Monday, July 29, 2013

Solar Plexus Chakra Pull

The Angel Dreams Oracle, which is a Doreen Virtue deck, is actually pretty cool. I like the artwork on it, and I attribute most of my enjoyment of this deck to the artist, who portrays the subjects in a colorful, dynamic yet somehow dreamy way. Here is a card I got maybe a week or two ago.

This one resonated with me especially because I've been doing lower chakra work (yellow, orange, red) due to some health issues that I've had in those areas. I admit I am a skeptic. I probably always will be, but it's free to do and where's the harm?

One concept I always recall when bringing this chakra to mind is self confidence. A person's self esteem and self image are firmly tied to this particular chakra, and there is no doubt that I have issues with this, and I have the associated health issues for this chakra, too (digestive issues, for instance).

This color has a definite sunny aspect. Warm and active. Powerful.

I am trying to keep these concepts in mind!



  1. I found the keywords here really interesting: flexibility, adaptability and personal power. Made me stop and think about the fact that when we are secure in our personal power, we are able to be flexible, as not everything feels like a challenge that could break us!

    Like you, with things like this I figure, if it does no harm, why not give it a go :D

    1. That is very true, Chloƫ!

      I really like that interpretation. I definitely feel brittle when I am not utilizing personal power and confidence--this is something that's a major challenge for me!

      Big hugs,