Friday, October 25, 2013

Layers of Change and Taking Risks

Sometimes I'll do readings and they make sense to me on a deep level but it's very hard to convey why or how they are meaningful. Such is the case with some cards I've received from the wonderful Wisdom of the Hidden Realms app. These four cards are a lovely example. While they seem very different on the surface, in another way I see them as being connected, like pieces of a puzzle which end up with a picture of a personal journey of transformation. It's very painful to try to explain what they mean without sounding overly cheesy and goofy.

So, since I like doing bullet lists of things I will try to explain each card as I feel it pertains to me personally. I have pulled other very relevant cards from this deck but for the sake of sanity and brevity I am going to stick with these four.

  • The Cosmos--This card is about creativity. It is a fairly simple and straightforward card, which talks about working on creative projects. As an artist I can easily see how this would relate to my life. I feel that everyone is creative, however, so I don't find this is limited to artists. I feel like my rejected little artist comes by to remind me not to ignore it from time to time. 
  • The Sun Dancers--This card is about enjoying life and reminds me a little of the Sun in tarot. It seems to be about getting in the positive swing of things--allow things to be worked out in a really uplifting way--as if you're dancing your way through something. 
  • The Swan Queen---This card is a little bit like the High Priestess. This, along with the Sun Dancers, came up with I was asking about reading tarot more seriously as a professional label. I felt like this was a bit of a confirmation for me. This card recommends going within yourself for guidance, really relying on your own intuition. And also to be patient with things, which is always a good reminder.
  • The Phoenix--This is a classic death-like card, something in your life burning away to reveal something newer and more appropriate. This card is a reminder of how necessary it is to periodically blaze new trails in your life. I have known for a long time now that I need to break out of stagnation and ruts that have held me in place. I like a quote that I read from the card, which I am including below, along with a quote from two of the other cards:

I wanted to add to this post that today I took a risk. Instead of staying sort of small and quiet today, I decided to break out of my comfort zone a bit. I had my little Albano-Waite mini deck with me when I went to the coffee shop and I spontaneously offered to read for two of the employees who work there. I know nothing about them, just that they are friendly and I've seen them there before when I came to get a snack or coffee. Both loved their readings and thought they were relevant and helpful.

Then I walked down to the rock shop and did two more readings for two employees there. Again they told me how much they enjoyed their readings and that they love that I took the time to come by and read for them. All of them seemed genuinely surprised at how the information resonated with their experiences. I think three of the four had never had a tarot reading or had only had one many years before. I think taking this risk and having a positive reception was really comforting to me. Even though I know this isn't always going to be the case, it's still nice when things like that happen.

Now I'd like to extend this risk-taking into other areas of my life, with the creative projects mentioned above in the Cosmos card, and any other venture that feels good to me. I am not sure yet what form any of this will take, but I am staying up to the possibilities.



  1. What a huge step you've taken! I envy your courage. This is a great success to remember and to celebrate :)

    1. Thank you Ellen! Believe me, there are lots of blocks still in place, but I am slowly, very slowly making my way through them. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  2. Good for you, Ms Menthy! Risks like this are good. Just doing things makes you feel a certain way, rather than just considering doing things, I have found. It's a wonderful step. And who knows, if you enjoyed it, you could pop a few business cards into those places in the future. But for now, don't think business, just enjoy the experience. Thats what I think you've needed! I bet you have felt lighter and smiled a whole lot more for the rest of the day.

    1. Thanks to you, Dear Prince!

      Yeah. I was realizing how in a rut I felt and how the spontaneity of youth was really beginning to go out the window. I used to be much more spontaneous about doing things like this. I've limited my joy and my opportunities like this I think. Yeah, I didn't charge any money and I felt like that wasn't the main point, although I really could've used the money! Ah well. ;)