Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Money Message from the Tattered Nomad Oracle

*UPDATE*...OH! I thought of one possible interpretation that this could refer to. There's a man (a brother-in-law) whose birthday is today. I was going to send him a gift certificate to Amazon because he's traveling and I can't give him money in person so this is the best option. That could work for this reading. The man could still refer to my husband as well as the brother-in-law, because I need to ask my husband to do it since I actually don't have money in my account to do it at this time.

I pulled this trio a couple of days ago, on August 4th I believe, and I felt they pertained to communications about money. I have to include the following hilarious association with letter and fish from LearnLenormand.com:

Letter + fish (34): business documents, financial documents, fish wrapped in newspaper

Fish wrapped in newspaper? Hahaa. I mean, I haven't been to any fish markets or fish and chips places. I would love to, but there aren't any gluten-free fish and chips places yet. 


At first I thought these cards meant sending out an e-mail about selling off my soaps at a discount, but that didn't quite make sense with the man...where does he come in to all of that? It really didn't jibe with me, so I wonder if this has more to do with my husband.

Of course you get a slightly different interpretation when you reverse the order of the cards:

Fish + letter (27): fishing permit, financial news, business license

On a funny note, my husband does not like fish so I know the fishing permit or fish in newspaper is wrong. Haha. Well, he doesn't like fishing either. So I'm going with the more money communications and documents thing.

This one should seem obvious. Either it hasn't happened yet, I'm interpreting it wrong, or...something else. We will see. I'll try to update this one.



  1. The amazon certificate fits perfectly :) And as for the updated inventory of your soaps, didn't the hubster help with that, typos and all? ;)

    1. Yep...that is true! Both are applicable. I am still trying to figure out this system! It kinda reminds me of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, actually.

      Hope you have a happy day!