Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tea Leaf Fortune Forecast for September

Here is September's draw using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn.  I actually did another draw but it was so depressing that I ditched it and did it again. Haha. I had this idea that the reading was playing into my anxieties rather than reality, so when I drew again, the reading seemed far more balanced. Is that divination cheating? Perhaps, but I decided why the heck not? It's my blog!

My first impressions include:

  • Crib and Stork: My sister is due at the end of September. We are all guessing her baby will be born in early October, but this draw suggests otherwise. Perhaps she does give birth in September rather than October. It seems like it could be very literal. Either that, or one of my other friends who are hoping for a child will get pregnant. 
  • Dog: Ok, I have no first impressions of this. I wish I did. I'd say 95% of my friends are at a distance and not local, so this could apply to anyone! Whoever is thinking of me...well, I'm flattered! ;)
  • Forest: This sounds about right. I have been trying to gain clarity lately in terms of organizing my thoughts and my ideas about how to move forward in the latter half of this year (less than half, actually!) but I am struggling. I definitely feel murky. I guess this shows me still struggling with this through September. That's OK, I guess, and understandable.
  • Door: I added this little bonus card right in the middle because I wanted some more guidance. This reading seemed to be more about the general atmosphere and maybe a couple events, but didn't really show me a way forward. This clarification card was supposed to give me an idea or direction in which to focus in order to move forward from a place of muddled woodsy confusion into a more open, expansive and understanding place. So, the door is very symbolic and transitional, and feels more hopeful to me than ending on a 'confusion' card. The card tells me I should not be afraid to open the door of opportunity and walk through, since good things await me on the other side. It not-so-subtly hints that in order to seize any of these opportunities I must step through the door. It's a choice.
All in all I like my September re-take. It seems to accurately describe the month, at least to the extent that I understand what it may hold. I am going to try to enter this metaphorical door with some semblance of peace and hopefulness rather than my usual mixture of apprehension and doubt.


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