Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Reading: Travel, Inspiration, Health and Patience

I decided to do a reading going into 2014, and I opted to use the somewhat complicated Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg. I don't use this deck in quite the way recommended--I don't use the layout they recommend, but I use the key concepts for each card and sometimes use the pairings they mention. Nevertheless, I find it a thought-provoking oracle!

Just to keep things kinda straight in my head I will list each card and its basic associations:

  • Tortoise- Things are moving slowly, be patient. Health, longevity, wisdom, eventual success.
  • Fire- Danger, inspiration, burning up of resources, accidents
  • Heaven- Completion, followed by beginnings, fulfillment, achievement
  • Seven Stars- Hopes, good ideas (need follow-through), dreams and ambitions, next to Heaven it shows ambitions realized (woo-hooo), possibly connects to writing/literature
  • Water- Correspondence, travel, health and healing, with Heaven a sign of international travel (whoa, okay)...
  • Earth- Land, estate, moving, real estate, stability, fixed assets, following Water it shows travel to another country over water (? More travel stuff!)
  • Dragon- Luck, fortune, sudden fortune, gambling and risks, in the final position possible travel (it was the last card I drew)

Wow! Interesting. I noticed a couple themes. One of the biggest themes seems to be travel. This is interesting because this is something we've been putting off for quite a long time. We last traveled in either 2007 or 2008. Since then we have gone no farther than a few hours away--well, the farthest was six hours away, to the family land (my grandparent's ranch), but we have not visited family on the other side of the country or my Texas family, partially due to weird scheduling conflicts, largely due to financial reasons, and finally due to my daughter not traveling well AT ALL up until recently. Even now it's not exactly fun, but it's better than it was. 

Sometime this year we set about making a plan to travel in 2014, but sadly we have no money saved and frankly, as my husband put it, if we had more money we probably need to put it towards other things rather than traveling. Having no savings is not a good idea! There's nothing to fall back on. As it is, my daughter's dental visit with the filling she needs will set us back, and that's just for one filling.

O.K. Enough rambling. So there's the mention of patience, that was the first card I received. The Tortoise is about things happening slowly but surely. The Fire card is concerning--I don't like how it mentions danger. I will try to look on it as the 10 of Wands--marshaling resources, not burning out. I am not entirely sure, but fire as an element in divination often means inspiration and creative ideas, but it can also mean burn-out if taken too far or in the wrong direction. Always good advice!

Heaven plus Seven Stars talks about completion of goals, realization of ambitions. It isn't very specific, except that it seems to be about career/creative goals. From there onward it seems to just mention more and more travel stuff, so maybe it's a big hint to travel to see family in 2014. Maybe the Dragon can get us some free accommodations. ;)



  1. Okay, knowing nothing about this, I'm going to go totally intuitive (from your base descriptions), and hope you don't mind :) The Dragon seems very propicious, a card of energy and luck for the whole year. Then, I read the cards as pairs - Tortoise over Seven Stars: hopes and dreams will be realised in a slow-and-steady, practical manner. Fire over Water: allow your passion and inspiration to carry you over emotionally tricky times. Heaven over Earth: keep a spiritual focus in mind, and you can achieve that stability (maybe like saying that you need to make your practical plans also soul-nourishing). :D

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014, full of inspiration and achievement, energy and delight!
    Hugs, Chloë

    1. Thank you for the beautiful intuitive reading of the cards! I love it. I think it makes sense. They do seem to naturally pair up theme and element-wise, don't they?

      Do you have this deck? I bet you would enjoy it.

      Lots of love and awesomeness for 2014,

    2. Tee hee, after reading this post I went and clickety-clicked. Found a version that's got just a mini-LWB, but at a reasonable price ;D
      Love and hugs,

  2. Oh, lovely!! I bet you will read well with these. If the LWB is unhelpful then hopefully you will be able to pick up a copy of the full book.

    Much love and fun,