Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rest of 2013 Focus Reading

Haha! Chloë told me she liked it when I added leaves and natural objects to the readings, so I gathered up a few and I realized how ridiculous and over-the-top the items I had chosen were, so I opted to do something ridiculous and make a face! Less is sometimes more...hahaa! The pumpkin-like things are actually a sort of ornamental eggplant from an autumn bouquet I got last week. ANYWAY!

This duo is supposed to represent a simple focus for the remainder of 2013. We have Bouquet and Ring. Here's one possible interpretation, care of

Bouquet + ring (25): happy marriage, good contract, proposal

Or, switched:

Ring + bouquet (9): engagement, proposal, happy agreement

Basically it means the same thing. Making some sort of pleasant contract or connection. I'm already married and I would say that I have a happy marriage, but I wonder what (if anything) else this might be referring to? Maybe there's a situation I could find myself in that would be a positive agreement?

When I finally decided to do a clarification I got Man, which made me think it might be about my  husband. Then I had a flash that maybe it was about my husband's job. He's been in the beginning processes of looking for a new job. Maybe this is what this is about.

Well, I will think on it some more.


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