Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dawn: I Shall Return on Monday

I am going to take a little break from blogging and return on Monday! Here is a card I picked to represent an upcoming influence. I guess that would mean whatever is beyond the Fog! :) I think this is the perfect card to follow the reading before this one. After chaos and confusion...comes new beginnings and clarity. Trusting an instinct, impulse and new idea. Setting off on a fresh start.

I'll leave you all with that feeling for the beginning of 2014!


Clouds and Fog

Ok, so I was kinda bad(ish) and got another deck app for my phone. Well, at least it's cheaper than a physical deck, right?!! Anyway. This one is the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. I really love these! They are so gorgeously scenic and the descriptions are quite involved.

Here are two cards I received. Clouds and Fog? Wow. Sounds murky. Actually that's basically the idea. The Clouds card is pretty interesting, actually, and talks about trying on new identities and doing things differently. It reminds me of Prince Lenormand's comment on my 8 of Swords post yesterday! It says that at your core your identity is the same, but it is fun to try new things, whether it's changing your appearance or doing things in a different way. Kind of funky twist that I wasn't expecting!

The Fog card is more what I thought Clouds would be about, which is that things are unclear right now and I need more information before I can proceed and make goals. This reminds me a little of the Seven of Cups--where if your head is in the clouds you don't always make good choices. Informed choices. I think that people can go TOO far with the informed choices thing, being the self-destructive perfectionist that doesn't take any risks. But sometimes you really don't know what to do next, and taking a step when the timing isn't right could be a bad idea. I've been thinking that, for the remainder of this year, I want to lay low (except for the usual holiday chaos!) and maybe make a few things, but not make any major changes or set anything into motion that might take a lot of energy or commitment. I agree that it isn't the right time for that.

This deck is very landscapey and vibrant. I love that.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trapped in Fear: Lookie Here at Your Demons

Now here is a funny example of how I pulled a card, expecting a positive suggestion and instead got a look at my demons! Hahaa. Like the last pull, I was hoping for one thing, but got another. Isn't that the definition of life? That's control freakism at its finest: try to get an oracle to respond a certain way. It kind of defeats the purpose, I think...

I like that this deck has been very thought-provoking for me in the short time I've been using it. This card, the 8 of Swords, is a thought-provoking card in and of itself, but I like this version in particular. Instead of surrounded by a stand of swords, this person is in a kind of prison, but the prison is his mind. This is a perfect visual for this card!

I think this card makes me think of how counseling, or therapy of some sort can be helpful for these places, but action can also be helpful. When people are trapped in fear-based thinking sometimes the only way out is to just take courageous steps forward even if it's the last thing you want to do.

This is something I've been working on lately, but I still have a tendency to do what this card says. Time to cut through those self-imposed limitations.


Temptation and Rest: Habits Feed on Tiredness

This is a pretty humorous combination, but it's absolutely relevant! I find that when I really get specific with my queries I tend to get the best information and the most out of the reading. Last night I was thinking of how I was falling back into bad habits with stress snacking and eating too late at night. For a while there I was doing very well with very moderate eating with minimal sugar and caffeine. I wasn't eating nearly enough, even! My pants were so loose that I could easily pull them on and off without unbuttoning them and my wedding ring was loose, too.

But then I started to stress, I guess. I'm not sure why exactly--but I went too far in the other direction. I wasn't eating enough during the day and so I started to get hungrier at night, which in turn made me feel icky and sleep poorly. So now I'm bringing things back into balance and trying to shift things back to eating more moderately during the day, but enough not to make me feel hungry at night.

This was the single card pull I did when asking about my recent slide with going back to eating too much late in the day and feeling crappy physically. It is the perfect card: Temptation (aka the Devil). The Devil, for me, has been more about bad habits than anything else. Sometimes it can mean hardcore addiction/drug use, etc, but usually it means the day to day addictions to too much screen time, negative thinking, carbs, sugar, snacking, caffeine, or (insert your favorite addiction). We all have them! When we're out of balance, stressed or tired, these things come more into focus. So, very to-the-point reminder today!

Today, after dropping my daughter off at school, I found myself feeling very, very low energy. Super tired. I was a little frustrated by this because I don't like being tired! I want to feel engaged in life, energetic. Originally, when I left to drop off my daughter I had ideas of things I wanted to do: looking around for gifts for my wonderful Sagittarian friends and family who have birthdays coming up, sitting in a nice coffee shop and brainstorming, maybe doing a couple errands or getting a few groceries, etc.

But after I dropped off my daughter, my energy also dropped off. By the time I got back toward town I felt like I needed to go lay down. Nothing sounded fun anymore. Not in a depression way but in a pure energy sort of way. I decided to go home and rest for a bit before going out. When I got home I pulled a single card from this app again and I got the 4 of Swords. The rest and sleep card! The chill out card. I laughed a little because I had been hoping for a pep talk to get me into the 'groove' again, but instead I got a confirmation of what my body was telling me: you're tired! Go rest for a while! I don't know why I fight against these things. In any event, that is my plan for the day. Keep things low key and maybe do a couple small, manageable chores such as folding a load of laundry or sweeping or something that doesn't take all of my energy away--what little I have today!

I think I want to get more in touch with the flow of my own energy day to day. I think the connection between these two cards is that when we're off balance and not listening to how we're feeling--we tend to want to push ourselves to feel motivated and energetic when we just don't feel that way, when we actually need to rest. And when we push ourselves in an artificial way that is when we're most vulnerable to our addictions--especially stimulants like caffeine and sugar. That's a recipe for burnout!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Neti Pot Reminder

Using the always charming Ator Tarot, I pulled this card as my 'card to post' for today. I have a little over an hour before I need to head over to my daughter's school to help out with their Monday art class. I set it up as my particular volunteer slot--every Monday for two hours, and even though sometimes it's quite chaotic and busy, I'm glad to be able to help. My daughter's teacher always expresses great appreciation that I'm helping with it, which makes it all the better.

Creepy enough for you? Looks like her neck is broken!
Anyway. I wanted a message that was quick and easy to convey--nothing overly complicated or esoteric, nothing that would take many hours or thinking to decipher. So, I think this works for me! What this reminds me of is a neti pot. That isn't always the meaning for it, but today it seemed relevant. I've been having sinus congestion again, and it helps to rinse once or twice a day with a neti pot (and also avoid too much dairy, sugar, carbs, and other sinus mucous triggers) to keep the congestion at bay. I actually told myself this morning, 'Better remember to use the neti pot' and then I forgot again! I had been using it daily over the past week when I noticed that I was feeling that familiar sinus stuffiness, and then I slacked off. So when I saw this 'simple' single card drawing as today's post I immediately remembered that I hadn't washed out my sinuses today. For those that aren't familiar with a neti pot, here's an image of one being used (a very creepy computer-generated image) for your viewing pleasure (?). Um...yeah. Great visual. Hehee.You don't have to all thank me at once for getting that image stuck in your head!

Can you see why the image of Temperance reminds me of that? It's very literal. I like it when the tarot and oracles can be used in a very visual, straight-forward manner. It really isn't always that way--sometimes it takes some spelunking to see the deeper meanings of readings, but other times not. Oh! And I had better use my neti pot right now before I run out of time and forget again.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tea and Shaheen on a Saturday

Shaheen: I hope you'll forgive me for posting of you in the middle of talking.  Doesn't Shaheen have a gorgeous face? I think you look marvelous!

Yesterday I had the great fortune of meeting Shaheen a second time for tea and readings! We had a lovely time reading for each other and ourselves and sipping the richly flavorful cardamom black tea. Shaheen gave me a brief tutorial on reading tea leaves afterward. Shaheen also introduced me to some playing card reading, something I am not very familiar with, except from what I've seen from the lovely Saturness!

Shaheen is always so inspiring with his many projects and admirable follow-through. :) He showed me several projects he is working on as well as ones he has finished already. This is definitely manna for an artist's soul! It helps to see active, working artists to get interested in creating more prolifically again. I definitely came away from my meeting with Shaheen with a renewed sense of purpose in terms of my creative and intuitive pursuits. Thank you, Shaheen!

Anyway...I may have to try the playing card method and also tea leaf reading at some point. You never know what you'll think of something until you've done it yourself.

Much Love,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Material Harvest: Do You Want It or NOT?

Hello and Good Day,

I got the Psychic Tarot app (by John Holland) the other day, and I do like the artwork and titles used. This is, technically, not a full tarot deck, because it does not have 78 cards and it has some extra cards (while others are left out), but that never bothers me. I take each deck for whatever it is.

I admit I also added some sparkle, pizazz and a jaunty party hat to this serious-looking fellow. He just didn't seem happy enough about his pile of gold coins, fruit and such. He looks almost disappointed. Is this how I will feel if I get compensation for my stuff?

Anyway, this is a bit of a departure from the traditional image of a lady with a bird on her hand in a garden. I admit I like the traditional image better in this case. This is a perfectly good image and overall I like the images in this deck, but I have to admit it didn't strike me the same way as usual.

So, I am going to give this guy a pep talk: TAKE THE MONEY AND BE HAPPY!!


Friday, November 22, 2013

¡Vámonos! Goal Setting for 2014

Happy Friday, Folks!

Here is a card that I got just now to post on the blog. It's a repeat card from yesterday. I think this is the third time I've gotten it in the past couple of days.

Also, on my tarot cabinet I pulled and displayed three cards to focus on, and the center card was the 8 of Cups. To me, this is a pretty quintessential 'time to go' card as well. You realize that something has had its day, and you also know that in order to find more meaning in your life you have to move on from situations that may have grown stagnant. There may not even be anything wrong with the situations in and of themselves-just that you are no longer interested in them.

When I got this card I was thinking about how I want to make a new start in a new venture from the ones I've been dabbling in over the past year or two. Basically, I've been flip-flopping between bath/body products, tarot reading and a smattering of art, and sometimes other things that I run across.

Last night I did a series of pro/con or yes/no readings on various ventures. The cards were sort of lukewarm about almost all of the ventures! Interestingly, the most glowing and positive reading (including cards of World and Magician) was starting my own a real business, not a half-assed venture (which is my usual style. Hah!) This is something I've daydreamed about but I kept thinking 'I could NEVER do that'...but my husband said that if I did something I really enjoyed then it might be a good experience...though plenty of work.

This is something I've been kicking around vaguely, and when I kept seeing 'Entrepreneur' and similar cards I wondered about it, but I can't help thinking maybe I am fooling myself. I thought long and hard about it last night but I decided to just keep in the back of my mind for now, to percolate. I tend to shoot low when it comes to ventures. I try to stay as safe and small as possible--and seem to get nervous at the prospect of making any amount of money. I realize that a brick and mortar business (or an at-home full-time business) would require a commitment to success and dedication.

Plenty to think about for 2014...


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message from a Chubby, Toddler Mermaid: Rest!

Here's a card I pulled last night before going to bed. I pulled other ones, but anyway. This one resonates with me today. I feel especially tired today. I had half a cup of coffee and realized I didn't want to artificially 'wire' myself to be alert. Because I have a bit of a cold (sore throat, congestion, fatigue) I want to not overdo it and try to get some rest, but sometimes getting rest is boring, y'know? Oh well.

I didn't sleep well last night so I suppose I should try my best to follow this advice. The congestion was distracting and made it difficult to sleep. And I try to avoid cold medications because they really aren't very good for you. Plus I don't even think I have any. I think the best thing to do when you're sick or run down is to rest and eat well.

Part of why I didn't want to rest right now is just what the card says--I've been working to get some bath and body products together, packaged and re-packaged for upcoming events and various booths/venues. But my body says, 'heck no. I am tired.' So I am just doing the minimum at the moment.

I think I will finish what I am in the middle of doing and then try to lay down for a while or at least not do anything too involved or strenuous. I just made some candy cane swirl soaps (red and white, with vanilla and peppermint), and some snickerdoodle soaps (butter, vanilla and cinnamon), and I have festive packaging for them, but I will leave the rest of the labeling for later. I was glad that I made all of my solid lotion bars yesterday and also labeled them, so that it will make preparation much easier later on.

Sending you all restful wishes,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Riding the Creative Project Wave

This is sort of funny. Last night I went on another app purchasing spree. Ugh! I need to stop now. I accidentally purchased this one. It was the one I DIDN'T want to purchase because it was just way too cheesy! I was looking for the least cheesy ones, and I thought I had purchased a different app and when I saw I had purchased this one I thought, 'WHAT?!? NOOOOOO!!!' I think it was a kind of expensive one, too. $10? So I was really annoyed. But there's one thing I've noticed about cheesy oracles. They tend to be surprisingly specific and accurate.  Such is the case with this one. I guess that's why I am not as against them as I try to be...

Lately I've been thinking about creative ventures again. I am a little crispy around the edges from previous attempts (hand-painted jewelry, the bath and body stuff, and various other half-measures) that just didn't seem to pan out the way I planned and so I gave up. That's the thing--I feel like my problem is a lack of persistence. My husband commented on this to me in the car yesterday afternoon as we were on our way somewhere. I started to say that it was as if I stopped myself before I had the chance to become even remotely successful. He immediately agreed and said he thought that was EXACTLY what was going on with me. So, after hearing a radio show that really highlighted persistence and accountability, I decided to do that for myself. Plus, the holidays are coming up and I know that this is when people tend to purchase things!

Even though I have a sore throat (ugh, another cold, but whatever) and I feel low energy today, I drove myself home after dropping my daughter off at school, and I immediately sat down and wrote out a bunch of labels for some solid lotions. I'm in the middle of it now. I'll finish that today and then after that I will repackage and re-label a bunch of soaps. I also e-mailed the woman who owns an art center where I used to teach to ask about participating in the holiday art show and sale again this year. I started to realize that usually by now I get an e-mail asking whether I want to participate. I decided to jump on it and say I was interested, because I still have a giant stock of soaps to sell (still think I have maybe 100 left!) as well as some bath salts and some new solid lotions. And I may do tarot and oracle readings again. 

I pulled these cards while parked in front of a coffee shop and I thought, 'Hrm. Ok. I guess this does make sense.' I got the Entrepreneur card twice so I paid special attention to it. The Entrepreneur card speaks about a person preferring to do things on their own rather than working for a company or a typical 9-5 job. That is so true! Like most creative folks, I have a cycle of creative and fallow periods in an endless ouroboros kind of way. The infinity of this process never ceases to amaze me. I am sure it will only continue throughout my life!

Rather than fight this or downplay my creative ability or inclination, I've decided to lean in to it, and try to reach out for opportunities from various areas. I may put some soaps and body products in my mom's new booth at a specialty consignment shop, and I was asked by one of the owners of a local cafe to bring in some samples of things to possibly sell, and I may try to opt in to other venues that come up as they come up.

I was really touched when a couple of people reached out to help me sell my things, such as my mom, a lovely friend of mine from art school, and the owner of the coffee shop. Also, I feel gratitude toward a friend who purchased a reading from me, as I did not ask for money from her but she gave it to me anyway. I have gotten a lot of moral and financial support from my parents and friends and tarot thank you all!

Additionally, I am going to try my best not to limit myself to one thing, because I've found that when I do this it creates tunnel vision and that is when things begin to fall apart. Expand, expand, expand...


Monday, November 18, 2013

Druid Oracle App: Juniper Clears Away the Crap

Hi Everyone!

I have missed you all on my little hiatus-from-blogging. I still feel a little blog lazy, but I hate seeing my blog being neglected by me, so I thought I'd post!

Last night I decided to treat myself to an affordable oracle app for my phone, in this case the Druid Oracle. I love this app! There's something really swell about this one that I can't quite pinpoint.

Maybe part of the reason I am enjoying it so much is that it isn't overly cheesy. The descriptions are practical and even include information about the plants and animals mentioned in the cards. I dunno.

Anyway. Here is a card I got a few times yesterday when using the app, so I thought I'd feature it here today. The card is Juniper. It's funny but seeing the image of the Juniper bush makes me think about our old house, where we had a giant Juniper bush in front of our bedroom window. I didn't mind the bush except that it was sort of ugly and unkempt (we're lazy landscapers), and...well...neighborhood cats would fight in the bush, which would get quite raucous, particularly at night. Because of this we had to chop the bush down in its entirety. Ahh, sweet relief from cat chaos!

It's funny because my goofy little story is actually somewhat applicable to the meaning of this card--which is about clearing away the old before something new can come in. The concept makes sense. If you have unfinished business then you are not likely to go forward with a blank slate and an open heart, on to the next adventure. This card got me thinking about what I may be holding onto that is holding me back from trying new and perhaps better things for where I am currently in life. I thought of several things, actually. Some of them seem trivial, and even ridiculous when I think of them, but it's good to get these things down on paper (or computer, nowadays), so we can see what we need to work on in order to move forward:

  • Messy art space-My so-called art space is piled almost to the ceiling with boxes and containers and bucket loads of crap from our move a year and a half ago. We have tried to wittle down the chaos bit by bit, box by box, but I feel that overall we've been avoiding it, and at this rate it may take another decade to get it done. I think it may be time to spend a large chunk of time sorting through this stuff, donating it, seeing if anyone else needs it, or otherwise clearing it. The result of this would be that both my husband and myself would have a clear space to easily work on a creative project or other involved project that needs a fair amount of space.
  • Unfinished projects-I don't expect to finish all of these, because as all of you creative people know, there is almost always at least one unfinished project, and that is OK, but it's when there are multiple unfinished projects that it starts to queue up in your mind unpleasantly. Not to mention, sometimes projects can take up a lot of physical space. Some of them that come to mind: a tarot deck I never finished (70 images left to go!), a painting for my realtor that is finished but just needs a sawtooth hanger on the back. I think this would take all of 2 minutes to finish, and then I have to deliver the piece to her, which would also take only a few minutes since she lives near me! Then I have a trio of painted goddess pieces to ship to my former art history professor, but I have to figure out how to turn them into pendants since I can't drill them without ruining the artwork...I've been putting it off because I don't feel like doing it. Then I also want to inventory my soaps and other remaining bath/body products, re-package them if they need it, and try to sell some more of them so I can make some money off of it! Anyway, there are several other items I could add to this list but this bullet point is getting too chunky.
  • Contacting friends and family-There are a few friends and family I've wanted to e-mail and/or send a small package to. I have a package for a friend in Wyoming who seems really down that I meant to send a week ago. I'm feeling stingy financially but I think I should just send it because I know she would be touched, since she loves getting packages and cards.  
  • Financial/savings plan-I've been really thinking I need to come up with a more solid financial plan, money savings plan, or even money making plan, but so far I've been pretty lax about figuring this out. I really want to do it, and I feel like now is a good time.
  • Medical appointments-I am overdue for my wellness exam, and also a dental appointment. But since finances are not very strong right now I'm worried about the cost. I did finally make a dental appointment for my daughter for early December. I had to cancel two previous appointments for her due to illness (it was right after school started) so at least I can check that off. 

Well, that's the bigger ones, but I know there are lots of piddly ones which I feel that I don't need to bore you with. :) I am probably forgetting some major things too, but I'll just go with what I see on the list right now.  It's amazing how such mundane things can really add up and make you feel overwhelmed. I did check a couple things off my list yesterday and this morning, so that helps. I like the feeling of satisfaction and relief I get when I finish things. But I also prefer not to feel like I 'have to' do things, but we can't get out of having to do certain things, so I may as well try to get some satisfaction from the process.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Extending the Hiatus Another Week

Hello Folks,

I think I've been fighting off a cold over the past week. Either that or it was a combination of food-induced sinus headache and PMS, since my period started today. Consequently, I have felt rather run down and posting on the blog hasn't felt like a priority. More accurately I guess I just didn't have the energy. The pile of unfolded laundry that I have also has not been a priority offense, blog.

Here's a card I got not too long ago (yesterday?) using my phone's Enchanted Tarot App. I also own the Enchanted Tarot Deck (though I don't use it because of its large size) as well as the smaller, borderless version--the Zerner-Farber deck. I figured the Star was appropriate to get as it often represents taking time out to heal, recover and rejuvenate.

In any event, I am wishing all of you a splendid week, and I hope to see you next week.

Much Love,

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Horse King: Accepting Assistance

I don't know why but this picture is sort of funny. The Horse King looks either drunken or annoyed, and the Horse looks like it is biting itself. But anyway...

I decided to pull a card (using the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms app on my phone) for a single point focus. The Horse King showed up. I have to say, even though this card is about graciously accepting assistance, I am not so sure I would jump on the horse led by the Horse King. He just looks a bit creepy. But maybe I am being judgemental.

O.K. Back to the card. A quote from this card states:

"You will most certainly reach your perfect destination with this noble Ally. He lets you know that some person or circumstance brought through synchronicity will certainly appear to help you with your endeavors. You aren't meant to go this part of the journey alone."

Hmm. That's an interesting point. When I re-read this sentence I was realizing how, over the past few years, I've been trying to find creative ventures to do that rely almost solely on myself. Should I branch out more, ask for assistance in realizing creative ideas? I think maybe I have been limiting myself a lot. I guess many of us are uncomfortable asking for help--or we don't know if we want to deal with that kind of interaction with others.

I guess, admittedly, this goes along with me trying to be a control freak. Control is one of the key words on this card, and I can see how now allowing proper networking and assistance would be a perfect example of what this card is referring to. In truth, none of us get very far without others. We rely on others every day for food and transportation, roads and even the most basic needs. The illusion of self as an island and the illusion of control can both be very strong and alluring, if we fear letting others in. Definitely something to think about.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Twos and Yous: Create and Change

This is just a direct screen shot from my phone (no editing!) showing a five card pull I did with the Ator Tarot app I have. There is no layout on this one, this is freestyle, baby! Generally speaking I prefer it this way. Even though spreads can be very helpful as a framework, often I feel they hinder my intuitive process. But anyway...

First thing I noted when looking at these cards is that three of the five cards are twos. Two of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Two of Wands. The only thing missing is cups. I think that what these twos all have in common (and really any two in tarot) is the idea of juggling or balancing something. These fall into the categories of decisions and thoughts for swords, inspiration and creative ideas for wands and material concerns for pentacles. The thing about the two that I have never liked is that it feels just a little bit wishy-washy to me. It isn't overly dynamic, except that a lot of energy is expended to keep things in balance, but little progress seems to be made at this stage of the game. Nothing concrete has been decided. Things are up in the air. There isn't much of a commitment, except for the Two of Cups, which is the only one that didn't come up in this reading.

I find this is an accurate assessment of where I am right now. I have not ventured forth in any direction following my daughter's entry into school. I'm just staying the course but I haven't exactly chosen a new course for myself--I have not set sail. I keep thinking I have a bright idea and then it just...goes nowhere. Whether this is because I am nervous and blocking myself, or whether I have not truly come upon an appropriate direction, or whether the timing is all wrong and I just need to bide my time until a more appropriate opening presents itself...well, I am not entirely sure. I think it's probably the first one more than anything. Opportunities are definitely created by action. It's pretty rare for inspiration to just hit you square in the head. You have to go seeking for it, then follow where it leads until it no longer feels appropriate to continue.

If you look beyond indecision land you have the other two cards in the reading--two majors. We have the Empress (creative, mother) and the Wheel of Fortune (change, cycles), showing the importance of both creativity and change. Creativity and the Wheel of Fortune are both changeable things, and in this case change is good. I have to be mindful of not stagnating too long, not remaining in indecision--refusing risks or fun in favor of what is safe and sanitary.