Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pregnancy+Travel=Premie Baby

(UPDATE: My sis had a 5 lb, 8 ounce baby girl early this morning. All seems fine!)

Yesterday I got a phone call from my mom saying my sister's water broke, a month early, and she was going off to the hospital. I told her to keep me posted on what was happening. The baby has not been born yet but they are trying to get things going ASAP. I actually have no idea what is happening at this very moment, but I know they are trying their best to have the baby naturally/vaginally without doing a C-section. My poor sister! How stressful for her.

Last night I pulled some cards from one of my fairy decks and as I was about to put them away I drew two final cards and got this duo. It immediately made me think of driving down there today to be there for the birth (or at least shortly thereafter). My wishes for this dear family is that everything works out well and the baby is healthy. As soon as we pick up my daughter from early release Thursday school we will drive straight over to see her.

I hope I am not delusional, but I feel this baby will be alright. Intuitively I feel like everything will work out fine. That isn't to say that it won't be stressful for them because obviously it is! But I am glad, at least, that the baby is very close to term. Term being 36-37 weeks. Of course you want the baby to be as close to the due date as possible, but I know it could be much worse!

I'll try to update on this later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone is well.


p.s. Don't mention this on Facebook or anywhere--trying to keep this quiet around people who don't know yet and want to respect sister's privacy.