Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Before School Hiatus: See You in September

Hello All,

As some of you know, I'm super nervous about my daughter starting school for the first time. If you know her health history you might understand why. In any case, she is certainly excited and talking about it a lot, while my husband and I are nervous as heck and having nightmares about it.

Today is exactly a week until school starts, so I am going to take the next week to both spend time with my daughter before she goes to school, which is silly because I'm with her constantly anyway, and also gather my wits together. I think, really, that the only way I'll feel decent about it is if it has been happening for a while and nothing serious is going wrong. Even so, I think as parents we never stop worrying about our children, whether they have or have had health issues or not. Life has a large degree of uncertainty, and we have to flow with that. I've been getting lots of 'letting go' and Buddha nature type talking about the importance of releasing things.

In any case, I will see you all on September 1st to update on how things have been going. My husband took off a few days as well, so I want to spend time with him while my daughter is in school--this is also a first since my daughter has been born. We haven't been alone together for more than a few hours straight for almost eight years.

I may not be reading blogs as much, but then again I might--since when I'm not blogging I seem to be better at catching up to blogs. Hehe.

Love to y'all,

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