Sunday, September 1, 2013

Butterfly Wings: Transformational Flutters

This isn't how the card appears--I superimposed a quote from the card on top of the card image.

Here's an example of a card I 'pulled' from my Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards app on my phone. Even though there's too much cheesy gratuitous nudity in this oracle, I don't mind so much. I just brush it aside and look into the meaning of the card.

The butterfly is a very common symbol for change due to the whole pupa to butterfly transition. It also makes me think of anything related to air signs and the intellect, which is a common tarot association. Finally, it makes me think of thyroid issues, as the thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland.

I would say all of these things are relevant to me, especially the one about a rite of passage or change, as I am going through a time of transition (when aren't we, I guess?) with my daughter starting school for the first time, and me trying to figure out what the heck I am doing next. I find myself wondering what I want to do over the next decade, and sort of drawing a blank. I may try to allow things to unfold more naturally, as they do in nature.

Happy September, everyone!


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