, 'what if there's nothing to this?' Well, in my opinion it's worth trying things, even if you're skeptical. I don't need hard, scientific evidence on everything, although I don't necessarily want to jump willy-nilly into something, either. I find that my intuitive responses to things are quite helpful in selection a regime for myself, or in making other decisions. I do what seems right for me. Then again, do I ALWAYS do what is right for me? No, of course not. I'm human, after all.

The phrasing of the question was along these lines:

Q: Can I expect to see excellent/very good improvements in my health using NRT?

A: Nine of Shells (Cups). The image is as you see above. To me this felt like a 'yes'. I often associate this card with the 'wish granted' card. But in general it has a positive visual interpretation, too. A fish is jumping out of the water with a beautiful sky and rainbow behind him.  Consulting the book there is this:

"Receiving this card indicates success, abundance, wisdom and awakening."

I will try to update this Yes or No readings a month or two down the line (or earlier, depending on the topic) so as to validate or invalidate their responses.



  1. I look forward to your update on this; the NRT looks intriguing to me, something like Chinese medicine, which I feel has its merits. I really do hope it helps you.

    1. Thank you, Carla!

      I will definitely try to update on this. I like to update readings and sometimes you'll see me post about updates because I really appreciate seeing things like this on other people's pages.

      I agree about the Chinese medicine. I almost went into TCM as a profession but pulled out at the last minute since I had only recently graduated from art school. Part of me really wishes I had gone ahead with it as it is now far, far outside of my financial reach and also time/location/practicality. Oh well! I am trying not to regret things.

      Gracias!! Hugs,

  2. An interesting concept, MM, I'll look forward to seeing how it pans out :)

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I will try to let y'all know how it goes. It may be wishful thinking on my part that readings could be this simple. :D