Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Helpful Quad: Simplicity, Healing, True Self, Positivity

Here is another draw from the slightly cheesy but worthwhile Flower Therapy Oracle. And since I know many of you have bad eyesight like I do, here are what they say:

Daisy: Simplify Your Life-You've had so much going on that you're spread too thin. This has to change now so your vitality can recharge.

Calendula: You Are Healed-The healing you've prayed for is on its way.

Waratah: Become the True You-Show the world who you really are, and what you were born to do.

Bromeliad: Be Positive-Your thoughts can shape your experience, so be sure to focus on the positive.

Originally this reading was supposed to be about working on a new idea, new career venture, but as is true with oracles, they tell you what you need to hear and not always what you ask about. And no, I am not just saying that to justify that this reading doesn't necessarily reflect only money/career issues, but it comes from years of experience reading tarot and seeing that what is most important comes through in readings! I bet I am not the only reader who has noticed this!

So, what came through? A bunch of advice for me, apparently. It's funny because the daisy card came up a lot for me the first day I got this deck. Whenever I tried to complicate things with my silly convoluted ideas of life and how it should be, the answer I would get was, 'Chill out, man. You're losing perspective...simplify!' I do know that I tend to get really wrapped up in anxiety and details in a negative way. I frequently grapple with free-floating anxiety. I'll constantly feel really anxious about things--so much so that I feel the anxiety but sometimes forget why I'm anxious. Then I'll remember and start worrying more. Hahaa! So ridiculous when I type about it.


So, I am trying to take Daisy seriously, because I often think, 'WELL, I am NOT nearly as busy as the average person.' But is it about a lifestyle or a frame of mind. Or both? And it's true that my vitality is very low--otherwise I wouldn't feel down and I wouldn't feel so prone to illness, either.

Waratah (never heard of that flower) talks about really allowing your true self to come through. This is another difficult one for me. For one thing, I really don't like talking about tarot (and especially not my blog) on social networking places like Facebook. It makes me feel ill. I'm very self-conscious about deeper beliefs I hold or things which might incite controversy. If there's any chance they will I tend to delete those comments. I won't even like things that are controversial much less talk about them. I think it's because when I see things like that on other people's pages they upset me and I obsess over them for hours, weeks, etc. Social networking freaks me out in general. It's so pervasive and people are so biting to each other, even their own friends and dear family members. I would rather spread love and positive energy, and maybe a recipe, photo or DIY cleaning product.

SO...what does Waratah suggest? This card asks me not to judge myself for who I am on an authentic level. For me, this confuses me at times. Sometimes I wonder who I am authentically. Aren't we all a bi-product of our own conditioning and environment? It surely seems so. Sometimes I find this a hard thing to celebrate. Even talents are hard for me to celebrate. Who cares if I am naturally decent at making art? I know...this is a weird sentiment but sometimes I think about these things for too long and they start leaning back into free-floating anxiety land. :)

Calendula returns as a repeat card, telling me that physical healing is possible. I've been doubting that lately. It's annoying to have a chronic illness, like interstitial cystitis, or thyroid issues, or whatever issue a person has. I have had several health issues that have just been lingering. I think I would have made more progress on them had I been able to afford the treatment I was following. And I do feel I saw some progress, although somewhat slow. Now I'm faced with having to make a decision about how to deal with my own healing. I've decided the best way may be through diet and lifestyle. Avoiding grains and sweets, eating lots of veggies, etc. And taking only a few supplements which I feel will most benefit me.

Finally, Bromeliad suggests that I try to be a little more positive. That is something I definitely always need to be mindful of and work on--it helps mitigate the anxiety that I frequently feel.

So basically I feel this reading is telling me there are some areas that are important for me to work on, both before starting any new venture and also during anything.


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