Saturday, November 23, 2013

Material Harvest: Do You Want It or NOT?

Hello and Good Day,

I got the Psychic Tarot app (by John Holland) the other day, and I do like the artwork and titles used. This is, technically, not a full tarot deck, because it does not have 78 cards and it has some extra cards (while others are left out), but that never bothers me. I take each deck for whatever it is.

I admit I also added some sparkle, pizazz and a jaunty party hat to this serious-looking fellow. He just didn't seem happy enough about his pile of gold coins, fruit and such. He looks almost disappointed. Is this how I will feel if I get compensation for my stuff?

Anyway, this is a bit of a departure from the traditional image of a lady with a bird on her hand in a garden. I admit I like the traditional image better in this case. This is a perfectly good image and overall I like the images in this deck, but I have to admit it didn't strike me the same way as usual.

So, I am going to give this guy a pep talk: TAKE THE MONEY AND BE HAPPY!!



  1. I like the hat.But, same as you, I like the lady in the garden more. I can relate to her more easily
    It is a pity you cannot stack you app's keep them in safe box
    what if your phone crashes; do you loss them all. or do you have a back up or something? I am such a newbie with apps :D

    1. Haha. Thank you, Ellen!!

      Yes, I can't help love that lady in the garden. I just like her style. ;)

      Actually, I found out that once you purchase apps they are always there, even if you delete them, you simply go back to the app store and they are already purchased and there's an option to put them back on your phone, so I think there's a fail-safe for lost apps.

      Lots of goodness to you,

  2. haha MM, I love what you added to this guy. He looks like he needs cheering up as he seems rather sad or perhaps he is contemplating his rewards for a job well done. Hopefully he will listen to you.

    I have these cards, however, have only used a few times.

    Happy Sunday

    1. Howdy Carol!

      Thank you. I have too much fun with these cards sometimes. ;)

      He does seem too stern--I don't understand that for this card! Oh well!

      I like having the app, but I agree--not sure if I would use the cards a lot.


  3. "I take each deck for whatever it is."

    Oh Hannah, honestly, I used to get so tired of hearing on forums: "He should have put _________ on the Magician card" and then much ado about a different system and how it wasn't readable etc. One of things that killed the creative vibe at Lo Scarabeo was these sorts of comments, because they started pandering to them.

    I too take each deck for whatever it is--more fun that way, and certainly more vital and interesting.