Monday, November 4, 2013

The Horse King: Accepting Assistance

I don't know why but this picture is sort of funny. The Horse King looks either drunken or annoyed, and the Horse looks like it is biting itself. But anyway...

I decided to pull a card (using the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms app on my phone) for a single point focus. The Horse King showed up. I have to say, even though this card is about graciously accepting assistance, I am not so sure I would jump on the horse led by the Horse King. He just looks a bit creepy. But maybe I am being judgemental.

O.K. Back to the card. A quote from this card states:

"You will most certainly reach your perfect destination with this noble Ally. He lets you know that some person or circumstance brought through synchronicity will certainly appear to help you with your endeavors. You aren't meant to go this part of the journey alone."

Hmm. That's an interesting point. When I re-read this sentence I was realizing how, over the past few years, I've been trying to find creative ventures to do that rely almost solely on myself. Should I branch out more, ask for assistance in realizing creative ideas? I think maybe I have been limiting myself a lot. I guess many of us are uncomfortable asking for help--or we don't know if we want to deal with that kind of interaction with others.

I guess, admittedly, this goes along with me trying to be a control freak. Control is one of the key words on this card, and I can see how now allowing proper networking and assistance would be a perfect example of what this card is referring to. In truth, none of us get very far without others. We rely on others every day for food and transportation, roads and even the most basic needs. The illusion of self as an island and the illusion of control can both be very strong and alluring, if we fear letting others in. Definitely something to think about.



  1. No, you are not being judgemental - the Horse King looks quite creepy, lol! I think it's the way they photoshop the people in these 'realistic' (?) decks, they often end up looking weird, not a drawing/painting and yet not quite photography.

    I am the kind that hates asking for help, so I understand what this card is saying. Sometimes we refuse to ask for help not simply because we are too proud or believe ourselves too sexy to accept a helping hand, but rather because we fight against the idea of giving someone else part of the control over a creative project of ours.

    I'm a total control freak and that's a problem too - until everything is 'perfect', I feel I cannot start properly. Only nothing is ever perfect, so I never start. *sigh*

    1. Hahaha! I'm so happy you agree with me, dearie!! Yes...I think that, as Sharyn pointed out, it is just so hard for these characters not to look strange. Oh well! I still like using the deck.

      Yes, that is interesting. I think I am a control freak! I definitely want control of my own destiny, but when you think of it--so many others are involved in our lives and it's important not to get stuck on an island by yourself.

      Thanks for the goodness...