Monday, September 2, 2013

Yet Again: September Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Draw and Slight Update

Even though I already did a September reading using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, I wanted to do it again just because I happened to have the cards out when doing readings for other folks.

One common element between this reading and the one I already did is the Stork card. Both crib and stork showed up for September. I think this was one of those literal readings, because my sister gave birth early, and I speculated in my reading that she may well have the baby early. I was surprised that it was true, however! The reading is technically a bit off because it said September would have the birth/labor, but technically it was at the very end of August (on the 30th). I say it's close enough!

Even so, there may be a double meaning for the Crib/Stork thing. Like the Empress, Ace of Wands or other creative card, the Stork can mean a new venture or opportunity. I can see how this would be so, seeing as my daughter began school at the end of August (on the 28th), and has only gone three times. In September, the school situation will still be very new. I am worried about how I am going to adjust to all of this, even though these cards seem very positive. Right now I feel muddled and confused, as the Forest card in the previous September draw suggests, but perhaps my confusion will give way to understanding as time moves on.

This reading falls under the category of 'too good to be true'...listing victory, good luck, new opportunities and money, but hopefully it isn't wrong. I am such a worrier but I'm trying to not fight so hard against my fears and instead look for other avenues for my energy and efforts to flow.



  1. I had these many years ago and sold them on, I could not figure out how to use them for readings. Now that Lenormands are all the rage I realized that is how you are using them,right?

    All I know about Lenormads is you read the images as a sentence rather than picking one thing out of many and focusing on the card rather than the string of images. Well I think that's it...

    1. I have found them quite accurate! Very specific, too. I have done many readings with them on this blog and most of them made sense to me. The ones that didn't was likely due to my laziness in following up on the readings.

      I don't necessarily think these are Lenormand cards--you can use them as an oracle and I often pull monthly spreads with them. I would say they are more specific and on point than tarot often is with its more esoteric and vague meanings, but I do love the tarot!

    2. P.s. I need a LOT more practice with Lenormand decks but I am working on it. As you say, the information can be read as a kind of sentence, but it also can be read individually. With these cards I find it can both, but pairings of cards do matter. Either way, I have to use my intuition to sort it out. Sometimes I doubt the cards in terms of meaning but then they turn out to be true. It is fascinating...