Monday, July 22, 2013

Scythe+Fish=Fortuitous Financial Endings

Today is the Full Moon in Aquarius. I thought I'd pull a couple of cards from the gorgeous Tattered Nomad Lenormand, and what I got seemed to relate to some sort of decision or ending regarding business and money.

I found these combinations on the site:

Scythe + fish (34): business decision, decision impacts finances
Fish + scythe (10): business decision, layoff

So then I pulled two more cards:

Rider + clover (2): good news, a lucky young man
Clover + rider (1): good news, lucky athlete

AND THEN...I shuffled and pulled two more cards:

Fish + garden (20): customers, fundraising

So, could it be that some sort of ending has a positive outcome? Or leads to more customers/funds? This is something I will definitely keep in mind. The 'full moon' energy is supposed to be about endings, something culminating. Sometimes the scythe sounds scary to me--like Death slicing off my head, but maybe he's doing me a favor! We shall see. I'll update if I can on this one. :)


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