Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quandary Quad: Busting the Status Quo, Flying Free

Here is a pull from the somewhat intense Ghosts and Spirits Tarot (app). I really liked the feel of these cards. There weren't any cards that made me cringe, which is always nice. The cards I received were the 2 of Swords (upper left), 8 of Cups (upper right), Hermit (lower left) and 9 of Cups (lower right). I did not choose a topic when pulling these cards but since the Hermit has been a recurring card for work-related stuff, I felt it related to creative and career-related pursuits.

The first card drawn was the 2 of Swords. To me this indicates a balancing of ideas, a decision in the making. Often, the person knows what they want but have refused to make an official decision, to move beyond that original thought. This is certainly the case for me. I find that the 2 of Swords often represents a painful quandary, or maybe something we just don't want to look it (which is demonstrated in most decks as someone with a blindfold on). In this deck there is no blindfold, but the man appears to be blind and have opaque, unseeing eyes. He almost looks like a husk of a man--there seems to be a 'freeze' going on. Very little color or life is in his face. I feel like this is a really good visual representation of being 'on hold'. The brief description is about what you'd expect:

"You may be at an impasse, unable to break the stalemate that is paralyzing you."

Yeah. Absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind that this is talking to me! So, naturally, the next card felt like a suggestion to me. In fact, the next three cards, taken as a whole, felt like a really positive suggestion. The first thing I noticed about the following three cards are that they are upper number cards. Two nines and an eight. Something coming to a natural conclusion. Once something is done you can't go back. You can try but life will suck a lot when you do that. Things fall apart for a reason. That brings me to the next card...

The 8 of Cups is the 'leaving things behind in search of something meaningful' card. In the traditional image the cups are upright. They may still be full. You don't HAVE to leave but you want to. You want to be more fulfilled on an emotional level. That is one of the biggest keys to this card. It's not just leaving for the sake of leaving and change, but because you desire true fulfillment and joy. This particular version is more intense and dynamic than the more somber/reflective 8 of Cups, showing a man with a bag, walking away into the night in search of something. This dude (ghost) is galloping off with his horse--almost like a knight or maybe even the Chariot. There's an energetic feeling to it.

"You're treading water and need to move on. Break away from entrapment and allow yourself to be free."

When we go to the next card we have one of my favorites in this deck, the Hermit. This card is the positive side of being alone. Seeking out solitude in a freeing kind of way. In fact, the woman's arms being spread wide open has a kind of receptive quality to it. Receptive to wisdom and experience perhaps. I like that the two cards portraying women in this draw both have their arms spread in a motion of openness and freedom. That is what I associate that arm gesture with.

"It is important to unplug and release all the mental debris that may be rendering you fatigued and uninspired. Sometimes a time-out is just what you may need!"

This really speaks to the part of me which has been embracing my alone time. I no longer dread it. While occasionally I might miss my husband and daughter, I find it has been like a missing nutrient--one that I've been severely deficient in. I find myself appreciating the alone time more and more. I am able to hear my inner voice more--and not feel so crazed. I find that I am more able to honestly assess what I really want and need versus what I thought I wanted or needed but wasn't really clear on. I am slowly gaining clarity during this time.

That brings me to final card, the 9 of Cups. This is the wish fulfillment card! I love this. I always feel good when I see this card. It feels like a step toward true fulfillment, the understanding of my own desires and self. Again there's a sensation of freedom, flying...openness.  I feel like the sky is the limit, or that is the message that this card is emphasizing:

"Wishes do come true! You are flying high after overcoming obstacles that had prevented you from truly soaring."

Now...the hard part, which may not be nearly as hard as I think it is, is to break out of stalemate land with the 2 of Swords.  I've been vacationing here long enough and I have to say I'm pretty fed up with it! I am going to really work on contacting my true desires, ones based on happiness and personal preference and not lack, and use this current retrograde period to assess the situation and see how I need to move forward.


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