Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conference Outcome Reading

UPDATE: I meant to update this yesterday! Anyway. The parent-teacher conference wasn't too bad. It wasn't quite as glowing as I had hoped, but it wasn't too bad either. Overall my daughter got good comments, but she does have trouble with emotional reactions and interactions (King of Cups, perhaps?) and that was the main problem that she had--getting easily upset and offended, feeling emotionally overwhelmed or bothered/fixated on things. But in terms of academics and enjoying school and the like, she is doing quite well.

Using the Ator Tarot app on my phone, I decided on a whim to pull some cards about today's parent-teacher conference with my daughter's teacher. My husband's appointment slot for this conference is in 2.5 hours. I just wanted to see how things looked.

I liked the confirmation of seeing my daughter's card (Page of Wands) as the first card I pulled. That lets me know it is about her. The second card was the 4 of Wands and I thought, 'Nice--that's a pretty positive, stable card, indicating early success.' Then I pulled another card and it was the World, which is about moving on to a higher level, evolution, maturity. Not bad!

I did one more card just for the heck of it and I got the King of Cups. I wasn't quite sure what this could represent. Did it represent emotional maturity? Emotional repression? Was it something about my husband while he attended the conference? Anyway. I am not sure but overall I got a good feeling from the reading. We are a touch nervous because my daughter did act out some in the first weeks of school and we don't entirely know how she's doing, although we have some ideas from what has filtered through. Then again, the entire class has had some adjusting to do. This age group (for my daughter's teacher) and this school is all brand new.

I will update this post in a few hours when I find out how it went.



  1. How great that the first card you pulled was the Page of Wands! Gotta love the tarot when that kind of thing happens. Hmm, the King of Cups could be the school counsellor, or the teacher trying to mediate between the kids, given the weird dynamic the class has going. Will look forward to your update.

    P.S. I've got a giveaway going on here:

    1. I agree. It is weird but that actually happens quite a bit when I do readings on certain topics. If I ask about money, for instance, I often get a pentacle card as the first card. If I ask about a person I'll get their card (my husband's card or my card or my daughter's, etc.) It doesn't always happen but it happens more than you'd think.

      In any event, I will let you all know what happens. It's not earth-shattering (I hope!) but it's kinda fun to update readings so you can dig deeper into what certain cards may have meant. It's a good tarot exercise. :D

      Oh, I should go enter. Thanks for the kind reminder.