Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Rambling Lenormand Reading

It seems I'm in the blogging mood today!

So, I pulled four cards from the Tattered Nomad Lenormand. I didn't actually have a topic this time. I wanted to see what came up. This one is a bit more varied than the previous pulls which all seemed to highlight work/career/venture stuff. Even so, the Fox card came up again and pointed me once again to career considerations.

Using Learn Lenormand once again I decided to play off some of their pairings:

Garden + ship (3): cruise ship, party on a ship, tour group
Ship + garden (20): traveling to an event, foreign country, international trip
Ship + house (4): trip back home, boat house, emigration/immigration
House + fox (14): home robbery, domestic employee, be careful buying a house
House + ship (3): changing residence, a journey home
Fox + ship (3): job-related travel, problems with a trip
Fox + garden (20): working with the public, job meeting, public fraud
Garden + fox (14): co-workers, problems with a meeting
Garden + house (4): party at home, house with a garden, visitors to a house
House + garden (20): house with a garden, large family, hotel, public house 

O.K. Whew! That's a lot of associations. I decided to mix them up to see what sparked my imagination. I still find my first impressions to be more valuable than descriptions anyone else comes up with, but I have to admit these Lenormand pairings are helpful.

While typing this post, I thought first of a fall festival through my daughter's school that will take place on an organic farm. This festival is a week from today--next weekend. My husband's birthday also came to mind. His birthday isn't until the 9th, which really isn't very far away, although the party thing is not totally accurate because he specifically requested something small--not a party but just an outing to a restaurant and some dessert at home.

The House and Fox together makes me think of a work from home strategy. That is the thing that has been coming to mind lately. It makes more sense for me to work from home than it does to only work for a few hours outside the home, where I would waste lots of effort just driving to and from my destination, which I already have to do when commuting to take my daughter to school in another town.

This could also refer to my husband's upcoming work trip in November, but that seems unlikely since it's a way off and is fairly inconsequential. Now I am seeing why I prefer two card pulls! So much easier to interpret. Three is OK, but I think two is my favorite. I feel like I ALMOST understand this reading but not quite. Something involving work, travel, the home...a get-together. I guess this could just explain October in general. Hahaa...oy.



  1. Coming into blogging mode is a good sign MM! Perhaps working fromm home is the answer to your dilemmas :)

    1. Many thanks!! Yes, I definitely am considering it but yet I feel so uncertain...darn it all!! Hehe! Hugs to you.