Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Honesty, Beauty and Travel

This edit is a bit too frou-frou and goofy. Way too many butterflies. But this reading already looks cheesy with the glowing rose, faeries and whatnot. So why not?

I couldn't settle on a single deck to use so I got out the Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle, the Healing with the Faeries Oracle, and the Angel Dreams Oracle. I actually did a few readings with these cards, but in the end I'm only posting this one, mostly because I didn't photograph all of the readings.

As I write this I am still not yet sure what this reading could mean, although I have some theories and mental spasms. Hehe. I'll just call them that because they may be completely wrong and ridiculous. Also: it sounds funny. So here are my off-the-cuff thoughts on these three cards:

  • Beauty: The rose. This made me think of a couple of things right off the bat. The first thing is my daughter. Her middle name is Rose, so I always think of her when I see a rose. I'm focused on her most of the time, being her mother/caretaker, but especially at the moment, as I'm preparing for her to go off to school in two weeks. Eek! The second thing is the business I was working on earlier this year (I'd say the very end of last year and into this year, ending around June/July) making bath/body products. The business is/was named after my daughter, so the rose is still important. And because it talks about beauty and it's a bath/beauty product thing, that makes sense again. A third association sprang up when I was typing this, which is my own feelings about my attractiveness, which are something I frequently struggle with. Seeing my own beauty, as if I were a single long-stemmed red rose, would be something lovely, although I don't know if I can make that leap yet. I have, however, been doing positive affirmations about myself at the suggestion of a friend, and one of them is about my feelings of attractiveness and worthiness. This could be a confirmation of that.
  • Be Honest with Yourself: Ok, yeah. That is definitely important--hehee! I mean, this one is pretty self-explanatory but I like looking at the booklet anyway. "Do you feel stuck? Depressed? Tired? Angry or irritable? These are symptoms that arise when we're not being honest with ourselves." So then the write-up goes on to say that it isn't about having to make a major change or having a painful confrontation, but simply being honest with how we feel we're doing a huge service to ourselves. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband recently. I admitted that when I'm stressed or feeling other negative things, I often hold them uncomfortably in my body. I start exhibiting nasty physical repercussions such as horrible headaches, digestive problems, horrible sleep, aches and pains, etc. Guess who has had all of those symptoms lately!?!! Me. I am not saying these symptoms are solely caused by stress, but when my husband (at my request) did a reading for me recently--which had two parts, one about my health and one about my life in general--the message was the same! To focus on my own ability and strength, and to do something creative or otherwise helpful in letting off steam. There seemed to be a hint that what I was experiencing could be traced back to a mind/body/spirit malady rather than a strictly physical complaint. It dawned on me that this is why it has been hard for me to 'get it together' while ignoring a slew of emotional clues.
  • Travel: This one seems more specific and less esoteric, but we'll see! This is something I worry that I won't be able to do again for quite some time. We have family in different parts of the country but no money in which to travel, and we're having a hard time keeping up financially, much less saving money to travel. I know it's not impossible, and maybe we just need to prioritize.  In looking at the book, I see that this can also mean the direction of life, as well as location, home and also travel. "A shift in geography is coming. Perhaps a new location or a new home." The latter seems less likely, since we've only lived in this neighborhood for a little over a year, but part of me has felt restless in this town. Part of me is wondering about moving. Since my daughter is starting school this month if I did move it would be to the town where her school is, since that would be most convenient, and politically is is more liberal and more interesting than the town I currently live in. But maybe I am trying too hard to force a move or force a change. I don't know yet. It could also refer to my husband's desire to find a local job after commuting and hour each way for more than ten years now! I keep hoping...
Combining some of the cards I might come up with 'be honest with yourself about your life path and journey, and about how you feel about your daughter's transition and about the business you tried to get off the ground but didn't quite do.' I think I really need to examine my heart's desires when it comes to these (and other) topics. I find I often get lost and confused when it comes to what I think I want and what really feels right. Often my body knows the answer--it holds the truth in the form of reactions and symptoms.

Well. That's about it. Feel free to comment with your own impressions--I value your insight.


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