Wednesday, October 23, 2013

School Behavior Improvement Trio

I pulled these cards about an hour and a half ago while I was parked and waiting for my daughter to get out of school. I wanted to see if it would address my daughter's behavior and mood issues which seemed to be worsening recently (much to my dismay!) and I was pleased that not only did they obviously address the issue as evidenced by the cards received, but the reading was not negative, which I appreciate.

The first card is the Hierophant, which gave me the theme of the reading, about the school--showing the structure of a school and a learning environment. I actually removed all of the minor arcana from this cheapo $1 deck. I found they were very hard to read and I didn't even know what the suits were, they were so obscure. Plus there was no instruction booklet. The cards I liked were the majors, the aces and the court cards. So I left those in. They seem to give accurate readings.

I don't always use the phrases/positions mentioned in the cards. For this reading I was not doing a past/present/future, but this could be used that way easily. If I had to choose I guess I would select the present for all of these, as it pertained to a present issue that I am hoping to resolve.

The Heirophant has a really strange phrase for the present, which is 'learning to be a good neighbor' but when I thought about it, this actually makes sense for my daughter. Her primary issue in school, as mentioned by her teacher and observed by us, is that she gets very easily upset by everything and struggles socially because of it. The King of Cups in one of my previous readings in that topic gave me a hint as to this issue, but the positive cards around it made me hopeful that this issue could be mitigated or circumvented. In any event, learning to get along with others in a group setting is a big part of managing the emotional hurdles of school. Her teacher was pleased with my daughter's enthusiasm and her scholastic performance, but her mood and behavior needed some work.

Another confirmation card is my daughter's designated card, the Page of Wands. My fiery and moody little Sagittarian volcano child obviously needs support (as well as boundaries and structures, more key words from the Heirophant), and I am trying to be patient about this, even as I get tired of the crankiness, whining and behavior issues. I remember that a child needs time to evolve--we all do, but being a kid takes a lot of energy, and so many changes are happening all the time.

The final card seemed to be the card which was answering my question--which was my plaintive wondering about whether this situation would be resolved. I guess so, since the Star is about healing and hope. I guess I need to give this situation time and patience. I am trying not to be a control freak about it. I'm keeping in contact with my daughter's teacher and trying to let the consequences of her actions speak for themselves. Plus I am trying to focus on keeping things healthy with good sleep, nutrition and other essentials. My experience with my daughter has been that trying to force change from her is not fruitful. I have to present the information and then let it go, allowing her to progress in her own time, no matter how annoying or painful that might be in the present.

This week (although it's only Wednesday) was an especially bad behavior one, with my daughter getting several warnings on Monday and Tuesday. I dropped my expectations today, knowing that if I worry about every little thing my daughter does I am going to go crazy. I was pleased, at least, that she didn't get into quite as much trouble today, even though she seemed quite fussy when I picked her up, crying about losing part of her hair clip. Oy.

I do appreciate when readings seem to address my pressing concerns in a straightforward way.



  1. I wish you lot's of patience for the coming time. It's good to be hopeful, That's a beautiful energy for a child to to pick up form there parents :)

    1. I agree, Ellen! Hope is a good thing. Xox