Friday, July 26, 2013

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for August

As July draws to a close I turn my eye toward August. But as usual, I do this with curiosity and also a large dash of salt. I look at this draw and I am not entirely sure what to think! It's funny but nothing in particular comes to mind. That's OKAY, though. That's why it's cool having a blog for tarot and oracle readings. You can look back at them and see where they were accurate (or not!)

So there's friendship, there's family security being important, there is some situation which is temporary (but I am not sure what that is--unless it's the stubborn, aggressive person). So all in all it seems OK. It could be worse!!

At times these cards are quite literal. The description or meaning may not hold as much meaning as the image itself. But anyway...I will try to update later. Meanwhile, I should update my reading from last month...



  1. I really SHOULD get these cards one day ...

  2. YES. Go get them today! Lol. :) Enabler, eh? :) Hugs to you.

  3. I read a fascinating post on Mary Greer's blog last week that suggests the Lenormand deck was actually created on the basis of the popularity of tasseomancy, particularly reading coffee grounds. That the Lenormand 'objects' are what you would see in the grounds, and interpret accordingly!

    Anyhow, I read the nice three cards kinda softening the aggressive person card, like you having to deal with them will be temporary, and can be helped by supportive friends and family :)

    Good luck for August, I know you've been stressing about it. Which makes me think, try to ensure the stubborn, aggressive person isn't you! :D

    1. Hi Chloe!

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply!

      That is neat about the Lenirmand deck. I like the idea if going to the roots of carto and tasseomancy.

      I agree...I am trying not to be stubborn. I am definitely scared far more so than stubborn! But trying to be open minded. My daughter can be very stubborn...especially with moon and mars in Taurus. But let us hope it isn't her being stubborn either!

    2. I thought it was fascinating, too, especially given how much some people go on about having to be faithful to cartomantic tradition :D

      As for the stubborn thing, maybe she could be stubborn in a good way: I am going to get on at school even if it is hard at the outset... That's right, call me Pollyanna ;)

    3. Hehee, I think that as tarot/oracle readers we're only faithful to whatever we enjoy at the moment, since our tastes in deck change from moment to moment or whatever is appealing!!!!!

      That would be nice. I like the Pollyanna-ish interpretation. Why not!?! Worst case scenario it doesn't quite work out that way and I have to re-assess things.

      Lotsa hugs,